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Lasers uncover hidden secrets of Cambodia's ancient cities

Phnom Penh - Unprecedented new details of medieval cities hidden under jungle in Cambodia near Angkor Wat have been revealed using lasers, archaeologists said Sunday, shedding new light on the civilisation behind the world's largest religious complex.

Cambodian soldiers jailed for assaulting opposition MPs

Phnom Penh - Three soldiers from Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's elite bodyguard unit were sentenced to one year in prison Friday for beating up two opposition lawmakers, a case a human rights group has called a "blatant cover-up".

Do you know who I am? Cambodia's 'supreme prime minister' Hun Sen

Phnom Penh - The media in Cambodia has been ordered to write the full title of strongman Hun Sen in all reports, a lengthy honorific loosely translated as 'glorious, supreme prime minister and powerful commander'.

Using tip-offs, stealth Cambodia's paedophile hunters go to work

Siem Reap - Using tip-offs, stakeouts and stealth, civilian investigators are playing a crucial role in helping Cambodian police track down foreign paedophiles, as they battle to spread the message that the impoverished nation will no longer be a playground for ab...

Cambodia charges six as MP 'sex scandal' deepens

Phnom Penh - A Cambodian court on Monday charged six people -- including a local United Nations employee -- over an alleged attempt to bribe a woman so she would deny an affair with a top opposition party member.

Cambodia firm to reduce elephant work hours after heatstroke death

Phnom Penh - A Cambodian tour operator said Tuesday it would reduce work hours for elephants during high temperatures following the collapse and death of an animal which had been ferrying tourists in 40C heat.

Cambodian passenger train rumbles back to life

Phnom Penh - Packed passenger trains are rolling out of Cambodia's capital for the first time in over a decade this week, as a railway service running down to the country's southern coast resumes after years of suspension.

Cambodia's tigers are now 'functionally extinct' says WWF

Conservationists conceded on Wednesday that tigers in Cambodia are "functionally extinct" due to poaching and habitat loss, even as they announced a bold plan to reintroduce the magnificent animals back into the wild.

Tokyo dreams fuel Cambodia's first disabled basketballers

Battambang - Slamming into each other with a metallic crunch, Cambodia's first women's wheelchair basketball team are changing attitudes to disability in a nation where unexploded landmines claim new victims every week but physical impairments are scorned.

Cambodia rescues half a tonne of smuggled tortoises, pythons

Kandal - Cambodian authorities rescued more than half a tonne of live tortoises and pythons stolen by smugglers, a forestry official said Tuesday, the latest haul in a country with a thriving illegal wildlife trade.

California sex offender sought new victims in Cambodia

San Francisco - Being a registered sex offender didn't stop a San Francisco-area man from flying to Cambodia to have sex with girls as young as eight and preferably weighing less than 70 pounds, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

Bronze workshop and new towers discovered at Angkor Wat

Phnom Pen - Angkor Wat, the immense temple complex in Cambodia, might be larger and more extensive than previously thought, with new structures discovered below the ground.

Witness recounts Khmer Rouge cannibalism

Phnom Penh - An ethnic Muslim former prisoner of the Khmer Rouge regime on Monday told a court that he was forced to witness the execution of a woman whose liver was then removed and cooked in front of him.

Op-Ed: Australian Defence White Paper gets flak from all sides

Sydney - A White Paper has thrown a few explosives in to the long-running debate/ cursing competition about Australia’s defence budget. An annual budget of over $50 billion per year in future and $150 billion for 12 submarines hasn’t gone down well.

Denver museum to return last of looted Cambodian statues

The Denver Art Museum will be returning the last of a set of stolen statues from the Koh Ker temple to Cambodia after nearly 30 years.

Wee are not amused: $40k toilet for Thai princess unflushed

Phnom Penh - A luxury commode custom-built for a Thai princess's visit to Cambodia was left unused despite its hefty $40,000 price tag, local officials said Tuesday, in a poor country where the majority of rural dwellers do not have access to a toilet.

'Like' me, 'like' me: Cambodian PM woos youth vote online

Phnom Penh - Looking more avuncular than authoritarian, Cambodian premier Hun Sen crouches for a selfie for his Facebook page with young scouts -- part of a social media blitz selling the strongman's cuddlier side as he seeks to extend a 30-year grip on power.

Rare Cambodian elephant footage raises survival hopes

Phnom Penh - Rare footage of an elephant herd roaming through Cambodia's biggest forest sanctuary signals the success of a 14-year conservation programme and raises hopes for the endangered species' survival, an environment group said on Friday.

Over 200 people infected with HIV by unlicensed Cambodian doctor

Phnom Penh - It has been a year since an unlicensed Cambodian doctor was initially charged over an apparent mass HIV infection outbreak in a remote village after admitting he reused needles when treating patients. He has now been jailed for 25 years.

Cambodia police 'will arrest' opposition chief on his return

Phnom Penh - Cambodian police vowed to arrest opposition leader Sam Rainsy if he returns to the kingdom as planned on Monday night, in a move condemned as a political attack by the country's strongman prime minister on his main rival.
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