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Flow of arms into Libya risks proxy war

Tripoli - Despite a UN embargo, weapons are still flowing into Libya where an assault on the capital by strongman Khalifa Haftar threatens to escalate into a proxy war between regional powers.

Libyans band together to help Tripoli's displaced

Tripoli - Peering through the gate of a home in the western suburbs of Libya's war-torn capital, seven-year-old Chehab shyly looked on as children streamed down the nearby street."I'll just play by myself," he muttered, holding a ball under one arm.

Battle for Libya's Tripoli gives chance to IS

Tripoli - The battle for Tripoli between rival Libyan forces both championing the fight against "terrorism" has created a security vacuum, allowing the Islamic State group a chance to re-emerge, analysts warn.

2 civilians dead in Libya attack claimed by IS

Tripoli - Two civilians were killed and four captured Thursday in a southern Libyan town held by strongman Khalifa Haftar, in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group, sources said.

Libya's Haftar forces say warplane downed near Tripoli

Tripoli - Troops loyal to Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar said Tuesday they shot down a warplane and captured its foreign "mercenary" pilot near the capital Tripoli.

Libya's Sarraj seeks Europe's help to stop Haftar assault

Tripoli - Libya's internationally recognised government said Monday its head Fayez al-Sarraj will tour Europe to seek support against an attack on Tripoli by strongman Khalifa Haftar, who urged his troops to "wipe out" government forces.

Libya's Haftar urges troops to 'wipe out' military opposition

Tripoli - Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar, who launched an offensive against Tripoli last month, urged his troops to inflict "an even harder" lesson on forces loyal to the country's internationally recognised government.

Military stalemate, foreign players in Libya offensive

Tripoli - The month-old battle for Tripoli has turned into a military stalemate as rival Libyan forces dig in for the long haul and foreign powers vie for influence, experts said.

Cash-strapped and fearing war Tripoli residents grim as Ramadan looms

Tripoli - Shoppers throng Tripoli's Souk al-Hout market but their mood is sombre as Libya's capital is again hit by violence and prices have shot up ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Fighting at Libya's main oil field condemned by company

Tripoli - Fighting took place overnight at Libya's main oil field, the National Oil Company said on Monday without identifying the combatants.

UN warns of worsening humanitarian situation in Libya

Tripoli - Fierce fighting for control of Libya's capital that has already displaced tens of thousands of people threatens to bring a further worsening of humanitarian conditions, a senior UN official has warned.

Air raids on Libya's capital: AFP, witnesses

Tripoli - Air raids were carried out Saturday night on the Libyan capital Tripoli, according to AFP journalists and residents who heard loud explosions.

Residential areas of Libya capital turning into 'battlefields': ICRC

Tripoli - Intensified fighting for control of the Libyan capital is turning residential areas of Tripoli into "battlefields", the International Committee of the Red Cross said Thursday.

UN says over 260 killed in Libya battle as African leaders meet

Tripoli - At least 264 people have been killed and over 1,200 wounded in weeks of fighting on the outskirts of Libya's capital, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, as African leaders called for an immediate ceasefire.

At least 264 dead in battle for Libya capital: WHO

Tripoli - At least 264 people have been killed and 1,266 wounded, including civilians, in an offensive by military strongman Khalifa Haftar to seize Libya's capital Tripoli, the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

Life must go on for Libyans despite war on their doorstep

Tripoli - Despite the war on Tripoli's doorstep, residents are filling the salons and cafes in some quarters of the Libyan capital as they carry on as best they can."Life has to go on.

Haftar forces press offensive on Libyan capital

Tripoli - Forces backing Libya's unity government battled to push back an offensive by strongman Khalifa Haftar on Sunday as his troops approached the gates of Tripoli after air raids overnight.

Air traffic suspended for hours over Libya capital

Tripoli - Tripoli air traffic was suspended overnight for "security reasons", the Libyan capital's only operating airport said Sunday after clashes intensified for control of the city.

Anti-Haftar forces near Libya capital launch counter-attack

Tripoli - Forces loyal to Libya's unity government announced Saturday a counter-attack against military strongman Khalifa Haftar's fighters, as clashes south of the capital Tripoli intensified."We have launched a new phase of attack.

UN's Libya envoy warns Tripoli fight could spark 'conflagration'

Tripoli - The UN's Libya envoy warned Thursday of "a widening conflagration" in the North African country, as deadly clashes spread south to a key military base.
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