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Valley of the dolls: scarecrows outnumber people in Japan village

Kumano - In the tiny village of Nagoro, deep in the mountains of western Japan, the wind howls down a deserted street with not a living soul to be seen.

Pearls of wisdom: Japan's cultured farms still glisten

Shima - In Japan's picturesque Ago Bay, a couple sits in a little hut picking out oysters from a net, cleaning them carefully one-by-one before replacing them gently back in the water.

Fire up the printers: Scramble as new Japan era name unveiled

Ami - At the Tokyo offices of a major calendar maker, executives and employees clustered around a television broke into applause as the country's next imperial era name was announced: Reiwa.

Toyota data breach exposes up to 3.1 million customers Special

Japanese car maker Toyota announced its second data breach of 2019, The first incident took place at its Australian subsidiary, the new breach was announced by the company's main offices in Japan. Leading experts explain the significance.

Toyota’s Moon rover will run off special fuel cells

Toyota is developing future vehicles to be used on the surface of the Moon for future lunar missions. These vehicles will be powered by new fuel cells in order to increase the power and performance of the new rovers.

Honda prepares for all electric fleet launch in Europe

The future, for Honda, is electric. The car manufacturer has announced its intention to have a fully-electrified lineup available across the European Union by 2025.

New form of self-healing material discovered by scientists

Japanese scientists have discovered a new form of self-healing material. The substance, which is based on ethylene, demonstrates several useful properties such as ‘shape memory’, as well as the ability to self-repair.

Japan's Okinawa 'votes against' controversial US base move: exit polls

Nago - Voters on the Japanese island of Okinawa have rejected the relocation of a controversial US military base, according to exit polls from a non-binding referendum cited by local media Sunday.

Japan's Okinawa to vote on controversial US base move

Okinawa - Residents of Japan's Okinawa go to the polls Sunday in a closely watched referendum on the controversial relocation of a US military base to a remote part of the island.

'Paradise on Earth': Ghost of N.Korea propaganda still haunts

Niigata - Harunori Kojima still remembers the hot tears of joy that warmed his face against the sleet as he watched two Soviet ships set sail in December 1959 from Japan's Niigata port.

Yoshiki of X Japan talks future, musical inspirations, technology Special

Japanese musician and composer Yoshiki (co-founder of the metal band X Japan) chatted with Digital Journal about his plans for 2019, as well as performing at Radio City Music Hall. Yoshiki also spoke about the digital transformation of the music business.

Op-Ed: China vs Taiwan heating up with a song and firepower

Beijing - The Year of the Pig has started with an exchange of pleasantries between China and Taiwan. China sent Taiwan a “reunification” message, and a song written by a fighter pilot. Taiwan replied with a message, “We Are Ready”, and a show of firepower.

Japan's wagyu beef looks to conquer the world

Takayama - In a lush field in the heart of the Japanese mountains, a herd of glossy black cows roam happily -- prime examples of the area's Hida brand of wagyu beef.

Op-Ed: All Elite Wrestling vs WWE — The war has begun

Jacksonville - World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been the only show in town for nearly 20 years. A new promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW) looks like a mix of hitting all the raw nerves of WWE, pun intended.

New step taken towards smart carbon capture

Tokyo - Researchers from Japan have achieved the process of direct electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide. This success raises hopes of developing a process for smart carbon capture.

Over 100 new exoplanets discovered

Using a combination of space-based and ground-based telescopes, scientists have revealed more than 100 new exoplanets. The discovery may prove useful for the search for life elsewhere in the universe.

Beware getting too stressed in the evening

Stress is associated with a number of ill-health effects. However, time that stress occurs during a 24-hour cycle appears to exert different effects and this has implications for longer-term health, with stress occurring at night being more dangerous.

AI used to accelerate materials design

Researchers have demonstrated how artificial intelligence can be used to outline in a single chart information from thousands of scientific papers. This technique has been used to assist with optimal design of materials.

Auto titan Ghosn under arrest, faces ouster at Nissan

Kitakata - Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn faces being fired this week after being arrested in Japan over allegations of financial misconduct, the firm said Monday, in a stunning fall from grace for one of the world's best-known businessmen.

New technology to generate energy from windows

Is it possible to generate energy from the windows found in office blocks and homes? The answer appears to be use, drawing on the enhanced power factor found with transparent thermoelectric nanowire materials.
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