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Op-Ed: Afghanistan pullout - Reassessing how America fights wars

New York City - The pullout from Afghanistan has required some soul-searching of a rather unambiguous kind. America’s record in guerrilla wars is abysmal. Despite military “success” in some ways, strategic aims are routinely not met.

Ramadan breeds dread in crisis-hit Iraq

Baghdad - Faced with sharp price rises, a decline in the buying power of the dinar and rising unemployment, Iraqis enter the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan with a feeling of dread.

Iraqi youth see little hope 18 years after Saddam's fall

Baghdad - Eighteen years ago Saddam Hussein's brutal rule came to an end, but the prospects for young Iraqis who never witnessed his dictatorship remain blighted by insecurity, rampant corruption and joblessness.

'Pyramid' of corruption pushes Iraq family to emigrate

Karbala - Hassanein Mohsen spent months protesting against corruption in Iraq. He also lodged complaints against officials. But now he is shunned as a whistleblower and sees only one way out: emigration.

'Worse than a jungle': the cartel controlling Iraqi borders

Baghdad - Along Iraq's borders, a corrupt customs-evasion cartel is diverting billions of dollars away from state coffers to line the pockets of armed groups, political parties and crooked officials.

'I don't have money!': Iraq's graft-busting budget baroness

Baghdad - Suitcases of spreadsheets are wheeled into her office, as infuriated MPs storm out. Her unmistakeable voice booms down the finance ministry hallways. Meet Taif al-Sami, Iraq's budget baroness.

33 years after Iraq chemical attack, survivors still seeking justice

Halabja - Hawker Saber is one of the survivors of the chemical attack Saddam Hussein ordered on the Kurdish town of Halabja 33 years ago but he needs a respirator to stay alive.

Iraq pegs hopes on Pope's visit, but experts sceptical

Baghdad - Pope Francis' historic trip to war-scarred Iraq went off without a hitch -- an image boost Baghdad hopes will help revive international engagement, foreign investment and even tourism.

Pope celebrates largest mass of historic Iraq trip

Arbil - Pope Francis vowed Sunday to keep Iraq in his heart, as he concluded the largest mass and final public event of a historic trip meant to encourage the country's dwindling Christian community and deepen interfaith dialogue.

Pope Francis visits Iraqi Christians who suffered under IS

Baghdad - Pope Francis, on his historic Iraq tour, visits on Sunday Christian communities that endured the brutality of the Islamic State group until the jihadists' "caliphate" was defeated three years ago.

Near Abraham's Iraq birthplace, lone Christians put hope in Pope

Nasiriyah - As Pope Francis prays for Iraq's minorities Saturday from the birthplace of the common patriarch of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths, one family will be listening particularly carefully.

Pope Francis to meet top cleric Sistani on second day in Iraq

Najaf - Pope Francis begins the second day of his historic Iraq visit on Saturday with an extraordinary meeting with Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the top authority for the country's Shiite Muslims.

Gift for Francis, handmade shawl tells story of Iraq's Christians

Al Hamdaniyah - Pulling golden thread with her frail fingers, elderly Christian Karjiya Baqtar has embroidered a precious prayer shawl to gift the most cherished visitor to her Iraqi hometown -- Pope Francis.

Grand Ayatollah Sistani, Iraq's 'shepherd', to meet Pope Francis

Baghdad - Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the highest religious authority for Iraq's Shiite Muslims, has wielded subtle but unprecedented power for a cleric, guiding his followers through decades of dictatorship, occupation and conflict.

'Pilgrim of peace' Pope Francis heads to war-scarred Iraq

Baghdad - Pope Francis embarked on a historic visit to war-battered Iraq on Friday, defying security fears and the pandemic to comfort one of the world's oldest and most persecuted Christian communities.

One dead in rocket attack on Iraq base hosting US troops

Baghdad - At least 10 rockets slammed into a military base in western Iraq hosting US-led coalition troops on Wednesday, security sources said, leaving one civilian contractor dead.

Covid, unrest: Iraqis tackle obstacles to host pope

Baghdad - Security threats, the Covid pandemic, war-ravaged infrastructure: Iraqis are facing major challenges as they plan to host Pope Francis later this week.

In historic first, Pope Francis to visit Iraq

Baghdad - Pope Francis is to arrive Friday for the first-ever papal visit to conflict-torn Iraq, aiming to encourage the dwindling Christian community to remain in their ancient homeland, and broaden his outreach to Islam.

Once ravaged by IS, Iraq's Sinjar caught in new tug-of-war

Baghdad - Nearly six years since Iraq's Sinjar region was recaptured from jihadists, a tangled web of geopolitical tensions risks sparking a new conflict that could prolong the dire situation of minority Yazidis.

Rocket strikes on US in Iraq seen as 'message from Iran'

Baghdad - Renewed rocket attacks on US targets in Iraq show Iran-aligned factions are heaping pressure on the government while Tehran may be seeking leverage over America's new administration, analysts say.
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