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Islamic State replaces al-Qaeda as Enemy No. 1 in Sahel

Bamako - Brutal attacks that have killed nearly 300 people in less than two months have propelled the Islamic State to the status of the Sahel's most-feared jihadist group, eclipsing al-Qaeda, experts say.

Mali crisis talks end urging new elections and constitution

Bamako - Talks on finding a political solution to Mali's deepening crisis ended Sunday with calls to hold new elections and revise the country's constitution, an AFP journalist said.

Jihadist crisis puts Mali's political class under pressure

Bamako - As Mali's gruelling jihadist conflict grinds on, many say military forces cannot be expected to do all the heavy lifting, and the country's fractured political class has to help.

Malians rally to support army as 20 bodies found in village

Bamako - Thousands of people took to the streets of Mali's capital Bamako on Friday to support the West African country's army, which has suffered heavy losses as it struggles to quell a jihadist revolt.

France claims death of top jihadist leader in Mali

Gao - France on Tuesday announced the death of a top jihadist leader in Mali as it sought to reassure the West African nation of European support in the fight against militant bloodshed.

Mali president says stability at stake after deadly army base attack

Bamako - Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has appealed for citizens to unite behind the country's army, after the latest deadly militant strike killed more than 40 soldiers.

Despair, jihadism and revolt: Mali's torn heart

Mopti - Untroubled by time, the mighty Niger River glides through the Sahel city as women wash their clothes in its brackish waters and cows slumber nearby in the heat.

Fresh attack pushes Mali army death toll to 51

Bamako - A day after dozens of Malian soldiers died in a devastating jihadist raid on a military base, a roadside bomb killed two more troops in the violence-wracked West African country, the army said Sunday.

IS claims responsibility for deadly Mali attacks on 50 soldiers

Bamako - The Islamic State on Saturday claimed responsibility for a devastating raid that killed 49 Malian troops as well as a blast that led to the death of a French soldier who became the latest casualty in the conflict-torn region.

Attack on Mali military post kills 53 soldiers

Bamako - Fifty-three soldiers were killed Friday in a "terrorist attack" on a Mali military post in the northeast of the country, the government said.The assault is one of the deadliest strikes against Mali's military in recent Islamist militant violence.

Mali president on the ropes as jihadist revolt mounts

Bamako - Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has few strong cards left to play as he seeks to roll back a jihadist insurgency and mounting public discontent.

Mali declares national mourning after jihadist raids on military camps

Bamako - Malian troops backed by foreign allies on Wednesday launched a hunt for scores of soldiers listed as missing after one of the deadliest attacks in a seven-year-old jihadist insurgency.

Massacre toll in Mali cut to 35

Bamako - A massacre at a village in central Mali that according to early estimates killed 95 people left 35 dead, the authorities said Wednesday, giving a final toll.

Mali premier visits site of village massacre

Bamako - The prime minister of Mali visited the site of one of the country's worst massacres on Tuesday, seeking to reassure terrified residents after an attack that left scores of dead and stoked fears for the fragile Sahel country.

Nearly 100 killed, 19 missing in central Mali village massacre

Bamako - Nearly 100 people were killed in a gruesome overnight attack on a village in central Mali, in the latest violence to strike the fragile region, authorities said Monday.

Nearly 100 killed, 19 missing in central Mali village massacre

Bamako - Nearly 100 people were killed in a gruesome overnight attack on a village in central Mali, in the latest violence to strike the fragile region, officials said Monday.

UN peacekeeper killed in Mali mine explosion

Bamako - A UN peacekeeper was killed and four others wounded on Saturday when a mine exploded as their convoy passed through central Mali, the UN mission in the country said.

Mali's government resigns as anger mounts over massacre

Bamako - Ethnic violence that has gripped central Mali has led to the downfall of the government, accused of failing to stem bloodshed that has claimed about 600 lives.

Malian PM resigns as anger mounts over massacre

Bamako - Mali's prime minister resigned along with his entire government on Thursday following criticism over their handling of an upsurge of violence in the centre of the country and a massacre last month that left 160 people dead.

Mali police fire tea gas as thousands march against violence

Bamako - At least 30,000 people marched in Mali's capital Bamako Friday in protest at a surge of violence in the centre of the country before police used tear gas to disperse the crowds.
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