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Celebrities speak up about Jade Helm

The Jade Helm military training exercise has caused quite a media frenzy. From conspiracy theorists to the Governor of Texas, everyone is on high alert. Now celebrities have begun to speak up about the mysterious military operation.

Op-Ed: UN seeks political deal on Libyan unity government by June 17

Tripoli - After briefing the UN Security Council on the UN-sponsored dialogues in Libya designed to have the two rival governments agree on a unity government, Bernardino Leon, the UN Special Envoy, said he hopes to reach a deal by June 17.

Op-Ed: Haftar refuses to meet with rival militia group in peace dialogue

Tripoli - After the last round of talks in Morocco with representatives of the two rival governments in Libya, the UN Special Envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, claimed that the two sides were very close to an agreement.

Op-Ed: Tripoli rejects UN plan for unity government

Tripoli - After the last round of talks in Morocco, Bernardino Leon, UN special envoy to Libya, said the two sides are close to an agreement. The two sides are to return to Libya for consultations, and then this week resume talks to finalize the deal.

Op-Ed: No word on UN-sponsored talks between rival Libyan militaries

Tripoli - There has been a continual three ring circus of peace talks and dialogue, sponsored by the UN, among three sets of Libyan groups, the most significant being those involving Libya's two rival governments.

Three of those beheaded in Libya by IS were deported from Israel

Tripoli - Three of those beheaded in Libya by IS had earlier lived in Israel where they sought refugee status before being deported.

Bomb explodes outside Spanish embassy in Libya: Security source

Tripoli - A bomb exploded outside Spain's embassy in the Libyan capital on Monday night without causing injuries, a security source told AFP, an attack later claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group.

U.S. anger over IS 'atrocity' against Christians in Libya

Tripoli - The United States condemned the "brutal mass murder" of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya following a video released by Islamic State militants purportedly showing their execution.

Op-Ed: Draft agreement on Libyan unity government appears close

Tripoli - Bernardino Leon, the special UN envoy for Libya, who is guiding peace talks between the two main rival factions in Libya, claims that the two parties are "very close to a final agreement" on a unity government.

IS shows purported executions in Libya of Ethiopia Christians

Tripoli - The Islamic State group on Sunday released a video purportedly showing the execution of some 30 Ethiopian Christians captured in Libya.

Op-Ed: UN reports differences between parties on Libyan unity government

Skhirat - The UN clams it is trying to narrow differences between the two rival governments in Libya on the nature of a unity government to replace the two competing governments.

Op-Ed: CIA-linked Libyan armed forces head General Haftar is untouchable

Tripoli - There is ample evidence to show that General Khalifa Haftar is untouchable no matter what he does to directly snub his nose at the UN-supported peace talks promoted by the U.S. and other countries.

Op-Ed: UN-sponsored Libyan peace talks to resume in Morocco

Tripoli - The UN Security Council has called for those taking part in the UN-sponsored peace talks to agree to the formation of a unity government as soon as possible.

US, Europe demand Libya ceasefire as embassies attacked

Tripoli - The United States and European powers pressed Libya's rival factions to set an "unconditional" ceasefire at talks restarting on Monday, as two attacks on foreign embassies were linked to Islamic State militants.

Two dead in gun attack on S. Korea embassy in Libya

Tripoli - Unidentified gunmen attacked South Korea's embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Sunday and killed two local security guards, officials said.

Op-Ed: UN peace talks on Libya to resume in Algiers

Algiers - Algeria announced that talks between rival Libyan factions will resume on Monday April 13 in Algiers. UN special envoy, Bernardino Leon will mediate between the two factions who refuse to talk directly to each other.

Op-Ed: Tobruk Libyan government sets up its own oil company

Tripoli - The internationally recognized Libyan government of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni has once again tried to dismiss the Central Bank of Libya Governor Saddek Elkaber.

Op-Ed: Prime minister of rival Libyan government sacked

Tripoli - The General National Council(GNC) members of the Tripoli-based Libyan government voted to dismiss its prime minister Omar al-Hassi. Al-Hassi has rejected the decision.

Op-Ed: IS leader in Libya may be hero of campaign against Gaddafi

Tripoli - As the Islamic State expands its operations in Libya western media are paying more attention to this issue rather than the conflicts between military forces of the two rival governments, one in Tripoli and the internationally-recognized regime in Tobruk.

Op-Ed: Tripoli forces withdraw from near eastern Libya oil fields

Tripoli - The Third Force, a unit of the Tripoli-based General National Council (GNC) government has agreed to a ceasefire with Ibrahim Jadhran who commands forces guarding Es Sidra.
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