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Op-Ed: Libyan ambassador to the UAE Aref Nyad resigns

The long-serving Libyan ambassador to the UAE, Aref Nyad, has resigned. He was originally appointed to the job by the National Transitional Council (NTC) in June of 2011.

Op-Ed: Last remnants of Islamic State fighters still resist in Sirte

Surt - While the final battle against the remaining Islamic State(IS) fighters was announced weeks ago there are still a few IS fighters putting up fierce resistance in small overlooking the Mediterranean.

Libya forces 'free 13 foreigners from IS'

Tripoli - Forces loyal to Libya's unity government on Saturday freed 13 foreigners held by the Islamic State group in its former coastal bastion of Sirte, the forces said.

Op-Ed: Dissension among militias and more support for coup in Libya

Tripoli - It is now a week since members of the General National Congress (GNC) Salvation government seized the headquarters of the High State Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA)

Op-Ed: UN envoy's recent statement on the situation in Libya

Niamey - At the 9th Ministerial Meeting of Libyan Neighbouring Countries in Niamey, Niger, Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Martin Kobler, made a statement on the situation in Libya. This article comments on that statement.

Chaos-ridden Libya's economy on the brink, say experts

Tripoli - Political stalemate and the conflict rocking Libya are preventing the North African country from taking advantage of its vast oil resources and pushing the economy towards collapse, experts say.

Op-Ed: Chair of Libyan National Oil criticizes Zintan brigades

Tripoli - The chair of the Libyan National Oil Company (NOC), Mustafa Sanallah noted that attempts to raise Libya's oil output face numerous problems. Among them are pipelines closed off by the Zintan brigades from the western Al-Feel and Al-Sharara fields

Rebuilt once, Kadhafi's home town lies in ruins again

Sert - The Islamic State group's beleaguered Libyan stronghold of Sirte has been devastated by months of fighting, the second time in five years it has been wrecked.Tanks roar through rubble-strewn streets while explosions and gunfire rock gutted buildings.

Op-Ed: Coup plotters still have control of their headquarters in Tripoli

Tripoli - The Rixos coup leaders of their self-declared Salvation Government remain protected by loyal militia who form a ring around the Rixos Hotel and guest houses across the road.

War-weary Libyans miss life under Kadhafi

Tripoli - Five years after an uprising killed Libya's Moamer Kadhafi, residents in the chaos-wracked country's capital joke they have grown to miss the longtime dictator as the frustrations of daily life mount.

Op-Ed: Libyan Presidential Guards support coup in Libya

Tripoli - The attempted coup by some members of the General National Council and Salvation Government is still ongoing after two days. There have been some clashes in Tripoli but the city was mostly calm by nightfall.

Op-Ed: UN, EU and others condemn attempted coup in Libya

Tripoli - The UN, the EU and the Libyan Government of National Unity (GNA) have all condemned the attempted coup yesterday by members of the Salvation Government of the former General National Congress (GNC).

Blow to Libya unity government as rival seizes offices

Tripoli - Libya's UN-backed unity government has suffered a new setback after a political rival seized key offices in the capital and proclaimed the reinstatement of the former administration.

Op-Ed: Former Libyan Salvation government tries to mount a coup

Tripoli - Former members of the General National Council's (GNC) Government, as it called itself, including the former prime minister, Khalifa al-Ghwell have taken over their former headquarters in the Rixos Hotel and announced they are in power again.

14 dead as pro-govt fighters squeeze IS in Libya's Sirte

Sert - At least 14 pro-government fighters were killed on Friday in clashes with the Islamic State group in the jihadists' former Libya bastion of Sirte, a medical source said.

Libyan Investment Authority loses case against Goldman Sachs

London - A United Kingdom court has ruled in favor of Goldman Sachs in a $1.2 billion dollar case brought by the the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) regarding nine disputed equity derivatives trades, according to a spokesperson for Goldman Sachs.

U.S. bombing raids increase on remaining ISIS fighters in Sirte

Surt - Although the final push to defeat the Islamic State (IS) in Sirte began some time ago and their imminent defeat has been announced a number of times, a few IS fighters still remain surrounded in the city in an increasingly smaller area.

Op-Ed: Remaining ISIS forces in Sirte Libya divided into two groups

Surt - Forces of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous (Solid Structure of BAM) have managed to completely separate into two groups the few remaining fighters of the Islamic State(IS) who still are holding out in one small section of Sirte.

Op-Ed: Southern army leaders try to change leaders unsuccessfully

Sebha - Officers of the Libyan National Army(LNA) meeting near the southern city of Sebha named General Suliman Kanah, as southern commander. Commander-in-chief Marshal Khalifa Haftar was not consulted.

Op-Ed: Oil exports increasing as Libyan ports reopen

Last Thursday an oil tanker took on the first load of crude for export from the Libyan port of Zuwetina since late last year. The tanker, the Ionic Anassa loaded 800,000 barrels of crude to be exported to China.
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