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Hair today, gone tomorrow: serial snipper strikes Japan

Toukyo - A suspected serial hair-snipper has been arrested in Japan after being accused of stealing tresses from unsuspecting women on rush-hour trains.

Japanese navy veteran recalls Pearl Harbor 75 years on

Osaka - Navy aircraft mechanic Kuniyoshi Takimoto watched as Japanese planes roared off the aircraft carrier Hiryu to attack Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Abe to make first Pearl Harbor visit by Japan leader

Toukyo - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is to become the first Japanese leader to visit Pearl Harbor, announcing Monday a trip to the site of his country's surprise attack that launched World War II in the Pacific.

The answer to why the surface of ice is wet

A mystery of why ice is wet has been solved. Physicists have long been puzzled why, and the answer has come via an advanced optical microscope.

Element 113 has an official name

Wako - A new element — element 113 — officially recognized this year now has an internationally agreed name. The element has been named nihonium and given the symbol Nh.

Japan culling 230,000 more birds over avian flu

Toukyo - Japan has mobilised its military to help with a second mass cull of 230,000 chickens amid a spreading outbreak of a highly contagious strain of avian flu, officials said.

Japan culling 330,000 birds to fight avian flu

Toukyo - Japan has begun slaughtering more than 330,000 farm birds to contain its first outbreaks of a highly contagious strain of avian flu in nearly two years, the government said Tuesday.

Japan skating rink slammed for freezing 5,000 fish

Toukyo - A Japanese skating rink that froze 5,000 dead fish into the ice as an attraction for visitors has been forced to close after receiving a barrage of criticism.

Power of the coconut crab's claw tested

Researchers from Japan have assessed the strength of the coconut crab’s “mighty claw”, and found it to be greater than most predators’ jaws, including the jaw of the black bear.

Pacquiao says Philippine drug problem 'beyond imagination'

Toukyo - The Philippines' drug problem is "beyond imagination", boxing legend Manny Pacquiao said on Saturday in Tokyo, defending his hard-liner president's controversial anti-drug campaign.

Japan protests Russia missile deployment on disputed islands

Toukyo - Japan has told Russia the deployment of missiles on disputed islands in the Pacific is "deplorable", Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Friday, ahead of talks aimed at resolving a decades-old territorial spat.

What now for the TPP?

Toukyo - After Donald Trump vowed to abandon the Trans-Pacific Partnership, here are some key questions about a huge trade pact that supporters said would write the rules for 21st century commerce -- but which might now be doomed.- What is the TPP?

Strong 6.9 quake hits Japan triggering tsunami warning

Toukyo - A strong 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit northeastern Japan early Tuesday, the USGS said, while Japanese authorities issued a tsunami warning for the region's coast including Fukushima prefecture.A some three metre (9.

Trump's daughter sits in on landmark Japan PM talks

Toukyo - Photos of US President-elect Donald Trump's landmark first talks with a foreign leader show his daughter Ivanka was present, underscoring the family's influence as he readies to take power.

Japan's Abe heads for New York for first talks with Trump

Toukyo - Japan's premier Shinzo Abe headed to New York Thursday for talks with Donald Trump, the first leader to meet with the president-elect whose campaign pledges provoked anxiety over US foreign policy.

Japan, S. Korea ink controversial intelligence deal

Toukyo - South Korea and Japan reached a controversial deal Monday to share defence intelligence, Japanese officials said, despite protests from opposition parties and activists in Seoul.

Japan's Abe to meet Trump next week: official

Toukyo - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is to meet US president-elect Donald Trump next week in New York, officials said Thursday, after phone talks between the two following the billionaire's shock election win.

Giant sinkhole swallows Japan city street

Toukyo - A giant sinkhole appeared in the middle of a busy Japanese city on Tuesday, swallowing part of a five-lane street near the main railway station.

Temporary lockdown at US naval base in Japan

Toukyo - A US military base in southern Japan went into a brief lockdown Thursday following reports of gunshots, but declared "all clear" after finding no evidence that shots were fired.

YouTube MCN leaders UUUM and Yoola announce their partnership Special

The top largest Japanese and Russian Multi-Channel Networks (MCN) on YouTube, Yoola and UUUM, announced their upcoming partnership. The two entertainment giants aim at expanding their reach by bringing millions of dollars in the production budget.
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