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N. Korea conducts rocket engine test: report

Seoul - North Korea recently tested a small rocket engine, a monitoring group said Wednesday, after a US official had reportedly suggested the test could be a step to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile.

North Korea likens Trump to Hitler

Seoul - North Korea compared US President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler on Tuesday in its latest diatribe, amid high tensions over Pyongyang's military ambitions and ahead of a visit to Washington by South Korea's new leader.

Op-Ed: South Korean President and Trump may clash on policies

This week the new South Korean President Moon Jae-In will visit the United States and have his first meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump. Moon's policies towards North Korea are less aggressive than those of the U.S.

S. Korea's Moon heads to US as North threat grows

Seoul - South Korea's dovish new President Moon Jae-In -- who backs engagement with the nuclear-armed North -- heads to Washington this week for talks with his hawkish US counterpart Donald Trump, as Pyongyang defies international sanctions to accelerate its m...

N.Korea doubts over South's Olympic invite: report

Seoul - A top North Korean sports official voiced doubts over a proposal by South Korean President Moon Jae-In to form a unified Olympic team, citing political tensions and a lack of time, a report said.

S. Korea president invites N. Korea to Pyeongchang Olympics

Seoul - South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Saturday invited North Korea to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, saying sports could serve as a peace maker.

S. Koreans march to protest US missile defence system

Seoul - Thousands of protesters marched near the US embassy in Seoul on Saturday, accusing President Donald Trump of "forcing" South Korea to deploy a controversial American missile defence system opposed by China.

Second North Korean soldier defects to South in a month

Seoul - A North Korean soldier defected to the South after crossing the heavily fortified border, a defence ministry spokesman said on Saturday, the second soldier to defect this month.

N. Korea accuses US of 'smear campaign' over Warmbier death

Seoul - North Korea on Friday accused the US of waging a "smear campaign" over the death of a student who was sent back home in a coma, denying he was tortured or abused.

North Korea accuses US of 'smear campaign' over student's death

Seoul - North Korea on Friday accused the United States of waging a "smear campaign" over the death of an American student who was detained for more than a year and sent back home in a coma.

North Korea conducts rocket engine test: US official

Seoul - North Korea has tested a rocket engine that could be fitted to an intercontinental ballistic missile, a US official said, in an apparent provocation ahead of a summit between President Donald Trump and the leader of South Korea.

Disgraced S. Korean leader's friend Choi jailed for three years

Seoul - The woman at the centre of South Korea's corruption scandal, Choi Soon-Sil, was handed a three-year jail term for bribery Friday in the first of a string of criminal cases against a figure dubbed the "female Rasputin".

Warmbier death 'unimaginable' for former North Korea detainee

Seoul - A US missionary who spent two years in a North Korean jail said Wednesday he had never imagined that a valuable American prisoner like student Otto Warmbier could die after being taken into Pyongyang's custody.

S. Korea says N. Korea drones 'grave provocation'

Seoul - Suspected North Korean drone surveillance is a "grave provocation" which violates the Korean War truce, Seoul said Wednesday, demanding a United Nations probe into a drone that crashed near the border.

Octopus inspires S. Korea 'breakthrough' adhesive patch

Seoul - The clinging power of octopus tentacles has inspired a breakthrough new adhesive patch that works on wet and oily surfaces with potentially huge medical and industrial uses, according to South Korean researchers.

S. Korea to scrap all plans to build new nuclear reactors

Seoul - South Korea's new President Moon Jae-In vowed on Monday to scrap all plans to build new nuclear reactors as he seeks to steer Asia's fourth-largest economy clear of atomic power.

N. Korea says US 'mugged' delegation

Seoul - North Korea accused the United States on Sunday of "mugging" its delegation carrying a diplomatic package in New York, as tensions between the two countries soar.

N Korea's hostage 'playbook' backfires with Warmbier coma

Seoul - North Korea has a well-thumbed playbook for detained American citizens who are valuable diplomatic bargaining chips for the regime, but the case of Otto Warmbier, flown home in a coma this week, is a glaring exception.

Rodman says trying to 'open doors' between US, North Korea

Seoul - Flamboyant basketball star Dennis Rodman says his mission to Pyongyang is an attempt to "open doors" with the isolated country, as the US focuses on the release from North Korean custody of a comatose student.

Rodman gives North Korea a copy of Trump's 'The Art of the Deal'

Seoul - Flamboyant basketball star Dennis Rodman handed over a copy of Donald Trump's "The Art of the Deal" to a North Korean minister on Thursday, along with a whole host of other off-the-wall goodies.
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