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Japanese man sentenced to death for murder of 19 at care home

Kitakata - A Japanese man was sentenced to death on Monday for the stabbing murder of 19 disabled people at a care home, in one of the country's worst mass killings.

Japan man faces verdict in murder of 19 at disabled care home

Kitakata - A Japanese court hands down its verdict Monday in the case of a man accused of murdering 19 disabled people at a care home in 2016, in one of the country's worst mass killings.

Biometrics used to assess worker happiness and productivity

A new industrial study has used a biometric wearable to draw the conclusion that worker happiness leads to greater productivity. The study collected data relating to worker emotions, and cross-related the data to work rate.

Rust and light lead to improved hydrogen fuel production

Researchers have identified a new, and more efficient means, for of producing hydrogen directly from an organic waste solution. This is by using a catalyst formed from rust, with the help of light.

Op-Ed: UK 2021 meltdown — Boris vs food and food shortages

London - Will the UK have enough food in 2021? Apparently not. While also ditching EU food safety standards, food industry sources say the UK could experience significant problems in 2021.

Passengers leave Japan virus ship, but new infections detected

Kitakata - Hundreds of relieved passengers disembarked Wednesday from a coronavirus-stricken cruise ship in Japan after being given the all-clear, but health officials said 79 new cases had been detected.

Coronavirus cases top 500 on cruise ship off Japan

Kitakata - Another 88 people from a cruise ship off Japan have tested positive for the coronavirus, authorities said Tuesday, as those free of the disease hoped they were spending their last night on board before disembarking.

Research: Is your coffee habit putting you at a health risk?

Some foods and drinks are good for you, others less so. But why are some people affected and not others? To investigate the factors, a research group have identified nine gene groups connected with different foods and disease risks.

Japan lets some passengers leave ship for quarantine on land

Kitakata - Japan on Friday began allowing elderly passengers who test negative for the new coronavirus to leave a quarantined cruise ship and finish their isolation in government-designated lodging.

Japan to begin moving some off quarantined cruise ship

Kitakata - Japanese authorities were preparing Friday to move some older passengers who test negative for new coronavirus off a quarantined cruise ship and into government-designated lodging.

Japan woman with coronavirus dies as cruise ship cases soar

Kitakata - Japan on Thursday reported the first death of a person infected with novel coronavirus, as the number of cases on a quarantined cruise ship offshore soared over 200.

Japan cruise ship virus cases climb to 174

Kitakata - Another 39 people aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan have tested positive for the new coronavirus, authorities said Wednesday, as thousands more steel themselves for a second week in quarantine.

Raab seeks 'ambitious' Japan-Britain trade deal

Tokyo - British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and his Japanese counterpart agreed Saturday to seek an "ambitious, high standard" trade accord matching Japan's agreement with the EU.

Coronavirus cases on Japan cruise ship treble to 61

Kitakata - At least 61 people on board a cruise ship off Japan have tested positive for the new coronavirus, the government said Friday, as thousands of passengers and crew face a two-week quarantine.

Thousands quarantined on Asian cruise ships in virus fight

Kitakata - Thousands of people were stranded aboard two cruise ships in Asia on Thursday, quarantined by officials desperate to stem the spread of a deadly virus that has killed hundreds in China and spread panic worldwide.

Ten more on cruise ship off Japan have new coronavirus

Kitakata - Ten more people on a cruise ship off Japan's coast have tested positive for the new coronavirus, the health minister said Thursday, raising the number of infections detected on the boat to 20.

Coronavirus infects at least 10 on Japan cruise ship

Kitakata - Thousands were marooned on a cruise ship off the Japanese coast Wednesday, after medics evacuated 10 people infected with the deadly coronavirus, with many facing an anxious wait for their own test results.

Japan quarantines 3,700 on cruise ship over new coronavirus

Kitakata - Japan has quarantined a cruise ship carrying 3,711 people and was testing those onboard for the new coronavirus Tuesday after a former passenger was diagnosed with the illness in Hong Kong.

Op-Ed: Australia's new subs — News, not news, and embarrassing babble

Sydney - Australian submarines typically get into the news for a variety of reasons, some credible and some not so credible. Our very expensive but very interesting new French-made submarines are getting their share of flak already.

Man pleads not guilty to murder of 19 at Japan care home

Kitakata - The man accused of murdering 19 disabled people at a Japanese care home in one of the country's worst mass killings pleaded not guilty Wednesday as his trial began.
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