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China lavishes cash on ally Cambodia with eyes on the Mekong

Phnom Penh - Beijing has pledged billions of dollars to build new infrastructure in Cambodia, officials said Thursday, as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang ended a two-day charm offensive currying favour for its mega-dams across the Mekong.

Power stacked against SE Asia's poor as China dams Mekong

Kandal - Cambodian fisherman Sles Hiet lives at the mercy of the Mekong: a massive river that feeds tens of millions but is under threat from the Chinese dams cementing Beijing's physical -- and diplomatic -- control over its Southeast Asian neighbours.

Cambodian PM leads huge rally on anniversary of Khmer Rouge's fall

Phnom Penh - Cambodian premier Hun Sen led a huge rally on Sunday marking the anniversary of the fall of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime, seizing the opportunity to burnish his image as saviour of the nation.

China pledges support for Cambodia's 2018 poll: official

Phnom Penh - China will donate ballot boxes and voting booths for Cambodia's 2018 election, an official said Thursday, weeks after Western democracies pulled their support in protest over a crackdown on opposition politicians.

Fortified by family and China cash, Cambodia's strongman digs in

Phnom Penh - Secured by family and party ties, Chinese cash and his own ruthless political instincts, Cambodian strongman Hun Sen has taken a wrecking ball to the kingdom's fragile democracy in a campaign to extend his 32-year rule.

Looted Angkor jewellery returned to Cambodia

Phnom Penh - A set of ancient Angkorian gold jewellery was returned to Cambodia Saturday with an elaborate procession through the capital, decades after the precious pieces were looted from a famed jungle temple.

Cambodian reporters charged with espionage for filing news to US

Phnom Penh - Two Cambodian journalists were charged on Saturday with spying over news reports they allegedly filed to US-based Radio Free Asia, amid a sweeping government crackdown on dissent that has tipped the country's democracy into crisis.

Cambodia hits back at US over opposition party ban

Phnom Penh - Cambodia on Friday hit back at critics of its ban on the country's main opposition, calling the United States "ringleaders" of an alleged coup plot by the party and threatening to build closer ties with Russia and China.

Cambodia opposition laments 'death of democracy' as party banned

Phnom Penh - Cambodia's Supreme Court dissolved the country's main opposition party on Thursday and banned more than 100 of its politicians, in a ruling blasted by a rights groups as the "death" of the nation's democracy.

Cambodia court to rule on opposition party's dissolution

Phnom Penh - Cambodian opposition politicians braced for the Supreme Court to dissolve their party on Thursday, as judges weighed a government lawsuit seen as strongman Hun Sen's final bid to eliminate his competition ahead of 2018 polls.

Last man standing: Cambodia opposition MPs brace for dissolution

Phnom Penh - Dozens of their fellow MPs have fled into exile and the prime minister has warned they face "hell", but a handful of Cambodian opposition politicians are standing firm ahead of a court ruling almost certain to dissolve their party for good.

Cambodia bans Hollywood's 'Kingsman' for country's portrayal as crime hub

Phnom Penh - Hollywood's light-hearted spy blockbuster "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" has been banned in Cambodia due to a scene that portrays the country and one of its famous temples as a hotbed of crime, an official said Friday.

Half of Cambodia's opposition have fled crackdown, MP says

Phnom Penh - Nearly half of Cambodia's opposition parliamentarians have fled abroad in the past month to escape a government crackdown that has battered their party with legal cases ahead of crunch polls, an MP said on Wednesday.

Cambodian opposition erects banners urging leader's release

Phnom Penh - Cambodia's opposition party on Monday began erecting banners nationwide calling for the release of its leader Kem Sokha, ahead of a bail ruling for the politician who was arrested three weeks ago.

Cambodia halts search for US Vietnam war missing

Phnom Penh - Cambodian premier Hun Sen punched back in a diplomatic spat with Washington on Friday by halting cooperation with a US project to recover the remains of American soldiers killed during the Vietnam war.

US ambassador slams Cambodia's 'baseless' claims of plot

Phnom Penh - The American ambassador to Cambodia on Tuesday rejected allegations by strongman premier Hun Sen that the US was involved in plotting to overthrow the government, calling the claims a "red herring".

Cambodian PM threatens to dissolve opposition party

Phnom Penh - Cambodian premier Hun Sen threatened to dissolve the country's embattled opposition party on Monday, as the rival politicians protested outside a remote border prison where their leader is being held for alleged treason.

Cambodia opposition leader charged with treason, espionage

Phnom Penh - A Cambodian court on Tuesday charged opposition leader Kem Sokha with treason and espionage over an alleged conspiracy with unnamed foreigners, as strongman premier Hun Sen intensifies his assault on his political enemies.

Cambodian paper to close as opposition leader arrested for treason

Phnom Penh - One of Cambodia's few remaining independent newspapers announced on Sunday it would close hours after the country's opposition leader was arrested for treason, the latest in a string of blows to critics of strongman premier Hun Sen.

End of the line for Cambodia's homegrown 'Bamboo Train'

Battambang - With a wooden platform jerry-rigged to a small engine, Cambodia's one-of-a-kind "Bamboo Train" delights tourists as it clatters through bucolic countryside -- but its days are numbered as the Southeast Asian nation plans a railways overhaul.
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