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Op-Ed: US authorities arrest ex-marine in regard to attack on NK embassy

Los Angeles - US authorities have arrested a former US marine for alleged involvement in an attack on the North Korea embassy in Madrid last February 22nd.

N. Korea's Kim heads to Russia to revive old friendship

Pyongyang - On the neighbouring mound to Mansu hill, where giant statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il look out over North Korea's capital, stands the Liberation Tower.

Appetite for destruction at N. Korea taekwondo contest

Pyongyang - One by one the North Koreans approached the board, yelled for inspiration and struck out, trying to split the interlocking plates with fist, hand or foot -– then reeled away in pain.

Tributes and pledges as N. Korea marks Kim Il Sung's birthday

Pyongyang - Tens of thousands of North Koreans turned out to pay tribute to their leaders on Monday, the most important day of the isolated, nuclear-armed country's ritual calendar.

South Korean president works for third summit with Kim and Trump

President Moon Jae of South Korea says that he intends to set up a new summit between President Trump of the US and Kim Jong-un as soon as possible to return to the peace process and nuclear diplomacy.

Tourist numbers double at North Korea marathon

Pyongyang - Twice as many foreigners as last year gathered in Pyongyang Sunday for the city's annual marathon, tour firms said, as reduced tensions see visitor numbers rise in isolated North Korea.

Op-Ed: Attackers of Madrid North Korean embassy flee to the US

A Spanish judge plans to request the extradition from the United States of members of a group he suspects of forcing their way into the North Korean embassy in Madrid and trying to persuade an official there to defect, a judicial source said on Tuesday.

Op-Ed: South Korea considering more talks with North Korea

South Korea claims it is considering talks with North Korea in an effort to improve relations between the two countries. South Korea' government confirmed a report by Yohnhap News Agency that the South was mulling a meeting with the North.

North Korean official blames US for Hanoi Summit failure

Choe Son Hui the vice foreign minister of North Korea has blamed the United States for the failure of the recent Hanoi Summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Was the CIA involved in attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid?

Back on February 22, 10 assailants with fake weapons, are reported to have broken into the North Korean embassy in Madrid. They tied up diplomatic workers and placed plastic bags over their head before beating and questioning them.

N. Korea election sees 99.99% turnout: KCNA

Pyongyang - Turnout in nuclear-armed North Korea's single-candidate elections hit 99.99 percent this year, state media said Tuesday -- up from a seemingly unimprovable 99.97 percent the last time they were held.

Flying the flag: North Korea puts on daily displays

Pyongyang - Every workday morning, detachments of North Korean women armed with red flags take up their positions in strategic locations around Pyongyang.

Do you want fries with your North Korea-US summit?

Pyongyang - One of the closest things to an example of American culture in Pyongyang is the Green Leaf Coffee Shop -- the top burger joint in the North Korean capital.

North Koreans pay tribute to Kim's father in freezing cold

Pyongyang - The Day of the Shining Star dawned bitterly cold in Pyongyang. But thousands of North Koreans lined up in temperatures of minus 8 degrees Celsius on Saturday to pay their respects to late leader Kim Jong Il on his birthday.

North Korea and China in ice dance to the music of diplomacy

Pyongyang - At the climax of a festival on ice to celebrate late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il on Friday, Olympic skaters from the host nation and neighbouring China swapped partners to dance together.

Fires of passion: North Korea holds torch parade

Pyongyang - Thousands of North Koreans wielding burning torches and shouting slogans filled Kim Il Sung square Monday in celebration of the country's 70th birthday.

North Korea's 'Mass Games' return after five-year absence

Pyongyang - The biggest show on earth made an astonishing comeback Sunday as North Korea put on its all-singing, all-dancing propaganda display, the 'Mass Games', for the first time in five years.

North Korea holds 70th anniversary parade, without ICBMs

Pyongyang - North Korea refrained from displaying its intercontinental missiles in a massive military parade through Pyongyang celebrating its 70th birthday Sunday -- a conspicuous absence touted by US President Donald Trump as "a big and very positive statement"....

North Korea to hold military parade to mark 70th anniversary

Pyongyang - Hundreds of trucks carrying thousands of troops lined a Pyongyang riverbank in the pale light of dawn early Sunday, as nuclear-armed North Korea prepared to celebrate its birthday with a huge show of military strength.

North Korea shows off achievements, but not missiles

Pyongyang - North Korea began celebrating its 70th birthday Saturday with a showcase of its achievements -- without a missile in sight.
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