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Britain imposes more sanctions as Myanmar sees fresh clashes

Yangon - Britain slapped further sanctions on Myanmar's generals on Thursday for "overseeing human rights violations" since toppling civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, as clashes broke out between pro-junta supporters and anti-coup residents.

Clashes in Yangon as tensions rise over Myanmar coup

Yangon - Junta supporters wielding knives and slingshots clashed with residents in Myanmar's largest city on Thursday, as tensions rise after weeks of nationwide protests against the military coup that ousted Aung San Suu Kyi.

Myanmar's military coup creates banking woes

Yangon - Early bird customers of a military-owned bank queued anxiously as dawn light crept over Yangon, after a strict new limit on daily cash withdrawals fuelled rumours of a money shortage in post-coup Myanmar.

Myanmar generals under renewed pressure after G7 condemnation, sanctions

Yangon - Myanmar's military leaders came under renewed pressure Tuesday as the world's wealthiest nations condemned the junta for responding to anti-coup demonstrators "with violence", while Indonesia angled for a peace-broker role.

Huge anti-coup rallies in Myanmar after junta threat

Yangon - Hundreds of thousands of anti-coup protesters rallied across Myanmar again Monday after a clear threat from the junta that it was prepared to use lethal force to crush what it branded as "anarchy".

Myanmar grieves as funeral rites held for young anti-coup protester

Nay Pyi Taw - A sombre Buddhist funeral song rung out in Myanmar's capital as the body of a young woman, struck down during a rally against this month's military coup, was carried to a ceremony marking the end of her short life.

UN condemns Myanmar junta after three killed in anti-coup unrest

Yangon - A lethal attack on anti-coup protesters in Myanmar sparked fresh UN condemnation of the country's new military regime on Sunday, as mourners held a funeral for a young woman who has become a national symbol of resistance to the junta.

Myanmar coup: Protests continue despite crackdown

Yangon - Myanmar's military seized power on February 1, arresting the country's democratically elected civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Two people dead in Myanmar anti-coup protest shooting

Mandalay - Myanmar's security forces fired live rounds and rubber bullets at protesters in the country's second-largest city on Saturday, leaving at least two dead and about 30 injured.

Two dead as Myanmar police open fire on protesters in deadliest day since coup

Yangon - Two people were killed in Myanmar's second largest city as security forces fired live rounds on protestors, emergency workers and doctors said Saturday -- the latest show of force from a junta regime that has faced two straight weeks of anti-coup demon...

Myanmar grieves after young anti-coup protester's death

Yangon - Mya Thwate Thwate Khaing was a teenage grocery store worker in Myanmar's sparse and isolated capital until less than two weeks ago, when a gunshot turned her into a national symbol of resistance.

First death hits Myanmar's anti-coup movement as pressure swells against generals

Yangon - A young protester died Friday, more than a week after being shot in anti-coup demonstrations in Myanmar, offering a fresh source of anger inside the country as international pressure grows on the generals who seized power.

Hackers target Myanmar government websites in coup protest

Yangon - Hackers attacked military-run government websites in Myanmar Thursday as a cyber war erupted after authorities shut down the internet for a fourth straight night.

Myanmar youth sound off against military coup

Yangon - From a classical orchestra playing a revolutionary song to viral breakdancers performing Michael Jackson anthems -- young Myanmar anti-coup protesters are using music as a weapon against the country's generals.

Anti-coup hackers target Myanmar govt sites as protesters jam Yangon roads

Yangon - Hackers attacked Myanmar government websites Thursday to protest against the military coup, as the junta pressed on with its attempts to stymie nationwide opposition with internet blockades and troop deployments.

UN envoy issues Myanmar warning after Suu Kyi hit with new charge

Yangon - The UN special envoy on Myanmar has warned of the potential for an escalation of violence in the country on Wednesday, as anti-coup protesters are expected to face off once again with the military.

Myanmar residents on night patrol as coup tensions deepen

Yangon - Myanmar's sleepless residents are patrolling their neighbourhoods at night to guard against arrest raids and troublemaking prisoners released by the military junta.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi to face court this week: lawyer

Nay Pyi Taw - Myanmar's deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi will appear in court via video conference this week over charges brought against her by the new military junta, her lawyer said Monday.

Myanmar spirit mediums take aim at military coup

Yangon - Otherworldly forces are displeased with the generals behind Myanmar's coup, according to the ornately dressed spirit mediums joining street protests to denounce the country's sudden turn back to army rule.

Myanmar junta cuts internet as troops fire to break up protest

Yangon - Myanmar cut internet service and deployed troops around the country on Monday in signs of a feared crackdown on anti-coup protests, hours after security forces fired in order to disperse a demonstration in the country's north.
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