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Op-Ed: Libyan dialogue talks resume without one of two rival governments

Tripoli - Bernardino Leon, the UN Special Envoy to Libya resumed talks on forming a Government of National Accord in Skhirat Morocco even though one of two rival governments did not show up.

Op-Ed: UN-brokered Libyan peace agreement dialogue to resume on Thursday

Tripoli - Bernardino Leon, UN special envoy for Libya, who directs the peace dialogue, has said, after two days of talks earlier in Geneva, that he wants to reach agreement on the fifth draft of a peace agreement by the end of August.

Op-Ed: Tripoli-based Libyan government to boycott UN dialogue talks

Tripoli - The Tripoli-based General National Congress(GNC) government has decided that it will not attend upcoming dialogue talks that will be held to further implementation of an agreement on the formation of a Government of National Accord.

IS 'beheads' 12 in battle for Libya's Sirte

Tripoli - Islamic State group jihadists have beheaded 12 people and hung them on crosses during a battle for the coastal city of Sirte, the national news agency LANA reported Saturday.

Op-Ed: Geneva Libyan dialogue talks end on positive note

Geneva - After meeting for two days at the UN offices in Geneva, participants in the latest round of the Libyan Political Dialogue concluded discussions yesterday. Bernardino Leon, the UN special representative to Libya, presided over the talks.

Op-Ed: UN envoy wants agreement on new Libyan government by month's end

Geneva - Two days of peace talks on a draft agreement to form a unity government started today in Geneva, Switzerland, convened by Bernardino Leon, the UN special envoy to Libya.

Libya chaos deepens as PM says will resign

Tripoli - The future of Libya's internationally recognised government was uncertain Wednesday after Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani said he would resign, as fraught peace talks entered a second day.

Op-Ed: Tripoli delegates will attend Libyan peace talks in Geneva

Geneva - The Libyan peace talks in Geneva designed to forge an agreement on a Government of National Accord and end the political and military conflict between two rival governments have been postponed one day until August 11.

Op-Ed: UN dialogue on Libya in Geneva may be doomed before it begins

Geneva - The United Nations intends to begin a new round of dialogue talks on Monday in Geneva. However, the talks may be doomed from the start unless the General National Congress government based in Tripoli agrees to send representatives.

Op-Ed: Libyan dialogue to resume on Monday August 16

Tripoli - After consulting with relevant stakeholders and also international partners, Bernardino Leon, special UN envoy to Libya, announced there would be a new round of dialogue talks on Monday August 10. The location of the talks was not announced.

Op-Ed: UN fails to report on progress of Libyan dialogue

Tripoli - The UN special envoy to Libya , Bernardino Leon, recently held talks with representatives of the Tripoli-based General National Congress(GNC) government.

West planning new intervention in Libya

Tripoli - Military sources told The Times of London that a number of western nations are making plans to send ground troops into Libya to train locals and launch attacks against Islamic State positions.

At least 7 Libyan soldiers killed by Islamic State at checkpoint

Tripoli - At least seven Libyan soldiers were reported killed and five more wounded as Islamic State forces were able to overrun a checkpoint in the town of Ajdabiya, a town near the key oil port of Brega.

Op-Ed: UN discussed peace deal with Tripoli representatives in Algiers

Algiers - Special envoy to Libya of the UN, Bernardino Leon, is meeting with representatives of the General National Congress(GNC) parliament. The GNC government is based in Tripoli. The talks are in Algiers, Algeria.

Libyan court sentences Gadaffi's son and 8 others to death

Tripoli - A Libyan court in the capital Tripoli sentenced Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam to death for war crimes, including the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising. Gaddafi, was killed by rebel forces after being captured near the city of Sirte.

Libya court sentences Kadhafi son Seif al-Islam to death

Tripoli - A Libyan court Tuesday sentenced a son and eight aides of slain dictator Moamer Kadhafi to death for crimes during the 2011 uprising, in a verdict denounced by rights campaigners.

UK government drafting plans to defeat Islamic State in Libya

London - British Prime Minister David Cameron claims the UK should be ready to fight terrorist groups anywhere in the world. He is drawing up plans for defeating Islamic State forces inside Libya..

Op-Ed: UN should sanction IMF head and Libyan Prime Minister

Tripoli - The UN has the power to sanction any group that interferes with or obstructs the peace process in Libya. The EU has already listed five individuals it intends to sanction.

Op-Ed: Khalifa Haftar claims EU threat of sanctions meaningless

Tripoli - The EU has drawn up a list of five Libyans it says will be sanctioned. The sanctions will include an asset freeze in all EU countries and a travel ban as well.

Dozens killed in tribal clashes in Sabha southern Libya

Sabha - While much of Libya is divided up into areas controlled by the rival governments in Tripoli and Tobruk, some parts of the south are still controlled by tribal groups who often clash with each other.
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