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Doing cocaine stops you from recognizing people's emotions

New research shows that a single dose of cocaine can interfere with a person's ability to recognize other people's emotions.

Parents: Keeping our homeschool rights Special

Children are going back to school soon. Some of them don't take the bus. Instead, they are educated at home. A new idea? Think again.

Annual tomato battle paints streets of Spanish town red

Bu - Thousands of half-naked revellers pelted each other with tomatoes on Wednesday in the town of Bunol in eastern Spain, bathing the streets with red goo in the annual "Tomatina" battle.

Smartphone growth creating etiquette challenges

Washington - It's OK to use your smartphone walking down the street or on public transportation. But not at a family dinner. And definitely not in church.

Tanorexia: when getting a tan becomes an addiction

Madrid - On a warm August evening in Madrid a steady stream of tanned customers parade out of a tanning salon -- even in sunny Spain, the need to catch some rays can turn into an addiction.

Op-Ed: 400m shipping container skyscraper homes for India’s poor?

Mumbai - The idea of skyscrapers of containers comes from an idea by a Spanish design firm called CRG to clear up Mumbai’s hideously overcrowded slums. The choice is the current obscene slums, or these things.

Woman lives on trains because she's sick of paying rent

When passengers exit the train, Leonie Müller stays on it because she lives there. The train is her home and she has no problems with this.

Cyclists rides down old Olympic bobsled track

Sarajevo - A video of a cyclists riding along the Sarajevo Olympic bobsled track has surfaced. The cyclist captured the footage via a GoPro camera.

Spain's passion with bull runs claims 10 lives this year

Madrid - A man has died after being struck by a bull, police said Sunday, bringing to ten the number of people killed in bull runs in Spain this year, one of the deadliest ever for the sport.

'Brothel' cabarets thrive in breakaway Cyprus statelet

Nicosia - A white stretch limousine pulls up outside a northern Nicosia hospital to drop off cabaret girls for their monthly HIV test, in a breakaway statelet where officially prostitution is illegal.

Paralyzed designer creates jeans for people in wheelchairs

Kentucky woman Heidi McKenzie — paralyzed from the chest down from a car accident — has designed a collection of fashionable and functional jeans for people who use wheelchairs.

Op-Ed: Admitting to a disability lead to a life-tranforming Ironman Special

Laguna Beach - Confession is good for the soul as some might say. And, for Ironman athlete and Mount Kilimanjaro climber, Bonner Paddock his confession to a disability lead to some major life-transformation changes.

U.S. regulators approve 'female Viagra'

Washington - US regulators Tuesday approved the first "female Viagra," a drug known as Addyi that works on the brain to boost younger women's libido if they have lost interest in sex.

Actress Melissa McCarthy launches new clothing line, Seven7

Designers tend to categorize customers, which can have adverse effects on individuals who wear larger sizes. Melissa McCarthy may be comical to watch, but her fashion sense is serious, honest and precise.

Poll: Post-secondary students worry over money, cost of tuition

Toronto - Post-secondary students are returning to the classrooms now, and in the coming weeks to study a variety of subjects, however recent polls suggest many are worried about making enough after school, no matter their course of study.

Woman in San Diego must pay $15K fine over Airbnb rentals

San Diego - A woman in San Diego has to pay a fine of $15,000 for operating AirBnb rentals. The original fine was more than $20,000, but it was reduced.

School-age children ill-prepared for school

London - A new report, issued by Public Health England, suggests that to succeed in school, children need to be at a certain level cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Boy scouts edge closer to cancer awareness feat

The band of super-fit scouts are edging closer to completing its 10-week cross-U.S. journey to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. We bring you an update.

Nigerian granted divorce over wife's 'late meals'

Lagos - A Nigerian court granted a 57-year-old man a divorce after hearing that his wife often brought his meals to him too late in the evening, local media reported on Thursday.
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