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Pompeo in Pyongyang with detainees on agenda

Pyongyang - America's top diplomat Mike Pompeo held meetings with senior North Korean officials in Pyongyang Wednesday, with speculation swirling around the fate of three US detainees ahead of a planned US-North Korea summit.

Pompeo in Pyongyang as diplomatic dance speeds up

Pyongyang - America's top diplomat Mike Pompeo arrived in Pyongyang Wednesday, landing at the centre of a whirlwind of diplomacy ahead of a planned US-North Korea summit.

China's foreign minister arrives in N. Korea

Pyongyang - China's foreign minister arrived in Pyongyang on Wednesday, the highest-ranking Chinese official to visit North Korea in years as Beijing tries to mend fences with its nuclear-armed neighbour.

N. Korea's muted response on Syria strikes speaks volumes

Pyongyang - A day after US, French and British missiles slammed into suspected chemical weapons sites in Syria, authorities in North Korea -- its longstanding friend -- held dances in the street to celebrate founder Kim Il Sung's birthday.

North Korea commemorates birth of its founder

Pyongyang - Thousands of North Korean devotees laid flowers before statues of the country's founder Kim Il Sung Sunday on the anniversary of his birth.

UN urges donors to set aside N. Korea political issues

Pyongyang - The United Nations was able to help barely 15 percent of the North Koreans it aimed to support with basic food needs last year, its top official in Pyongyang said Thursday, as donor funding dried up in the face of political tensions.

Tiny unicyclists and dancers for North Korea's founder

Pyongyang - Eleven tiny unicyclists circled in front of a Pyongyang theatre Wednesday to celebrate North Korea's founder Kim Il Sung.

Tiny unicyclists and dancers for North Korea's founder

Pyongyang - Eleven tiny unicyclists circled in front of a Pyongyang theatre Wednesday to celebrate North Korea's founder Kim Il Sung.

North Korean flag lights up Pyongyang's 'Hotel of Doom'

Pyongyang - The towering hulk of the Ryugyong Hotel, a vast and unfinished edifice that has loomed over Pyongyang for decades, was lit up on Monday night.

Dancing to a different beat: North Korea celebrates

Pyongyang - Thousands of North Koreans gathered in locations across Pyongyang Monday to dance in celebration of late leader Kim Jong Il.

Loneliness of the long distance runners in North Korea

Pyongyang - A few hundred foreigners lined up in Kim Il Sung stadium Sunday for the Pyongyang marathon, less than half of last year's contingent with Western tourism to North Korea battered by nuclear tensions and a US travel ban.

Op-Ed: Trump to sue Bannon for defamation? Maybe not.

Washington - The furore around the new book Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff has turned to possible legal action by Trump against Bannon. Bannon, meanwhile, is saying that Trump is a great man again, after Trump’s remarks about him.

Op-Ed: North Korea may steal and mine cryptocurrencies for revenue

North Korea may be producing its own hackers and cryptocurrency miners as a means of collecting much needed revenue, as well as perhaps using cryptocurrency as a means of payment for illegal transactions as the country is subject to severe sanctions.

Op-Ed: Kim Jong Un challenges Trump with a slap in the face

Washington D.c. - “It will never happen”, “We won’t allow it to happen”, it’s happened. The Trump administration has obviously not managed to deter North Korea (DPRK) from its nuclear goals.

Chinese traders get down to business at Pyongyang trade show

Pyongyang - It was a tale of just two economies when the 13th Pyongyang International Trade Fair opened in the North Korean capital on Monday, with two-thirds of the exhibitors domestic firms, and almost all the others Chinese.

Pyongyang mounts show of support for leader Kim

Pyongyang - Tens of thousands of Pyongyang residents were gathered in the capital's Kim Il-Sung Square Saturday to laud leader Kim Jong-Un's denunciation of US President Donald Trump.

Petrol prices pumped up in Pyongyang

Pyongyang - Petrol prices are being pumped higher in Pyongyang in the wake of United Nations sanctions restricting exports of oil products to nuclear-armed North Korea.Retail prices have gone up around 20 percent in two months, AFP saw in the capital.

Kim's words find rapt audience in Pyongyang

Pyongyang - An expectant hush fell on the crowd as the giant screen outside Pyongyang's main train station went black on Friday afternoon.

Blown apart: the divided world of taekwondo

Pyongyang - As time ticked away in the final bout of the taekwondo championships in Pyongyang, the North Korean women fighters counted down anxiously, leaping up to hug each other tearfully when their compatriot secured the team sparring gold and the title of worl...

Op-Ed: North Korea amassing cryptocurrencies for revenue and trade

Pyongyang - North Korea appears to be intensifying efforts to obtain more bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as it is banned from the global banking system and subject to new trade restrictions and sanctions promoted by the US and passed by the UN Security Council.
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