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Teenager dies as Ebola returns to Liberia: Official

Monrovia - A teenager has died in Liberia in the first such death since the country was officially declared free of the virus in September, an official said Tuesday. "The 15-year-old has finally died.

70,000 Liberian births unrecorded in Ebola crisis: UNICEF

Monrovia - More than 70,000 Liberian babies were born without being registered as the deadly Ebola epidemic ravaged the impoverished west African nation, leaving them without healthcare and vulnerable to trafficking, UNICEF said Friday.

Ebola survivor likely source of new Liberian outbreak: WHO

Monrovia - A resurgence of Ebola in Liberia is likely to have originated in a survivor still carrying the virus, scientists said Wednesday as the country announced a second death in the new outbreak.

Liberia's 'Planet of the Apes' chimps facing starvation

Monrovia - A speedboat laden with fruit approaches and four chimpanzees come bounding over from the dense forest, screeching excitedly as volunteers throw them pineapple and mango chunks.

Liberia announces two new Ebola cases

Monrovia - Two more people have been infected by Ebola in Liberia, the government said Thursday, sparking fears that an epidemic which killed thousands before being eradicated is gaining a hold once again.

Liberia announces two more confirmed Ebola cases

Monrovia - Liberia said Wednesday a teenager who died of Ebola fever had spread the virus to at least two more people, confirming the first outbreak of the tropical disease for months.

Shellshocked Liberians brace for worst as Ebola returns

Monrovia - In the marketplaces and at the school gates of downtown Monrovia, Liberians spoke Wednesday of their dread over the return of Ebola after the first case in three months emerged.

Liberia announces return of Ebola

Monrovia - Liberia announced the return of Ebola on Tuesday following the death of a 17-year-old boy, dealing a worrying blow to the country's recovery three months after its last known case.

Canadian company stops Ebola drug trial for lack of results

Trials have ceased of what was thought to be a promising drug to treat West Africans infected with the Ebola virus. Canadian company, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, announced that its TKM-Ebola drug trials in Sierra Leone have been stopped.

Thousands of Liberians in 'post-Ebola syndrome' study

Monrovia - Liberia launched a five-year study on Wednesday to unravel the mystery of the long-term health effects that plague Ebola survivors and assess how long they should go without sex.

Liberia struggles with violence along insecure Ivory Coast border

- In February last year a gang of men with machetes ambushed two villages in western Ivory Coast, disembowelling a soldier and pulling out most of his organs before slaying three of his colleagues.

Massive Ebola outbreak nearly under control due to global efforts

With Liberia now Ebola-transmission free, the effort to fight the disease and bring the current outbreak under control appears to have turned a corner. Still, the global community must remain vigilant as the disease continues to spread elsewhere.

WHO declares Liberia Ebola-free   

Monrovia - The UN health agency on Saturday declared Liberia Ebola-free, hailing the "monumental" achievement in the west African country where the virus has killed more than 4,700 people.

West Africa battles mystery of 'post-Ebola syndrome'

Monrovia - As the Ebola epidemic retreats across west Africa, international health authorities are turning their attention to the little understood long-term effects of the often-deadly virus on the survivors.

700 Liberian Ebola workers protest for hazard pay

Monrovia - Seven hundred Liberian Ebola workers took to the streets of the capital Monrovia for a second day on Saturday to demand promised hazard pay.

Liberia reports first Ebola infection in a month

Monrovia - Liberia has confirmed its first new Ebola case in more than a month in a setback to hopes the country would soon be officially declared free of the deadly disease.

Liberia's last Ebola patient discharged

Monrovia - Liberia discharged its last confirmed Ebola patient on Thursday, as it reported for the first time in nine months it had gone a full week without any new infections.

Liberia lifts Ebola curfew, re-opens borders

Monrovia - Liberia said Friday it was lifting nationwide curfews and re-opening borders shut last year at the height of the Ebola crisis, after the retreat of an epidemic that has killed thousands.

Schools reopen as Liberia turns page on Ebola epidemic

Monrovia - Children trickled back to school in Liberia on Monday after the restart of lessons that had been delayed for months by the deadly Ebola outbreak, as the country begins to turn the page on the crisis.

Ebola vaccine trials begin in Liberia

Monrovia - The first large-scale trials of two Ebola vaccines began in Liberia on Monday, the hospital hosting the research said.
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