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Dior blasts sweatshirt culture in rave Paris show

Paris - Dior struck a blow for the boys and for traditional tailoring Saturday with an all-male show after a week when women turned up on the majority of Paris menswear catwalks.

Op-Ed: Man spends 40 years living alone in ghost town in Colorado

bill barr who insists on spelling his name with lower case letters has lived by himself in Gothic Colorado for 40 years now. Gothic is a ghost town abandoned since the 1920's.

Egyptians throw parties to save in 'money pools'

Cairo - As belly dancers sway to the music of an Egyptian band playing at a young girl's birthday party, the guests count their cash to add to the pot.

A person is shot by a toddler each week in U.S.

Toddlers have shot, on average, on person each week during the course of 2015 and 2016, according to newly reported statistics.

Op-Ed: Earthquake preparedness is ever-present, especially for SF Bay Special

San Francisco - As the little ghost town of Bodie was rattled this past December, those who prepare for Earthquakes see the trembler as yet another opportunity to remind people that seismic activity is always present.

Many Canadians believe their provinces will fare badly in 2017

A new Angus Reid poll shows that for most Canadians 2016 was a bad year. The survey of 5,128 Canadians found that those surveyed from Newfoundland and Labrador were most pessimistic with 57 percent predicting more bad than good in the province in 2017.

London says goodbye to Dippy after 100 years

London - For over one hundred years a skeletal reconstruction of a life-size Diplodocus has stood in the entrance of London’s Natural History Museum. Dubbed ‘Dippy’, the model is now going on a national tour.

Ghosts haunt our palace, says Swedish queen

Stockholm - Queen Silvia of Sweden says the royal palace where she resides is haunted, according to a documentary to be aired on public television on Thursday. "There are small friends... ghosts.

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Top News: Lifestyle

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