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Dire conditions for civilians trapped in Iraq's Fallujah: UN

Baghdad - Only 800 people have been able to flee Fallujah since Iraqi forces launched a major offensive to retake the city, the United Nations said in a statement released Thursday.

Forces fighting for Iraq's Fallujah

Baghdad - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has announced the start of a long-awaited operation to retake Fallujah, one of two cities in the country still held by the Islamic State group.

Iraq forces begin assault on IS bastion Fallujah

- Iraqi forces battled the Islamic State group Monday in the opening stages of an operation to retake Fallujah, one of the toughest targets yet in Baghdad's war against the jihadists.

Iraq says its forces preparing for Fallujah battle

Baghdad - Iraqi forces are heading to Fallujah to launch a long-awaited operation to retake the city from the Islamic State jihadist group, the prime minister's spokesman announced on Sunday.

House Committee passes resolution to protect Camp Liberty

Washington D.c. - The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed a resolution to provide for the protection of the residents of Camp Liberty.

Iraq forces 'killed at least two protesters'

Baghdad - Iraqi forces killed at least two protesters while defending Baghdad's Green Zone, officials said on Saturday, as the troubled country's leaders warned against further escalation.

Baghdad protests in Green Zone result in injuries in Iraq

Baghdad - Iraqi security forces have opened fire on protesters who have broken into the heavily-fortified Green Zone in Baghdad. The thousands of protesters were angry at the government's inability to approve corruption reforms.

Protesters break into Green Zone, enter Iraq PM's office

Baghdad - Supporters of Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr stormed the premier's office Friday after breaking into the Green Zone for the second time in three weeks, further escalating a long-running political crisis.

Under heavy pressure, jihadists strike back in Baghdad

Baghdad - The Islamic State group, on the defensive and under heavy pressure in Iraq, has struck back with bloody attacks in Baghdad, where persistent gaps in security increase the city's exposure.

Baghdad attacks toll rises to at least 39

Baghdad - The death toll from a series of attacks in Baghdad rose to at least 39 on Tuesday, security and medical officials said.The attacks also wounded at least 83 people, the officials said.

Islamic State attacks gas plant and other targets in Iraq

Baghdad - Islamic State (IS) militants launched a deadly attack on a natural gas plant in a factory complex at Taji about 20 kilometers north of Baghdad.

Refugees forced to walk 4km on foot to Serbia from Tabanovce Special

The ambulance rushed the five-month-old baby to the nearest hospital in Skopje. It takes about one hour by car from Tabanovce, a refugee transit center located at the Macedonian-Serbian border to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

Seven dead in raid on Iraqi gas plant claimed by IS

Baghdad - Suicide attackers stormed a gas plant north of Baghdad Sunday, killing at least seven people and setting fire to tanks in the latest such assault claimed by the Islamic State group.

IS releases video of 'citizen executions' in Iraq

Baghdad - The Islamic State group has released a video showing five alleged "spies" being shot dead in Iraq by young men from a crowd assembled for the execution.

Ten killed in two more Baghdad car bomb attacks: police

Baghdad - Two more car bomb blasts rocked Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people, just hours after the year's deadliest attack in the Iraqi capital claimed 64 lives, police said.

Baghdad market bombing claimed by IS kills 52

Baghdad - A car bombing claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group killed at least 52 people at a market in a Shiite area of north Baghdad on Wednesday, officials said.

Iraqi PM fires Green Zone commander and tightens security

Baghdad - Iraq's prime minister Haider Al-Abadi has fired the commander of special forces in Baghdad's Green Zone after protesters were able to breach the concrete walls recently and enter the parliament buildings.

IS kills U.S. Navy SEAL in Iraq attack

Baghdad - The Islamic State group broke through Kurdish defences in northern Iraq on Tuesday and killed a US Navy SEAL deployed as part of the US-led coalition against the jihadists.

Iraq in political limbo after Green Zone storming

Baghdad - Iraq's political reform process was in limbo Monday after protesters demanding a change of government reacted to weeks of stalling by storming parliament.

Protesters quit Baghdad's Green Zone after unprecedented breach

Baghdad - Protesters withdrew from Baghdad's Green Zone on Sunday after breaking into the fortified area and storming Iraq's parliament in an unprecedented security breach the day before.
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