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Canadian 'dinosaur' discovered in 1845 rebranded as a Dimetrodon

A fossil found in Canada two centuries ago believed to be from a dinosaur has now been found to be a creature called a Dimetrodon. These large beasts actually pre-date dinosaurs by many millions of years.

Polar bear population being reduced by climate warming in Arctic

A report released yesterday from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) paints a rather dismal picture for the future of polar bears. The report says their numbers may be dramatically reduced, thanks to global warming.

Take home opioid antidote kit available in Saskatchewan

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is beginning a program that offers a take-home antidote kit for opioid drug users in the event of overdose. It is free and intended to battle the increasing number of deaths from drugs such as fentanyl.

Amazing graveyard of 22 ancient Greek shipwrecks found in Aegean

It is one of the greatest finds of ancient shipwrecks in human history, and the largest. A British-Greek expedition of marine archaeologists investigated an Aegean Sea archipelago and were shocked to find 22 ancient shipwrecks from various eras.

WHO study: 3.7 billion people infected with Herpes virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released new study on the Herpes virus and it says more than half of the planet's humans under 50 are infected with it. CTV News in Canada spoke with an expert who said most of them don't even known it.

Study reveals just 4% of earth's ocean waters protected

Some 200 countries gathered in Japan, in 2010 and came up with a plan to make certain 10 percent of the earth's ocean waters would be fully protected. It is called the United Nations’ Aichi Target and a new study says it is not near being met.

Justin Bieber wins 5 MTV European Music Awards, sets record

The embattled Canadian singer Justin Bieber continued his journey back to the penthouse of pop music over the weekend in Milan, Italy. The Biebs won five MTV European Music Awards and in doing so set a new record for the most EMAs.

West Coast orca whales: J-pod adds third new calf of 2015

The Southern Resident orca whale population has grown yet again with the birth of the third calf born to J-pod and the sixth orca born since January. The baby appears to be healthy and is likely under a week old.

Safety tips for your children on Halloween

Halloween falls on Saturday night this year, and that leaves us with an entire weekend to celebrate ghosts and goblins. One thing that does not change each year is the need to give some thought to your child's safety at Halloween.

Photo of iceberg that sank the Titanic sold at UK auction

A photograph believed to be of the very iceberg that sank the RMS Titanic has been sold at an auction in the UK. It sold Saturday for £21,000.

Galápagos Islands: Scientists discover new giant tortoise species

If you have been waiting for a new species of giant tortoise to be discovered then your wait is over. A new species of the massive turtles has indeed been identified on an island in the Galápagos, a species entirely separate from others on the islands.

Black bear cub lives in pear tree, comes down at night

There are a lot of black bears in the Canadian province of British Columbia, but there is likely only one that has taken up permanent residence in a pear tree. It's been there for some time.

Children in Ontario can get a flu vaccination from nasal spray

If you are a kid in the Canadian province of Ontario this flu season you won't have to get stuck with a needle to get inoculated. The province is offering children the option of a nasal spray flu vaccine.

Steel wheel rims: Buyers look for unique stamp on cars and trucks

There are many reasons why car owners adorn their vehicles with OEM wheel rims and it is a business that has flourished. Like a lot of things in our culture, looks and individuality are the biggest reasons for putting OEM wheel rims on a vehicle.

Coagulant to stop blood loss, save lives, being developed at UBC

A product that could save lives daily all over the world is being developed by researchers at UBC in Vancouver. The remarkable powder is being designed to travel through the flow of blood and stop bleeding at its source.

Researchers create new pasta to combat diabetes, bad cholesterol

In the evolving world of new food creation scientists say they have developed a new "prebiotic" pasta that battles illness. It is enriched, they say, with a fibre that fights diabetes and bad cholesterol, among other health problems.

Massive sinkhole in Australia swallows cars, entire campsite

A sinkhole in Queensland, Australia has swallowed an entire campsite. The phenomena started in the night and sleeping campers had to wake up quickly and scramble for safety. There were no fatalities.

New drug for Alzheimer's Disease calms agitated patients

People stricken with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia are often faced with bouts of agitation. During the progression of their illness they may have periods of agitated pacing, throwing objects and even physical violence. A new drug may stop that.

Dad punches cougar and saves 2-year-old daughter from mauling

A family in British Columbia is happy that Dad has a pretty good right hand. If he didn't? Then a two-year-old girl, the man's daughter, may not have survived a cougar attack.

Reykjavik city council boycotts goods from 'apartheid' Israel

City leaders in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, have voted in favor of a boycott of Israeli goods to protest the ongoing illegal occupation of Palestinian land and the Jewish state's "racial apartheid government."
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