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Top News: Internet

Op-Ed: Anonymous — The complexities of a role of conscience and media

Sydney - Anonymous started as “hacktivists”, but soon enough became a lot more. This amorphous group of people is now the front line of effective progressive action. A role of conscience in this world is no simple thing.

Op-Ed: Technology makes education more accessible than ever

The advent of the digital era has revolutionized education and learning for millions of children worldwide, enabling greater collaboration between teachers and pupils and bringing education to places where it was never available via virtual classrooms.

Watch 'Uptown Funk' cover ft. Alex Boye and The Dancing Grannies

Provo - Watch a group of seniors do their own old-school version of the 2014 hit song "Uptown Funk." The video titled, "Uptown Funk 'Oldtown Cover,'" featuring Alex Boye and The Dancing Grannies, lends credence to the saying, "You are only as old as you feel."

Blue and black? Or white and gold? Net debates color of a dress

On Thursday, the Internet became engrossed in a heated debate over the colors of a dress. Some said that the colors were blue and black, while others were equally convinced that the colors were white and gold.

Op-Ed: Canadian spy agency collects Canadian emails to government sites

Ottawa - Canada's Communications Security Establishment(CSE) is collecting millions of emails sent by Canadians to government sites on the Internet. The collected emails are searched for malware that could attack government computer networks.

Viral videos: A look back at the last 10 years

YouTube turned 10 years old this month, and this means that viral videos have now made it through an entire decade. Instead of being merely a fad that faded out quickly, viral videos have become one of the most popular aspects of online life.

Net neutrality wins in major FCC vote

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to enforce strong protection of net neutrality, reclassifying broadband Internet as a utility.

CIA plans to increase spying on Facebook, Twitter

Washington - The Central Intelligence Agency is seeking to expand its cyber espionage capabilities so it can increase surveillance of social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

Email marketing in 2015 set to grow, become more complicated

Sometimes seen as an antiquated digital marketing medium, email marketing spend will increase in 2015.Email marketing has been a debated marketing strategy for the last several years

How stealthy, 'nightmare' octopus became a viral sensation

In the last 10 years, YouTube has almost single-handedly changed the way that people interact with the Internet. After all, before the site was launched in 2005, there was no simple method for people to upload and share videos.

Police officers pay respect as Judge, police dog, is euthanized

Trenton - West Deptford Police Department officers and their dogs lined the streets on Friday to pay tribute to a much-loved veteran K-9 dog named Judge as he was being taken to the hospital to be put down, after a prolonged illness.

Op-Ed: 'Kill All the Jews' another Daily Caller editing mess-up

With the headline, ""Kill All The Jews And When That Is Done Kill Those That Refused To Defend Them," instantly retracted (not the body) the Daily Caller has had to apologize to the public, again ... "this is a recording."

Op-Ed: LinkedIn will now follow you around the Internet

LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at so-termed career professionals, is extending its advertising reach. Users of the service will start to see adverts based on their profile when they visit other websites.

Niagara Falls freezes: Majestic sights of icy wonderland [Photos]

Niagara Falls has frozen over due to extreme weather conditions persisting across the East Coast. Meteorologists say the Falls will likely stay frozen as temperatures fall even lower with high winds in the East Coast in the next days.

Chef Jamie Oliver's website infected users with malware

A spokesman for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has acknowledged that malicious code on his self-branded website contained malware that could have given hackers control of users' computers as they browsed for recipes.

Google: FBI plan to expand hacking power a 'monumental' threat

Google is warning that a US government plan to expand the Federal Bureau of Investigation's hacking powers is a "monumental" constitutional threat.

Executive order takes steps to promote Internet security

On Friday, February 13, 2015, President Barack Obama signed an executive order urging companies to participate in information-sharing hubs.

Op-Ed: Making money in the sharing economy

The sharing economy, the great new revolution in making money, is really nothing more than renting out your time or your possessions to someone who needs or wants them without having to go through the formality of a middle man.

Facebook name policy is discriminating against Native Americans

Facebook's policy of only allowing accounts with "authentic" names is resulting in Native American users being blocked from using their real names.
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Top News: Internet
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