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Peace activists make rare crossing of North-South Korea border

Paju - An international group of women peace activists, led by American feminist Gloria Steinem, made a rare crossing on Sunday of one of the world's most militarised borders between North and South Korea.

Peace activists live-stream press conference from N. Korea

Seoul - A group of international women peace activists broadcast a landmark press conference from North Korea on Saturday, using Twitter's new video live-streaming app Periscope, apparently with official approval.

Appeals court frees 'nut rage' Korean Air heiress

Seoul - The former Korean Air executive jailed for disrupting a flight in a rage over macadamia nuts walked free Friday when a South Korean appeals court overturned her conviction for violating aviation safety laws.

World's first ocean cleaning system to be deployed in 2016

Seoul - Dutch-registered nonprofit, The Ocean Cleanup, today announced that the world’s first system to passively clean up plastic pollution from the oceans will be deployed next year.

N. Korea says can arm long-range missiles with nuclear warheads

Seoul - North Korea ramped up its nuclear threats on Wednesday, boasting of its ability to deliver miniaturised warheads on high-precision long range rockets -- a claim denied by the United States.

North Korea abruptly cancels visit by UN chief

Seoul - North Korea on Wednesday cancelled an invitation to UN chief Ban Ki-moon to visit an industrial zone inside the isolated state, in an abrupt move that Ban deplored as "deeply regrettable".

Kerry warns 'provocative' N. Korea of fresh sanctions

Seoul - US Secretary of State John Kerry warned North Korea Monday of possible fresh sanctions as he slammed Kim Jong-Un's "egregious" leadership with its reliance on reckless provocation and "grotesque" executions.

Women's peace march to travel from North to South Korea

Pyongyang - Organizers of a women's international peace march report that they have the conditional agreement of both North and South Korea to travel south from Pyongyang, capital of the North, through the demilitarized zone(DMZ) to South Korea.

Op-Ed: U.S., China, Japan and the island dispute — U.S. deploys B1s

Sydney - The continuing escalation of the issues raised by China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea has increased the likelihood of some sort of conflict in future. China’s construction of artificial islands in the area has infuriated neighbors.

N. Korea launches firing drills in Yellow Sea: Yonhap

Seoul - North Korea launched live-fire drills near the disputed sea border with South Korea late Wednesday, the Yonhap news agency reported, amid high tensions over Pyongyang's recent submarine-launched ballistic missile test.

Black bears have close call with tourists blocking bridge

Montana Parks and Wildlife posted a video reminding tourists that although they may want to, no one should ever get too close to a bear.

N. Korea says successfully test-fired underwater ballistic missile

Seoul - North Korea said Saturday it had successfully test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) -- a technology that could eventually offer the nuclear-armed state a survivable second-strike capability.

N. Korea threatens strikes against South's navy

Seoul - North Korea warned Friday that it was prepared to fire on sight without warning at South Korean naval vessels it accused of violating their disputed Yellow Sea border.

Two children injured when wind blows tree crashing down

Strong winds caused a huge tree to come crashing down and injuring two young children playing in park. Incident caught on video.

Celebrities speak up about Jade Helm

The Jade Helm military training exercise has caused quite a media frenzy. From conspiracy theorists to the Governor of Texas, everyone is on high alert. Now celebrities have begun to speak up about the mysterious military operation.

College student caught on video putting Windex in roommates food

A student at the University of South Carolina is facing criminal charges after she was allegedly caught on a hidden camera secretly poisoning her roommate's food.

Want to go on a real treasure hunt? Follow clues to box of jewels

Somewhere deep in the middle of the Rocky Mountains lies a hidden treasure. Many have searched for the golden treasure chest but no one has found it. Could you be the one?

Ben E. King passes away at the age of 76

Music legend, Ben E. King has passed away at age 76. He is most known for the song "Stand By Me." His music has captivated listeners for generations.

May Day rallies in Asia as South Koreans clash with police

Seoul - South Korean workers clashed with riot police at a May Day rally in Seoul on Friday, vowing to wage an "all-out general strike" if the government pushes through with planned labour reforms.

Signs North Korea nuclear reactor operational: US think-tank

Seoul - Recent satellite images suggest the nuclear reactor seen as North Korea's main source of weapons-grade plutonium may have resumed low-power or intermittent operations, a US think-tank said Thursday.
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