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Op-Ed: Amazon offers $10 for Prime Day customer data? Ahem.

Seattle - Amazon has offered Amazon Prime Day customers $10 for the right to track them online and see which websites they visit. This isn’t exactly generosity. It’s a commercial product being provided at bargain rates. There may also be security issues, or not

Chinese diplomats take to Twitter to defend Beijing

Bejing - Chinese diplomats are increasingly turning to Twitter to defend Beijing's policies to the international community, taking combative stances and courting controversy on a platform banned in their own country.

Thousands call for Puerto Rico governor to resign after chat leak

Miami - Thousands of people demonstrated Monday demanding the resignation of Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello following the leak of a group text chat in which he and other officials made obscene, sexist and homophobic remarks about political opponents and...

New Zealand PM 'utterly' disagrees with Trump tweets

Wellington - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday joined international condemnation of US President Donald Trump's xenophobic tweets about progressive Democrat congresswomen.

UK PM hopefuls slam Trump tweets, but refuse to call them racist

London - The two candidates vying to become Britain's next prime minister both condemned on Monday US President Donald Trump's xenophobic tweets about progressive Democrat congresswomen as "totally offensive" and "totally unacceptable".

Shock and anger as videos of brutal Sudan raid belatedly go viral

Khartoum - Days after a blackout on mobile internet services ended, Sudanese are shocked by the content of online videos and photographs that appear to document last month's deadly raid on demonstrators.

Google are redesigning the News tab for improved readability

Google News, one of the foremost places to obtain news from the world's media outlets, is to receive a redesign centered on making the news cluster more readable and to provide greater transparency about news sources.

Deby lifts Chad social media restrictions

Ndjame - Chad President Idriss Deby said Saturday he was lifting social media restrictions which were imposed more than a year ago for "security reasons.

Diplomacy: a genteel world combusts in online era

Washington - President Donald Trump's fury over leaked cables written by the British ambassador demonstrates the growing predicament faced by diplomats whose profession -- once nearly synonymous with a stiff-upper-lip decorum -- has become explosive in the era of i...

France's lower house passes online hate speech law

Paris - French MPs on Tuesday passed a landmark law to fight online hate speech which will oblige social media networks to remove offending content in 24 hours and create a new button to enable users to flag abuse.

Trump Twitter outbursts test US-UK 'special relationship'

London - Donald Trump's refusal to deal with the UK ambassador following the leak of his frank assessment of the US president's chaotic rule raises a big question: can the allies' much-vaunted "special relationship" survive?

Not kosher: Israel embassy in Brazil mocked over lunch photo

Bras - A bungled attempt to alter a photo of Israel's ambassador to Brazil apparently enjoying a lobster lunch with President Jair Bolsonaro has been ridiculed on social media, where users accused the embassy of censoring the non-kosher shellfish.

Starbucks apologizes after employee asks police to leave shop

Tempe - Six Tempe, Arizona, police officers were asked to leave a local Starbucks on the Fourth of July because a customer said the officers were making them feel uncomfortable, prompting an outcry on social media and an apology from Starbucks.

Q&A: Facebook app to pull user data for market research Special

Facebook has a new Android app called ‘Study by Facebook’ that will compensate users for letting the company see which apps/devices they use. Is this a good idea and should consumers be wary with their data privacy?

Op-Ed: Trump's Revolutionary War airport quote cracks up the Internet

President Trump's rousing Fourth of July speech to the country on the celebration of American Independence from England avoided politics and made everyone listening to him feel very patriotic — until we manned the air and took over the airports.

France's first lady calls out 'relentless' bullying

Paris - Brigitte Macron, wife of France's president and a former teacher, on Thursday lashed out at online bullying, denouncing it as "relentless" in remarks to G7 education ministers.

French MPs back giving online platforms 24 hours to remove hate speech

Paris - French MPs on Thursday backed a proposal to give online platforms just 24 hours to remove hate speech or face hefty fines, the latest initiative in Europe to tackle online racism, anti-Semitism, sexism and homophobia.

Cloudflare glitch affects access to websites

Many Internet users have faced difficulties with accessing several websites because of a problem with Cloudflare. The company provides Internet security services designed to aid online businesses to operate smoothly.

Op-Ed: Facebook Oversight Board planning — Predicting needs ain’t easy

Menlo Park - Facebook has been on the receiving end of a decade or so of complaints. Live streaming of the Christchurch shootings, online bullying, you name it; the new Facebook Oversight Board (FOB) has its work cut out to restore credibility.
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Top News: Internet

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