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A plus-size challenge to South Korea's beauty 'norm'

Seoul - In a country with beauty ideals that pre-makeover Barbie would struggle to meet, South Korean plus-size model Vivian Geeyang Kim is facing down online trolls in her defiant campaign to persuade curvy women they have nothing to be ashamed of.

N. Korea leader says missile test was 'greatest success': KCNA

Seoul - North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un declared a recent submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) test the "greatest success", Pyongyang's state media said Thursday.

North Korea test-fires sub-launched missile close to Japan

Seoul - North Korea on Wednesday test-fired a submarine-launched missile 500 kilometres (around 300 miles) towards Japan, marking what weapons analysts described as a clear step forward for its nuclear strike ambitions.

Lenovo will load up with Microsoft apps

Lenovo will soon install Microsoft apps and services on its new mobile devices that will still be powered by Android software, the latest smartphone maker to embrace the American firm’s technology.

Plant protein set to be the next big sweetener

Sweeteners are a popular alternative to sugar, especially for those dieting. Some sweeteners carry health risks and some don’t quite give the same sugary taste. In a breakthrough, scientists report on a new candidate.

South Korea-US military drill shadowed by North Korea threats

Seoul - South Korea and the United States kicked off large-scale military exercises on Monday, triggering condemnation and threats of a pre-emptive nuclear strike from North Korea.

S. Korea warns of possible N. Korean assassination squads

Seoul - South Korea warned Sunday of possible North Korean assassinations and kidnappings in revenge for recent high-profile defections to the South.

N. Korea demands repatriation of restaurant defectors

Seoul - North Korea on Sunday demanded the repatriation of a dozen restaurant workers who jointly fled to South Korea, a day after blasting Seoul over a separate high-profile defection.

N. Korea state media says diplomat defector 'criminal'

Seoul - North Korea's deputy ambassador to Britain, who defected to South Korea this week, is a criminal who had been ordered to return home for questioning, Pyongyang state media said Saturday.

Europe-based N. Korea slush-fund operator flees: reports

Seoul - A European-based North Korean official involved in managing a foreign currency slush fund for the country's leadership has fled his post with a sizeable sum of money, South Korean media reports said Friday.

Robots, drones to help secure 2018 Winter Olympics in S. Korea

Organizers will deploy robots and drones to help secure the 2018 Games in South Korea in what is expected to be the most high-tech Winter Olympics in history.

Cold War echoes as inter-Korean diplomacy goes back to basics

Seoul - One year after North and South Korea vowed to resume a constructive dialogue, they have instead resurrected a spirit of Cold War-era antagonism, complete with cross-border propaganda shouting matches, spy messaging and defection dramas.

Top London-based N. Korea diplomat defects to South

Seoul - South Korea said Wednesday that North Korea's deputy ambassador to Britain had defected to Seoul, in a rare and damaging loss of diplomatic face for Pyongyang.

A North Korean defector's life ... in webtoons

Seoul - When North Korean defector Choi Sung-Guk decided it was time to go public with his experiences, he avoided the well trodden "harrowing memoir" route in favour of a cartoon strip.

S. Korea MPs defy president with China visit

Seoul - A group of South Korean opposition lawmakers defied President Park Geun-Hye and left for China on Monday to discuss the deployment of a US anti-missile system that has opened a damaging rift between Seoul and Beijing.

N. Korea accuses US of seeking 'pre-emptive nuclear strike'

Seoul - North Korea has accused Washington of planning a pre-emptive nuclear strike, after the US announced it would deploy its B-1 bomber in the Pacific for the first time in a decade.

K-pop a target in China-S. Korea missile row

Seoul - South Korea's Foreign Minister cautioned Friday against escalating a missile-defence row with China that has fuelled combative editorials in Beijing's state media and an apparent backlash against Korean TV and pop stars.

South Korea says North hacked government e-mails

Seoul - Seoul prosecutors on Monday accused North Korea of hacking into the email accounts of dozens of South Korean government officials this year, the latest in the series of suspected cyber attacks by Pyongyang.

South Korea bans some wheat from U.S. over safety issues

South Korea has stopped the importation of some genetically modified wheat from the United States, especially from Washington state, over safety issues.

Samsung files case against Huawei for patent infringement

Samsung Electronics has hit back at rival Huawei, filing a patent infringement case against the Chinese electronics company in a move seen to worsen the two firms’ rivalry.
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