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Deadly fugu fish flub prompts Japan emergency warning

Toukyo - A Japanese city has activated an emergency warning system to alert residents to avoid eating locally purchased blowfish, after a mix-up saw toxic parts of the delicacy go on sale.

Japan has a new female cryptopop group — Kasotsuka Shojo

Japan has a new all-female cryptocurrency pop group, Kasotsuka Shojo, where each band member represents a different type of crypto.

'To boldly grow': Japan astronaut worried by space growth spurt

Toukyo - A Japanese astronaut has sparked hilarity back on Earth after he claimed to have grown nine centimetres in space, making him worried he would not squeeze into the capsule home.

Sumo champs perform New Year ritual after scandal-hit 2017

Toukyo - Sumo's three grand champions clapped their hands and stamped their feet in a traditional New Year offering to the Shinto gods Tuesday, as the sport seeks to turn the page on a scandal-hit 2017.

US apologises to Japan over repeated military accidents

Toukyo - The US has apologised to Japan over a recent series of accidents involving US military equipment that have sparked anger over American operations in the country, a ministry spokesman in Tokyo said.

Koi story: priceless Japanese fish make a splash

Kazo - Hand-reared for their colour and beauty, koi carp have become an iconic symbol of Japan that can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and even participate in fishy beauty contests.

Japan's historic Tsukiji market holds final New Year auction

Toukyo - Tokyo's world-famous Tsukiji fish market held its last pre-dawn New Year's auction on Friday before closing down for relocation, with the highest bidder paying more than $320,000 for a giant tuna.

Suicide victim video by YouTube star sparks anger in Japan

Toukyo - Japanese social media reacted with a storm of outrage to a video by YouTube star Logan Paul showing a suicide victim in a forest near Mount Fuji, as anger spread over the now-deleted video on Wednesday.

Japan emperor greets New Year well-wishers as prepares to abdicate

Toukyo - Japan's Emperor Akihito on Tuesday delivered his traditional New Year address with tens of thousands of well-wishers flocking to the Imperial Palace for one of the last such occasions before he abdicates next year.

Record crowds celebrate Japan emperor's 84th birthday

Toukyo - Record crowds flocked to Japan's Imperial Palace on Saturday to celebrate the 84th birthday of Emperor Akihito as he prepares to abdicate in April 2019.

Japan company says to close two large ageing nuclear reactors

Toukyo - A Japanese company said Friday it would decommission two ageing nuclear reactors due to difficulty in ensuring safety, as the public remains wary about atomic energy after the 2011 Fukushima disaster.Kansai Electric Power's reactors No.1 and No.

Japan unveils record defence budget against N. Korea threat

Toukyo - Japan's defence budget will swell to a record $46 billion for the next fiscal year, the government said Friday, as the nation shores up its missile shield against the threat posed by North Korea.

Japan executes two murderers, including teenage killer

Toukyo - Japan Tuesday executed two convicted murderers, including one who committed his crime while in his teens, the justice ministry said, ignoring calls from international rights groups to end capital punishment.

Nagasaki A-bomb survivors lose suit seeking official recognition

Toukyo - Survivors of the Nagasaki atomic bomb in 1945 who were close to ground zero but outside the government's officially designated zone on Monday lost their battle with Japan's top court for official recognition as victims.

Faring badly: Uber struggles to make inroads in Japan

Toukyo - Uber may be shredding business models for taxi firms the world over but it is struggling to make inroads in Japan, where risk-averse passengers prefer to stick to their high-quality traditional taxi service.

Don't sleepwalk into war over N. Korea, warns UN boss

Toukyo - United Nations chief Antonio Guterres Thursday warned the world against "sleepwalking into war" over North Korea, as he called for diplomatic efforts to banish nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula.

First 'serious incident' for Japan bullet train as crack found

Toukyo - A crack has been found in a Japanese "bullet train" that could have caused a derailment, officials said Wednesday, in the first-ever "serious incident" for the iconic mode of transport.

US Army deserter who spent decades in N.Korea dies at 77

Toukyo - Charles Jenkins, a US Army deserter who spent four decades in communist North Korea and married a Japanese woman abducted by Pyongyang, has died at the age of 77, officials said on Tuesday.

Blowing bubbles: Boom and bust from bulbs to bitcoin

Toukyo - Virtual currency Bitcoin -- or "digital gold" to its fans -- has enjoyed a gravity-defying rise along with wild price swings, sparking fears it could be the latest financial market "bubble.

Japan to host joint missile tracking drill amid N. Korea threat

Toukyo - Japan will hold a drill with the United States and South Korea this week to practise jointly detecting airborne missiles, officials said Sunday amid rising security threats from North Korea.
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