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Digicel wants Google to pay up or it will block its ads

A mobile carrier in Jamaica wants Google, Facebook and Yahoo to pay money or they will block their ads from being shown to its customers.

Ancient Greek shipwreck reveals remarkable artifacts from 65 BC

It is a shipwreck that has been dubbed the 'Titanic of the Ancient World' and though found at the start of the last century it remains a source of "fabulous finds." Famous for revealing the wondrous Antikythera Mechanism, it is now revealing even more.

Massive sinkhole in Australia swallows cars, entire campsite

A sinkhole in Queensland, Australia has swallowed an entire campsite. The phenomena started in the night and sleeping campers had to wake up quickly and scramble for safety. There were no fatalities.

Dad punches cougar and saves 2-year-old daughter from mauling

A family in British Columbia is happy that Dad has a pretty good right hand. If he didn't? Then a two-year-old girl, the man's daughter, may not have survived a cougar attack.

Tripped-up by camera-woman, Syrian refugee given job in Spain

This story is similar to the story of Ahmed Mohamed, the American boy arrested for making a homemade clock who wound up getting invited to the White House.  In this story a Syrian refugee was tripped-up by a journalist and wound up getting a job.

Remarkable footage of breaching humpback whale landing by kayak

Two kayakers from the U.K. are lucky not to be crushed after their kayak was landed on by a whale — yes, a whale — in Monterey Bay, California. One was brushed by the whale and both came close to being landed right on.

Twins who both birthed twins are each pregnant again with twins

KSL-TV in Utah reported a double whammy of a story this week when they told the tale of identical twins Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall. Each of them have given birth to twins and now each are pregnant again.

Video of orcas feeding on seal taken by Lasqueti island paddlers

Dag Goering and Maria Coffey, travel guides from Lasqueti Island in British Columbia, have been around whales a lot in their careers. But they haven’t had whales all around them before, at least not while those whales were chasing dinner.

Pacquiao mad as anti-doping agency says Mayweather did no wrong

The flap over Floyd Mayweather taking an IV of vitamins on the day before his May 2 victory over Manny Pacquiao may be no more than a tempest in a syringe. That's the word from the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) today.

Danes defy their government to feed and aid refugees

It appears that Danish citizens and their government are not on the same page when it comes to refugees. Despite the Danish government's hard-line stance on refugees, many Danes are giving them food and aid.

Colorado marijuana users get a day without paying pot tax

Marijuana smokers in most other states in the U.S. are jealous of Colorado pot smokers, who live in a state where recreational pot smoking is legal. Now they will have to be jealous for a second reason. At least for a day.

Pope Francis draws crowd during visit to optician for new glasses

People in Rome, where Vatican City is of course located, are accustomed to seeing the Pope. He does, after all, have a weekly address and is present at other events. But on Tuesday evening some got an extra glimpse of him — buying new glasses.

FASD: Educating moms about dangers of drinking during pregnancy

It's not a day on most people's calendar but it is nevertheless an important one. Each year Sept. 9 is International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Awareness Day and the message is no amount of alcohol during pregnancy is safe.

Video: Orcas surround kayakers near San Juan Islands

Two kayakers were surrounded by a pod of killer whales — orcas — who seemed to tease them as some swam alongside their kayak. It happened on Aug. 26 near Washington State's San Juan Islands.

Op-Ed: Kentucky clerk who refused gays marriage licences deserved jail

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis claims "God's moral law conflicts" with her job and the action she took to resolve that conflict has landed her in jail. I suspect that for most of us that is the correct outcome. Why? Because her argument is nonsense.

Boy from Toronto shot dead in Jamaica, suspect sought

A young male from Canada was shot dead in Jamaica early Sunday morning. While police there have not made an arrest they are asking a "person of interest" to turn himself in.

Canadian boy, 10, accidently shot to death by 7-year-old brother

An accidental shooting in a home near Grande Cache in Alberta has left a 10-year-old boy dead. It appears that it may be a case of a firearm not being safely stored and a youngster getting hold of it.

Video: Humpback whale doing back-flip caught on camera

If you've never seen a humpback whale do a backflip - and few have - you'll want to have a quick look at both a video and a photo that show just that. The woman who took the photo runs a whale cruise tour and she'd never seen a whale do a backflip.

Video of resourceful seal jumping into boat to escape orca whales

A rather resourceful seal saved itself from getting eaten alive by orca killer whales in B.C. waters last week. The desperate fellow jumped into an empty dinghy to avoid the whales and there is video of the seal waiting it out as the orcas search nearby.

Wonderful video of 50 orca killer whales playing off B.C. Coast

Orca whales, also called killer whales, playing amongst themselves, breaching the water in their natural habitat, is a common sight off the coast of B.C. But to see 50 of them swmmiing and playing together, from two different pods, that is a rare treat.
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