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Dozens dead in US-led raids on jihadist-run Syrian jail

Birut - US-led coalition air strikes killed nearly 60 people at a Syrian prison run by the Islamic State group, a monitor said Tuesday, as critics hit out at Washington for threatening action against Damascus.

57 dead in US-led strikes on IS Syria prison: monitor

Birut - US-led coalition air strikes on a jail run by the Islamic State group in eastern Syria killed at least 57 people, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Tuesday.

US-backed force has seized a quarter of Raqa from IS: monitor

Birut - US-backed fighters have seized a quarter of Syria's Raqa from the Islamic State group, a monitor said Monday, less than three weeks after they first entered the northern city.

Hezbollah says 'thousands' of fighters to respond if Israel attacks

Birut - The head of Lebanese movement Hezbollah on Friday warned Israel against attacking Lebanon or Syria, saying "hundreds of thousands" of Arab and Muslim fighters would be ready to strike back.

US-led coalition says Syria strike killed 'top IS cleric'

Birut - The US-led coalition said Tuesday it had killed the Islamic State group's self-proclaimed top cleric in an air strike in May on a Syrian town near the Iraqi border.

US-led coalition downs Iran-made drone in Syria

Birut - A US warplane shot down an Iranian-made drone operated by pro-regime forces in Syria early Tuesday, officials said, prompting growing international concern over rising tensions between the two sides.

Who's who in the Syrian conflict

Birut - Syria's war has spiralled into a complex multi-sided conflict since it began with anti-government protests in March 2011, drawing in regional and international powers including the United States and Russia.

Russia warns US after Syrian warplane downed

Birut - Russia on Monday warned it would track US-led coalition aircraft in Syria as potential "targets" and halted a military hotline with Washington after US forces downed a Syrian jet.

US-led coalition 'cannot confirm' IS chief death

Birut - The US-led coalition battling the Islamic State group said Friday it could not confirm the death of the jihadists' leader following reports by the Russia army that he might have been killed.

Daunting aid challenges as civilians flee Syria's Raqa

Birut - The battle to oust the Islamic State group from its stronghold of Raqa is creating daunting challenges for aid groups responding to the latest humanitarian crisis in the Syrian conflict.

IS battles to keep US-backed Syria force from Raqa Old City

Birut - Islamic State group jihadists waged fierce battles Tuesday in their Syrian stronghold Raqa in a bid to repel US-backed fighters advancing towards the walls of the Old City.

IS praises jihadist attacks in Philippines, Iran

Birut - A spokesman for the Islamic State group praised jihadist attacks in the Philippines and Iran, in an audio recording broadcast Tuesday.

US-backed Syria fighters near Old City of IS-held Raqa

Birut - US-backed Syrian fighters battling the Islamic State group pushed closer to the Old City in the jihadist stronghold of Raqa on Monday, a monitor said.

US-backed force says seized first western district in Raqa

Birut - US-backed Syrian fighters captured their first western district of the Islamic State group's bastion Raqa on Sunday, days after seizing an eastern neighbourhood from the jihadists.

US-backed Syria force fights for IS-held base near Raqa: monitor

Birut - US-backed fighters battled on Sunday to dislodge jihadists from a key military base north of Raqa city, the heart of the Islamic State group's Syrian territory, a monitor said.

US-backed force pierces into IS Syria bastion from west

Birut - US-backed Syrian fighters broke into the western part of the Islamic State group's stronghold Raqa on Saturday, they and a monitor said, opening up a second front inside the northern Syrian city.

US-backed force advances in fight for IS Syria bastion

Birut - US-backed Syrian fighters Friday seized part of a district on the western edge of the Islamic State group's Raqa bastion and battled to advance inside the city's east, a monitor said.

Heavy US-led strikes as fighters battle IS in Syria's Raqa

Birut - US-led coalition forces launched heavy raids into Friday morning in support of Syrian fighters battling to oust the Islamic State group from its bastion of Raqa, a monitor said.

When IS group reign ends, who will rule Syria's Raqa?

Birut - The battle by US-backed forces to oust the Islamic State group from its Syrian bastion of Raqa will solve one problem but create another: who will then govern the city?

Secret maths, dead-drops: how Syria's Raqa resisted IS rule

Birut - Secret dates, dead-drops and "bullet-free" maths lessons: these are just some of the ways residents of the Islamic State group's Syrian bastion Raqa resisted years of jihadist rule.
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