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Latvian protesters call for brake on immigration

Riga - Around 250 Latvian nationalists on Tuesday picketed the capital's main government building to protest against European Union plans to resettle refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

Latvia's Vejonis sworn in as EU's first Green president

Riga - Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis was on Wednesday sworn into office, becoming the first Green head of state in the European Union and pledging to make national security his top priority."Today, many in Europe have woken up from a deep slumber.

First gay right parade passes peacefully in Latvia

Riga - Fears that staging a gay pride parade in Latvian capital Riga would lead to unrest proved wide off the mark Saturday with police saying just three anti-gay protesters had been arrested for minor public order offenses such as attempts at throwing eggs.

Latvia elects Vejonis, EU's first Green president

Riga - Latvia's parliament on Wednesday elected Defence Minister Raimonds Vejonis as the Baltic state's new president, making him the 28-member European Union's first Green Party head of state.

Latvia to choose president in controversial 'black box' vote

Riga - Latvia's parliament votes for a new president on Wednesday as the small Baltic NATO and eurozone member weighs security concerns amid heightened tensions with Soviet-era master Russia.

Cameron 'confident' of EU reform deal before UK referendum

Riga - Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday he was "confident" of striking an EU reform deal to put before British voters by 2017 but warned of "ups and downs" in the process.

'Hello dictator,' Juncker says to Hungary's Orban

Riga - European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker teased Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban over his strongman reputation Friday, jokingly greeting him as "dictator" as he arrived at an EU summit in Riga.

UK PM starts EU reform bid warning of 'ups and downs'

Riga - Prime Minister David Cameron launched his bid to recast Britain's relationship with the EU Friday, warning of "ups and downs" before a straight "in-or-out" referendum by the end of 2017.

Cameron makes British reform case to EU peers

Riga - British Prime Minister David Cameron takes his case for far-reaching reform to his EU peers Friday as they meet six former Soviet states, some of whom would gladly swap places with London in the bloc.

French, German leaders hold talks with Greek PM in Riga

Riga - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras held "friendly and constructive" debt talks with the leaders of France and Germany but gave no sign of a breakthrough ahead of a crucial June deadline.

Merkel sets tough line at EU summit with eastern partners

Riga - German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the EU's eastern partners not to expect too much of the bloc and warned Russia to mend its ways over Ukraine if it wanted to rejoin the G7 club of top nations.

Op-Ed: Voice of America disappoints

U.S. taxpayer funded Voice of America (VOA) has problems offering timely analysis of Kremlin propaganda, such as President Putin's latest defense of the Hitler-Stalin Pact which launched World War II.

Latvia's Russians mark 70 years since Soviet 'victory'

Riga - Latvia's large Russian minority gathered in the capital Riga Saturday to mark 70 years since the end of World War II and to commemorate the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany.

Europe pushes Greece in bogged down debt talks

Riga - European ministers heaped pressure on Greece to speed up negotiations to unblock critically needed bailout funds and avert a dangerous default, showing frustration after months of bogged down talks.

NATO allies come to grips with Russia's 'hybrid warfare'

Riga - NATO allies are scrambling to protect vulnerable Baltic partners from the threat of hybrid warfare, a Russian tactic that officials and experts say is based on deception rather than formal declaration of war.

U.S. sends heavy armour to Baltic states to 'deter' Russia

Riga - The United States on Monday delivered more than 100 pieces of military equipment to vulnerable NATO-allied Baltic states in a move designed to provide them with the ability to deter potential Russian threats.

Latvian MEP says barred from entering Russia for Nemtsov funeral

Riga - Latvian MEP Sandra Kalniete who planned to attend the funeral of slain Russian opposition activist Boris Nemtsov said Monday she had been refused entry into Russia at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.

United States ponders arming Ukraine

Washington - The United States is considering upping military assistance to Ukraine in a move to aid the country counter pro-Russian separatists based in eastern Ukraine.

EU Feb 12 summit to focus on anti-terrorism: Tusk

Riga - European Union's next scheduled summit on February 12 will focus on how to boost anti-terror efforts in the wake of the deadly Islamist attack on a French satirical weekly in Paris, the bloc's leader Donald Tusk said on Friday.

EU seeks new anti-terror measures after Paris attack

Riga - The EU will draw up new proposals to fight terrorism in the next few weeks following the deadly Islamist attack on a satirical magazine in France, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Thursday.
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