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As oil prices dive, Iraqi Kurds seek to diversify economy

- Iraq's Kurdish region has for decades lived off its oil wealth, but plummeting energy prices amid the pandemic and financial mismanagement are forcing locals to return to long abandoned farms.

Op-Ed: US Afghanistan pullout- Asking for trouble

Washington - The baffling ability of the United States to politically lose wars which it has won militarily apparently continues. The troop pullout from Afghanistan is looking like a serious mistake.

Shiite pilgrims in Iraq mourn martyrs old and new

Karbala - Millions have massed in Iraq to mourn one of Shiite Islam's most revered spiritual figures but also to honour modern "martyrs" such as an Iranian general killed in a US drone strike.

Op-Ed: US withdraws 2,500 troops from Iraq

Mustafa Kadhimi, the Iraqi Prime Minister confirmed over last weekend that at least 2,500 US troops have been withdrawn already from Iraq as part of a three year period of pullout from the country.

In Iraq's Mosul, new statues rise from ashes of IS rule

Mosul - As sunset nears, the residents of Iraq's Mosul flock to a golden-tinted statue of a woman looking out over their scarred city with an expression of steady defiance.

'Beacon of light' of Iraq's Yazidis dies at 87

- Iraq's Yazidi minority paid its last respects to its spiritual leader on Friday as tributes poured in for the cleric, who guided his flock through the horrors of Islamic State group occupation and its aftermath.

Turkey, Iran deploy 'game-changing' drones in north Iraq

Sulaimania - Turkey and Iran are increasingly adopting "game-changing" drones as their weapon of choice against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, prompting fears for the safety of civilians and stoking geopolitical tensions.

Iraq says 'not happy' with 'dangerous' US pullout threat

Baghdad - Baghdad is "not happy" with a "dangerous" threat by Washington to pull its troops and diplomats out of Iraq, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said Wednesday.

A year after unprecedented Iraq protests, what has changed?

Baghdad - Back in October 2019, unprecedented protests demanded the fall of Iraq's ruling class. One year on, with a new government in place and nearly 600 protesters killed, almost nothing has changed.

US launches airstrikes on Iraq from carrier in the Gulf

For the first time in two years and a half, US jets have launched an attack on Iraq from planes based on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

New US threats to Iraq widen rifts, leave PM exposed

Baghdad - Enraged by near-daily attacks on its interests in Iraq, Washington has threatened to close its embassy in Baghdad, in a blow to a premier seen as a bulwark against Iran.

Iraqi youth with development disorders suffer in, and after, Mosul lockdown

Mosul - When Mosul ended its Covid-19 lockdown last month, health specialists faced a disheartening reality: a deterioration among youth with developmental disorders and special needs in the northern Iraqi city.

From foe to friend: how Iran transformed post-war Iraq ties

Baghdad - In the four decades since Iran and Iraq went to war, Tehran has turned enmity into influence, seeing its allies installed in Baghdad's halls of power and becoming its top trading partner.

Iraqis dig up Covid-19 dead to rebury in family graves

Najaf - Mohammad al-Bahadli dug into Iraq's hot desert sand with bare hands to reach his father's corpse."Now he can finally be with our people, our family, in the old cemetery," 49-year-old Bahadli said, as relatives sobbed over the body, wrapped in a shroud....

Op-Ed: Trump to reduce US troops in Iraq to just 2,000 in a short time

Only one day after the US Central Command (CENTCOM) announced it was withdrawing 2,200 troops from US President Trump announced even more cuts in the months to come. Now, troop levels in Iraq are at 5,200 but will be at 3,000 by the end of the month.

US confirms it will pull out 2,200 troops from Iraq

The US Central Command CENTCOM officials claim that it will. withdraw 2,200 troops from Iraq before the upcoming US election. The troops are to be withdrawn by the end of September confirming what the Trump administration has said recently.

Return of Saddam-era archive to Iraq opens debate, old wounds

Baghdad - A trove of Saddam-era files secretly returned to Iraq has pried open the country's painful past, prompting hopes some may learn the fate of long-lost relatives along with fears of new bloodshed.

Trump to announce US troop withdrawals from Iraq, Afghanistan

Baghdad - US President Donald Trump was expected to announce further troop withdrawals Wednesday from Afghanistan and from Iraq, where several thousand US troops hunting down jihadist sleeper cells have faced increasing attacks blamed on pro-Iran factions.

Iraq's Jews fled long ago, heritage struggles on

Arbil - Growing up in Iraq, Omar Farhadi would heat up dinner for his Jewish neighbours when they rested on the Sabbath. Few are left, and their heritage risks fading away too.

Macron to back Iraq 'sovereignty' on first Baghdad visit

Baghdad - French President Emmanuel Macron landed in Baghdad Wednesday on his first official visit to Iraq, where he hopes to help the country reassert its "sovereignty" despite simmering US-Iran tensions.
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