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Cheese squeeze: Japan cheesemakers fret over EU trade deal

Nasushiobara - It was three decades ago, but Kazuhiko Ochiai still remembers his first taste of cheese when he visited France, a palate pleaser that inspired the former researcher to start producing his own variety in Japan.

Typhoon Trami pounds Japan, dozens injured

Kamoike - A powerful typhoon lashed Japan's mainland Sunday after injuring dozens on outlying islands, bringing transport grinding to a halt and triggering warnings of fierce winds, torrential rain, landslides and floods.

Typhoon Trami injures 45, direct hit on Japan mainland expected

Kamoike - A powerful typhoon hurtled toward Japan's mainland Sunday after injuring dozens on southern islands, as weather officials warned that fierce winds and torrential rain could trigger landslides and floods.

Self-powered heart monitor fixes to the skin

Japanese researchers have devised a self-powered heart monitor that undertakes its measurement functions from the outside, by being taped to the skin.

Powerful typhoon batters Okinawa, churns to Japan mainland

Kamoike - A powerful typhoon pummelled Japan's southern island of Okinawa Saturday, injuring at least 17, as weather officials warned the storm would rip through the Japanese archipelago over the weekend.

Artificial intelligence used to detect early signs of dementia

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence test which can detect the early signs of dementia. The aim is to use the test in the clinical setting to help to detect cases early so that appropriate treatment can be given.

Can radishes reduce cardiovascular disease risk?

Barely a week goes by without the next 'wonder food' being proposed. This time it is the turn of the humble radish. New research from Japan suggests the edible root vegetable can lower the risk of heart disease.

Review: Team USA wins the most medals at 2018 Pan Pacific Championships Special

Team USA has won the most medals, and gold medals, at the 2018 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, that were held in Tokyo, Japan.

Toyota improves fuel cell truck

Toyota have been investing in low polluting fuel cells for large vehicles. The company has been experimenting with hydrogen powered fuel cell drive vehicles since 2017. The new design offers increased range.

Op-Ed: Hothouse Earth: It’s looking worse than ever

Sydney - After decades of senile, incompetent idiocy and procrastination about warming, we’re now talking about Hothouse Earth. Heat waves are killing people in large numbers. The question is now what happens next.

New advance with conversational robots

Is it possible for a robot to truly imitate a human, so that the way the robot communicates becomes indistinguishable from a person? While this idea may be a long-way off, Japanese researchers have taken another important step.

Made in Fukushima: Japan farmers struggle to win trust

Koriyama - The pumpkin is diced, the chicken carved and the eggs beaten into an omelette, but the people preparing the food are not chefs -- they are scientists testing produce from Japan's Fukushima region.

Toyota expanding production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Toyota - Toyota Motor Company is increasing its investment in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV). It is designing lower-cost, mass-market passenger cars and sport utility vehicles and even pushing the technology into trucks and buses to produce economies of scale.

It's a small world: In Japan, moss wins hearts

Nihon - Kaori Shibo bent her head down and peered through a magnifying glass in a forest in central Japan, emitting a delighted gasp. The object of her adoration? Moss."Oh, this baby's sporophyte is breaking out!

Ultra Japan announces Phase One line-up for five-year anniversary

Ultra Japan has announced the first installment of Phase One for the festival's line-up, which is celebrating its five-year anniversary.

Forced from home by floods, Japanese go back to school

Kurashiki - Kaon Omori peeked into her classroom in the Japanese town of Kurashiki, gawping at evacuees forced from their homes by devastating flooding and landslides that have killed 179 people.

Japan PM meets stranded evacuees in flood disaster zone

Kurashiki - Japan's prime minister met Wednesday with people forced from their homes by devastating rains that have killed at least 179 people, as the government said it would review its disaster management plans.

Survivors of deadly Japan floods face uncertain future

Nihon - As Tomie Takebe looked at the ruins of her flood-ravaged home in the Japanese town of Kurashiki, she struggled to say whether she would ever live there again.

A desperate wait for news after deadly Japan rains

Nihon - In the devastated Japanese town of Kumano, Kosuke Kiyohara sat quietly, watching rescue workers push through the debris of battered homes and waiting for news of his missing sister and nephews.

'I don't know where to start': Rains devastate Japan town

Mihara - Masanori Hiramoto stood before his traditional home in the Japanese town of Mihara, speechless at the destruction caused by record rains that have killed dozens of people."I have lived here all my life.
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