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Worldwide chiropractic events in October

World Spine Day events have concluded. National Chiropractic Week in Italy ends tomorrow and October is National Chiropractic Month in the United States.

French branded 'notoriously criminal' by Norwegian politician

Oslo - Per Sandberg, a Norwegian member of parliament has caused a stir in France by calling for his country’s borders to be closed to what he termed ‘organised groups’ of Roma, Bulgarians and French who, Sandberg considers, are ‘notoriously criminal’.

Iceland triumphs over UK and Netherlands in Icesave court battle

On Monday, Iceland emerged triumphant in a court battle with governments of the UK and the Netherlands. At the time of the 2008 banking collapse, Iceland had refused to repay depositors’ lost money.

Down’s syndrome testing raises controversy

While a new prenatal test for Down’s syndrome being marketed as Prena Test has hit several European markets, controversy continues to rage over whether it could lead to more abortions.

Germany considers purchase of list of Swiss bank account holders

Authorities in Germany, including the country's Chancellor Angela Merkel, indicated on Monday that they were considering purchasing from a former employee of HSBC in Geneva a list of German taxpayers who have money deposited in Swiss bank accounts.

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