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US says Iraqi forces lack will to fight IS

Baghdad - Washington on Sunday accused Iraqi forces of lacking the will to fight the Islamic State group, which scored a resounding victory a week earlier with the capture of Ramadi.

Iraq claws back land from IS near Ramadi

Baghdad - Iraqi forces retook territory from the Islamic State group east of Ramadi Saturday, commanders said, in their first counterattack since the jihadists' capture of the Anbar provincial capital last week.

U.S. admits killing children in Syria airstrike

The commander of the US-led military campaign against Islamic State has admitted an American airstrike killed two Syrian children last November.

Retreating Iraqis in Ramadi leave U.S.-provided weapons for ISIS

Ramadi - Iraqi troops retreating from Ramadi last Sunday left behind many U.S.-provided vehicles, including tanks, armoured personnel carriers and artillery for ISIS fighters.

Obama mulls enhanced support for Sunnis after Iraq rout

Baghdad - The United States said it is considering accelerating the training and equipping of Iraqi tribal forces to fight the Islamic State group after the fall of the city of Ramadi.

Ramadi fall failure of Iraqi PM's anti-IS strategy: Analysts

Baghdad - The fall of Ramadi has scuppered Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's efforts to build a credible cross-sectarian force to fight the Islamic State group, analysts said Monday.

Shiite militias head for Iraq's Ramadi after IS takeover

Baghdad - Shiite militias converged on Ramadi Monday to try to recapture it from jihadists who dealt the Iraqi government a stinging blow by overrunning the city in a deadly three-day blitz.

IS takes Ramadi as Iraqi forces pull out

Baghdad - Iraqi government forces staged a desperate retreat from their last bases in Ramadi on Sunday, effectively giving the Islamic State group full control of the capital of Iraq's largest province.

IS jihadists seize command centre in Iraq's Ramadi: Official

Baghdad - Islamic State group fighters on Sunday took over the provincial operations command centre in Ramadi, putting the jihadists on the brink of capturing the Iraqi city, officials said.

Op-Ed: The Kill Chain gets another notch

Headlines around the world heralded the latest kill America has notched up, showing it is capable of making Weapons of Individual Destruction as well as WMDs.

Baath-linked TV channels release recording of Saddam deputy

Baghdad - TV channels with links to Iraq's former ruling Baath party on Friday released an audio recording purportedly of the elusive Saddam Hussein deputy some officials said had been killed last month.

IS seizes Iraqi govt compound, kills dozens in Syria

Ramadi - Islamic State extremists made key gains, seizing a government compound in the strategic Iraqi city of Ramadi hours after allegedly massacring dozens of civilians as they closed in on Syria's ancient metropolis of Palmyra.

IS seizes government HQ in Iraq's Ramadi

Baghdad - Islamic State fighters seized the government compound in the city of Ramadi on Friday and edged closer to what would be their biggest victory in Iraq this year, officials said.

IS on the offensive in Iraq's Anbar region

Baghdad - The Islamic State group has launched attacks on multiple fronts in Iraq's western province of Anbar, in its latest attempt to retake the initiative on the ground, sources on both sides said.

Op-Ed: Jeb Bush schooled by college student: 'Your brother created ISIS'

Reno - Potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush found himself in troubled waters when a college student confronted him and said his brother, former President George W. Bush was responsible for the rise of the Islamic State.

IS leader urges Muslims to move to 'caliphate': Recording

Baghdad - The leader of the Islamic State group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Thursday urged Muslims to emigrate to his self-proclaimed "caliphate", in the jihadist supremo's first audio recording in six months.

Islamic State wages fierce battle to control Iraq refinery

Baghdad - The battle for the town of Baiji and the nearby Baiji refinery, the largest in Iraq, began last year in December as Iraqi forces with US air support launched an offensive to retake the facility.

Iraq says top IS leaders targeted in coalition strike

Baghdad - The Iraqi government said Wednesday that several top jihadist leaders were targeted in a coalition air strike in the northwestern area of Tal Afar.

Prisoners escape in ISIS jail break Iraq

At least 50 prisoners allegedly allied to the Islamic State (IS) escaped in an Iraqi prison break, Saturday. Reports mention at least 40 casualties including prisoners and security officials.

Baghdad car bomb targeting pilgrims kills seven: police

Baghdad - A car bomb blast targeting Shiite pilgrims on an annual march to a Baghdad shrine killed at least seven people Saturday and wounded 20, security and medical sources said."A car parked near Kahramana square exploded...
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