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Tide turns against Liberia's biggest slum

Monrovia - The fishermen, hustlers and market traders of West Point have survived two civil wars and an Ebola epidemic, but this resilient Liberian slum cannot hold back the ocean that is slowly swallowing it.

UN security handover point of pride and fear in Liberia

Monrovia - As Liberia's security forces take over Thursday from UN peacekeepers for the first time since civil war ended 13 years ago, national pride is mixed with fears the underfunded police are not up to the task.

West Africa marks end of deadly Ebola outbreak

Monrovia - Liberia said Thursday it is free of Ebola, meaning there are now no known cases in west Africa of the tropical virus that has killed more than 11,300 people in the region since late 2013.

Beached 'ghost ship' under guard in Liberia surfer paradise

Congo Town - When an empty oil tanker drifted onto a Liberian beach, it disturbed golden shores usually troubled only by baby crabs, and raised rumours of everything from an Islamist invasion to a ghost crew.

Sierra Leone's first Ebola-hit community reconsiders its traditions

Foya - Violently coughing up blood, the woman was close to collapse when brought to Kailahun hospital in eastern Sierra Leone from her village close to the Guinean border.For nursing staff, the spectre of the killer Ebola virus had returned.

Liberia Experiences another Ebola death

Ebola Virus has resurfaced in the West-African regions — leading to calls for stronger steps to counter the persistent nature of this catastrophic epidemic.

New Ebola death in Liberian capital weeks after all-clear

Monrovia - A 30-year-old woman has died in the Liberian capital after contracting Ebola, officials said Friday, more than two months after the epidemic was declared over in the country.

Asia's tuk-tuks providing a wheel boost to Africa

Monrovia - Omnipresent on the chaotic streets of Mumbai, Jakarta and Bangkok, Asia's three-wheeled "tuk-tuk" has now come to Africa -- and with a two-fold bonus: providing much-needed jobs and slashing accidents.

WHO declares Ebola outbreak over

Monrovia - The world breathed a sigh of relief Thursday as a two-year Ebola epidemic that killed 11,000 and triggered a global health alert was declared over, with Liberia the last country given the all-clear.

WHO to declare Ebola outbreak over, as Liberia gets all-clear

Monrovia - The two-year Ebola epidemic that killed more than 11,000 people across west Africa and triggered a global health scare is to be declared over Thursday, with Liberia the last country expecting the all-clear.

WHO to declare Ebola outbreak over

Monrovia - The two-year Ebola epidemic which laid waste to communities across west Africa and killed more than 11,000 people is due to be declared over Thursday with Liberia expecting the all-clear.

With Ebola in check, are we ready for next outbreak?

Monrovia - The world will heave a collective sigh of relief when west Africa's Ebola epidemic is finally declared at an end after claiming more than 11,000 lives over two years.

WHO to declare Ebola outbreak over with Liberia in the clear

Monrovia - The two-year Ebola epidemic which laid waste to communities across west Africa and killed more than 11,000 people is due to be declared over Friday with Liberia expecting the all-clear.

Teenager dies as Ebola returns to Liberia: Official

Monrovia - A teenager has died in Liberia in the first such death since the country was officially declared free of the virus in September, an official said Tuesday. "The 15-year-old has finally died.

70,000 Liberian births unrecorded in Ebola crisis: UNICEF

Monrovia - More than 70,000 Liberian babies were born without being registered as the deadly Ebola epidemic ravaged the impoverished west African nation, leaving them without healthcare and vulnerable to trafficking, UNICEF said Friday.

Ebola survivor likely source of new Liberian outbreak: WHO

Monrovia - A resurgence of Ebola in Liberia is likely to have originated in a survivor still carrying the virus, scientists said Wednesday as the country announced a second death in the new outbreak.

Liberia's 'Planet of the Apes' chimps facing starvation

Monrovia - A speedboat laden with fruit approaches and four chimpanzees come bounding over from the dense forest, screeching excitedly as volunteers throw them pineapple and mango chunks.

Liberia announces two new Ebola cases

Monrovia - Two more people have been infected by Ebola in Liberia, the government said Thursday, sparking fears that an epidemic which killed thousands before being eradicated is gaining a hold once again.

Liberia announces two more confirmed Ebola cases

Monrovia - Liberia said Wednesday a teenager who died of Ebola fever had spread the virus to at least two more people, confirming the first outbreak of the tropical disease for months.

Shellshocked Liberians brace for worst as Ebola returns

Monrovia - In the marketplaces and at the school gates of downtown Monrovia, Liberians spoke Wednesday of their dread over the return of Ebola after the first case in three months emerged.
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