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University short skirt ban sparks leg selfie protest in Algeria

Hundreds of Leg selfies are flooding social media in Algeria after a student was banned from her exam for wearing a skirt which came above her knees.

5-yr-old begs mom to buy homeless man dinner, says grace with him

Prattville - A kind-hearted five-year-old Alabama boy, Josiah Duncan, begged his mother to buy dinner for a homeless man he saw outside a Waffle House restaurant; and he brought diners at the restaurant close to tears when he said a "blessing" with him.

Sikh abandons religious rule, removes turban to save boy's life

Auckland - A Sikh student from India studying in New Zealand is being hailed around the world as a hero after he ignored religious rule and strict tradition to help a little boy hit by a car. He removed his turban and used it to support the boy's bleeding head.

Blanchett denies gay past as lesbian movie wows Cannes

Cannes - Hollywood star Cate Blanchett -- in Cannes for the red-carpet world premiere of her latest movie about a lesbian romance -- on Sunday scotched media speculation that she had a real-life gay past.

Football player takes friend with Down syndrome to prom

Harrisburg - At age 10 Ben Moser made a promise that he would take his friend Mary Lapkowicz who has Down syndrome to prom. Seven years later, Ben kept his promise, accompanying Mary to the Susquehanna High School prom in Pennsylvania.

Op-Ed: The new plague — Baby name ‘branding’ and other abuses

Sydney - Imagine calling a baby “@” - From new baby to internet slang in a mere symbol. How about “Anus” or “Orgasm”? One kid was blessed with “No. 16 Bus Shelter”.

Color red sends out aggressive signals

A new study warns that wearing red can send out the wrong signals. Fine if you want to appear confident and perhaps aggressive, but for many situations red is a "big no."

Op-Ed: caféMac provides support to Apple lovers of Sonoma Special

Sonoma - As our society and everyday world becomes more dependent upon computer and mobile technology the need for reliable and trusted technicians reaches from major cities to small towns like Sonoma.

Micro-apartments: A new concept in New York

New York - New York, a city of exorbitant rents with more and more single residents, is about to get a brand new type of apartment: micro-units, for decades prohibited under zoning regulations.

Hispanic BBQ restaurant owner defends 'White Appreciation Day'

Milliken - Following an alleged bomb threat and backlash on social media, the Hispanic owner of a Colorado barbecue has defended the decision to observe "White Appreciation Day," saying it was not meant to be racist, but to celebrate the U.S. as a "melting pot."

Dubai to put 'robocops' on the streets in two years

Science fiction and Hollywood fantasy films seem to be turning into reality at a dazzling speed. As we enter the "robotic era" of drones and self-driving cars, our well-being could soon be protected by armies of police androids, as we're seeing in Dubai.

Stephen Colbert gives over $500K to schools in South Carolina

Late night host and comedian Stephen Colbert announced that he would fund every classroom project request made by public schools in South Carolina.

Mankind has celebrated Mother's Day for a long time

Mother's Day will fall on May 10 this year in the U.S. But around the world, mothers are celebrated, maybe not on May 10, but sometime in the spring. Regardless of where in the calendar the day might fall, Mother's Day is a day of love and remembrance.

You shouldn't recycle pizza boxes

There are many people who often think that pizza boxes are recyclable, but it turns out that people shouldn't toss them into the recycling bin.

The many types of play explored at the latest Walrus Talks event Special

Toronto - Walrus Talks events are unilaterally wide-ranging and enlightening, and its latest event, based around "play," was less heavy on statistics and more about the personal.

Want to go on a real treasure hunt? Follow clues to box of jewels

Somewhere deep in the middle of the Rocky Mountains lies a hidden treasure. Many have searched for the golden treasure chest but no one has found it. Could you be the one?

Norway ranks as world's best place to be a mother

New York - Norway ranks as the world's best place to be a mother, well ahead of the United States which dropped to the 33rd spot in the annual scorecard released by Save the Children on Monday.

Utah's answer to chronic homelessness? Give them a place to live

Salt Lake City - In what many people are saying was a herculean task, the state of Utah has been able to darned near wipe out chronic homelessness in the state, and it has only taken 10 years. How was this possible?

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