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Lebanon Sunni leaders back Hariri to return as premier

Beirut - Sunni Muslim leaders in protest-wracked Lebanon have thrown their support behind ex-premier Saad Hariri to return to his post a month after he stepped down, a sidelined candidate said Sunday.

'Laugh at what's hurting you': Lebanon cartoonists stir debate

Beirut - On the edges of a protest in Lebanon's capital, 24-year-old cartoonist Mohamad Nohad Alameddine bites through sticky tape and plasters one of his political sketches to a side wall.

In protest-hit Lebanon, debate tents draw in the street

Tripoli - A secular state, early elections, solving poverty. Every evening, Sarah al-Ghur joins other residents of Lebanon's second city Tripoli to debate how to fix her protest-gripped country.

Lebanon's Hariri steps aside to speed up new govt

Beirut - Lebanon's outgoing prime minister said Tuesday he will not head the next government, in a move intended to speed up the formation of a new cabinet in the protest-swept country.

Lebanon protesters defiant despite Hezbollah attack

Beirut - Security forces cleared road blocks across Lebanon Monday, facing off against protesters who took to the streets despite being attacked overnight by supporters of the main Shiite groups Hezbollah and Amal.

Lebanon tycoon forgoes PM job under protest pressure

Beirut - Lebanon's former finance minister has backed down from becoming the protest-hit country's new prime minister, after reports of his nomination sparked ire among demonstrators railing against the ruling elite.

Car bomb kills 19 in northern Syria: monitor

Beirut - A car bomb killed 19 people, 13 of them civilians, in the Turkish-controlled town of Al-Bab in northern Syria on Saturday, a war monitor said.

Protest graffiti fills Beirut's posh downtown

Beirut - A majestic phoenix spreads its wings as Hayat Nazer adds a splash of colour to a Beirut wall. As Lebanon's uprising enters its second month, graffiti has enveloped the capital's posh downtown.

Lebanon protesters angered by PM pick

Beirut - Lebanese protesters who have been demanding radical reform reacted with anger Friday to the reported designation of a new prime minister they regard as emblematic of a failed political system.

Lebanon protests flare after president shuns demands

Beirut - Lebanese protesters blocked main roads Wednesday, angered by what they saw as the president ignoring their demands in nearly a month of demonstrations, after a man was shot dead.

Man shot dead as Lebanese army disperse protesters

Beirut - A man was shot dead south of Beirut after the army opened fire to disperse protesters blocking roads, Lebanese state media said Wednesday, nearly a month into an unprecedented anti-graft street movement.

Lebanese banks, schools shut as protesters push on

Beirut - Banks and schools in Lebanon were closed on Tuesday as protesters tried to prevent employees from clocking in at state institutions, nearly a month into an anti-graft street movement.

In their mother's country, Lebanon protesters clamour for citizenship

Beirut - Draped in the Lebanese flag, 22-year-old Dana is bursting with pride at taking part in Lebanon's "revolution" -- even if her home country refuses to give her nationality.

'Sister protests': Lebanon, Iraq look to each other

Beirut - A Lebanese flag flutters in the protest-hit Iraqi capital. More than 900 kilometres (500 miles) away, a revolutionary Iraqi chant rings out from a bustling protest square in Beirut.

Fuel shortage, price hikes squeeze protest-hit Lebanon

Beirut - A rationing of dollars by banks in protest-hit Lebanon sparked growing alarm on Saturday as some petrol pumps ran dry and grocery stores hiked prices.

Lebanon protests a boon for street vendors

Beirut - The smells of grilled cheese and cooked corn waft over the protesters in the Lebanese capital -- with daily crowds filling the the capital's main squares, the movement has been a boon for street vendors.

Students take to Lebanon streets as protests grow

Beirut - Thousands of students took to the streets across Lebanon Thursday to demand a better future as anti-government protests now entering their fourth week continued to mushroom.

Students swell Lebanon protest movement

Beirut - Thousands of students took to the streets across Lebanon Thursday to demand a better future as an unprecedented anti-government protest movement entered its fourth week and continued to spread.

World Bank urges Lebanon to form govt, warns of recession

Beirut - The World Bank urged protest-hit Lebanon on Wednesday to form a new government quickly, warning of the threat of an economic downturn that would deepen poverty and worsen unemployment.

Thousands protest in Lebanon after rally to support president

Beirut - Thousands of Lebanese protested Sunday to keep up a nationwide street movement that has brought down the government, hours after a mass rally to support the embattled president.
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