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Op-Ed: Baidu scares auto sector with new smart EVs initiative

Sydney - Baidu intends to produce smart EVs using manufacturer Geely according to Reuters. This is major league level, and will hit the auto industry hard. Arguably worse is the fact that the buzz phrase “smart EV” will become unavoidable.

Fukushima nuclear debris removal delayed by virus

Fukushima - The removal of nuclear debris from Japan's crippled Fukushima power plant will be delayed by about a year, because the pandemic has set back development of specialised equipment, the plant's operator said Thursday.

Typhoon Haishen heads to South Korea after slamming Japan

Kamoike - Powerful Typhoon Haishen approached South Korea on Monday after slamming southern Japan with record winds and heavy rains that prompted evacuation warnings for millions.

Powerful typhoon slams Japan with violent winds, heavy rain

Kamoike - A powerful typhoon that officials warned could bring record rains and gusts strong enough to flip cars slammed into southern Japan on Sunday, prompting authorities to urge millions to seek shelter.

Powerful typhoon slams Japan with violent winds, heavy rain

Kamoike - A powerful typhoon that officials warned could bring record rains and gusts strong enough to flip cars slammed into southern Japan on Sunday, prompting authorities to urge millions to seek shelter.

Op-Ed: Flying cars have arrived — Now what do we do? Anything sane?

Tokyo - The flying car is a science fiction cliché and a technical problem. A new Japanese model has wings, is stable if you know how to drive it, and has a range of 5km due to battery issues. ...So now what happens?

Japan experts head to Mauritius for oil spill clean-up

Narita - A new team of experts left Japan for Mauritius on Wednesday with special oil-absorbent materials to help the clean-up of tonnes of oil that leaked from a Japanese-owned ship.

Op-Ed: Why is China antagonizing the world? The Cold War is getting icy.

Beijing - As though the United States’ many woes and faux pas weren’t enough - The other prehistoric make-everything-worse douchebag in the global equation, China, is acting downright strange. “Mixed messages” hardly covers it.

Nagasaki marks 75 years since atomic bombing

Nagasaki - The Japanese city of Nagasaki on Sunday commemorated the 75th anniversary of its destruction by a US atomic bomb, with its mayor and the head of the United Nations warning against a nuclear arms race.

Japan marks 75th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing

Yokogawa - Japan on Thursday marked 75 years since the world's first atomic bomb attack, with the coronavirus pandemic forcing a scaling back of ceremonies to remember the victims.

Japan rescuers battle to reach thousands trapped by floods

Takayama - Japanese emergency services and troops scrambled Thursday to reach people cut off by catastrophic flooding and landslides that have killed dozens and caused widespread damage, with more torrential rain forecast.

With festival cancelled by virus, Japan fireflies dance alone

Tatsuno - As the sun sets in the Japanese town of Tatsuno, thousands of fireflies begin glowing, producing a spectacle that usually draws crowds of delighted visitors.

Rain pounds central Japan as 58 feared dead in south

Kurume - Torrential rain pounded central Japan Wednesday as authorities said 58 people were feared dead in days of heavy downpours that have triggered devastating landslides and terrifying floods.

52 dead in Japan floods as more troops join rescue

Tsunagi - Japan will deploy more troops to search for survivors of devastating floods and landslides that have killed at least 52 people in the southwest of the country, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged Tuesday.

Rain hampers rescue efforts after deadly Japan floods

Kumamoto - Torrential rain hampered the efforts of tens of thousands of rescue workers in southwestern Japan Monday as they hunted for survivors from deadly floods and landslides, with more downpours forecast.

Walkie, no talkie: Japan city launches pedestrian smartphone ban

Kamisoyagi - A Tokyo suburb on Wednesday imposed Japan's first ban on a habit seen around the world: pedestrians glued to their phone screens while walking, sometimes dangerously oblivious to their surroundings.

Op-Ed: How and why the US and UK lost the pandemic wars so abysmally

Washington - It’s interesting to note that the two nations which have deregulated so much have failed the pandemic test. Tattered, insanely costly health systems and bizarre responses to a serious health threat have done the damage.

Pandemic pushes Japan geisha to get online

Hakone - Japanese geisha "Chacha" sits on her knees with her fingertips neatly placed on the wooden floor, gracefully bowing to an audience sitting not in front of her but miles away, watching online.

Trump seeks US troops cuts in Japan and South Korea

Richard Grennel the outgoing US Ambassador to Gemrany said that the 9,500 troop withdrawal from Germany was in keeping with Trump's position and that he also wants to withdrawn troops from Japan and South Korea.

Japanese bathhouses awash with post-lockdown customers

Kitakata - Masazumi Kato sighed deeply as he lowered himself into a tub at a public bathhouse in a Tokyo suburb, enjoying a return to a Japanese tradition largely off-limits during the city's coronavirus lockdown.
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