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Building collapse, floods kill 19 in Kenyan capital

Nairobi - At least 12 people died when a building collapsed in Nairobi, officials said Saturday, as rescuers scrambled to find more survivors after torrential storms which killed another seven people.

Kenya lights world's biggest ivory bonfire, demands tusk trade ban

Nairobi - Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta set fire to the world's biggest ivory bonfire Saturday, after demanding a total ban on trade in tusks and horns to end "murderous" trafficking and prevent the extinction of elephants in the wild.

Kenya demands total ivory ban to stop elephant slaughter

Nanyuki - Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday demanded a total ban on trade in ivory to end trafficking and prevent the extinction of elephants in the wild."To lose our elephants would be to lose a key part of the heritage that we hold in trust.

Kenya's mega ivory piles 'will burn even if it snows'

Nairobi - Eleven towering piles of ivory rise above the savannah grasslands of Nairobi National Park, ready to be burned Saturday in a symbolic grand gesture against the trade threatening elephants with extinction.

Burundi govt won't join crisis talks unless consulted

Nairobi - Burundi's government on Wednesday refused to participate in stalled talks to end months of political crisis unless it was first consulted on who else was taking part.

Kenya demonstrators try to storm election commission

Nairobi - Police fired tear gas Monday to prevent opposition demonstrators -- including former premier Raila Odinga -- from storming the offices of Kenya's electoral commission to demand its dissolution.

Over 20 children, supervisors killed in Burundi road crash

Nairobi - More than 20 schoolchildren and their supervisors were killed and scores more injured in a road accident in eastern Burundi overnight, a local official said Monday.

Tracking elephants as new railway cuts Kenya

Voi - Dangling from a helicopter with a high powered rifle, a Kenyan vet fires drugged darts at elephants to sedate them so they can be fitted with satellite collars.Ten minutes after the elephant is darted, the lumbering creature stumbles, and falls asleep....

Ivory trucks arrive in Kenyan capital for mass burning

Nairobi - Truckloads of elephant tusks arrived in the Kenyan capital Friday, collected from across the east African nation ahead of the world's biggest burning of ivory later this month.

Five killed in Burundi market shooting

Nairobi - Gunmen in Burundi killed at least five people and wounded seven when they opened fire on a market late Monday, government officials said, the latest attack in the troubled country.

Somali piracy is down, not out

Nairobi - The pirates who once ruled the seas off Somalia are little more than a memory now, but while they are forgotten they are not gone.

Kenya marks Garissa university massacre anniversary

Garissa - Kenyans on Saturday commemorated the first anniversary of a terrorist attack that killed 148 people, mostly students, at a university in Garissa in the country's worst massacre since 1998.

Drought-hit Somalia at 'tipping point': UN

Nairobi - The United Nations' aid chief for Somalia begged for cash Thursday to stave off starvation amid intense drought affecting a million people and to pull the war-torn country "back from the tipping point.""Urgent action is required right now.

Kenya ivory amnesty ahead of record-breaking tusk burning

Nairobi - Kenya on Wednesday launched a three-week amnesty to hand in ivory and rhino horn ahead of the world's biggest burning of ivory next month.

Kenyan teacher eyes $1 mn prize for campaign against extremism

Nairobi - Using chalk and a blackboard, Kenyan teacher Ayub Mohamud writes out a simple lesson in front of the packed classroom: "Islam versus violent extremism.

S. Sudan troops suffocated 60 in shipping container: Amnesty

Nairobi - The deliberate suffocating of over 60 men and boys stuffed into a baking hot shipping container in South Sudan is a war crime, Amnesty International said Friday.

South Sudan is dying, and nobody is counting

Nairobi - The many ways people have died during South Sudan's two-year civil war are well-documented, but the number killed is unknown.

An elephant returns to Somalia for first time in 20 years

Nairobi - An elephant marched hundreds of kilometres and briefly crossed into Somalia this month marking the first time the animal has been seen in the country in 20 years, conservationists said Wednesday.

East Africa's Shebab 'can survive for 30 years'

Nairobi - On a Sunday afternoon in late February a car exploded outside a crowded restaurant in Baidoa, Somalia, and moments later a suicide bomber blew himself up among fleeing survivors.

Kenya's canine cops sniff out illegal ivory

Nairobi - Burrowing deep into a huge pile of jumbled luggage, Dick the dog wags his tail, pawing at a small green rucksack: inside is the hand-sized tip of an elephant's tusk.
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