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Liberia's youth betting on Weah economic miracle

Monrovia - New President George Weah is nothing less than revered among Liberia's youth, who view his rise from the slums to stellar success in European football as proof he can also turn around their fragile economy.

Liberia's Weah makes first cabinet appointments

Monrovia - New Liberian President George Weah has appointed the first members of his cabinet, all of them men, largely naming party allies but picking a foreign minister close to former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Weah sworn in as Liberian president, completes historic transition

Monrovia - Former international football star George Weah was sworn in as Liberia's new president on Monday, in the country's first transition between democratically-elected leaders since 1944.

Joy and hope in Liberia as George Weah sworn in as president

Monrovia - To the cheers of a crowd fired by his promise to bring them jobs and prosperity, former football star George Weah was sworn in as president of Liberia on Monday, completing the country's first transition between democratically-elected leaders in three ...

Liberia's Sirleaf: Africa's first elected female leader

Monrovia - Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who shared the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize as a champion of women's rights, is stepping down after making history as Africa's first elected female president in Liberia.

Liberia's Weah seeks to reassure ahead of inauguration

Monrovia - Incoming Liberian president George Weah on Saturday sought to dispel accusations he is ill-prepared to take the reins of his fragile west African country, and said his priority would be maintaining peace.

Liberia party drops Sirleaf after Weah poll win

Monrovia - Liberia's ruling party said Sunday it had expelled outgoing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for not backing her vice-president, Joseph Boakai, in a presidential election run-off lost to former footballer George Weah.

Liberia's Ellen Sirleaf: women's icon with nerves of steel

Monrovia - Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who shared the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize as a champion of women's rights, made history in 2005 when she became Africa's first elected female president in Liberia.

Liberians hail victory of ex-football star Weah in landmark vote

Monrovia - Liberians revelled Friday in former football star George Weah's presidential victory, in the country's first democratic transfer of power in seven decades scarred by civil wars, political assassinations and an Ebola crisis.

Liberians hopeful of first democratic handover since 1944

Monrovia - Liberians were awaiting Wednesday the result of a presidential election they say represents far more than the choice of a successor to Africa's first elected female head of state, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Liberia, scarred by war and Ebola

Monrovia - Liberia, which elects a new president in a run-off on Tuesday, is an English-speaking nation in West Africa that still bears the scars of a gruesome civil war and a devastating Ebola outbreak.

Liberia's Howard-Taylor: the Jewel in George Weah's crown

Monrovia - Liberian presidential candidate George Weah's running mate Jewel Howard-Taylor began life in politics as first lady to former warlord leader Charles Taylor, but has since established a formidable political reputation in her own right.

George Weah: ex-football star who could be Liberia's next leader

Monrovia - George Weah emerged from Liberia's slums to become a superstar footballer in the 1990s, and has leveraged his status as a revered figure among the country's young and poor in his second run for the presidency.

Joseph Boakai: Liberian vice president shaking off sleepy image

Monrovia - Vice-president since 2005, Joseph Boakai has campaigned for president as a natural transition candidate after helping to ensure peace has prevailed in Liberia after back-to-back civil wars.

Liberians choose ex-footballer or vice-president as new leader

Monrovia - Former international footballer George Weah and Vice-President Joseph Boakai joined voters in casting their ballots in Liberia on Tuesday as they went head-to-head in a delayed run-off vote for the presidency.

Liberia to vote in delayed run-off for new president

Monrovia - Liberians choose a new leader Tuesday in a run-off between Vice President Joseph Boakai and footballing icon George Weah, a vote that will mark the country's first democratic transition since 1944.

George Weah rallies Liberia faithful ahead of Dec 26 vote

Monrovia - Former football star George Weah has waited 12 years to become president of Liberia, and with his dream now within touching distance fans danced and sang in support in a Monrovia stadium on Saturday.

Liberia presidential runoff set for Dec 26

Monrovia - The runoff in Liberia's presidential elections will be held on December 26, the country's electoral overseer announced on Tuesday, clearing a last hurdle in a protracted saga.

Liberia's ruling party petitions for election delay

Monrovia - Liberia's ruling Unity Party has asked the Supreme Court to further delay the presidential runoff, which its candidate Vice President Joseph Boakai will contest on December 26.

Major Liberian opposition party backs George Weah presidency

Monrovia - A Liberian opposition party formally backed George Weah for president on Thursday despite mounting a prolonged legal fight with his opponent, Vice-President Joseph Boakai, against the country's electoral commission.
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