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First use of freeze-dried, microgravity sperm

Tokyo - Frozen 'space sperm' has passed a fertility test. Japanese scientists have produced healthy mice pups, born using freeze-dried sperm that was stored in the microgravity environment of space.

Feline good: Cats counter stress at Tokyo firm

Toukyo - Workaholic Japan is known for long office hours and stressed out employees, but one company claims to have a cure: Cats.A total of nine fluffy felines eat, sleep and walk freely in the small office of IT firm Ferray in Tokyo.

Milan Melindo joins Manny Pacquiao as one of Phl world titlists

Filipino boxer Milan Melindo has graduated from being the IBF interim Light flyweight champion after he shocked Japanese regular IBF junior flyweight champion Akira Yaegashi with first round knockout victory Sunday at the Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo, Japan.

Five things to know about the Japanese royals

Toukyo - Japan is setting the stage for its first imperial abdication in two centuries after the government on Friday approved a bill that will eventually allow 83-year-old Emperor Akihito to step down.

Japan cabinet approves bill allowing emperor's abdication

Toukyo - The Japanese government on Friday approved a one-off bill allowing ageing Emperor Akihito to step down from the Chrysanthemum Throne, in the first such abdication in two centuries.

S.Korea, Japan seek to lower tensions over 'comfort women'

Toukyo - Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with a senior South Korean envoy on Thursday, as the two countries try to lower tensions over Tokyo's wartime use of "comfort women".

Japan princess's betrothal highlights male royal succession woes

Toukyo - Emperor Akihito's granddaughter's upcoming engagement to her college sweetheart, a commoner, will cost the princess her royal status in a move that highlights the male-dominated nature of Japan's monarchy as it faces a potential succession crisis.

North Korea poses threat to China, Russia: US admiral

Toukyo - A top US Navy commander on Wednesday pushed for a "sense of urgency" over North Korea's nuclear and missile development, stressing it even threatens Pyongyang's allies China and Russia.

Op-Ed: Flying cars and no practical thinking: The craze gets busy

Tokyo - If a Japanese company succeeds in its bid to deliver its SkyDrive flying cars, (basically drones with cabins), for the 2018 Olympics it’ll be a major sales pitch for the cars. It’s the total lack of thinking which makes flying cars a problem.

Japan university to set up ninja studies centre

Toukyo - A Japanese university is planning what it says will be the world's first research centre devoted to ninja -- the black clad assassins known for secrecy and stealth.

Toyota logs first annual profit fall in five years

Toukyo - Toyota on Wednesday reported its first drop in annual net profit for five years, while it unexpectedly warned that earnings would fall again owing to pricey US customer incentives and a forecast pick up in the yen.

Op-Ed: Japan to buy Tomahawk missiles? Good idea, in many ways

Tokyo - The somewhat startling information that Japan wants to buy Tomahawk missiles has created a flurry of speculation in military circles. It might also be an Off switch for a wider conflict.

Not welcome: Japan tough to crack for refugees

Toukyo - It has been a decade since Liliane last saw her little girl. She fled Africa in fear for her life, leaving behind everything she knew and loved in the hope of a fresh start in Japan.

All aboard: luxury Japanese train has bath and fireplace

Toukyo - It's got Michelin-starred chefs, solid cypress bathtubs and a cosy snug complete with roaring fire: the Shiki-Shima could hold its own against any five-star hotel. Not bad for a train.

'Drunk' American arrested over Japan flight brawl

Toukyo - Japanese police have arrested a drunken American man over a punch-up with another passenger on an All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight, which caused a delay, officers said Wednesday.

Japan's 'peace constitution' under pressure at 70

Toukyo - Japan's American-written "peace constitution" has survived unchanged for 70 years, but nationalists seeking an overhaul are gearing up for a major new push as concerns grow over North Korean belligerence.

Op-Ed: China’s carriers: A catalyst for trouble?

Sydney - China’s first domestically built carrier is believed to be the beginning of a major drive by the Chinese navy to deliver a major global presence and projection of power. The problems could start a lot closer to home.

Milan Melindo gears up for title fight against Akira Yaegashi

IBF Interim World Light Flyweight title holder Milan Melindo is set to face Akira Yaegashi on May 21 at the Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo, Japan for the regular IBF World Light Flyweight title

US warship in west Pacific for Japan navy drills

Toukyo - The US aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and other warships started joint exercises with Japan on Sunday, the American navy said, as regional tensions rise over North Korea's missile and nuclear programmes.

Anger, confusion as Japan revives militaristic edict

Toukyo - Japan's century-old imperial proclamation urging people to be willing to die for the emperor was consigned to history books until video surfaced showing children in an Osaka kindergarten enthusiastically reciting it.
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