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Op-Ed: Same-sex marriage is not about sex

A scrawled sign hanging over the counter down at Sparky’s Diner is meant to be a jab at those folks who have a selected interpretation of the First Amendment right to free speech. It reads: “You can say what you like as long as I like what you say."

Op-Ed: Ben & Jerry's renamed for gay marriage legalization

New York - Ice cream chain Ben & Jerry's has renamed its popular flavor "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough" to "I Dough, I Dough", in order to mark the U.S. gay marriage legalization.

Some things are not so new, including twerking

Oxford - Twerk, the beloved word and provocative dance movement of Miley Cyrus and cohorts, is not so-much as a new invention as pop marketing suggests. The word dates back to the 1820s.

U.K. population rises to almost 65 million

London - The population of the U.K. has shown a marked increase by almost half-a-million people in a 12-month period. The population now stands at 64,596,800.

Hotel installs bedside switch to liberate you from the Internet

The Internet has added a whole new dimension to our lives, but many feel in the process, it has intruded into areas, physical and mental, where it does not belong — a luxury hotel is trying to restore the balance.

Cheaper cremation services increase demand for funerary glass Special

Toronto - Canadians are shopping online to find more affordable death care service providers and spending their savings on memory glass art pieces that proudly display the last resting places of their beloved family and friends.

Island of 48 legalizes same-sex marriage

Pitcairn Island, considered by many to be the smallest inhabited island in the world, as well as being home to 48 people, just made same-sex marriage legal.

Hungarian supergranny closes in on world chess record

Budapest - An 87-year-old Hungarian woman aims this weekend to set a world record by beating 1920s Cuban chess grandmaster Jose Raul Capablanca at his own game: simultaneous play.

NY: You and pooch may soon get to dine outside at area eateries

If you live in New York, have a dog and don't like eating at restaurants by yourself, you and Fido may be in luck. New York's state Senate has passed legislation that amends state health laws to allow diners and their dogs to eat in outdoor dining areas.

Cafe interruptus: Starbucks to shut down La Boulange shops

Seattle - Starbucks plans to shut down nearly two dozen La Boulange cafes it bought in 2012 but to continue to sell La Boulange baked goods in its stores nationwide, the world's largest coffee seller said Monday.

Op-Ed: Colorado marijuana ruling could backfire Special

A Colorado Supreme Court ruling instantly hailed as effectively banning workers from using medical marijuana may result in just the opposite. The effectively upheld state laws based on federal laws that allow employers to fire workers who tests indicated

Riders climb off after roller coaster breaks down

New York - The Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island ended up breaking down, and the riders climbed off the ride in order to get down to safety.

Yes, there is a correct way to hang toilet paper

One of the biggest disagreements in modern families today is how to hang the toilet paper. How the roll hangs is right up there with whose turn it is to take out the trash or walk the dog one last time before going to bed.

Op-Ed: Oregon gun control background check bill attacked by opponents

Gun control is a vital topic in the Unites States political arena pitting Democrats against Republicans. The State of Oregon is the latest to be in the news regarding a recent bill requiring background checks for those wanting to buy guns.

Using a treadmill desk can actually make you less productive

Science suggests that if you want to stimulate your creativity and generally improve your thinking, you should get up from your chair and take a stroll.

Reality starlet to wed prince in Swedish fairytale

Stockholm - A former reality starlet, glamour model and yoga teacher will become a real-life princess in Sweden on Saturday when she marries Prince Carl Philip in a lavish Stockholm wedding.

Shoes and sacrifice: London exhibition explores footwear fashion

London - For centuries, women and sometimes men have squeezed their feet into tiny shoes or balanced on towering heels to feel sexy, empowered and to show their wealth and status.

ACLU condemns privacy violation of gay valedictorian’s rights Special

Boulder - The ACLU and the family of a college student who committed suicide after being ridiculed on social media five years ago for being gay have condemned a Colorado charter school for refusing to let its valedictorian speak at his graduation this month.

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