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A pair of gay 'tech bears' owns

If former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) officially enters the 2016 White House race, he probably won't be able to use the website

Father of alleged bullies loses job over mean-spirited voice mail

Prior Lake - The father of two alleged social media bullies lost his job in the wake of a video that surfaced on the Internet with malicious, mean-spirited voice mail recordings targeted at the victim's father.

Aussie glitter bomb website goes viral, sells for US$85K

A brand new Australian website dedicated to the passive-aggressive concept of treating one’s nemesis to a shiny box filled to the brim with glitter has sold for US$85,000.

Watch brave man tackle machete-wielding jewelry store robber

London - Dramatic footage of a robbery involving an armed gang filmed Thursday shows the moment a brave bystander grapples with a machete-wielding robber as he tries to get away.

Op-Ed: Top plugins for cleaning up your act in 2015

New Year’s Resolutions fly right around the start of the New Year but by the end of January and into early February, those shiny new resolutions may have lost their appeal.

Internet activist Barrett Brown sentenced to 63 months in prison

Dallas - A freelance journalist once known as the "unofficial spokesman" of the hacktivist collective Anonymous has been sentenced to 63 months in prison for linking to stolen corporate documents.

Popular messaging app WhatsApp now on desktops

Popular mobile app, WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is now also available for use on your desktop, WhatsApp announced yesterday.

Christopher Poole, administrator of 4chan, announces retirement

The administrator of 4chan, an imageboard dedicated to Japanese culture and other topics, has announced that he will be leaving the website.

Department of Justice settles over fake Facebook profile lawsuit

The Justice Department reached a $134,000 settlement with a New York woman after the Drug Enforcement Administration used her information to set up a fake Facebook profile to track other suspects.

Graphic design and note-taking in one: Notegraphy app

The developer and design brains behind OmmWriter, the immensely serene and minimalistic desktop typing app, have created a mobile and web-based app called Notegraphy.

Watch terrifying New Jersey Turnpike I-95 trailer-tractor crash

New Brunswick - A motorist on the New Jersey Turnpike I-95 captured on his cellphone camera Sunday morning, a terrifying close-call involving a tractor-trailer that lost control on black ice and came skidding toward his car.

NASA cuts live video as UFO rises from Earth toward ISS [Video]

UFO researchers are up in arms after NASA cut its live video feed streamed from the International Space Station (ISS) when a UFO appeared on the feed last week.

Virgin Galactic's bold plan to change face of high-speed Internet

Although high-speed Internet and telephone options are available to billions of people, there is still a large percentage of the population without this important technological benefit.

Cyber security predictions for 2015

Each year various cyber security experts provide their predictions about the immediate future of network and information security in the hopes that people can plan and prepare a little more effectively.

Facebook may know you better than friends and family, says study

A recent study from Stanford University and the University of Cambridge has found that a computer with data from a person's Facebook “likes” was better able to predict that individual's personality than most of their friends and family.

Want to hide from the NSA? Washington, DC public library can help

Washington - Do you want to use the Internet without fear of the National Security Agency or other government operatives snooping on your business? The public library in our nation's capital is here to help.

'Frostbit': Irish schoolboy's 'best accent ever' goes viral [Vid]

Sperrin - Ruairí McSorley, an 18-year-old schoolboy from Northern Ireland, has become an internet sensation after a TV interview in which he was asked to comment about the cold winter weather helped to showcase his unique Irish accent.

Sprint endorses net neutrality

Net neutrality advocates cheered a surprise move by telecommunications giant Sprint, which broke with the rest of the wireless industry on Friday by telling federal regulators that it would support strict net neutrality rules.

Ten percent of Twitter's 'most active users' don't do anything

Of Twitter's 284 million users, 24 million are just machines — apps or pieces of software — that ping Twitter's platform automatically "with no discernable user action involved," according to the company's disclosures to the SEC.
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Top News: Internet
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