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Indian Supreme Court strikes down 'Facebook' arrest law

New Delhi - In a landmark ruling affirming the right to free speech on the Internet, India's Supreme Court has struck down a controversial law under which police had the power to arrest people for comments they posted on social networks and other websites.

Crying #PiccoloGirl is NCAA tournament's latest viral meme craze

After top-seeded Villanova Wildcats crashed out of the NCAA tournament with a 71-68 loss to 8-seed N.C. State, Wildcats fans were left dejected but a girl, member of the Villanova band, came to epitomize the devastation of the loss.

Muslims leaders partner with tech companies to counter militants

Los Angeles - Fearing that social media and other online recruitment activities are being used to lure young Americans into the ranks of Islamic State fighters, US Muslim leaders are teaming up with leading tech companies in a bid to fight extremism.

Op-Ed: Taylor Swift buys ‘’ domain, raises big questions

Sydney - She may not be famous for her intellectual songs, but Swift is showing a lot of genuine business savvy in recent times. Her latest is to shut down the possibility of anyone starting and sites by buying the name.

Video: Draw my life 1st anniversary — Fiction Frenzy TV VLog show Special

Vancouver - Fiction Frenzy TV VLog show celebrates its 1st Anniversary and Season 2 of its web series with a "Draw my life" video. Author Christine Steendam vlogs about her stressful triple book launch while "Tax time stress" are among the latest topics on the show.

5 top viral videos of winter 2014-15

When this year's winter storms dumped record-breaking amounts of snow across the United States, it offered great opportunities for creative people to produce viral videos that featured some funny and interesting winter moments.

Funny or Die, Conan O'Brien spoof the Apple Watch

There is still a month left before the Apple Watch hits stores worldwide, but that hasn't stopped a slew of parody videos released shortly after Apple's "Spring Forward" event.

'Uptown Funk' dance on treadmill, best cardio workout ever [Vid]

Watch choreographer Carson Dean reinvent the old, boring treadmill cardio workout routine by taking it to a new funky level. He makes us want to hit the gym once again with cool dance moves on a moving treadmill to Bruno Mars' hit song "Uptown Funk."

Private photos could be available to hackers with Facebook flaw

A security researcher has uncovered a flaw in Facebook that allowed apps to access and store photos that were meant to remain private, The Register reports.

Instagram insult leads to teacher firing Special

Longmont - A Colorado visual arts teacher has been fired after insulting a student by posting a picture of a student on the social media website on Instagram.

Profile of a Digital Journalist: Marcus Hondro's many arts

Whether it's been opening on Muddy Waters' last tour, exchanging lines in a movie with Al Pacino or writing plays of his own, Marcus Hondro has enjoyed a circuitous path to journalism.

20 of the best personalities to follow on Vine

One of the newest and most unique social media sensations to hit the Internet is Vine. Founded by Rus Yusupov, Colin Kroll and Dom Hofmann in June 2012, Twitter acquired the company for an astounding $30 million in October 2012.

Matthew McConaughey, Jimmy Kimmel star in ad to save video store

In 2015, there are few businesses that seem more doomed to fail than humble video stores. But Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey are hoping to bring business back to a video store in Austin, Texas.

Cam shows majestic POV as Eagle dives from Dubai's Burj Khalifa

Dubai - A two-minute video uploaded to YouTube March 14, shows an imperial eagle named Darshan, diving from the top of the world's tallest building, Dubai's Burj Khalifa, with a live-stream camera strapped to his back.

Google Feud turns strange autocomplete results into a game

The new game sweeping the Internet is testing users on how well they can tap into the Web's hivemind. Google Feud has users try to complete a search result with the most popular suggestions.

Orca whale video goes viral after more spotted in Vancouver harbour

A video of Orca killer whales swimming about in Vancouver harbour near the Lion's Gate Bridge got many thousands of hits today. Yeah, those kind of things do go viral, it's a great sight, but the odd thing was it was filmed in 2011.

Teen gang attacks girl in Brooklyn McDonald's, crowd cheers [Vid]

Brooklyn - Graphic three-minute cell phone footage shows a brutal attack on a high school girl by a group of her peers at a McDonald's in Brooklyn. Viewers have expressed shock at the brutality of the attack as well as the large crowd of youths that stood cheering.

Parents take daughters home during Christmas for FGM rituals

Nairobi - Since 2011, female genital mutilations in Kenya have been an internationally condemned practice. Yet, Somalian families from U.S. and Britain secretly travel to Kenya to have FGM done over the holidays, allowing for healing time for the girls or newborns.

Deaf man can't hold back tears as everyone uses sign language

Istanbul - A video titled "Hearing Hand - Touching Ad By Samsung," shows a hearing-impaired man from Istanbul, Turkey breaking down in tears after he discovered that many people in his city had learned sign language to communicate with him.
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Top News: Internet
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