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Sniper kills prisoner in high-security Montenegro jail

Podgorica - A sniper has shot dead a prisoner in broad daylight in a yard at Montenegro's highest security jail, officials in the Balkan country said Friday.The victim, named only by the initials D.

Montenegro's ex-head of state jailed for corruption

Podgorica - Svetozar Marovic, a former head of state and close ally of Montenegro's strongman, has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for corruption, a court in Pogorica announced Tuesday.

Montenegro's tourist jewel riven by drug gang feuds

Kotor - With its winding cobbled streets and stunning Adriatic bay, the Montenegrin town of Kotor draws crowds of visitors each summer.But deadly gang violence threatens to cloud the tourist boom.

Montenegro to turn ex-concentration camp into luxury hotel

Podgorica - Montenegro has defended its decision to allow an island fortress and wartime concentration camp to be transformed into a luxury resort, a move that has sparked anger among relatives of its former prisoners.

Thousands rally against Montenegro's NATO membership

Podgorica - Several thousand supporters of pro-Russian opposition parties protested Saturday against Montenegro's NATO membership, demanding a referendum over the issue.

Colombia finds Spanish galleon sunk in 1708 with huge treasure

Cartagena - The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, announced the galleon 'San José', flagship of the Spanish Armada that was sunk by gunfire by English pirates in the XVIII century, was found at the bottom of the sea off the coast of Cartagena de Indias.

Tear gas as thousands demand Montenegro PM quits

Podgorica - Police in Montenegro's capital Podgorica fired tear gas on Saturday night to disperse several thousand people who rallied demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, the third such clash in a week.

Protesters and police in violent clashes in Montenegro

Pod - Montenegrin protesters on Sunday hurled stones and used pepper spray against police, who retaliated with tear gas during a rally of several thousand seeking the prime minister's resignation.

Montenegro police tear gas opposition protesters

Podgorica - Montenegro police Saturday used tear gas to disperse several hundred opposition activists trying to protest outside parliament to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic's left-wing government.

Montenegro PM optimistic over bid to join NATO this year

Podgorica - Montenegro's premier expressed optimism Thursday that the tiny Balkan country would join NATO by the year's end, after the chief of the military alliance visited Podgorica and commended its reforms.

Thousands back opposition call for Montenegro govt to quit

Podgorica - Around 3,000 people rallied in the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica to back an opposition call for the left-wing government of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic to resign.

Montenegro prepares for migrants influx

Podgorica - Montenegro is preparing for the likely influx of migrants from Syria and beyond as they carve out a new path on their journey to Western Europe, the government said Friday.

Ex-Yugoslav general arrested in Montenegro

Podgorica - A former Yugoslav general was arrested in Montenegro on Sunday on suspicion of having committed war crimes in the 1990s, an official source in Podgorica said.

Some 100 march in conservative Montenegro's gay pride parade

Podgorica - Barely 100 people joined a gay pride parade Sunday in the capital of deeply conservative Montenegro, vastly outnumbered by some 2,000 police amid fears of violence.

New species of microscopic marine mite named after Jennifer Lopez

Mayaguez - A new species of marine mite found in a Caribbean coral reef of Mona Passage, which separates Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic, has been named “Litarachna lopezae” in honor of Puerto Rican singer Jennifer Lopez.

Possible Russian withdrawal from Ukraine border: NATO

Podgorica - Limited Russian troop movements near the border with Ukraine "may suggest" preparations for a withdrawal, NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Thursday.

Romania suspends small-scale hydropower plants in protected areas

Romania has recently announced its decision to suspend the construction or operation of hundreds of small-scale hydropower plants in protected areas across the Carpathian Mountains, in order to protect regional biodiversity and aquatic ecosystems.

Montenegro launches tender for bankrupt aluminium plant

Podgorica - Montenegro on Saturday launched a tender to sell the partially state-owned KAP aluminium plant, its biggest industrial employer, which has been declared bankrupt, an official said.

Caught on video, baby falls 4 floors, caught by workmen

A 2-year-old baby girl, Qiqi was left sleeping in her apartment by her parents in China and woke up by herself. Likely afraid, she crawled to the family's fourth-floor window and climbed up on the ledge, crying and moving dangerously close to the edge.

For Steven Gerrard playing for England still 'pinnacle' of career

One of the great footballers England has produced is current national team captain, Steven Gerrard. The play-making midfielder, who also scores, has earned 101 caps and said this week that he still worships the opportunity to play for his country.
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