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US launches Tikrit air strikes to support Iraqi forces

Tikrit - US and coalition aircraft bombed Islamic State jihadists in Tikrit, lending air power to Iraqi forces who have struggled to recapture the town despite Iranian assistance.

Doctors' group says 1.3 million killed in U.S. 'War on Terror'

An group of international physicians' organizations has published a study concluding US-led wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have killed more than 1.3 million people.

US mulls air strikes on Tikrit, aids Iraqis with 'eye in the sky'

Baghdad - Washington is considering launching air strikes, possibly within days, to back up Iraqi and Shiite forces battling to recapture Tikrit from the Islamic State jihadist group, US officials said.

Federal judge orders release of thousands of torture photos

New York - A federal judge has ordered the release of nearly 2,100 photos showing the torture and other abuse of detainees, many of them innocent, imprisoned by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan during the George W. Bush administration's 'war on terror.'

Op-Ed: Iraqi forces suffer heavy casualties in Tikrit offensive

Tikrit - Reports on casualties in the Iraqi offensive led by an Iranian general and including many Shia militia groups, are now beginning to emerge. The heavy toll may be one reason why the offensive is stalled.

Op-Ed: Canada's foreign policy is making us less safe

Ottawa - This week, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that he was going to put forward legislation to extend the nation's role in Iraq and potentially expand its mission into Syria. This will only make us less safe and less free.

IS claims beheading of three Iraqi Kurdish fighters

Baghdad - The Islamic State group claimed to have beheaded three Iraqi Kurdish fighters in an online video and threatened to kill more unless the Kurds stop bombardment of jihadist-controlled areas.

Iraq army says coalition raids needed in Tikrit battle

Tikrit - Iraqi forces need support from coalition air strikes in Tikrit, where die-hard jihadists are defending their last redoubt with trenches, sandbags and roadside bombs, a top officer said on Sunday.

Offensive against the IS in Tikrit, Iraq appears a success

Tikrit - The offensive against Tikrit by Iraqi security forces and Shiite militias backed by Iran appears close to victory as the last IS fighters are cornered in the center of Tikrit.

Iraqi forces pound besieged Tikrit jihadists

Baghdad - Iraqi forces on Friday battled jihadists making what looked increasingly like a last stand in Tikrit but the Islamic State group responded by vowing to expand its "caliphate".

Iraqi forces enter IS-held Tikrit after 10-day push

Tikrit - Iraqi forces entered Tikrit Wednesday, dodging bombs and sniper fire in search of their biggest victory yet against embattled jihadists who tried to light new fires elsewhere in Iraq and Syria.

IS attacks Iraq's Ramadi with seven car bombs

Baghdad - The Islamic State jihadist group launched a coordinated attack on government-held areas of the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on Wednesday, involving seven almost simultaneous suicide car bombs, police said.

IS executes 20 opponents in northern Iraq: Officials

Kirkuk - The Islamic State jihadist group executed 20 people who wanted to fight against them in the northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk, officials said on Monday.

Top US officer in Baghdad as Iraq fights for Tikrit

Baghdad - The top US military officer vowed in Baghdad on Monday that the Islamic State group will be defeated, as Iraqi forces pressed their largest operation yet against the jihadists.

UN chief calls on world to stop destruction of Iraqi sites

Baghdad - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the international community to halt the destruction by Islamic State jihadists of Iraqi archaeological sites, branding the smashing of priceless and ancient artifacts a "war crime".

Iraq forces face IS resistance but U.S. says Tikrit will fall

Kuwait - Iraqi forces faced tough resistance from jihadist fighters around Tikrit Saturday, but the top U.S. military officer said ahead of a Baghdad visit that victory was only a matter of time.

IS 'bulldozed' ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, Iraq says

Baghdad - The Islamic State group began bulldozing the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud in Iraq, the government said, in the jihadists' latest attack on the country's historical heritage.

UN says 28,000 flee drive to retake Iraq's Tikrit

Baghdad - Some 28,000 people have fled the Tikrit area as Iraqi forces battle the Islamic State jihadist group in a massive offensive aimed at retaking the city, the UN said.

Concern grows for civilians as noose tightens around Tikrit

Kirkuk - Concern mounted over the fate of civilians in Tikrit where Iraqi forces were trying to trap Islamic State group jihadists on the third day of a huge offensive to retake the city.

Iraq jihadists slow Tikrit advance with bombs and snipers

Kirkuk - Iraqi forces closed in on Tikrit, their progress slowed by jihadist snipers and booby traps, on the second day of Baghdad's largest operation yet against the Islamic State group.
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