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Cambodia's Hun Sen says country on 'brink of death' from Covid surge

Phnom Penh - Spiraling Covid-19 cases have put Cambodia "on the brink of death", its strongman premier Hun Sen has warned, as the country imposed lockdowns in the capital Phnom Penh and a nearby city.

Cambodian PM threatens quarantine-breakers with jail

Phnom Penh - Cambodia's strongman premier Hun Sen threatened quarantine-breakers with jail time Saturday and warned civil servants they could lose their jobs if they go unvaccinated, as the country grapples with a growing coronavirus caseload.

Cambodian opposition figure slapped with 25-year jail sentence

Phnom Penh - Cambodia's exiled opposition figurehead Sam Rainsy was sentenced in absentia to 25 years in jail Monday over an alleged plot to overthrow strongman Hun Sen's government, a court official said.

Cambodia sets up China-style internet firewall

Phnom Penh - Cambodia's government moved to exert near-total control over the country's online life Wednesday, setting up a national internet gateway which activists say will stifle freedom of expression and block content via a China-style firewall.

'Friend' China to donate one million vaccine doses to Cambodia: PM

Phnom Penh - China will donate one million doses of its Sinovac coronavirus vaccine to Cambodia, the kingdom's strongman premier Hun Sen has said, thanking "friend" Beijing for its generosity.

Cambodian union leader stands trial for 'incitement'

Phnom Penh - An outspoken union leader went on trial in Cambodia on Friday for alleged incitement, the latest in a series of court cases activists say are aimed at cracking down on opposition voices.

Cambodia resumes mass trial of opposition figures

Phnom Penh - A closed-door mass trial of 150 Cambodian opposition figures resumed in Phnom Penh Thursday, in what critics labelled a politically motivated sham.

Cambodia's giant life-giving Tonle Sap lake in peril

Battambang - As night falls over his floating village, fisherman Leng Vann puffs on a cigarette and heaves a sigh for Tonle Sap, the great inland lake that has sustained Cambodia for centuries.

Lonely no more: Kaavan the elephant makes new friend

- It was his first contact with another elephant in eight years.

Cher welcomes 'world's loneliest elephant' to new home in Cambodia

Siem Reap - Superstar Cher welcomed "the world's loneliest elephant" to Cambodia Monday to begin a new life at a specialised sanctuary after the creature was rescued from grim conditions in a Pakistani zoo.

'Strangled by debt': Coronavirus deepens Cambodia's loan crisis

Siem Reap - Trapped under a mountain of crippling debt, Cambodian farmer Roeurn Reth fears she will have to sell her land to repay microfinance loans that have ballooned due to pandemic-spurred job losses in her family.

No lockdown in Cambodia after Hungarian minister visit: PM

Phnom Penh - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen insisted Thursday his country would not go into lockdown, despite growing coronavirus concerns after senior officials tested positive following a meeting with Hungary's foreign minister.

US 'disappointed' as Cambodia razes another military facility

Phnom Penh - The United States expressed disappointment Tuesday that Cambodia had demolished a second American-funded military facility without warning, as the kingdom turns to China to expand a naval base.

Saving Angkor Wat: Cambodia's ninja gardeners tame jungle growth

Siem Reap - Stacking a ladder against the towering spires of Cambodia's archaeological marvel Angkor Wat, Chhoeurm Try gingerly scales the temple's exterior to hack away foliage before it damages the ancient facade.

Floods claim five lives in Vietnam and two Cambodians

Phnom Penh - Elderly residents and small children clung to inflatable tyres as soldiers and police used rope lines to get them to safety from rising floodwater on Saturday in Cambodia's western province of Battambang.

Cambodian PM says naval base not just for China

Phnom Penh - China would not have exclusive access to a Cambodian naval base, Prime Minister Hun Sen said Wednesday, despite Beijing chipping in for upgrades after a US-funded facility was razed at the site last month.

Cambodia confirms US-funded defence facility has been razed

Phnom Penh - Cambodia has razed a US-funded defence facility on its southern coast, the deputy prime minister confirmed Sunday, the latest move in the ongoing controversial expansion of a strategically crucial naval base being developed with Chinese aid.

Cambodian opposition activists sentenced for treason

Phnom Penh - Seven Cambodian activists have been handed jail sentences for treason over comments posted online supporting an exiled opposition figure, their lawyer said Thursday, deepening the kingdom's crackdown on dissent.

Who were the Khmer Rouge?

Phnom Penh - The Khmer Rouge's interrogator-in-chief Kaing Guek Eav, better known by his alias Duch, died Wednesday in Cambodia's capital at the age of 77.

Duch, teacher-turned-Khmer Rouge torturer, dies aged 77

Phnom Penh - The chief torturer behind Cambodia’s genocidal Khmer Rouge died Wednesday while serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity, leaving just one surviving leader of the regime that killed an estimated two million people in the 1970s.
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