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Child soldier drama makes Netflix award contender

Venice - Officially its full title is the International Exhibition of the Cinematographic Arts.

At least 30 migrants feared drowned off Libya: IOM

Rome - At least 30 migrants are feared to have drowned off Libya after their dinghy began to sink, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said Friday.

Dreams of drowning: Italy struggles to help traumatised migrants

Rome - The sensation of drowning, short-term memory loss, insomnia and suicidal tendencies: they may have made it safely to Italy, but many asylum seekers are plagued by symptoms of trauma and the psychological help they need is in short supply.

France, Germany and Italy call for reform of asylum rules

Rome - Germany, France and Italy called for an overhaul of laws on the right of asylum and a fairer distribution of migrants throughout the European Union, Italy's foreign minister said Wednesday.

Italy ready to impose border controls to help Germany

Rome - Italy is ready to impose identification checks at Brennero on the border with Austria to help Germany ease the flow of migrants into Bavaria, the northern province of Bolzano said Wednesday.

Italy arrests ten traffickers over migrant boat deaths

Rome - Italian authorities said Friday they had arrested ten suspected people smugglers in connection with the deaths by asphyxiation of 52 people who had been forced to remain in the virtually airless hold of an overcrowded migrant boat.

'I stopped counting': Doctor on discovering migrant boat dead

Rome - Stiff lifeless bodies submerged in water -- it's a sight Canadian doctor Simon Bryant won't soon forget after he found dozens of dead migrants in the hold of a boat off Libya.

Another 1,400 migrants rescued off Libya, 52 found dead

Rome - A Swedish coastguard ship docked at the Sicilian port of Palermo on Thursday carrying more than 570 migrants and the bodies of 52 people, officials said.

Israel to use crop, water technology to win friends in Africa

Milan - Israel wants to use its cutting-edge agricultural technology to improve food production -- and win friends -- across Africa, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday.

Rome district council dissolved due to mafia influence fears

Rome - A district council in southern Rome has been dissolved due to concerns over mafia infiltration, Italy's interior Minister Angelino Alfano announced after a cabinet meeting Thursday.

Op-Ed: A look at the worst refugee crisis since World War II

Italy - With the civil war in Syria, Iraq and instability in parts of Middle East and Africa showing no signs of closure, Europe is groping for answers to one of the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

At least 55 dead in new Mediterranean migrant tragedies

Rome - At least 55 dead bodies were discovered Wednesday on three overcrowded migrant boats in the Mediterranean, the Italian coastguard said.

Key to food scarcity is growing it under the sea

Noli - Agricultural experts, working with scuba divers, are developing a project designed to see if growing plants in pods on the seabed is a viable solution for future food security.

New one-day peak for Italy migrant rescues

Rome - Italy's coastguard picked up another 300 migrants from stricken boats in the Mediterranean on Sunday, a day after overseeing the rescue of 4,400 people in one 24-hour period with help from British, Irish and Norwegian ships.

Another 2,200 migrants rescued off Italy as tensions mount

Rome - Italy's coastguard on Saturday coordinated the rescue of 2,200 migrants in the Mediterranean after receiving distress calls from more than 20 overcrowded vessels drifting in waters off Libya.

Algerian human rights lawyer held in Italy: Reports

Rome - Italian border police have detained an Algerian human rights lawyer who is the subject of an international arrest warrant but who lives in Switzerland as a political refugee, Italian media said Friday.

Italy demands answers on Mafia don's flashy funeral

Rome - Italy's interior minister has demanded to know why a Mafia boss was allowed a lavish funeral, with his coffin drawn through the streets of Rome in a gilded horse-drawn carriage as roses petals were dropped from a helicopter.

Migrant crisis puts Italy's bishops and politicians at loggerheads

Rome - It has been a hot summer in Italy and tempers have started to fray, even in the upper echelons of the Catholic Church.

Acid-throwing Italian mum to see baby in prison after outcry

Rome - A woman jailed in Italy for throwing acid on her ex-boyfriend will be allowed to see her baby once a day following a public outcry, according to media reports Tuesday.

Italy arrests eight over asphyxiated migrants

Rome - Italy on Tuesday announced the arrest of eight suspected people smugglers blamed for the death of 49 migrants asphyxiated in the hold of a sinking ship at the weekend.
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