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Japan rescuers struggle with lack of clues for missing boy

Toukyo - The search for a seven-year-old Japanese boy missing since his parents abandoned him in a bear-inhabited forest was proving frustratingly difficult due to a lack of clues, a rescuer said Tuesday.

Japan rescuers expand forest search for missing boy

Toukyo - Japanese rescuers scoured thick forest Monday in search of a seven-year-old boy whose parents left him in mountain woods inhabited by bears as a punishment, in a case that has infuriated the public.

Fresh photo of missing Japanese journalist emerges

Toukyo - A fresh photo of a Japanese journalist who went missing in Syria last year has emerged online, showing the heavily bearded man holding a sign saying this is his "last chance".

U.S. forces in Okinawa under curfew after suspected murder

Toukyo - US forces in Okinawa are to be put under night-time curfew for a month following the suspected rape and murder of a woman by a former US marine, officials said Saturday.

Sharp begins selling robot-shaped mobile phone

Osaka - Electronics giant Sharp Corporation has started selling the world’s first robot-shaped mobile phone that can walk, dance and talk at a price of about $2,000.

Hugs and tears: Obama meets A-bomb survivors in Hiroshima

Yokogawa - Two men who suffered horrific injuries in the world's first nuclear strike seven decades ago came face-to-face Friday with the present-day commander-in-chief of the country that launched the attack. And one of them got a hug.

Japan's oldest elephant dies, aged 69

Toukyo - Japanese animal lovers were mourning the death of the country's oldest elephant, Hanako, on Friday, who passed away "quietly" aged 69 after triggering protests over her captivity.

Obama makes history with Hiroshima visit

Yokogawa - Barack Obama paid moving tribute to victims of the first atomic bomb Friday and called for a world free of nuclear weapons, during a historic and emotional visit to Hiroshima.

Key dates in the nuclear arms race

Yokogawa - Here is a timeline of the development of nuclear weapons, as US President Barack Obama pays a historic visit to the Japanese city of Hiroshima on Friday.

Hiroshima bombing: The morning the earth shook

Yokogawa - With a blinding flash of light and an ear-splitting roar, the age of nuclear conflict arrived with terrifying and awe-inspiring force on August 6, 1945, changing the course of history, and killing 140,000 people.

Hiroshima: What happened to people?

Yokogawa - The atomic blast in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 killed 140,000 people; tens of thousands died instantly, while the rest succumbed to injuries or illness in the weeks, months and years afterwards.

Global economy is 'urgent priority': G7

Misumi - Pumping up the world economy is an "urgent priority" G7 leaders said Friday, as they warned there could be dire global consequences if Britain decides to leave the EU.

Next-gen carbon monoxide sensors based on nanotech

The monitoring of air, especially in homes and workplaces, for carbon monoxide is a critical part of health and safety. Early detection is key to lowering risks of poisoning. To improve current technology, Japanese researchers are looking to nanotech.

EU spin doctor lobs Twitter bomb at Trump, populist politicians

Nihon - A leading aide to top European Union official Jean-Claude Juncker railed against Donald Trump and other populist politicians on Thursday, bemoaning the thought of them in power as a "horror scenario".

'I still hate the glow of the sun': Hiroshima survivors' tales

Yokogawa - For survivors of the world's first nuclear attack, the day America unleashed a terrible bomb over the city of Hiroshima remains seared forever in their minds.

Taliban still bent on violence despite new leadership: Obama

Nihon - Hopes of negotiating peace with the Afghan Taliban's new leader were swiftly fading from all sides Thursday, as US President Barack Obama warned the extremist movement will continue killing in Afghanistan.

North Korea is a 'big worry for all of us': Obama at G7

Ise - US President Barack Obama took aim at North Korea Thursday, calling it a "big worry" after a meeting with his G7 counterparts, as tensions escalate following Pyongyang's series of nuclear tests.

Obama says world leaders 'rattled' by Trump

Nihon - US President Barack Obama on Thursday said that global leaders are "rattled" by some of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's policies, blasting the ideas as demonstrating "ignorance" of how the world works.

Obama to make history with Hiroshima visit

Yokogawa - President Barack Obama will make history on Friday when he travels to Hiroshima -- becoming the first sitting US leader to visit the site that ushered in the age of nuclear conflict.

Turkey 'threats' over migrant deal won't work: Juncker

Nihon - Turkey must uphold its side of a deal made with the European Union over stemming the flow of migrants, a top EU official said Thursday, warning "threats" against the bloc will not work.
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