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Op-Ed: Sonoma Valley Jazz Society is a tradition for nearly 30 years Special

Sonoma - The Sonoma Valley Jazz Society is pleased to announce that vocalist Tiffany Austin will be the featured artist at the annual members and sponsors event on Oct. 17 at The Woman’s Club on First Street, East.

Biggest garage sale on earth could last for years, owner warns

Edmonton - A house owner who opened his yard for a garage sale, mid- July this year, has warned Edmonton city council that, if they try to stop his yard sale through legal procedures, then he will fight the battle legally to receive justice.

Legal pot? California voters could face two initiatives in 2016

Oakland - Marijuana users and supporters in California could get the opportunity to legalize using their drug of choice in November if a planned voter initiative to accomplish that makes it to the ballot.

No butts: Paris stiffens fine for smokers who throw stubs in street

Paris - Flicking your cigarette butt in a Parisian street could from Thursday net you a stiff 68 euro ($75) fine as the city cracks down on "incivility" and pollution.

Review: Reading improves a child's brain Special

The human brain is plastic; that is, it is ever changing, influenced daily by sights, sounds and learning. Modern Magnetic Resonance Imaging has shown that creative activities enhance and develop various parts of the brain.

Why Oregon is expunging pot records

Oregon is expunging marijuana violations from its citizens' records. Expungement clinics are being run by Portland's Metropolitan Public Defender’s office.

Mayor wants to publicly name who's on welfare

Lewiston - A mayor in the state of Maine wants to publicly name people who are collecting welfare. He also wants to publicize where they live.

The man who fights the war against children Special

Approximately nine children in 1,000 has been either abused or neglected in the United States. In 2013, the number of victims was estimated at 679,000 children.

Video: Husband sings to his dying wife

A video of a husband singing to his wife has gone viral. The clip shows the husband singing to his wife of more than 70 years, who is dying.

Selfies are deadlier than many of nature's top predators

A lot of people fear random animal attacks, such as shark attacks. You know what people might want to start fearing instead? Selfies. Turns out that selfies are actually deadlier than many animals. And no, this isn't a joke.

U.S. citizens must be better prepared for household emergencies

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has conducted a review to see how well equipped U.S. households are for emergency situations. It seems that too few people are ready for the next disaster.

City of Boston considering taxing alcohol to fight addiction

Boston - Two city councilors in Boston have proposed a 2 percent tax on all alcohol sold in the city, with the revenue used to tackle the addiction crisis.

Students in Alabama will be required to learn about evolution

Alabama is updating its science standards to require students to learn about climate change and to understand evolution.

Refugees bring along their pet cat

Images of a cat and its family have been going viral on social media. The cat and its owners made the journey by sea from Syria to Europe.

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