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Texas woman in Chewbacca mask laughs madly, sets Facebook record

Much like the movie Star Wars set box office records a woman from Texas has set a Facebook record - for views. How? Simply by donning a Chewbacca mask, laughing hysterically, and we really mean hysterically, and then posting it on to Facebook.

Iceland's crisis-era central bank chief to run for president

Reykjav - Iceland's longest serving prime minister, who who headed the central bank at the height of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, said Sunday he will run for president this year.

Family of Iceland president's wife tied to 'Panama Papers'

Reykjav - Iceland's president on Monday denied knowing that his wife's family had offshore investments which were revealed in the "Panama Papers" leak following revelations in the Icelandic media.

Iceland's president announces re-election bid

Reykjav - Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson on Monday announced that he will seek another term in office in June's upcoming election, amid political turmoil.

Iceland opposition demands election date, PM refuses

Reykjav - Iceland's opposition parties on Tuesday asked Prime Minister Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson to set a date for early elections due "in autumn" but he refused, the two sides said.

Iceland shocked by elite's love of offshore holdings

Reykjav - Cabinet ministers, bankers and CEOs: the offshore companies at the heart of the leaked Panama Papers have drawn large numbers of Iceland's elite into a scandal that has already brought down the country's premier.

Iceland's Pirate Party ready to board ship of state

Reykjav - Iceland's Pirate Party, founded in 2012 as a marginal protest group, is now unexpectedly in a position where it could seize power in a country fed up with the political and financial establishment.

Fresh anti-government protests hit Reykjavik

Reykjav - Thousands of Icelanders rallied in Reykjavik on Saturday to demand immediate elections on a sixth consecutive day of anti-government protests over the "Panama Papers" revelations which have already toppled the prime minister.

Iceland government survives confidence vote

Reykjav - Iceland's parliament rejected an opposition motion of no-confidence in the new government, which is struggling to shake off revelations from the leaked "Panama Papers" which have already forced the prime minister to step down.

Iceland's new PM, a vet in the eye of the storm

Reykjav - Iceland's new prime minister, 53-year-old Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, is a veterinarian by training now stepping into the political storm that ousted his predecessor, as his party's choice but not a favourite with voters.

Iceland swears in shaky new government after Panama Papers

Reykjav - Iceland's new right-wing government took office on Thursday, under fire from the start as the opposition sought a vote of no confidence and stuck to its call for swift elections.

New Iceland government to take over as protests continue

Reykjav - Iceland's new rightwing government was to take office on Thursday, under fire from the start as the opposition sought a vote of no-confidence and maintained calls for a quick election to be held.

Iceland names new PM, to hold autumn election

Reykjav - Iceland's right-wing government on Wednesday named a new prime minister and said it would hold early elections in the autumn, after the previous leader was forced to step down over his implication in the Panama Papers scandal.

Iceland's government turns deaf ear to calls to quit

Reykjav - Iceland's coalition government turned a deaf ear Wednesday to angry protesters calling for its resignation, a day after the prime minister stepped down over the Panama Papers scandal.

Iceland's Gunnlaugsson, the fall of a white knight

Reykjav - He came to power as a white knight riding a wave of anti-bank fury after Iceland's financial crisis, but Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson was forced to resign as prime minister Tuesday after hiding offshore holdings.

Iceland premier resigns as Panama Papers scandal widens

Reykjav - Iceland's prime minister has resigned, the first political victim of a mushrooming global scandal over hidden offshore financial dealings exposed in the so-called Panama Papers.

Iceland PM asks to dissolve parliament, president refuses

Reykjav - Iceland's prime minister on Tuesday asked the president to dissolve parliament as his government reeled from a political crisis over the so-called Panama Papers, but the president refused.

Study: Fate of Monarch butterfly may end up as 'quasi-extinction'

For some time scientists have raised alarm bells over the beautiful Monarch butterfly. Those bells just got a little louder with the release of a study that suggests the Monarch could actually become "quasi-extinct" in the not-too-distant future.

Thousands protest as Panama Papers put pressure on Iceland PM

Reykjav - Iceland's prime minister is in the hot seat after the leaked "Panama Papers" sparked allegations that he and his wife used an offshore firm to hide million-dollar investments, with thousands taking to the streets demanding he quit.

Icelandic PM refuses to resign over Panama Papers leak

Reykjav - Iceland's prime minister on Monday faced calls to resign after leaked "Panama Papers" tax documents showed he and his wife used an offshore firm to allegedly hide million-dollar investments.
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