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Iraq PM visits Fallujah, urges Iraqis to celebrate victory

Baghdad - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi urged all Iraqis to celebrate the recapture of Fallujah Sunday by the security forces and vowed the national flag would be raised in Mosul soon.

Iraq takes full control of Fallujah from IS

Fallujah - Iraqi forces took the Islamic State group's last positions in the city of Fallujah Sunday, establishing full control over one of the jihadists' most emblematic bastions after a month-long operation.

Iraq forces 'control over 80% of Fallujah'

Fallujah - Iraqi forces have retaken more than 80 percent of Fallujah from the Islamic State group, the commander of the month-long offensive on the jihadist bastion said Thursday.

Iraq's Fallujah nearly cleared but aid effort flounders

Baghdad - Iraqi forces hunted jihadist fighters in their last Fallujah redoubts Wednesday as tens of thousands of displaced civilians massed in overcrowded camps around the city.

Families from Iraq's Fallujah flee one hell to find another

Fallujah - They fled starvation and jihadist tyranny in Fallujah for the safety of displacement camps but thousands of Iraqi families still have nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep."The government told us to leave our homes, so we did.

Iraq faces humanitarian disaster after Fallujah breakthrough

Fallujah - Aid workers scrambled Sunday to cope with a massive influx of Iraqi civilians who fled Fallujah after government forces retook much of the city from the Islamic State group.

Iraq forces hunt IS in Fallujah and eye Mosul

Fallujah - Iraqi forces hunted down holdout jihadists in Fallujah Saturday after retaking the city centre and trained their sights on Mosul, the Islamic State's last remaining major hub in the country.

Iraq PM says only 'small pockets' of IS remain in Fallujah

Baghdad - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Friday said the security forces had retaken most of Fallujah from the Islamic State group and that only small pockets of jihadists remained."We promised you the liberation of Fallujah and we retook it.

Iraq forces retake central Fallujah from IS

Baghdad - Iraqi forces raised the national flag over the government compound in Fallujah on Friday, top commanders said, a breakthrough in the nearly four-week-old offensive against the Islamic State group's bastion.

Iraq forces push in Fallujah amid concern over civilians

Fallujah - Iraqi elite forces battled Islamic State group jihadists Thursday in their bastion of Fallujah, where an aid group says nearly four weeks of fighting have ensnared civilians in a humanitarian disaster.

Trap tightens on civilians as battles rage in Iraq's Fallujah

Fallujah - The Islamic State group battled Iraqi forces and held civilians hostage Wednesday to defend its bastion of Fallujah, where three weeks of fighting has forced tens of thousands from their homes.

Despair grows in Iraq camps over hundreds of missing men

- When Iraqi officials and top brass visited this displacement camp south of jihadist-held Fallujah, distressed residents swarmed around them asking the same question: "Where are our sons?

IS suspects fleeing Iraq's Fallujah with civilians

Fallujah - Iraqi forces said jihadist fighters were attempting to flee Fallujah by blending in with civilians who have been escaping the besieged city in their thousands in recent days.

IS suicide attack kills five in Iraq's Ramadi: Officers

Baghdad - A suicide attack carried out by Islamic State group fighters killed at least five members of the Iraqi security forces on Monday in the city of Ramadi, army officers said.

Safe corridor allows 4,000 to flee Iraq's Fallujah

Baghdad - The Iraqi army has established a safe corridor that has allowed 4,000 Fallujah residents to flee the jihadist-held city in 24 hours, the Norwegian Refugee Council said on Sunday.

IS kills 18 civilians trying to flee Fallujah

Baghdad - Fighters from the Islamic State group killed at least 18 members of two families as they attempted to flee the besieged jihadist bastion of Fallujah, relatives said on Sunday.

How one family escaped Iraq's besieged Fallujah

Baghdad - Abu Marwan, his wife and his three children are among the very few Iraqi civilians to have escaped from the heart of the Islamic State group's besieged stronghold of Fallujah.

Iraq suicide attacks kill at least 18

Baghdad - Two suicide bomb attacks near the entrance of a military base north of Baghdad and by a market in the Iraqi capital killed at least 18 people Thursday, police said.

Iraqi forces seize part of southern Fallujah from IS

Baghdad - Iraqi government forces fighting to retake Fallujah from the Islamic State group seized a southern neighbourhood of the city on Wednesday, officials said.

Fallujah liberation 'days' away: Commander

Baghdad - The commander of Iraq's operation to retake Fallujah from the Islamic State group said Tuesday victory was days away, but progress had been slowed by huge numbers of bombs and traps.
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