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Canadian judge tells woman to remove hijab or leave courtroom

The CBC in Canada has obtained a recording of a judge in a Quebec courtroom telling a Muslim woman to remove her hijab if she wants her case heard. The woman was appealing to the court to get her impounded car back.

Dramatic footage as sinkhole swallows up South Korean couple

A truly awful, experience for a couple in South Korea this week — there's no other way of putting it but to say the Earth swallowed them up, collapsing and taking them away. But they survived.

Dude, pass the chips: Study finds why you get marijuana munchies

For people who've smoked marijuana there is no need for a study to confirm the munchies exist. For them it's a case of been there, done that. But a new study went further - it found out why pot users get the munchies. And the results were a surprise.

Mayweather: Pacquiao fight signed for May 2 on Showtime and HBO

What is certain to be the richest fight in boxing history was announced Friday on social media by one of the two combatants. On the social media site 'Shots' Floyd Mayweather said he and Manny Pacquiao are ready to rumble on May 2 in Las Vegas.

ISIS vows to take down Rome

In the most recent propaganda video released by the militant group ISIS, the terroristic group vows to conquer Rome. Some say it is a blatant attack on Christians.

Ghost super moon on February 18th will not be visible

The first "Super" moon of 2015 will rise on Feb. 18th. As the moon rises it will be a rare "Super New Moon" which means the moon will not be visible.

Op-Ed: Mayweather fight coming, but Pacquiao keeps playing games

A fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will happen. This time it is a done deal. Throughout all of this Pacquiao and his camp have played games, making themselves out to be the ones that want it and Mayweather out to be reluctant.

Doggedly cute cat gets 2.6 million Youtube views shoveling snow

Most of us would probably like it a lot if our teenagers put this much sustained effort to digging their way out of snow. Or to do anything. We're talking about the effort Rudiger the cat puts out to dig his way out of a snowdrift and get outside.

Study finds smokers have thin brain cortex and impaired thinking

New research published this week has found that smoking is not just harmful to the heart and lungs - we knew that - but also harmful to the brain. That aspect of the danger of cigarettes hasn't been studied much but this study may lead to more.

Captain Schettino of ill-fated Costa Concordia awaits his fate

The fate of the captain of the ill-fated cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, is now in the hands of the trial's three judges. The closing arguments have been made and Francesco Schettino will soon know how much time he will spend in jail.

Skydivers nearly hit by plane

A skydiver has captured video footage of himself and a tandem passenger as a plane nearly crashed into them during a free fall,

Dirty milky rain falls over Washington and Oregon

Residents of Washington and Oregon are cleaning up a strange white milky residue that fell from the sky during the last rain storm.

Fewer drivers on alcohol but more using marijuana and driving

A study released last week shows that the campaign in the U.S. against drinking and driving has been effective, but another danger on the roads — driving while under the influence of marijuana — is increasing.

Couple gives birth to twins on way to hospital

On Thursday morning a married couple attempted to reach a hospital in Lincoln Nebraska. Their attempt was interrupted as their unborn twins had other plans and made their debut to the world on the side of Highway 77.

Justin Bieber childhood items raise money for Stratford food bank

Justin Bieber's grandparents donated a number of stuff the Biebs had during his childhood and raised a considerable amount of money for their local food bank. The items, including young Bieber's pillowcase, were auctioned on EBay.

Taiwan pilots save lives before dying in TransAsia plane crash

The two pilots of TransAsia Flight 235 that crashed into the Keelung River in Taipei Wednesday morning are being hailed as heroes. The two managed to steer the plane away from buildings and into the river, where both met their death.

Jimmy Page: New girlfriend, 25; gets 'match-fit' to do live gigs

British rock guitarist Jimmy Page said he is preparing to get back to playing live music and thinks it will happen by the end of 2015. Page, the former Led Zeppelin guitar man, has just relaunched an old Zep album and has a new girlfriend.

Taiwan passenger plane hits bridge, plunges into river, many dead

A domestic passenger plane in Taiwan clipped a bridged and plunged into river Wednesday morning. The plane had 53 passengers on board and five or more crew members.

Norse gods temple to be built in Iceland

People will soon be able to flock to Iceland to publicly worship at a shrine to Frigg, Odin and Thor. Construction on the first temple starts this month.

UFO sighting: Alien spacecraft passed by with asteroid, site says

NASA has released information on asteroid 2014 BL86, which passed by Earth on Monday, but at least one group is not buying it. The object orbiting around the asteroid is a moon, NASA claimed, but some UFO trackers say that is not the case.
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