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Iceland volcano unleashes third lava stream

Reykjav - Lava is flowing from a third fissure that opened overnight in Iceland's nearly three-week-old volcanic eruption near the capital Reykjavik, officials said Wednesday.

New lava stream flows from Iceland volcano

Reykjav - Iceland's spectacular, two-week old volcanic eruption entered a new phase Monday as television pictures showed a fresh fissure had opened up and begun spitting out lava.

Thousands flock to Iceland's erupting volcano

- Thousands of curious onlookers have flocked to an erupting volcano in Iceland to marvel at the hypnotic display of glowing red lava, the bravest of them grilling hot dogs and marshmallows over the smoldering embers.

Iceland's main volcanic eruptions

Reykjav - A volcano erupted just 40 kilometres (25 miles) from Iceland's capital Reykjavik on Friday, turning the sky crimson as streams of red lava spewed from the ground.

Icelandic volcano erupts, lighting up night sky near Reykjavik

Reykjav - A volcano erupted just 40 kilometres (25 miles) from Iceland's capital Reykjavik on Friday, with red lava spewing out of the ground and a crimson glow lighting up the night sky as a no-fly zone was established in the area.

Gene-mapping champion Iceland leads the way in Covid sequencing

Reykjav - Iceland has genetically sequenced all its positive Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, an increasingly vital practice as worrying new strains emerge from Britain and South Africa.

Giant metallic 'steed' traverses Iceland's threatened glacier

- Instead of a slow slog on snowshoes, a giant bus sweeps passengers at up to 60 kilometres an hour across Iceland's second largest glacier, which scientists predict will likely be nearly gone by the end of the century.

Captive beluga whales released into Iceland sea sanctuary

Reykjav - Two beluga whales from a Shanghai aquarium have returned to the sea in an Icelandic sanctuary, conservationists said Monday, expressing hopes of creating a model for rehoming some 300 belugas currently in captivity.

Vigdis Finnbogadottir, the world's first elected female president

Reykjav - When Vigdis Finnbogadottir assumed Iceland's presidency on August 1 1980, she made history as the first elected female head of state in the world, and four decades later the 90-year-old remains a role-model to Icelanders.

Iceland president re-elected with 92 percent of vote

Reykjav - Iceland's President Gudni Johannesson has been re-elected with a whopping 92 percent of the vote, according to final results released on Sunday.

Iceland president set for landslide election win

Reykjav - Iceland began voting in a presidential election on Saturday, the second European country to hold polls since coronavirus lockdowns were lifted, with incumbent Gudni Johannesson widely expected to win a second four-year mandate.

Partygoers celebrate as Iceland's nightclubs reopen

Reykjav - Iceland's dancefloors once again pulsed to the beat as the country's nightclubs reopened on Monday after a nine-week closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Iceland students see chilling reality of melting glacier

Vik I Myrdal - Icelandic seventh-grader Lilja Einarsdottir is on an unusual field trip with her class: they're measuring the Solheimajokull glacier to see how much it has shrunk in the past year, witnessing climate change first-hand.

Iceland commemorates first glacier lost to climate change

Reykjav - Iceland on Sunday honours the passing of Okjokull, its first glacier lost to climate change, as scientists warn that some 400 others on the subarctic island risk the same fate.

Whales die in new mysterious Iceland stranding

Reykjav - Some 20 pilot whales have died stranded in mysterious circumstances on the south-western coast of Iceland, emergency services said Saturday, only two weeks after a similarly unexplained mass stranding had already killed dozens of the long-finned cetace...

Iceland tops Europe as most expensive

Reykjav - The hot springs of Iceland are not the only thing making tourists sweat, as a look at the hotel or lunch bill will tell you that most things cost more, sometimes much more, than anywhere else in Europe.

Iceland will skip whaling this year: company

Reykjav - No whales will be harpooned off the waters around Iceland this year, as the island nation's two whaling companies have decided to abandon the summer whaling season for the first time in 17 years.

Captive beluga whales make epic journey from China to Iceland sanctuary

Reykjav - Two beluga whales from a Shanghai aquarium arrived in Iceland on Wednesday to live out their days in a unique marine sanctuary that conservationists hope will become a model for rehoming some 3,000 of the creatures currently in captivity.

Iceland's WOW Air budget carrier collapses, cancels all flights

Reykjav - Iceland's budget carrier WOW Air said it had ceased operations and cancelled all flights on Thursday, stranding thousands of passengers.

Icelandic language fighting tsunami of English

Reykjav - Two centuries ago experts predicted that Icelandic would be a dead language by now. But the doomsayers can eat their words: Icelandic is alive and kicking despite an onslaught of English brought on by modern technology.
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