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Sri Lanka indicts skipper of fire-stricken oil tanker

Colombo - Sri Lanka on Thursday indicted the Greek skipper of a fire-damaged supertanker for causing an oil spill and failing to report the environmental damage to the island's waters.

Over 1,000 get coronavirus at Sri Lanka factory that made masks for US

Colombo - More than 1,000 workers have tested positive for coronavirus at a Sri Lanka factory that until August was producing surgical masks for the US, officials said Wednesday, as they scrambled to find the source of the country's biggest outbreak.

Sri Lanka to ban cattle slaughter

Colombo - The slaughter of cattle will soon be banned in Sri Lanka, the government said Tuesday, in a move widely viewed as a concession to increasingly influential Buddhists in the ruling party.

Sri Lanka scraps $1.5bn Japan-funded light rail system

Colombo - Sri Lanka's president has ordered the termination of a $1.5-billion Japanese-funded light rail project, saying it is not a "cost-effective solution" for the congested capital Colombo, officials said Thursday.

Stricken tanker's captain to face charges in Sri Lanka

Colombo - Sri Lanka will file negligence and pollution charges against the Greek skipper of an oil tanker that leaked fuel off the island nation's coast after a week-long fire, authorities said Wednesday.

Sri Lanka navy plugs fuel leak on fire-stricken tanker

Colombo - Sri Lankan military divers fixed a fuel leak from the engine of a fire-damaged oil tanker off the island's east coast, the navy said Saturday, in a salvage operation after the huge week-long blaze.

Tanker salvage begins as Sri Lanka battles oil slick

Colombo - International experts boarded an oil tanker stricken off Sri Lanka to begin salvage operations, the navy said Thursday, as firefighters looked to contain a large oil slick in the Indian Ocean.

Diesel leaks from stricken oil tanker off Sri Lanka

Colombo - A blaze on a stricken oil tanker off Sri Lanka was finally extinguished Wednesday, authorities said, but while no crude has escaped the cargo, diesel leaking from the ship's engine raised fears for the environment.

Kilometre-long slick left by burning oil tanker off Sri Lanka

Colombo - A stricken oil tanker off Sri Lanka that has been on fire since last week has left a kilometre-long (0.6 mile) slick across the Indian Ocean, the country's navy said Wednesday, sparking fears of an environmental disaster.

India rushes fire retardant to battle tanker blaze near Sri Lanka

Colombo - India on Tuesday sent fresh supplies of firefighting chemicals to help battle a new blaze on a stricken tanker loaded with a massive cargo of crude oil off Sri Lanka's eastern coast.

Blaze extinguished on stricken oil tanker off Sri Lanka

Colombo - A massive fire on a stricken oil tanker off Sri Lanka's coast has been extinguished, the island nation's navy said Sunday, as international salvage experts began to assess the damage over fears of an environmental disaster if there is a leak.

Stricken oil tanker pushed away from Sri Lankan coast

Colombo - A fire-stricken oil tanker was pushed away from Sri Lanka's coast and into deeper waters on Saturday, rescuers said, after successfully containing the blaze during a 36-hour operation.

Battle to stop blazing tanker from hitting Sri Lanka coast

Colombo - Tugboats battled into the night Friday to stop a blazing oil tanker carrying 270,000 tonnes of crude from drifting towards the Sri Lankan coast.

Crewman killed as oil tanker fire rages for second day off Sri Lanka coast

Colombo - A Panamanian-registered oil tanker burned out of control for a second day off Sri Lanka on Friday as authorities confirmed a Filipino crew member was killed in an explosion and fears grew of a major new oil spill in the Indian Ocean.

Warships join fight to put out fire on oil tanker off Sri Lanka

Colombo - Indian warships on Thursday aided Sri Lanka's navy to extinguish a fire on a massive oil tanker off the island's eastern coast, officials said.

Sri Lanka rations power after Chinese generator crashes during blackout

Colombo - Sri Lanka on Tuesday said electricity would be rationed across the island, after a Chinese-built coal power generator shut down during an hours-long nationwide blackout.

Virus gives Sri Lanka's threatened elephants a reprieve

Colombo - Sri Lanka's coronavirus lockdown has helped reduce the death toll from clashes between elephants and humans, conservationists have said.A record 405 elephants were killed by humans in the country last year, up from about 360 in 2018.

Election triumph gives Rajapaksa brothers a tighter grip on Sri Lanka

Colombo - Sri Lanka's ruling Rajapaksa brothers secured a two-thirds majority in a parliamentary election that allowed them to rewrite the constitution and increase their power, final results showed Friday.

Rajapaksa party on course for big Sri Lanka election win

Colombo - Sri Lanka's ruling party took a clear lead Thursday in early results from parliamentary elections in which the dominant Rajapaksa family hope to strengthen their grip on power.

Rajapaksa family set to consolidate power in Sri Lanka after virus-hit polls

Colombo - Sri Lankans voted in large numbers Wednesday despite the coronavirus pandemic as the ruling Rajapaksa brothers sought to expand their mandate through the virus-delayed parliamentary polls.
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