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Public support for Japan's Abe rebounds after security law: Polls

Toukyo - Public support for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has rebounded since his government rammed through unpopular security legislation, according to polls published Monday, as he re-focuses on the struggling economy.

Japan says to resume whaling, fleet sails to Antarctic Tuesday

Toukyo - Japan will dispatch a whaling fleet to the Antarctic on Tuesday after a one year suspension, the government said, defying international criticism and a UN legal ruling that the "research" expedition is a commercial hunt in disguise.

Japan's 166,000 tons of nuclear waste still waiting to be buried

In a survey conducted last month by the Kyodo News survey, none of the 47 prefectures showed much interest in hosting a nuclear waste dump site, with 14 saying "absolutely no."

ISIS fueling soldiers with drug that makes them feel unstoppable

ISIS has allegedly been supplying its militants with a drug that makes them feel unstoppable. The drug Captagon creates an euphoric state where the user feels no pain, unbelievable strength and will not sleep for days.

Japan to resume 'research' whaling in Antarctic: Media

Toukyo - Japan will resume "research" whaling in the Antarctic by the end of March next year, local media reported Saturday, despite a call by global regulators for more evidence that the expeditions have a scientific purpose.

'Large' Chinese military fleet flies near Japan islands: Media

Toukyo - Japan scrambled jets after 11 Chinese military planes flew near southern Japanese islands during what Beijing said was a drill to improve its long-range combat abilities, reports said Saturday.

Will Trump's newest verbal attack push away disabled voters?

Donald Trump is the current front runner in the 2016 U.S. presidential race. He is no stranger to controversy but current allegations of verbal abuse have created a media frenzy. Has he pushed himself into a corner by what some call flagrant verbal abuse?

Suspicious boats with decomposed bodies found drifting off Japan

Toukyo - Japan is investigating nearly a dozen suspicious boats recently found drifting off the country's coastline, some with decaying bodies aboard, officials said Friday, as media speculated they came from North Korea.

Explosion hits controversial Tokyo war shrine, no injuries

Toukyo - A suspected explosive device damaged a bathroom at Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine on Monday, but no one at the controversial war memorial was hurt, officials and news reports said.

Japanese whaling co. fined $1 million by Australian Federal Court

Japanese whaling company Kyodo has been fined $1 million by Australia's Federal Court for allegedly hunting minke whales inside a whale sanctuary, but there's scant chance it will be paid.

Japan government takes Okinawa to court over U.S. base relocation

Toukyo - Japan on Tuesday sued its southern region of Okinawa over local resistance to a new US military base, the latest chapter in deepening mistrust between central authorities and the government of the strategic island.

New super glue only becomes sticky when crushed

Researchers in Japan have invented a new type of glue that is dry and non-sticky until it is crushed. Once broken up the substance acts like any other adhesive.

Strong 7.0-magnitude quake hits off Japan coast: USGS

Toukyo - A powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the southwestern coast of Japan early Saturday, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said, with Japanese authorities reporting several small tsunamis on at least two islands.

Japan calls on UN envoy to retract remarks on schoolgirl sex

Toukyo - The Japanese government is demanding a UN envoy retract remarks that 13 percent of schoolgirls in Japan are involved in forms of paid dating that can involve sex.

Cross-dressing Chinese man with selfie stick arrested at Japan spa

Toukyo - A Chinese male tourist in drag has been nabbed after he entered the female section of a seaside public bath to take selfies, local police said Monday.

Japan district issues first gay union certificate

Toukyo - A major Tokyo municipality started Thursday issuing "partnership" certificates to same-sex couples, as Japan takes gradual steps towards greater tolerance for sexual minority groups.

Tackling invasive rice-killing fungi

Tokyo - Scientists have a clue as to how to stop fungi that kills a variety of fruits, vegetables, rice. Researchers have identified the enzyme used by the fungus to make tenuazonic acid, which is the toxin that kills the crops.

Japan's ghosts and ghouls on the prowl for Halloween

Toukyo - Tokyo was bracing for a night of macabre revelry on Saturday as party-goers flocked to buy wacky costumes for the evening's Halloween celebrations.

Monk goes nine days without food, water or sleep

On Wednesday, a Japanese monk finished a nine-day ritual of not drinking, eating or sleeping as he chanted sutras 100,000 times.

Japan's yakuza mob cancels Halloween trick-or-treat

Toukyo - Japan's largest "yakuza" crime syndicate has cancelled its annual Halloween trick-or-treat event with a grovelling apology to children hoping to score a fistful of candies.
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