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Kyrgyz president-elect dismisses fears of strongman rule

Bichkek - Kyrgyz populist Sadyr Japarov promised supporters a "dictatorship of law and justice" on Monday and dismissed fears of a strongman crackdown after a huge election win completed his journey from prison to the presidency.

Kyrgyzstan's presidential vote: How did it get here?

Bichkek - Claiming 80 percent of the vote in Central Asian Kyrgyzstan's presidential polls Sunday, populist Sadyr Japarov has shot from prisoner to president following a crisis over a disputed parliamentary vote.

Kyrgyzstan populist on course for victory in presidential vote

Bichkek - Populist Sadyr Japarov claimed victory in Kyrgyzstan's presidential elections Sunday and pledged to weed out graft in the Central Asian country after a political crisis put him on the path to power.

Kyrgyzstan's Japarov: From prison to presidency

Bichkek - Just over three months ago, Kyrgyzstan's frontrunner in the Sunday presidential vote, Sadyr Japarov, was languishing in jail, mourning his parents and a son who all died while he was in prison.

Kyrgyzstan populist tipped for easy win in presidential vote

Bichkek - Kyrgyzstan went to presidential polls Sunday in its first elections since a political crisis embroiled the ex-Soviet country and saw a populist freed from jail who is now tipped to top the ballot.

Populist poised to win Kyrgyz presidency

Bichkek - Kyrgyzstan holds presidential elections Sunday, with a populist politician who has served jail time for hostage-taking widely tipped to top the ballot.

Kyrgyz protest over proposed constitution empowering president

Bichkek - Hundreds took to the streets in Kyrgyzstan Sunday to protest a proposed constitution that critics say would empower the presidency and damage freedom of speech.

Kyrgyzstan's post-crisis leader quits to run in election

Bichkek - Kyrgyzstan's prime minister and acting president stepped down from both leadership roles on Saturday in order to compete in January's presidential election.

Kyrgyz election body calls new presidential vote as police raid

Bichkek - Kyrgyz election officials on Saturday announced presidential elections for January 10 even as police raided their offices, in what appeared to be a power struggle with the country's acting leader.

US welcomes Kyrgyzstan detaining 'dangerous criminal leader'

Bichkek - The United States on Thursday welcomed Kyrgyzstan's detention of an alleged crime boss who Washington says is a major force in drug trafficking, after the Central Asian country's new government pledged to fight organised crime.

Influential Kyrgyz powerbroker released after cooperation offer

Bichkek - A Kyrgyz court released a key powerbroker from custody on Tuesday just hours after authorities announced his detention on corruption charges, with the former official offering to return millions of dollars worth of ill-gotten money.

Kyrgyz powerbroker detained as new leader tightens grip

Bichkek - Kyrgyzstan authorities Tuesday detained on corruption charges a powerbroker to former president Sooronbay Jeenbekov, as a new acting leader seeks to consolidate power with an anti-graft drive.

Kyrgyz acting leader says ready to fight crime, corruption in legitimacy bid

Bichkek - Kyrgyzstan's acting president Sadyr Japarov styled himself a reformist in his first major speech to the nation Friday as he pledged to tackle crime and corruption while cementing control over the troubled country.

Kyrgyz president refuses to resign immediately amid talks with PM

Bichkek - Kyrgyzstan's embattled president Sooronbay Jeenbekov said Wednesday he would only resign after overseeing parliamentary elections, the president's office told AFP.

Kyrgyz president asks parliament to vote again on PM amid crisis

Bichkek - Kyrgyzstan's president on Tuesday asked parliament to vote again on a new prime minister after MPs backed Sadyr Japarov, a nationalist politician recently freed from jail by supporters after a disputed vote.

Lawmakers challenge new Kyrgyz PM as embattled president told to stay

Bichkek - The acting premier of crisis-stricken Kyrgyzstan picked a new police chief on Sunday, ignoring lawmakers contesting his legitimacy as the Central Asian country's embattled president weighs resignation.

Kyrgyz PM expects president to step down in political crisis

Bichkek - Kyrgyzstan's parliament on Saturday made a populist politician recently freed from jail prime minister, with Sadyr Japarov immediately saying he expected the country's embattled president to step down.

New clashes as Kyrgyzstan slips deeper into crisis

Bichkek - At least five people were injured during fresh clashes between rival groups in Kyrgyzstan on Friday as the volatile Central Asian country slipped deeper into crisis.

Feuding presidents fuel Kyrgyz unrest

Bichkek - Clashes and angry demonstrations forced Kyrgyz officials to annul the results of an election this week, but the protests are fuelled by longer-term tensions stemming from a rivalry between the incumbent president and his predecessor.

Kyrgyzstan in political chaos as factions jostle over PM post

Bichkek - Two rival factions claimed the right to form a government in Kyrgyzstan Wednesday, with pro-Russian President Sooronbay Jeenbekov unable to impose control on the post-election chaos engulfing the Central Asian country.
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