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Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao judges Miss Universe pageant in Miami

Nothing like making one of the world's most popular sports figures a judge in a Miss Universe contest to get the world to pay attention. It's a global contest but not a lot of people watch nowadays. Doubtless Pacquiao helped increase its ratings.

Op-Ed: Manny mouthing more hype but Mayweather vs. Pacquiao still likely

Here's this: Manny Pacquiao and his camp are not simply engaging in hype when they take shots at Floyd Mayweather, when they are accusing him of ducking the fight every boxing fans wants to see. They're also engaging in, frankly, self-serving bullshit.

Defrocked priest to be jailed for sexual assaults on children

A defrocked priest found guilty of 32 counts of sexually abusing Inuit children between the years 1978 and 1982 apologized in a courtroom at his sentencing hearing today. As he did so, dozens of victims and members of their families cried out.

Nine or more people stabbed on Tel Aviv bus in 'terrorist' attack

A man was shot, wounded and taken into custody in Tel Aviv, Israel after as many as nine or more people were stabbed on a city bus, including the driver. The incident happened Wednesday on the Maariv bridge.

RCMP near Vancouver get reports of a man hiking naked in woods

RCMP near Vancouver have had reports of a man hiking in a wooded area while naked and say they would like to find him. The man hasn't done anything to anyone, though being naked in public is an offence under the country's criminal code.

Reports from Floyd Mayweather camp say he badly wants Pacquiao

They've been dancing around the idea of fighting one another for five years and all manner of speculation has been offered as to why they haven't. One persistent rumor has been that Floyd Mayweather was ducking Manny Pacquiao to stay unbeaten.

American know-how: Seattle dog rides bus to the dog park — alone

Doggone it but this a cute story — a dog that rides the bus to play at her local dog park by herself. She gets on at a stop that's near her home, gets off a few stops along, plays in the park and then gets a bus home.

Great idea: Study finds optimism good for your heart and health

Let's be optimistic and say you will absorb the information in this story and follow the implied recommendations, thereby improving your attitude to life. Doing that will cause you to have a healthier heart which, naturally, will help you live longer.

Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach says Mayweather fight 'very close'

We've been down the path of saying that a Mayweather-Pacquiao superfight is close before. But this time it sounds really close. Why? Because Manny Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach says it is "closer than ever."

Charlie Hebdo suspects identified, reports differ on their status

The identities of three men believed to have attacked the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo Wednesday and shot dead 12 have been released. Some reports say one was killed, the other two captured. Other reports say one is in custody, two at large

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather posts photo of spiffy cars, private jet

They do not call him 'Money' for nothing...though that's actually a nickname he gave himself. At any rate, Floyd Mayweather showed off on Instagram today what he does with his money, posting a photo of his fleet of cars and private jet.

Alzheimer's Disease study: Early detection coming, maybe cure

Yet another new discovery in the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease has been made, one to help with early detection. It joins other recent advancements that collectively promise to improve the lives of victims.

Study says odds are being diagnosed with cancer is bad luck

Two researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore have published a study on cancer and how it develops and their findings might surprise some. It also might scare as the onus on cancer prevention, the research says, is not entirely on you.

Great footage as Canadian firefighters rescue dog from icy waters

If you're a dog lover then endings don't get much better than this one. A German Shepherd in Ontario fell through ice on a frozen pond and was in grave danger. But firefighters called to the scene did what firefighters do — set about rescuing it.

U.S. Coast Guard makes massive marijuana haul off Florida coast

A massive haul of marijuana with a hefty street value was seized by the U.S. Coast Guard off of the Florida coast on Wednesday. In addition to the drugs, at least four persons onboard the ship were taken into custody.

New Years Day celebration tragedy, 36 killed in Shanghai stampede

At least 36 people are dead and 42 others are injured after a New Year Eve celebration in Shanghai, China went terribly wrong. Overcrowding in Chen Yi Square appears to have lead to revelers having no place to go and a stampede erupted.

Floyd Mayweather offers Miguel Cotto $40 million for rematch

They have already fought and Floyd Mayweather kept his unbeaten streak alive against Miguel Cotto. A rematch? A report from El Vocero de Puerto Rico says that a rematch is on the table and that the Mayweather camp has made an offer.

Another accidental gun death in US as 2-year-old shoots Mom dead

A two-year-old boy in Idaho shot his mother dead in a Walmart store on Tuesday. The woman, 29, had a gun in her purse, loaded, and her son was in a shopping trolley. He simply reached into her purse and grabbed the gun and somehow pulled the trigger.

Bodies from AirAsia flight being recovered, parts of plane found

The dead and the debris of AirAsia Flight 8501 were being brought on board search and rescue ships Tuesday as the fate of the plane is no longer in doubt. Bodies were found in the Java Sea near where parts of the Airbus A320-200 are being recovered.

AirAsia denied altitude change before it was lost; debris spotted

Minutes before disappearing off the radar screen, one of the two pilots flying AirAsia Flight QZ8501 requested that they raise its altitude but was told they could not. The plane disappeared off the radar screen within five minutes of making the request.
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