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Deal or no deal, Iran president faces headaches at home

Tehran - Iran's president has been pursuing a nuclear agreement for two years but even if a deal is reached Hassan Rouhani and his government will soon face mounting political pressure at home.

In Iran, morale fragile as nuclear talks stumble

Tehran - For Amir Moghtader the waiting has become a torment. Uncertainty is the cause, but as the clock ticks down he still hopes there can be a nuclear deal for Iran.

Obama sent Iran message ahead of nuclear deadline: Report

Tehran - US President Barack Obama recently sent a private message to Iran's leadership via Iraq's prime minister, an Iranian newspaper reported Monday on the eve of a deadline for a nuclear deal.

Reformist Iranian minister survives impeachment vote

Tehran - Iran's parliament voted overwhelmingly Wednesday against impeaching the education minister, in a victory for President Hassan Rouhani over hardliners.

Iran lawmakers pass bill to protect nuclear programme

Tehran - Iran's parliament approved a controversial bill Tuesday that it said would protect the country's nuclear programme, but which could also hinder final negotiations on a deal with world powers.

Iranian opposition group claims widespread support

As nuclear negotiations in Iran approach the June 30 deadline, the Iranian government is finding itself under the ever increasing scrutiny of critics and opposition groups.

Iran lawmakers curtailed on power to veto nuclear deal

Tehran - Iran's parliament curtailed its own power to block a nuclear deal with world powers Sunday, effectively removing a longstanding threat that a final accord could be torn up by lawmakers.

Iran continues mass executions ahead of nuclear deal deadline

The Iranian government has continued with its mass executions ahead of the June 30 deadline to wrap up nuclear talks. Opposition to the current regime is growing as more public figures criticize the Iranian government.

Leading public figures urge U.S. to engage Iranian opposition Special

Thirty-eight leading public figures, many of them former government officials, urged the White House, State Department, and presidential candidates to engage with opposition groups opposed to the Iranian regime.

Iran allows some women to watch male volleyball

Tehran - There will be no general admission for Iranian women at two upcoming male international volleyball matches but a small number will be granted special permission to watch, a security official said Tuesday.

Western 'haggling' a risk to nuclear deadline: Rouhani

Tehran - Iran's president warned Saturday that haggling by world powers could jeopardise the June 30 deadline for a nuclear agreement, admitting many differences remain on the details of the potentially historic deal.

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry out of hospital following surgery

Boston - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pledged Friday to be "fully engaged" in nuclear talks with Iran when he returns to Geneva after surgery on his fractured leg.

Iran asks Austria to secure nuclear talks against spying

Tehran - Iran has asked Austria's government to take immediate measures to protect the cyber security of nuclear talks, media reported Saturday after reports emerged of suspected espionage at negotiation venues.

Iranian dissidents gather in Paris, push for regime change

Paris - Iranian dissidents from around the world will be gathering in Paris this weekend for a major rally to support democracy. Tens of thousands are expected, and major international leaders, including former U.S. cabinet members, will be speaking at the event.

Iran set to execute another 45 people as European delegates visit

The National Council of Resistance of Iran claims that the Iranian government is preparing to execute at least 45 prisoners in the coming days. At least 35 people were executed on Monday, with more likely to be hanged in the gallows over the coming days.

Iran vows to stop protests against women in stadiums

Tehran - Iran will not tolerate demonstrations against the presence of women at male sporting events, a government spokesman said Tuesday, after threats from ultraconservatives to disrupt any relaxation of restrictions.

Iran spy trial of Washington Post reporter resumes

Tehran - The trial of Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian on charges of spying on Iran resumed behind closed doors in Tehran on Monday, a news agency linked to the judiciary reported.

Iran allegedly preparing to execute 27 prisoners

The National Council of Resistance of Iran claims the Iranian government is preparing to execute 27 prisoners. This follows on the heels of more than 60 executions carried out in recent weeks.

Iran says 'important progress' made in nuclear talks

Tehran - Iran and world powers have made "important progress" towards a final deal aimed at curbing Tehran's nuclear programme in exchange for eased economic sanctions, a senior Iranian negotiator said Thursday.

At least 63 people allegedly hanged in Iran

An Iranian NGO, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, claims that at least 63 people have been executed in the last 10 days in various cities and prisons across Iran.
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