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Iceland, an open-air Hollywood studio

Reykjav - Crystal clear ice caves, glacial lakes, spewing volcanoes and crashing waterfalls framed by dark lava columns: Iceland's breathtaking landscapes have become a magnet for Hollywood moviemakers looking to conjure up otherworldly scenery.

Jamie Oliver sparks fish fuss in Iceland

Reykjav - "What a view!!" Britain's celebrity chef Jamie Oliver exclaimed under a photo he posted on Facebook of a salmon farming cage nestled in a snowy fjord.

Iceland drills 4.7 km down into volcano to tap clean energy

Reykjav - It's named after a Nordic god and drills deep into the heart of a volcano: "Thor" is a rig that symbolises Iceland's leading-edge efforts to produce powerful clean energy.

Iceland-U.K. geothermal energy power cable link still a reality

Scientists are studying the feasibility of using geothermal energy from magma for the first time in a $100 million project in Iceland. If it is successful, we could see 10 times more energy produced from a single well than from conventional wells.

Freed from prison, Iceland's ex-bankers want vindication

Reykjav - Once reviled symbols of rogue capitalism, Iceland's ex-bankers now say they were scapegoats: jailed for their roles in the 2008 financial crisis, they're taking their cases to the European Court of Human Rights.

Iceland booming but no crash in sight, central banker says

Reykjav - Iceland's economy is booming and may overheat but there will be no repeat of the crash that plunged the country into a major financial crisis in 2008, central bank governor Mar Gudmundsson told AFP in an interview.

Iceland to become first nation to mandate equal pay for women

Iceland will become the first nation in the world to mandate that employers prove they offer equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or nationality.

Murdered Iceland woman strangled, tossed into ocean: report

Reykjav - An Icelandic woman whose mysterious disappearance and death last month shocked the tranquil island nation was reportedly strangled before being thrown into the ocean where she drowned, media reported.

Nordic noir turns dark reality in Iceland as girl vanishes

Reykjav - A young woman vanishes in the Arctic night, elite police chase down a trawler at sea, and three sailors are jailed: Iceland, with one of the world's lowest crime rates, is fearing a tragic outcome to a rare crime.

Iceland gets new centre-right government led by Benediktsson

Reykjav - A new centre-right coalition in Iceland announced Tuesday it had agreed to make conservative Independence Party leader Bjarni Benediktsson the country's next prime minister, 10 weeks after a snap election.

Iceland centre-right parties to seek EU referendum

Reykjav - Iceland could hold a referendum on joining the EU if new negotiations on forming a coalition government are successful, the head of one of the three parties involved in the talks said Monday.

Iceland's 'crazy' year ends without a government

Reykjav - Iceland is ending an eventful year in a political quagmire, left without a government for two months after the Panama Papers scandal and a snap election reflecting deep divisions in the island nation.

Scientists drill into volcano to obtain energy

In an impressive technological feat, scientists and engineers have succeeded in drilling a borehole into a volcano in Iceland with the aim of using the intense heat as an energy source.

Iceland's Pirate Party to try to form government

Reykjav - Iceland's president on Friday invited the anti-establishment Pirate Party to form a government, after both the right and left-wing parties each failed in their bids.

Iceland's Left-Greens abandon bid to form govt

Reykjav - Like Iceland's right-wing before it, the Left-Green Movement said Friday it was abandoning all attempts to form a government after coalition talks failed, plunging the country into political uncertainty.

Iceland sues 'aggressive' UK supermarket chain over name

Reykjav - Iceland said Thursday it has filed a lawsuit against a Britain-based supermarket chain called Iceland Foods to ensure that companies in the Nordic nation can use the country's name.

Iceland left-green alliance fails to form government

Reykjav - Iceland's Left-Green movement said Wednesday it had failed in its bid to form a new coalition government, three weeks after snap elections triggered by the Panama Papers scandal.

Iceland left-green alliance to launch talks on forming government

Reykjav - Iceland's Left-Green movement agreed on Sunday to start formal talks on forming a new coalition government, three weeks after snap elections triggered by the Panama Papers scandal.

China and Iceland forge a shared future with Aurora Observatory

In a remote valley in northern Iceland, close to the Arctic Circle, China and Iceland are constructing a research facility to study the Northern Lights, space weather, and other upper atmosphere phenomena.

Iceland's Left-Green head tasked with forming govt after deadlock

Reykjav - The head of Iceland's Left-Green movement was tasked Wednesday with forming a new government, nearly three weeks after snap elections triggered by the Panama Papers scandal left the country in political deadlock.
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