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Iraq protesters keep up rallies despite pressure from riot police

Baghdad - Security forces shot live rounds to clear protest hotspots in Baghdad and southern Iraq for a second day Sunday, sparking skirmishes with demonstrators determined to keep up their movement.

Three Iraq protesters killed in clashes as security forces clear streets

Baghdad - Three protesters were shot dead in Iraq on Saturday in clashes with security forces clearing out streets and squares occupied for months by anti-government demonstrators, stoking fears of a wider crackdown.

Iraq security forces clear streets stoking protester fears

Baghdad - Iraqi security forces cleared anti-government protesters from streets and squares in Baghdad and the south on Saturday, AFP journalists reported, stoking protester fears their long-running campaign risks being sidelined.

Op-Ed: US threatens to assassinate new Iranian Quds commander

The US assassination of General Qassem Soleimani the commander of the Iranian Quds Force earlier this month almost started a war. Iran retaliated with a missile attack January 8 on two US bases in Iraq causing a number of brain injuries to US soldiers.

Op-Ed: US envoy denies there are talks with Iraq on US troop withdrawal

US Special envoy for the ISIS conflict James Jeffrey denied on Thursday that the US has been having any talks with Iraq about withdrawing troops insisting that there is no real engagement.

Op-Ed: US general in Iraq claims Shia militias not ISIS are main threat

The US Deputy Commander in Iraq and Syria, Major General Alex Grynkewich downplayed the threat posed by ISIS terrorists within Iraq. Instead, he argued that Shiite groups including those not controlled by Iran were the real threat..

Thousands join anti-US rally in Baghdad, rattling rival protesters

Baghdad - Thousands of supporters of volatile Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr gathered in Baghdad on Friday for a "million-strong" march to demand the ouster of US troops, putting the protest-hit capital on edge.

Iraq protester gunned down in second night of violence

Basra - An Iraqi demonstrator was shot dead in the southern city of Basra overnight, a security source and the human rights commission said Thursday, the latest in a string of protester deaths.

Iraq protesters defy new violence as president addresses Davos

Basra - Anti-government rallies resurged in Iraq on Wednesday despite renewed violence across the capital and south this week, as protesters ramp up their sit-ins to pressure authorities to implement long-awaited reforms.

Iraq protester killed as youth keep up pressure on government

Baghdad - An Iraqi protester was killed in Baghdad on Tuesday, medics said, as angry young people reignited a three-month-old protest movement by shutting roads to pressure authorities to implement long-awaited reforms.

Three Iraq protesters killed as anger boils over govt 'procrastination'

Baghdad - Three Iraqi protesters were killed in the capital as thousands of anti-government demonstrators sought to shut streets across the country on Monday, their deadline for authorities to implement long-awaited reforms.

Iraq protesters, police grapple for Baghdad streets as deadline expires

Baghdad - Hundreds of Iraqi anti-government protesters grappled with security forces in a bid to shut Baghdad streets on Monday, a deadline they had given authorities to implement long-awaited reforms.

Syria refugees bring new tastes and traditions to Kurdish Iraq

Arbil - At first, no one in the Iraqi Kurdish capital Arbil would drink the bitter coffee at Syrian refugee Abdussamad Abdulqadir's cafe. But now it's a hit, part of a growing cultural exchange.

Op-Ed: US threatens Iraq with sanctions if it demands US troops leave

Iraqi officials warn that the country would face almost immediate economic collapse should US President Trump impose sanctions on Iraq and freeze oil revenues because Iraq demanded US troops leave.

Iraq warns of 'collapse' if Trump blocks oil cash

Baghdad - Iraqi officials fear economic "collapse" if Washington imposes threatened sanctions, including blocking access to a US-based account where Baghdad keeps oil revenues that feed 90 percent of the national budget.

Iraq interested in buying a Russian air defense system

Iraq is interested in purchasing Russian S-300 air defense systems. Russia's S-300 and S-400 systems have been popular purchases as many consider them more cost-effective than US alternatives while still top of the line.

Op-Ed: US refuses to discuss ways to withdraw from Iraq

According to a Washington Post report the Iraqi PM has asked for the US to devise a mechanism for withdrawal of its troops from the country.

Iraq asks US for team to prepare troop pullout

Baghdad - Iraq's caretaker premier Adel Abdel Mahdi has asked the United States to send a delegation to Baghdad to begin preparing for a troop pullout, his office said on Friday.

Shia cleric Al-Sadr asks pro-Iranian militias to 'stand down'

Moqtada al-Sadr the influential Iraqi Shia cleric who heads the largest bloc in parliament on Wednesday issued a statement asking all Shi'ite militias to stand down as the US and Iran work at lessening tensions.

Iraq set for conflict, even if US and Iran de-escalate

Baghdad - Arch-foes Tehran and Washington may be temporarily calling it even after Iranian missiles targeted US forces in Iraq, but analysts predict violent instability will keep blighting Baghdad.
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