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Op-Ed: Cyberwars — Hack back is the call, and it can work

Washington - The decades-long cyberwars are a very sore point for most Western governments. Not to say the West doesn’t do its own cyberespionage, but the level of malice in recent cyberattacks is over a line. The US is considering active responses.

NK leader's sister claims summit with Trump unlikely in 2020

Kim Yo Yong, the sister of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in comments in the state news agency KCNA said that a new summit between Kim and US president Donald Trump is unlikely to happen this year.

Op-Ed: North Korea suspends military operations directed at the South

North Korea's Kim Jong Un has ordered a suspension of planned military exercises designed to intimidate South Korea in a move that should ease tensions that had been growing between the two neighboring countries.

Op-Ed: North Korea moves troops and ships to border with the South

As relations between North Korea and the South turn sour, North Korea has followed through on threats it made to move troops toward the demilitarized zone.

Op-Ed: Russia and China want UN to lift some sanctions on North Korea

Last Monday both China and Russia proposed to the UN Security Council that it lift a ban the prevents North Korea from exporting seafood, textiles and statues and also ease restrictions on infrastructure projects as well as North Koreans working overseas.

North Korean UN mission says no to further concessions to the US

North Korea's mission to the UN issued a statement last Friday claiming that the country no longer had any leeway to give way to any US demands without getting something in return.

Op-Ed: Report suggests Trump could withdraw troops from South Korea

The South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo quotes an anonymous US diplomatic source as saying that Trump is considering the withdrawal of 4,000 US troops from the South.

Op-Ed: North Korea critical of US hostile attitude as new talks possible

North Korea criticized the US for continuing a hostile policy toward it. Last week a US State Dept. document listed North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism along with Iran, Syria and Sudan.

Op-Ed: Kim Jong-un rides his white horse on nationally famous Mt. Paektu

North Korea's state media is giving heavy coverage to images of leader Kim Jong Un riding a white horse on the nationally significant Mt. Paektu. The state media said that the event was of great importance in the history of the Korean revolution.

Op-Ed: US talks with North Korea break down after brief restart

North Korea's chief negotiator Kim Myong Gil told reporters that peace talks with the US that had just resumed broke down. Gil blamed the US for its failure to abandon its outdated viewpoint and attitude. The talks lasted only 8.5 hours in all.

North Korean spear-phishing campaign attacks U.S. firms Special

Several U.S. businesses have been targeted by a campaign seemingly to originate from North Korea and using the tactic of spear-phishing. The cyber-assault is sophisticated, using legitimate documents as the targets. Alexander García-Tobar explains more.

North Korea pessimistic about new summit with Trump and Kim

Kim Kye Gwan the North Korean Foreign Ministry adviser issued a statement last Friday indicating that North Korea is pessimistic about chances of there being another Trump-Kim summit any time in the near future with no breakthrough on talks likely.

South Korean President Moon asks that peace zone replace DMZ

South Korean president Moon Jae-in suggested that the international community commit to a peace process that would provide guarantees for North Korean security and replace the present demilitarized zone (DMZ) with an international peace area.

North Korea claims US South Korea exercises endanger diplomacy

Military exercises involving the US and South Korea have long been a source of increased tensions with North Korea. Nevertheless, the US is preparing to hold a new round of the exercises with the South.

Op-Ed: State Dept. denies US has offered sanctions relief for NK deal

Washington - The US State Department has denied a report for Yonhap News Agency in South Korea that suggested the Trump administration was considering sanctions relief. In return the North would shutdown the Yonbyon Research Site and initiate a nuclear freeze.

Author argues it is time to end the Korean war

Recently Donald Trump became the first US president to ever set foot on North Korean soil and greeted Kim Jong-un the North Korean leader. The two together stepped onto South Korean soil and greeted its president Moon Jae-in.

Op-Ed: North Korea accuses US of hostile actions while talking diplomacy

The North Korean mission to the UN issued a statement yesterday critical of the Trump administration, claiming that while the US was publicly suggesting dialogue with the North, the country is engaging in hostile actions against them.

Op-Ed: Bolton condemns NY Times article on North Korea nuclear freeze

Yesterday John Bolton tweeted angrily condemning a New York Times report that claimed that the Trump administration might seek a compromise with North Korea that would involve a freeze on the countries nuclear arsenal instead of complete denuclearization.

N. Korea lauds China ties as Xi wraps up trip

Pyongyang - North Korea lauded its ties with historic ally China on Friday as Xi Jinping wrapped up a highly symbolic two-day visit to his nuclear-armed neighbour, with both countries facing deadlock in their negotiations with US President Donald Trump.

Big picture: Xi on show in Pyongyang

Pyongyang - Xi Jinping has loomed large over China since becoming president, with a huge personality cult growing around his leadership, but in Pyongyang he looked bigger than usual when a giant portrait was displayed at a propaganda event.
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