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Op-Ed: US said to be planning attacks on Iranian-supported Iraq militias

The United States and Iran both badly hit by the coronavirus appear to be on the verge of military action against each other. After earlier engagements this year both sides seem to be preparing for a new imminent conflict.

In Iraq, no resting place for coronavirus dead

Baghdad - For Saad Malik, losing his father to the novel coronavirus was only the beginning of his nightmare. For over a week, cemeteries across Iraq refused to allow the elderly man's burial.

Op-Ed: Pentagon plans massive attacks on Iraqi pro-Iranian militias

Last week in the US, the Pentagon issued a secret directive that asked US military commanders in Iraq to plan a huge campaign against Iraqi Shi'ite militias with the plan of wiping out some at least.

Rockets hit Iraq's Green Zone, US-led coalition leaves base

Gayara - Two rockets slammed into the Iraqi capital's high-security Green Zone early Thursday, hours before US-led forces were set to pull out of a second base in the country.

Op-Ed: New Iraqi PM designate faces rejection

Iraq is struggling to form an interim government that could prepare for early elections. However, the newest Prime Minister (PM) designate Adnan Zurufi may be the latest to fail as several pro-Iranian Shi'ite groups publicly reject him.

Op-Ed: US expresses anger at Iraq's failure to defend US bases

Washington - The US State Department on Friday issued a statement declaring that they were enormously disappointed by the failure of the Iraqi government to protect US and coalition forces in the country.

Iraq Shiites defy curfews to commemorate revered imam

Baghdad - Tens of thousands of Iraqi Shiites turned out to commemorate a revered imam on Saturday, defying curfews imposed to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Syria's Baghouz, one year after last IS flag came down

Sulaymaniyah - A year after the last black flag of the Islamic State group was lowered in the Syrian village of Baghouz, local farmer Hamad al-Ibrahim is trying to restore his damaged land.

Op-Ed: Iraq faces political crisis amid multiple resignations

Over last weekend Mohammed Allawi Iraqi PM designate wiithdrew his candidacy because he was unable to get the required parliamentary votes to for a cabinet. On Monday the caretaker acting PM Adel Mahdi also handed in his resignation.

Iraq's PM-designate Adnan Zurfi, Shiite moderate with US ties

Baghdad - Adnan Zurfi, Iraq's second premier-designate this year, is respected for focussing on public services and security but faces resistance from factions wary of his close ties with the United States.

Iraq names new PM as rockets hit base hosting foreign troops

Baghdad - Iraq's president on Tuesday named pro-Western lawmaker Adnan Zurfi, a former Najaf city governor, as the next prime minister, tasked with ruling a country hit by military unrest, street protests and the coronavirus outbreak.

Iraq to file complaint with UN over US airstrikes

After the US carried out a number of airstrikes in Iraq , Iraq's Foreign Ministry announced that they will submit a formal complaint to the UN Security Council accusing the US of aggression and violation of Iraq's sovereignty.

Op-Ed: Iraq condemns US retaliatory raids as another attack hits US base

Barham Salih, the Iraqi president, issued a statement on Friday that angrily condemned a group of US airstrikes hitting suspected Iranian-back rebels suspected of carrying out the raids.

New rockets target Iraq base where US, UK troops killed

Baghdad - A fresh spate of rockets targeted an Iraqi base north of Baghdad on Saturday where foreign troops are deployed, Iraqi and US security sources told AFP, in a rare daytime attack.

Civilian among six dead in US air strikes on Iraq

Baghdad - US air strikes targeting pro-Iranian military factions in Iraq killed one civilian and five security personnel early Friday, the Iraqi military said, warning the raids risked a bloody escalation in the war-battered country.

Civilian among six dead in US strikes: Iraq military

Baghdad - US air strikes targeting pro-Iranian military factions in Iraq early Friday killed one civilian and five security personnel, the Iraqi military said in a preliminary toll.

Iraq leaders, UN condemn deadly attack on coalition troops

Baghdad - Top Iraqi politicians joined the United Nations Thursday in condemning a rocket attack north of Baghdad that killed a British soldier and two Americans and threatened a new escalation.

US, UK troops among 3 dead in Iraq rocket attack as US-led coalition responds

Baghdad - Two American soldiers and a British soldier were killed Wednesday, a US official said, in the deadliest rocket attack in years on an Iraqi military base hosting foreign troops.

Op-Ed: Iraqi PM-designate fails to form government withdraws candidacy

Mohammed Allawi's Iraqi Prime Minister-designate candidacy ended last Sunday as he announced he was withdrawing from consideration. Allawi had been unable to form a government due to political opposition.

Iraq crisis deepens after PM-designate steps down

Baghdad - Protest-torn Iraq on Monday faced more political gridlock after prime minister-designate Mohammed Allawi withdrew overnight, accusing lawmakers of obstructing his attempt to form a government.
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