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Op-Ed: Digital surveillance — Australia's Pine Gap and US vs War Crimes?

Sydney - The U.S. Pine Gap base in Australia has been controversial since it was built, during the later Cold War. The question is whether Australia is participating in a system which may qualify as war crimes when civilian casualties are incurred.

Iraq begins battle to retake Tal Afar, IS bastion near Mosul

Baghdad - Iraqi forces on Sunday launched an assault to retake the northern city of Tal Afar from the Islamic State group, after ousting the jihadists from Mosul last month.

Iraq begins battle to retake Tal Afar, IS bastion near Mosul: PM

Baghdad - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced early Sunday the start of a battle to retake Tal Afar, a key Northern Iraqi bastion of the Islamic State (IS) group and one of their last remaining strongholds in the region.

Conflicts in Syria, Iraq far from over despite IS setbacks

Baghdad - Despite the recapture of swathes of territory from the Islamic State group, the conflicts in Iraq and Syria are far from over as their governments face major political challenges, experts warn.

Iraq faces vast challenges securing, rebuilding Mosul

Mosul - With Mosul in ruins and nearly a million displaced, Iraq now faces the enormous task of restoring order and rebuilding its second city after driving out Islamic State group jihadists.

Schoolgirls in Iraq's Mosul aim to catch up on lost years

Mosul - Despite having fallen three years behind their peers elsewhere in Iraq, it's been mostly smiles all around for the girls at Mosul's Trablus school since it reopened its damaged gates after the jihadists fled.

In the ruins of Mosul, a hunt for the missing

Mosul - In Mosul, the missing are everywhere, their families hunting through the ruined Iraqi city for traces of lost husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters.

US-trained Iraqi unit carried out Mosul executions: HRW

Baghdad - An Iraqi army division trained by American forces summarily executed prisoners in west Mosul, Human Rights Watch said Thursday, calling for US assistance to the unit to be suspended.

Mosul's Christians face dilemma after Islamic State

Arbil - The jihadists may have been ousted from their Iraqi hometown of Mosul but many Christians like Haitham Behnam refuse to go back and trade in the stability of their new lives.

IS families, Mosul displaced live side-by-side in Iraq camp

- Like hundreds of thousands of other Iraqis, Maha lives with her boys at a camp for the displaced near Mosul. But there's a big difference -- her father and husband worked and fought with the Islamic State jihadist group.

After the battle: Mosul looks to rise from the ashes

Mosul - The battle over, it's now time to start rebuilding Iraq's second city, parts of which were literally flattened during the offensive against holed up jihadists of the Islamic State group.

Return to Mosul a distant dream for many displaced

- Yassin Najem knows he has to start again from scratch. His home in Mosul has been bombed, and for him and thousands more displaced Iraqis, returning remains a distant dream.

West Mosul residents start mammoth task of rebuilding

Mosul - Near Mosul's war-ravaged historic heart, Maher Al-Nejmawi watches a worker repainting his long-abandoned stall. Residents of Iraq's second city are trying to put their lives back together after months of fighting."Here, a car bomb exploded.

Mosul's once-thriving Old City now a grey wasteland

Mosul - Once the beating heart of Iraq's second-largest metropolis, the Old City of Mosul is now a broken wreck, its winding streets piled high with rubble and hardly a building spared from destruction.

Iraqi PM hails victory over 'brutality and terrorism' in Mosul

Mosul - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over "brutality and terrorism" in Mosul on Monday, announcing his forces had ended the Islamic State group's rule over the country's second city.

Iraqi forces fight to clear last jihadists from Mosul

Mosul - Iraqi forces engaged in "heavy" fighting with the Islamic State group on Monday as they battled to clear the last jihadist-held pockets in Mosul's Old City, a senior commander said.

Baghdadi 'The Ghost': world jihad's low-profile boss

Baghdad - Discreet in his youth and invisible as the world's most wanted man, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi rose through the ranks quietly and patiently to become global jihad's undisputed supremo.

The Islamic State group in Iraq, Syria: key dates

Baghdad - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory Sunday in the "liberated" city of Mosul, the Islamic State group's last urban stronghold in Iraq, as the IS Syria bastion Raqa is surrounded.

Iraq: The battle for Mosul

Baghdad - Key dates in the offensive against the Islamic State group in Iraq's northern city of Mosul where on Sunday Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory.

Mosul loss huge, but not deadly, blow to 'caliphate'

Baghdad - Mosul was the largest city in the "caliphate" proclaimed by the Islamic State group and its loss is a huge blow to the jihadists' statehood experiment -- but not a fatal one.
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