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Hop on down, Miffy the rabbit gets her own museum

Utrecht - To some she's just a plain white bunny, to others she's a prime example of minimalist art. But for six decades Miffy has been delighting young kids around the world, and now she's getting a museum of her own.

Op-Ed: Despite obstacles one woman is bringing Gymnastics to Sonoma Special

Sonoma - Cartwheels, flips, fitness and fun are what Sonoma resident and business owner, Mary Alice Jambon wishes to firmly establish at the Carneros Corporate Park on 8th Street.

Dancing at dawn: S. Africa's new pre-work party scene

Johanesburg - As dawn breaks over a Johannesburg park, some 300 people dance in silence, some dressed as Batman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman.Others are in tutus, black catsuits or animal "onesies". Many have masks and painted faces.

Op-Ed: Grass as green as the bucks as marijuana sales soar

New York - J Edgar Hoover was the main tool in banning it. Puritans preached against it. Moral crusaders crusaded against it. So what? The famous weed turned over $5.4 billion in legal sales last year, and nobody minds a bit.

Activists stage #TackleHomelessness protest at SF Super Bowl City Special

San Francisco - Hundreds of demonstrators gathered just outside San Francisco's glitzy Super Bowl City on Wednesday to protest the forced relocation of homeless residents ahead of the nation's most popular sporting event.

This clothing company is forcing its models to eat

Should models be forced to eat? That's the question that British clothing company Rose & Willard is raising, Quartz reports.

Chennai teenager dies while taking selfie

Chennai - The death of a Chennai teenager has turned out to be the latest in a series of selfie deaths in India. Fifty percent of those who died while taking selfies last year were Indians, according to the Washington Post.

Reality check: Barbie can now be tall, curvy or petite

New York - Barbie, long the stereotypical blue-eyed blonde bombshell, has been given a makeover. The iconic doll will now be available in three new body types -- tall, petite and curvy.

Ex-top model holds fashion world to account on anorexia  

Paris - It was the stuff of dreams: walking down a Paris street one day to walking the runway as a top 20 model in the world's fashion capital.That's exactly what happened to Victoire Macon Dauxerre at 18 as she prepared to graduate from high school in 2011.

Lucky Thai dolls 'non-human' says aviation authority

Bangkok - Thailand's air safety body warned passengers Wednesday that lucky "child angel" dolls cannot be considered real people and must be properly stowed before take-off and landing.

Op-Ed: Why my family got off Facebook

Two years ago, my family decided to delete our Facebook accounts and we have never been happier. Maybe it's time for more of us to do the same.

Record lottery jackpot mystery grips Britain

London - Hundreds of Britons have attempted to claim a £33 million pound (43 million euro, $47 million) lottery payout, saying their tickets have been damaged or lost including one woman who said she put hers in the washing machine.

Op-Ed: Small California town mourns the loss of Postal worker Special

Sonoma - The little U.S. Post Office station at the west end of Sonoma is perhaps the least of the 31,662 post offices nationwide.

Popular Toronto bar lets designated drivers drink for free

Toronto - One of Toronto’s latest concept bars is gaining praise and attention for its newest endeavor, providing designated drivers with free non-alcoholic drinks.

Op-Ed: 'Star Wars' is the theme of this year's fundraiser for Petaluma Special

Petaluma - Even if winters here in California are mild compared to the East Coast as blizzards cause problems, the importance of a hot meal and a connection to the outside world for a shut-in senior is extremely vital.

Death is just a pretty face for Brazilian tattoo fans

Rio De Janeiro - In their quest for beauty, Brazilian tattoo fans are turning to the most unlikely of pretty faces: the death skull.

Op-Ed: California State Senate supports 'No Place Like Home' initiative Special

Los Angeles - Like the much-needed rain that has reached California, the effort to help the homeless has even more significance to it as the impact of El Niño storms has displaced the thousands of homeless living in makeshift camps along the Los Angeles River.

Op-Ed: Fears of travel don't bother 'Gap Year Girl' author Marianne Bohr Special

According to Nielsen ratings last year the resolution to 'travel more' was number 9 on the top 10 of New Year's Resolutions. This does not surprise author and world traveler Marianne Bohr.

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Top News: Lifestyle
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