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Kremlin woos bloggers but YouTube generation is not 'selling out'

Moscow - Russian authorities may have succeeded at quashing dissent on television and mass media but a new generation of voters has found a way to still get relevant news: on YouTube.

Germany expands surveillance of encrypted message services

Berlin - Germany on Thursday passed a controversial new law that expands the power of authorities to spy on the content of encrypted message services such as WhatsApp and Skype.

‘Digital prophet’ predicts the internet of emotions (not things) Special

Brooklyn - Forget the Internet of Things, the idea that soon everyday objects will be connected to the Internet. ‘Digital prophet’ David Shing believes that the future belongs to the Internet of Emotions.

Inflight internet ready to take off

Inflight internet access, a nascent market still hobbled by slow speeds, is set to take off as dedicated satellites make surfing in the skies a reality, experts say.

Qatar accuses 'neighbours' over hacking that led to crisis

Doha - Qatar on Tuesday accused "neighbouring countries", which have cut ties with it, of being behind the alleged cyber attack on Doha's state media which set into motion the current diplomatic crisis.

Social media 'bots' from Russia distorting global politics: study

Washington - A wave of "computational propaganda," largely driven by Russia, is impacting politics around the world by spreading misinformation designed to manipulate public opinion, researchers said Tuesday.

Supreme Court rules sex offenders have right to use social media

Washington - The Supreme Court of the United States struck down a North Carolina law that prohibited registered sex offenders from using any social media site children can access, regardless of intent. The court found the law violated the First Amendment.

Sex offenders cannot be barred from social media: top US court

Washington - The US Supreme Court on Monday unanimously struck down a North Carolina law that barred registered sex offenders from using social media.

In China, universities teach how to go viral online

Shanghai - A 21-year-old student walked around her campus in China using invaluable skills she learned in class: Holding a selfie stick aloft, she livestreamed her random thoughts and blew kisses at her phone.

Global ransomware attack 'came from North Korea'

London - May 2017's global ransomware attack, which struck over 200,000 computer systems across 150 countries, was 'launched from North Korea' according to British security officials.

Facebook seeks to become 'hostile place' for extremists

San Francisco - Facebook on Thursday said it is ramping up the use of artificial intelligence in a push to make the social network "a hostile place" for extremists to spread messages of hate.

Facebook close to building chat bots with true negotiation skills

Facebook is getting closer to building chatbots that are capable of planning conversations and negotiating with humans in a realistic way. By training the bots to mimic human responses, Facebook claims they can then make decisions on their own.

Facebook announces new Safety Check features after London fire

Facebook has announced several new features for its Safety Check crisis tool. They make it easier to stay connected and assist other members of the community when disaster strikes. The announcement came hours after Safety Check was activated in London.

How fake news is changing social media and search online

Fake news has been a stumbling point for internet companies since it came to the attention of the world last year. As the problem continues to spread, social networks and search providers are still devising ways of holding back and reversing the tide.

China cracks down on online peddlers of celebrity gossip

Bejing - Online peddlers of celebrity gossip have fallen foul of China's new cybersecurity law, with officials ordering internet companies to stop "catering to the public's vulgar taste".

Russian hackers 'planted false story' behind Mideast crisis

Washington - US intelligence officials believe Russian hackers planted a false news story that led Saudi Arabia and several allies to sever relations with Qatar, prompting a diplomatic crisis, CNN reported Tuesday.

Britons face down attacks with laughs on social media

London - Britons are deploying their famed dry humour and stiff upper lip on social media in a show of defiance after the latest deadly rampage in London.

Theresa May vs Facebook and the level of regulation

London - Conservative Party leader Theresa May has entered into a dispute with social media providers in the wake of the latest terror attack in London. May has used the situation to call for greater governmental regulation of social media.

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