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Op-Ed: Several African countries call for foreign intervention in Libya

Tripoli - Leaders of several African countries are calling on the West to intervene in Libya in order to stop instability from spreading across the Sahel and threatening fragile governments in the region.

Op-Ed: Libyan fighting in several areas with no sign of dialogue

Tripoli - Libyan Dawn border guards at the Ras Jadir crossing into Tunisia are reported to have fled across the border into Tunisia after being attacked by forces of the Libyan National Army. The LNA and General Haftar's militia are now merged.

Op-Ed: Libya conflicts continue with oil terminals under siege

Tripoli - One Libyan oil export port is no longer functioning because of clashes between government forces and anti-government militia who are launching attacks nearby.

Libyan forces repel Islamist attack on oil region

Benghazi - Islamist fighters launched a three-pronged attack Saturday on a key oil region in eastern Libya but were pushed back by pro-government forces, military officials said.

Op-Ed: UN postpones Libyan talks on unity government for a week

Tripoli - UN Special Envoy Bernadino Leon announced that talks aimed at resolving Libya's political crisis scheduled to begin today have been postponed until the beginning of next week.

Op-Ed: U.S. says that UN talks on Libya to fail due to foreign meddling

Tripoli - According to a report in Reuters, senior U.S. officials have little faith in positive results from the UN-sponsored talks to stop fighting in LIbya and form a unity government.

Op-Ed: Haftar rises from failed coup leader to Libyan Commander-in-Chief

Tripoli - The internationally recognized Libyan government of prime minister Abdullah al Thinni has now reconciled with CIA-linked former general Khalifa Haftar.

Op-Ed: Tobruk government rejects UN demand to stop bombing

Tripoli - Abdullah al-Thinni, prime minister of the internationally and UN recognized government, told the UN envoy Bernardino Leon that Tripoli is held by extremists and bombing will stop only if they surrender.

Op-Ed: UN to hold Libya talks despite General Haftar's continued bombing

Tripoli - CIA-linked General Haftar continues his bombing of what he considers military sites in western Libya in areas controlled by the rival Tripoli government. His attacks have the support of the internationally recognized government in Tobruk.

Op-Ed: OPEC takes sides in Libyan crisis

Tripoli - Libya is a prominent member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC). At present, Libya has two competing governments. The internationally recognized government is in Tobruk and the other in Tripoli, the capital.

Op-Ed: Even UN worried about Tripoli air attacks

Tripoli - UN special envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon has been trying his best to persuade the parties in conflict to stop fighting and engage in dialogue. He has stressed that there can only be a political solution to the Libyan conflict.

Op-Ed: Unidentified jets launch 2 attacks on Tripoli airport

Tripoli - If an unidentified jet bombed an international airport in Jerusalem or even Kiev it would be headline news. In Tripoli, the capital of Libya, however unidentified bombings have happened several times. No one even expresses surprise let alone outrage.

Raid targets Libya capital's only working airport

Tripoli - An air raid claimed by a renegade anti-Islamist general's forces targeted the Libyan capital's sole operational airport on Monday, a day after Islamists were driven out of a key western town.

Op-Ed: Republican committee clears Hillary on Benghazi

Washington D.c. - Less than a month after Republicans swept the nation, in lightly turned out election, their most feared enemy, Hillary Clinton, has gotten a boost. And it came from the GOP.

Op-Ed: Turkish envoy to Libya urges general elections as cure for crisis

Tripoli - Emrullah Isler, the Turkish Special Envoy for Libya claims the political crisis in Libya can be overcome by holding general elections.

Op-Ed: Libyan Supreme Court decision may help UN negotiations

Tripoli - The Libyan Supreme Court well over a week ago ruled that the June elections in Libya were unconstitutional and that the House of Representatives now meeting in the eastern Libyan city of Tobruk should be dissolved.

Op-Ed: Recent UN statements on Libya

Tripoli - The United Nations Support Mission In Libya (UNSMIL) issues periodic statements on the situation in Libya. Every statement has predictable motherhood bromides urging all the parties to eschew violence and stop fighting.

Op-Ed: Western Libya intervention, the sequel

Benghazi - The New York Times seems at times an outlet for Obama administration policy and trial balloons for possible policy directions. Perhaps the recent op-ed suggesting the EU should intervene with a peace-keeping force in Libya is a trial balloon.

Op-Ed: Tobruk-based government rejects Libya's Supreme Court ruling

Tripoli - The Tobruk-based Libyan parliament formed from representatives elected in June has rejected the ruling of the Libyan Supreme Court that the parliament is "unconstitutional."

Op-Ed: Libya Supreme Court rules elections and new government illegal

Tripoli - As if things could not become even more unsettled in Libya, the Libyan Supreme Court has just announced that the internationally recognized and UN-backed government is dissolved and the June elections declared illegitimate.
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