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Moldova arrests gang suspected of smuggling uranium from Russia

Chisinau - Moldova has detained seven people suspected of smuggling uranium-238 on a passenger train from Russia, a highly radioactive substance that can be used to make a dirty bomb, Interpol said on Thursday.

Op-Ed: Moldova to Putin — In Vino Veritas

Chisinau - Once again a match made in Moscow appears to have failed. Russia may always be a bride’s maid, never a bride, unless the groom is wearing a balaclava and camouflage.

Pro-European parties eye coalition after Moldova poll win

Chisinau - Pro-European parties in Moldova pledged on Monday to pull together a coalition to steer the ex-Soviet country on a path towards EU integration after securing a narrow win in a weekend parliamentary poll.

Moldovans vote in test of country's pro-European ambition

Chisinau - Voting closed in Moldova on Sunday in a closely fought parliamentary election that will help determine whether the impoverished ex-Soviet republic pursues integration with Europe or returns to Russia's fold.

Op-Ed: Ukraine proposes biggest exodus in Europe since World War 2

Kiev - The new government of President Petro Poroshenko has proposed the creation of safety corridors that would allow eastern Ukrainian people to vote with their feet, creating the biggest exodus in eastern Europe since World War 2.

U.S. call for NATO to buy French-built warships destined for Russia

Brussels - Three American Congressmen have called on NATO to buy or rent two advanced warships currently being built for Russia at a shipyard in western France.

Moldova's pro-Russian breakaway region longs for recognition

Tiraspol - Anna says she is tired of living "in a country that does not exist for the rest of the world".

Moldova region urges Russia, EU to recognise independence

Tiraspol - Moldova's pro-Russian breakaway region of Transdniestr on Wednesday called on Russia and the international community to recognise its independence, as fears grew that it could become a new flashpoint in East-West tensions.

Protesters declare pro-Moscow republic in eastern Ukraine

Anti-government protesters in eastern Ukraine took over the regional assembly building in Donetsk, declared a republic independent of Kiev and begged Russia for military support.

Moldova's breakaway region 'dreams of being with Russia': leader

Chisinau - The leader of Moldova's pro-Moscow breakaway region on Monday urged the country's politicians to start discussions that would allow Transdniestr to formally join Russia.

Op-Ed: Is Transnistria the next Crimea?

Tiraspol - The press and pundits seem anxious to predict places that Russia will go next. Will it be eastern Ukraine, or even to Transnistria, which is officially part of the Moldova Republic.

In Moldova, events in Crimea fuel fears of poverty and annexation

Chisinau - Moldova, another former Soviet state with a restive Russian-speaking minority, fears events in neighbouring Ukraine will provide a blueprint for its own separatists, and bring further hardship to Europe's poorest country.

Op-Ed: West wants to bring Moldova into western orbit

Tiraspol - There is another area bordering on Ukraine that is within the Russian orbit although not recognized officially by Russia. As with the Crimea and the Ukraine, Transnistria is regarded as a part of the Moldova but with some autonomy.

It's World AS Day. Raising awareness for Ankylosing Spondylitis

Awareness advocates around the world are in full swing today when it comes to raising awareness of Ankylosing Spondylitis. Today, May 4th, is World AS Day.

Op-Ed: Moldova — At the crossroads between Russia and the European Union

On August 22, 2012, German Chancellor Angela Merkel conducted an important one-day visit to Moldova to celebrate 20 years of German-Moldovan cooperation.

Moldovans elect new President

Chiselari - The parliament in Moldova has elected a new president, a former judge who has promised to tackle corruption and unite Moldovan society.

Moldova legalizes chemical castration for convicted pedophiles

Moldova's parliament has voted in favor of compulsory chemical castration for paedophiles convicted of assaulting children under the age of 15. The law, which will come into effect on July 1, applies to foreign nationals as well as Moldovans.

World War II mass grave found in north eastern Romania

Popricani - Archaeologists digging in north eastern Romania have discovered a mass grave which is said to contain the bodies of around 100 Jews who were killed during the Holocaust in World War II.

EU to give 90 million Euros in assistance to Republic of Moldova

Brussels - The Republic of Moldova will start receiving 90 million Euros in macro-financial assistance in the following weeks, after the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union declared the readiness of the block to continue supporting this country.

Smugglers offer 1.8 kg radioactive material to undercover police

Chisinau - Undercover detectives in the Republic of Moldova have arrested three smugglers possessing and trying to sell 1.8 kg of highly radioactive uranium-238, possibly enough to construct a so-called dirty bomb.
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