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Top News: Lifestyle

Man uses only his mind to control two prosthetic arms

A man from Colorado, who lost both his arms in an electrical accident 40 years ago, has succeeded in controlling two prosthetic arms using only his mind.

New super plane to fly from Europe to Australia in 4 hours

A new superplane, which can get you anywhere in the world in four hours, may get its first flight in only five years from now. It is planned to use its rockets for commercial airline flights, as well as space travel.

Review: Become an outstanding teacher today

Everyone knows a teacher or an aspiring teacher. What would they possibly like to receive for Christmas, this year? A Christmas card? A chocolate box? A gift card? A colourful scarf for this winter?

Researchers confirm that creativity is sexy

While some creative endeavors rank higher than others, creative people generally report having more sexual partners. Scientists think creativity might signal mental fitness to potential mates. (I knew it all along.)

You can now legally import Cuban cigars, rum

American cigar and rum aficionados cheered Wednesday when President Barack Obama announced an historic rapprochement with communist Cuba that will lead to greatly improved diplomatic, economic and travel relations between the two long-estranged neighbors.

Op-Ed: Thinking outside the box — Grain silo houses

"Little house on the Prairie" comes to mind when thinking about a grain silo or grain bin seen on farms across America. But what usually happens to a silo when it has outgrown its usefulness? They're usually left sitting forlornly in the field.

Maryland teen gives pot brownie to teacher, may face jail time

Annapolis - A 17-year-old Annapolis, Maryland Broadneck High School student is facing possible jail time after giving his teacher a pot-laced brownie. The teacher who ate a portion of the baked treat became ill soon afterwards and needed medical attention.

Christmas sweater-wearing sheep reunited with owner

Omaha - According to the Nebraska Humane Society, a sheep named Gage was temporarily in their care after it was found on December 7 walking through a neighborhood in Omaha.

Op-Ed: Do Tenants have rights? Some in Sonoma wonder if anyone cares Special

Sonoma - The holiday season does not look too bright for the tenants of the Casa de Sonoma apartment complex not far from the main plaza or as some call it, 'The Square.' Long-time residents like John Emil Brians are perplexed

New limits on racial profiling released by Department of Justice

Washington D.c. - Attorney General Eric Holder's efforts to have the new limits on racial profiling to be finally pushed through are the result of an expansion of the Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies originally put in place in 2003

Op-Ed: Gadgets to make reaching healthy New Year's resolutions easier

Many over the holidays will be over indulging resulting in resolutions for the New Year to commit to getting healthy by feeding the body better options. Kitchen gadgets can make getting on a healthy track easier and habit forming for the entire household.

Op-Ed: It is the women of our world who make Christmas wonderful

Christmas is a hulking thing that careens willy-nilly about and it is at once both exhilarating and completely and absolutely exhausting. It is not a picnic, not Christmas, it is one holiday that demands real effort.

UKIP leader Farage says women can breastfeed 'anywhere they want'

London - The leader of Britain's euro-seditious political power says he has no problem with women breastfeeding "wherever they want."

Scientists find surprising key to happy relationships

Sharing good news with someone else is a process psychologists call "capitalization," and it turns out that studying exactly what capitalization looks like in a relationship offers a frighteningly accurate picture of whether or not things are going well.

Celebs praise pet adoption: Cuddly love, kindness and support

It is so important to remember that one should give back to the furry members of society by adopting a pet in need of someone to love. Celebrities have long been using their status to help in the efforts of getting pets adopted.

Op-Ed: One man makes a difference Special

In 1974, crop-duster Bob Howe flew his plane into a power line while flying low over fields. Miraculously, he and his plane came through unharmed.

Corporate Culture: Why it matters now more than ever Commissioned

A positive workplace culture has brought success to organizations through their dedicated employees, excellent customer service, and, ultimately, satisfied clients.

Op-Ed: Technologies are shaping the way we interact with dogs Special

Interacting with our dogs is actively being shaped by technology, but are these popular tools useful for the average pet enthusiast?

Utah man uses unlimited pasta pass to feed the homeless

Ogden - Olive Garden recently allowed customers to buy an unlimited pasta pass. One man bought this pass but instead of using it to feed himself helped out the homeless by feeding them from his pasta pass.
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Top News: Lifestyle
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