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Moldova bars Russian deputy PM

Chisinau - Moldova on Wednesday declared Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin persona non grata in the wake of a diplomatic spat that saw his plane barred from flying over Romania.

Moldova's 'frozen conflict' has lessons for east Ukraine

Tiraspolul - The country Nikolai Klimkin serves does not officially exist and has remained trapped in a limbo of impoverished stagnation for decades.

Pro-Russian candidate wins Moldova presidency

Chisinau - Pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon on Monday emerged as winner of Moldova's hotly disputed presidential runoff, branded an East-West tug-of-war.With 99.9 percent of ballots counted, Socialist Party chief Dodon had 52.

Moldovans face 'East-West' choice in presidential runoff

Chisinau - Moldovans were voting Sunday to choose between pro-Moscow and pro-European candidates in a runoff vote for the next president of the impoverished ex-Soviet country.

Moldova faces 'east-west' presidential run-off as pro-Russian candidate leads

Chisinau - Moldova's presidential election is set to go to a second round, preliminary results showed Monday, after the leading pro-Russian candidate failed to secure an outright win in the ex-Soviet state.

Pro-Russia candidate ahead in Moldova election

Chisinau - A pro-Russia candidate came out top in Moldova's presidential election, according to incomplete results issued early Monday which left it unclear whether he could beat his pro-EU rival in the first round.

Moldova struggles to reform economy hit by money laundering, theft

Chisinau - Europe's poorest country Moldova -- politically torn between former Soviet master Russia and the West --- has seen its economy ravaged by rampant corruption and a string of money laundering and theft scandals.

Economic woes abroad hit Moldova's migrant workers

Chisinau - With an economic crisis in neighbouring Russia and growing uncertainty in Europe, the hordes of migrant workers from ex-Soviet Moldova face a huge dilemma: whether to return home to grim prospects or ride out tough times abroad.

Pro-EU, pro-Russia forces head-to-head in Moldova vote

Chisinau - Ex-Soviet Moldova will cast ballots Sunday in a presidential election viewed as a tug-of-war between supporters of European integration and advocates of closer relations with former master Moscow.The crisis-hit country of 3.

Moldovan rappers chime with protests over elite graft

Chisinau - Mani is a TV producer by day, but in his "second life" the business management graduate dresses up as a mobster to rap about corruption among Moldova's ruling elite.

40,000 rally against government in ex-Soviet Moldova

Chisinau - Some 40,000 opposition demonstrators on Sunday took to the streets of Moldova's capital Chisinau calling for early elections as a political crisis continues to rock the tiny ex-Soviet state.

Ex-Soviet Moldova mired in political crisis as protests heat up

Chisinau - Anger over a $1 billion corruption scandal and the influence of an oligarch, with the competing pull of Europe and Russia in the background, has left ex-Soviet Moldova locked in a complex political crisis with no end in sight.

10,000 protest new government in Moldova as tensions rise

Chisinau - Around 10,000 people staged a mass protest in the Moldovan capital Chisinau on Thursday as tensions in the pro-Western nation flared following the secret midnight swearing-in of a new government.

Moldova dismisses pro-EU government amid corruption scandal

Chisinau - Moldova's parliament on Thursday passed a vote of no confidence in the pro-EU government and prime minister, Valeriu Strelet, in the tiny ex-Soviet state's latest bout of political instability.

Moldova seizes ex-PM's assets in $1bn corruption probe

Chisinau - Prosecutors in ex-Soviet Moldova on Monday seized assets linked to former prime minister Vlad Filat, detained over a $1-billion dollar graft scandal which sparked mass protests and sent the national currency into a tailspin.

Former Moldova PM held over $1bn corruption scandal

Chisinau - Moldova's former prime minister was detained Thursday over a $1-billion corruption scandal dubbed the "fraud of the century" which sparked mass protests and sent the national currency into a tailspin.

Tens of thousands of Moldovans protest corruption

Chisinau - Tens of thousands of Moldovans took to the streets on Sunday in the capital Chisinau calling for early elections as the country continues to be rocked by a $1 billion banking scandal.

Moldovan protesters set up camp over 'fraud of century'

Chisinau - Demonstrators pitched around 100 tents in the Moldovan capital Chisinau Monday, demanding the president's resignation and snap elections in the wake of a scandal dubbed the "fraud of the century.

Tens of thousands rally to demand Moldova president resign

Chisinau - Tens of thousands of Moldavans rallied in the capital Chisinau on Sunday to demand the resignation of President Nicolae Timofti and the election of a new head of state, organisers said.

Op-Ed: Obama’s bold carbon plan is in fact, a work of fiction

President Obama’s plan to reduce CO2 power plant emissions by 32 percent, in fact, only cuts emissions by 16 percent, and cuts total emissions by 7 percent.
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