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Wary of Russia, Lithuania builds fake town to practice warfare

- Lithuania on Tuesday opened a fake town featuring a school, sports stadium and shopping mall to practice urban warfare amid concerns over a militarily resurgent Russia next door.

Lithuania buys German combat vehicles in major arms deal

Vilnius - Lithuania on Monday signed a deal for German-made armoured vehicles intended to boost its defence capabilities, as it seeks to allay concerns of a military resurgence of Russia on its doorstep.

Lithuania snubs pro-Kremlin pop star

Vilnius - Lithuania has denied entry to a Russian pop singer known for his patriotic songs and his pro-Kremlin stance on the Ukraine conflict, officials said Thursday, underscoring tensions with Moscow in the Baltic region.

Lithuania leader marks 'breakthrough' German troop deployment

Vilnius - Germany's decision to deploy a battalion of troops to Lithuania under a NATO initiative marks a "mindset breakthrough" for Berlin towards taking a leading role in European defence, the Lithuanian president said Thursday.

Afghan wins asylum in Lithuania after Taliban death threats

Vilnius - A 22-year-old Afghan man who received Taliban death threats over his work for the Lithuanian army in the war-torn country has won asylum in the Baltic state after reaching out on social media, the interior ministry said Wednesday.

'Trump-Putin kiss' graffiti goes viral

Vilnius - Street graffiti depicting Donald Trump passionately locking lips with Russian President Vladimir Putin went viral on social media in Lithuania Friday, appearing to show concern over the US White House hopeful's attitude toward Moscow.

Papal envoy preaches peace at Baltic NATO base

Siauliai - The most senior cardinal in the Vatican met NATO troops in Lithuania on Saturday, delivering a message of peace in the Baltic region amid tensions with Russia.

US F-22 fighter jets land in Lithuania amid Russia tensions

Siauliai - Two American stealth F-22 fighter jets landed in Lithuania on Wednesday in an apparent show of force, after tensions with Moscow flared this month when a Russian aircraft buzzed an American warship in the Baltic Sea.

Lithuania welcomes Afghan who reached out on social media

Vilnius - A 22-year-old Afghan man landed in Lithuania on Wednesday after reaching out to the president for help on YouTube and securing a temporary visa that paves the way for asylum."I heard Germany has a lot of money, but I want to be in Lithuania.

Holocaust haunts Lithuanians as painful past comes to light

Vilnius - Lithuanians are taking an agonising closer look at their forefathers' role in killing Jewish neighbours during the Holocaust, a dark chapter of the Baltic country's history that was hidden for decades.

Lithuania opens war crimes trial over Soviet crackdown

Vilnius - Lithuania on Wednesday launched the trial of 65 former Soviet officials over a deadly 1991 crackdown by Moscow during he Baltic state's independence drive.

Philanthropists hand Lithuania world-class modern art museum

Vilnius - Local philanthropists are teaming up with a world-renowned architect to hand Lithuania's capital Vilnius its first modern art museum, with doors due to open in early 2019.

Eastern Europe fears closer French-Russian ties amid Ukraine crisis

Palanga - Several Eastern European countries are becoming increasingly worried that the West may abandon Ukraine in return for Russian backing in Syria, as Paris, Moscow and Washington develop closer ties in the fight against the Islamic State jihadist group.

Kosovo PM vows to protect Serbian churches ahead of UNESCO vote

Vilnius - Kosovo's Prime Minister Isa Mustafa on Monday pledged to protect Serbian Orthodox Christian sites just hours before a key vote which could see it admitted as a member of the United Nations cultural body.

NATO halves Baltic air policing mission

Vilnius - NATO on Tuesday said that from September it will reduce its air patrols over the Baltic states, which it stepped up amid concern over Russia's activity in the region.

NATO keeps mum on 'Baltic brigade' request: Lithuania

Vilnius - NATO has vowed to hold "continuous" military exercises in eastern Europe to deter Russia but has yet to respond to a request by Baltic states for a permanent brigade, Lithuania said Wednesday.

Lithuania says can take in 250 refugees, migrants

Vilnius - Lithuania said Wednesday it has decided to resettle up to 250 Syrian refugees, migrants and asylum seekers transferred from Italy and Greece, as the European Union grapples with how to handle a crisis in the Mediterranean.

Why Lithuania may be the next IT hotspot

Recently we have seen reports of B2B companies moving into Lithuania’s borders and setting up shop. Google is also establishing a presence in the small Baltic state.

NATO flexes muscles in Baltics, Poland

Vilnius - US-led NATO drills began Monday in the Baltic states and Poland, a move intended to reassure Russia's nervous neighbours amid tensions over Ukraine.

Baltics mull joint air defence system against Russia

- Defence ministers for the three Baltic states said Thursday they are mulling a joint air defence system in response to security concerns over Russia's activity in the region.
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