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Cambodia to arrest three behind photoshopped image of king

Phnom Penh - Cambodian police on Monday said they planned to arrest three suspects, including one believed to be in Thailand, for being behind an offensive photoshopped image of the country's king that placed him in a gay porn scene.

Cambodian court convicts exiled opposition leader

Phnom Penh - Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy was sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday over a post on his Facebook page, a conviction that makes his return from self-imposed exile unlikely.

Court upholds life sentences for Khmer Rouge leaders

Phnom Penh - Cambodia's UN-backed court upheld life sentences for two top former Khmer Rouge leaders on Wednesday for crimes against humanity, in a verdict welcomed by survivors of the brutal regime.

Cambodia embraces China's President Xi on state visit

Phnom Penh - China's President Xi Jinping arrived in Cambodia Thursday for a state visit to one of its staunchest regional allies, with ties flourishing after the kingdom supported Beijing in a maritime dispute.

Cambodia's 'jungle woman' returned to Vietnamese father

Phnom Penh - A "jungle woman" who was discovered scavenging naked by a farmer in Cambodia nine years ago, was reunited with her father in Vietnam on Saturday, her adoptive family said.

Cambodia seizes 600 kilograms of ivory from Africa

Phnom Penh - Cambodian customs Friday seized more than 600 kilograms of illegal ivory in a container packed with corn that had languished unclaimed at a port for two years after being shipped from Africa.

China asserts sovereignty over disputed South China Sea islands

Beijing - China pledged Sunday to defend its declared sovereignty over islands in crucial shipping lanes in the South China Sea despite competing claims from other nations.

Vietnam paternity twist in Cambodia's 'jungle woman' tale

Phnom Penh - A Vietnamese man has claimed he is the real father of a woman whose plight gripped Cambodia after she apparently spent 18 years living in the jungle, her adoptive family said Monday.

Thousands in funeral march for slain Cambodia activist

Phnom Penh - Tens of thousands of Cambodians on Sunday joined the funeral procession of a prominent government critic whose murder in broad daylight has raised suspicions of a hit job in country with a long history of political violence.

Hundreds join funeral of murdered Cambodian critic

Phnom Penh - Hundreds of mourners gathered for the funeral Monday of a prominent Cambodian political commentator gunned down in broad daylight, as the country's premier vowed a thorough investigation.

Prominent Cambodian critic gunned down in daylight hit

Phnom Penh - A prominent Cambodian political analyst known for his trenchant criticism of the government was shot dead Sunday morning at a convenience store, police said.

Cambodia PM U-turns on 'glorious & supreme' title

Phnom Penh - Cambodian premier Hun Sen backed down Friday from a government order requiring journalists to refer to him as "glorious, supreme prime minister and powerful commander" in all news reports.

Cambodia cracks down on scantily-clad visitors to Angkor

Phnom Penh - Tourists showing cleavage or wearing skimpy clothes will be banned from Cambodia's famed Angkor temple complex, authorities said Thursday, after a slew of photos emerged of scantily-clad visitors at the sacred site.

Cambodian PM heads huge business empire: Watchdog

Phnom Penh - Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen and his family have built a multi-million-dollar business empire spanning the impoverished country's most lucrative sectors, a watchdog said Thursday, warning foreign investors against bankrolling his regime.

Lasers uncover hidden secrets of Cambodia's ancient cities

Phnom Penh - Unprecedented new details of medieval cities hidden under jungle in Cambodia near Angkor Wat have been revealed using lasers, archaeologists said Sunday, shedding new light on the civilisation behind the world's largest religious complex.

Cambodian soldiers jailed for assaulting opposition MPs

Phnom Penh - Three soldiers from Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's elite bodyguard unit were sentenced to one year in prison Friday for beating up two opposition lawmakers, a case a human rights group has called a "blatant cover-up".

Do you know who I am? Cambodia's 'supreme prime minister' Hun Sen

Phnom Penh - The media in Cambodia has been ordered to write the full title of strongman Hun Sen in all reports, a lengthy honorific loosely translated as 'glorious, supreme prime minister and powerful commander'.

Using tip-offs, stealth Cambodia's paedophile hunters go to work

Siem Reap - Using tip-offs, stakeouts and stealth, civilian investigators are playing a crucial role in helping Cambodian police track down foreign paedophiles, as they battle to spread the message that the impoverished nation will no longer be a playground for ab...

Cambodia charges six as MP 'sex scandal' deepens

Phnom Penh - A Cambodian court on Monday charged six people -- including a local United Nations employee -- over an alleged attempt to bribe a woman so she would deny an affair with a top opposition party member.

Cambodia firm to reduce elephant work hours after heatstroke death

Phnom Penh - A Cambodian tour operator said Tuesday it would reduce work hours for elephants during high temperatures following the collapse and death of an animal which had been ferrying tourists in 40C heat.
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