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Fires of passion: North Korea holds torch parade

Pyongyang - Thousands of North Koreans wielding burning torches and shouting slogans filled Kim Il Sung square Monday in celebration of the country's 70th birthday.

North Korea's 'Mass Games' return after five-year absence

Pyongyang - The biggest show on earth made an astonishing comeback Sunday as North Korea put on its all-singing, all-dancing propaganda display, the 'Mass Games', for the first time in five years.

North Korea holds 70th anniversary parade, without ICBMs

Pyongyang - North Korea refrained from displaying its intercontinental missiles in a massive military parade through Pyongyang celebrating its 70th birthday Sunday -- a conspicuous absence touted by US President Donald Trump as "a big and very positive statement"....

North Korea to hold military parade to mark 70th anniversary

Pyongyang - Hundreds of trucks carrying thousands of troops lined a Pyongyang riverbank in the pale light of dawn early Sunday, as nuclear-armed North Korea prepared to celebrate its birthday with a huge show of military strength.

North Korea shows off achievements, but not missiles

Pyongyang - North Korea began celebrating its 70th birthday Saturday with a showcase of its achievements -- without a missile in sight.

North Korea to celebrate 70th anniversary

Pyongyang - North Korea is preparing to mark the 70th anniversary of its foundation this weekend with a series of festivities, expected to include a military parade and the return of its renowned 'Mass Games' after a five-year absence.

North Korea marks war anniversary as US remains flown out

Pyongyang - In mist-covered hills, North Korean soldiers, sailors and civilians gathered Friday at a heroes' cemetery to commemorate their brothers in arms on the anniversary of the end of the Korean War.

Lessons in loyalty at North Korea's top school

Pyongyang - Not many schools have classrooms equipped with tanks, jet fighter simulators, and grenade launchers. But North Korea's Mangyongdae Revolutionary School for boys is no ordinary establishment.

Pompeo insists North Korea talks 'very productive'

Pyongyang - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted Saturday that two days of talks with his North Korean counterpart on dismantling Pyongyang's nuclear arsenal had been "very productive".

Pompeo in N. Korea to seek 'details' on denuclearisation

Pyongyang - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Pyongyang Friday to press Kim Jong Un for a more detailed commitment to denuclearisation following the North Korean leader's historic summit with President Donald Trump.

Invest in North Korea: money pit or golden opportunity?

Pyongyang - Donald Trump dangled the carrot of foreign investment in front of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at their nuclear summit, but analysts say few will want to put money into one of the highest-risk business environments in the world.

North Korea hopes for sporting change in wake of summit

Pyongyang - North Korean sports administrators are hoping the country will come in from the sporting cold in the wake of leader Kim Jong Un's summit with Donald Trump in Singapore.

North Korea media herald Kim's Singapore stroll

Pyongyang - North Korea's state media provided extensive coverage Tuesday of a late night stroll taken by Kim Jong Un around staunchly capitalist Singapore, with a barrage of photos accompanying the young leader's effusive praise for the island state's economic mo...

Warm words from North Korea on Cold War frontier

- On the world's last Cold War frontier, where troops have long faced off at the truce village that divides the two Koreas, propaganda broadcasts have fallen silent and soldiers from the North are hopeful a historic summit will herald a new era for their...

Lessons in loathing at North Korea's museum to 'US atrocity'

- Every few minutes a new set of visitors arrives at the 'Revenge-Pledging Place' at North Korea's Sinchon Museum, where regime propaganda insists US troops massacred more than 35,000 people during the Korean War.

Pompeo in Pyongyang with detainees on agenda

Pyongyang - America's top diplomat Mike Pompeo held meetings with senior North Korean officials in Pyongyang Wednesday, with speculation swirling around the fate of three US detainees ahead of a planned US-North Korea summit.

Pompeo in Pyongyang as diplomatic dance speeds up

Pyongyang - America's top diplomat Mike Pompeo arrived in Pyongyang Wednesday, landing at the centre of a whirlwind of diplomacy ahead of a planned US-North Korea summit.

China's foreign minister arrives in N. Korea

Pyongyang - China's foreign minister arrived in Pyongyang on Wednesday, the highest-ranking Chinese official to visit North Korea in years as Beijing tries to mend fences with its nuclear-armed neighbour.

N. Korea's muted response on Syria strikes speaks volumes

Pyongyang - A day after US, French and British missiles slammed into suspected chemical weapons sites in Syria, authorities in North Korea -- its longstanding friend -- held dances in the street to celebrate founder Kim Il Sung's birthday.

North Korea commemorates birth of its founder

Pyongyang - Thousands of North Korean devotees laid flowers before statues of the country's founder Kim Il Sung Sunday on the anniversary of his birth.
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