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Top News: Internet

China cracking down on anonymous browsers

Beijing - The Chinese government has issued a warning to websites that are selling virtual private networks (VPNs). The country outlawed the sale of VPN except those approved by the government in July.

Russia drops US neo-Nazi site from .ru domain

Moscow - Russia's internet watchdog said Thursday it had called on a domain provider to stop hosting the website of a US white supremacist group under fire following the Charlottesville violence.

Internet doors slammed on white nationalist extremism

San Francisco - White extremists are having doors to the internet slammed on efforts to promote violent and bigoted agendas.

Obama post-Charlottesville tweet most liked ever on Twitter

Washington - A tweet by former president Barack Obama about the violence in Charlottesville has become the most liked message in the history of Twitter, the company said Wednesday.The tweet by the country's first black president quoted Nelson Mandela.

Merkel reaches out to young voters on YouTube

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel, campaigning Wednesday for the youth vote on YouTube ahead of September 24 elections, said her favourite emoticon was the "smiley" and dismissed fears about a potential World War III.

Thai student leader pleads guilty to else majeste on Facebook

Bangkok - A prominent student leader on Tuesday pleaded guilty to defaming Thailand's royal family by sharing a news story about the kingdom's new monarch on Facebook, his lawyer said.

Lawyer: British hacking suspect will be vindicated

Milwaukee - A lawyer for a 23-year-old British computer security researcher accused of creating malware to attack the banking system on Monday called him a "hero" and predicted he would be "fully vindicated.

Facebook discretely fields China photo-sharing app

San Francisco - Facebook's interest in China has led it to discretely create a photo-sharing application released there without the social network's brand being attached.

Polish priests told off over 'infantile' emojis

Varsovia - Church authorities in Poland have admonished priests for using emoticons in parish newsletters, saying that peppering texts with smiley faces makes them appear childish.

Online matchmaker aims to save Dutch farms with no heirs

Nieuwveen - Standing in his rubber boots in his fields surrounded by his beloved Red Holstein cows, Dutch farmer Gerard Hartveld has an air of resignation as he contemplates the future.Hartveld says he is a dairy farmer in "his heart" and soul.

Browser Tor used for anonymous browsing and access to deep net

Many Internet users want to remain anonymous. Tor is free software that helps defend you on line against surveillance that threatens your personal freedom and privacy.

Thai journalist charged over Facebook criticism of junta

Bangkok - A prominent Thai columnist who has chronicled the erosion of human rights under junta rule was charged with sedition on Tuesday over Facebook posts that criticised the regime.

Op-Ed: New Firefox 57 to challenge leading browser Chrome

Mountain View - Mozilla Firefox or just Firefox was at one time the first choice of browser users back in December of 2009, challenging the dominance of Microsoft's venerable Internet Explorer.

China's web users fear losing tools to bypass 'Great Firewall'

Bejing - Enterprising internet users in China fear the tools they use to tunnel through the country's "Great Firewall" may soon disappear, as Beijing tightens its grip on the web.

Chrome has a big lead in competition for most used browser

The Chrome browser dominates over all others in terms of its usage on the Internet. However, the measurement of usage is complicated and there can be some measures that overestimate the usage of a browser and others that underestimate usage.

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Top News: Internet