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Turkish jets bomb PKK Kurdish rebels in Iraq: Spokesman

Arbil - Turkish warplanes bombed military positions of Turkey's rebel Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in neighbouring Iraq Friday, a spokesman for the rebel organisation said.

U.S. air strike kills top Al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan: Pentagon

Arbil - A US air strike in Afghanistan killed a senior Al-Qaeda commander in charge of suicide bombing and two other militants, the Pentagon said Friday.

Pentagon chief hails peshmerga as model for Iraq

Arbil - Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said during a visit to Kurdistan Friday that the autonomous region's peshmerga force was a model for the rest of Iraq in its fight against jihadists.

US defence chief in Iraq to assess anti-IS efforts

Baghdad - Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said during his first visit to Baghdad Thursday that the United States was willing to do more to help Iraq defeat the Islamic State group.

Iraq bomb attacks kill at least 30

Baghdad - Car bomb attacks in Baghdad and the Iraqi province of Diyala, mostly claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group, have killed at least 30 people, police and medical sources said Wednesday.

Toll soars to 90 after IS bomb guts Iraq town

- Iraq mourned its dead Saturday after one of the deadliest car bombs in its bloody history ripped through a busy market north of Baghdad and killed at least 90 people.

Op-Ed: NRA tells Australia ‘There will be blood’ Um, no.

Sydney - Not that anyone was asking for their opinion, but America’s favorite “You have the right to be massacred” group doesn’t like Australia’s gun laws. As if we give a damn, apart from exercising our right to be annoyed.

Iraqi government lays siege to refugee camp Special

Baghdad - Camp Liberty, a camp for de facto refugee members of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq, has come under siege as the Iraqi government has denied the entry of food, septic tanks, and other vital supplies.

IS car bomb sows carnage in Iraq town

Ba'quba - A car bomb blast claimed by the Islamic State group ripped through the crowded heart of an Iraqi town north of Baghdad Friday, killing at least 35 people, officials said.

Iran nuclear deal being met by harsh criticisms

Iran and the P5+1 parties have come to terms on a nuclear deal, and by the looks of the agreement, both sides can claim victory. Critics in the West, however, have raised serious concerns about the deal, and Iran's faithfulness in implementing it.

First batch of US F-16 jets delivered to Iraq

Baghdad - Four US F-16 warplanes landed in Iraq on Monday, the first batch of a much-delayed delivery aimed at boosting the ailing Iraqi military's capacity, the defence ministry said.

IS releases new footage of 2014 Tikrit massacre

Baghdad - The Islamic State jihadist group released new footage of its June 2014 massacre of hundreds of mostly Shiite military recruits in Tikrit.

Iraq court sentences 24 to hang over Tikrit massacre

Baghdad - An Iraqi court on Wednesday sentenced 24 men to hang over the June 2014 massacre by jihadists and allied militants of hundreds of mostly Shiite military recruits in Tikrit.

Iraqi warplane accidentally bombs Baghdad, killing 12 people

Baghdad - An Iraqi fighter jet, returning to base after a mission targeting ISIS positions accidentally dropped a bomb on a Baghdad neighborhood on Monday, killing at least 12 people and destroying three houses.

Iraq jet accidentally bombs Baghdad, killing eight

Baghdad - A bomb fell from an Iraqi Sukhoi warplane and exploded in eastern Baghdad on Monday because of a "technical problem", killing at least eight people and wounding 17, officials said.

IS threat grows as 'caliphate' enters second year

Mosul - The Islamic State group's "caliphate" enters its second year Monday with the jihadists expanding their territory in Syria and Iraq and their global reach by claiming attacks in Tunisia and Kuwait.

ISIS has its own currency

The Islamic State (ISIS) apparently has its own minted currency. At least that is what a series of photos that have been making rounds online suggests.

14 killed in Iraq suicide bombing claimed by IS

Ba'quba - A suicide bomber detonated a car bomb at a gathering of Iraqi Sunni tribal leaders, killing 14 people in an attack claimed Wednesday by the Islamic State group, police said.

IS drowns, decapitates 'spies' in brutal new video

Baghdad - An Islamic State group video released Tuesday showed the jihadists murdering 16 men by drowning them in a cage, decapitating them with explosives and firing a rocket-propelled grenade into a car.

Kurds emerge as key force in fight against IS 'caliphate'

Baghdad - Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria have emerged as some of the most effective forces battling the Islamic State jihadist group in the year since IS declared a cross-border "caliphate".
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