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North Korea claims US South Korea exercises endanger diplomacy

Military exercises involving the US and South Korea have long been a source of increased tensions with North Korea. Nevertheless, the US is preparing to hold a new round of the exercises with the South.

Op-Ed: State Dept. denies US has offered sanctions relief for NK deal

Washington - The US State Department has denied a report for Yonhap News Agency in South Korea that suggested the Trump administration was considering sanctions relief. In return the North would shutdown the Yonbyon Research Site and initiate a nuclear freeze.

Author argues it is time to end the Korean war

Recently Donald Trump became the first US president to ever set foot on North Korean soil and greeted Kim Jong-un the North Korean leader. The two together stepped onto South Korean soil and greeted its president Moon Jae-in.

Op-Ed: North Korea accuses US of hostile actions while talking diplomacy

The North Korean mission to the UN issued a statement yesterday critical of the Trump administration, claiming that while the US was publicly suggesting dialogue with the North, the country is engaging in hostile actions against them.

Op-Ed: Bolton condemns NY Times article on North Korea nuclear freeze

Yesterday John Bolton tweeted angrily condemning a New York Times report that claimed that the Trump administration might seek a compromise with North Korea that would involve a freeze on the countries nuclear arsenal instead of complete denuclearization.

N. Korea lauds China ties as Xi wraps up trip

Pyongyang - North Korea lauded its ties with historic ally China on Friday as Xi Jinping wrapped up a highly symbolic two-day visit to his nuclear-armed neighbour, with both countries facing deadlock in their negotiations with US President Donald Trump.

Big picture: Xi on show in Pyongyang

Pyongyang - Xi Jinping has loomed large over China since becoming president, with a huge personality cult growing around his leadership, but in Pyongyang he looked bigger than usual when a giant portrait was displayed at a propaganda event.

Kim and Xi in Pyongyang talks as both face standoffs with Trump

Pyongyang - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Pyongyang Thursday during a historic visit to burnish an uneasy alliance, as the two men each face challenges of their own with US President Donald Trump.

Xi visits North Korea's Kim ahead of Trump talks

Pyongyang - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to Pyongyang on Thursday on a historic visit to burnish an uneasy alliance, with the two men each facing challenges of their own with US President Donald Trump.

Read all about it: Xi visit on Pyongyang front pages — just

Pyongyang - Chinese President Xi Jinping's forthcoming visit to North Korea this week was in the news in Pyongyang Tuesday, but in the country where Kim Jong Un comes first, it only just made the front page.

Waves of Chinese tourists invade North Korea

Pyongyang - On a grey stone column in Pyongyang, a mural shows Chinese and North Korean soldiers rushing into battle against US-led forces in the Korean War.

Claim that North Korean envoy was executed has little evidence

South Korean daily newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported on Friday that North Korean senior envoy Kim Hyok Choi was executed at the Mirim airfield, together with four other officials from the Foreign Ministry for being won over by the US betraying Kim Jong Un.

Op-Ed: US authorities arrest ex-marine in regard to attack on NK embassy

Los Angeles - US authorities have arrested a former US marine for alleged involvement in an attack on the North Korea embassy in Madrid last February 22nd.

N. Korea's Kim heads to Russia to revive old friendship

Pyongyang - On the neighbouring mound to Mansu hill, where giant statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il look out over North Korea's capital, stands the Liberation Tower.

Appetite for destruction at N. Korea taekwondo contest

Pyongyang - One by one the North Koreans approached the board, yelled for inspiration and struck out, trying to split the interlocking plates with fist, hand or foot -– then reeled away in pain.

Tributes and pledges as N. Korea marks Kim Il Sung's birthday

Pyongyang - Tens of thousands of North Koreans turned out to pay tribute to their leaders on Monday, the most important day of the isolated, nuclear-armed country's ritual calendar.

South Korean president works for third summit with Kim and Trump

President Moon Jae of South Korea says that he intends to set up a new summit between President Trump of the US and Kim Jong-un as soon as possible to return to the peace process and nuclear diplomacy.

Tourist numbers double at North Korea marathon

Pyongyang - Twice as many foreigners as last year gathered in Pyongyang Sunday for the city's annual marathon, tour firms said, as reduced tensions see visitor numbers rise in isolated North Korea.

Op-Ed: Attackers of Madrid North Korean embassy flee to the US

A Spanish judge plans to request the extradition from the United States of members of a group he suspects of forcing their way into the North Korean embassy in Madrid and trying to persuade an official there to defect, a judicial source said on Tuesday.

Op-Ed: South Korea considering more talks with North Korea

South Korea claims it is considering talks with North Korea in an effort to improve relations between the two countries. South Korea' government confirmed a report by Yohnhap News Agency that the South was mulling a meeting with the North.
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