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Anti-US chants as Iraqis mourn commanders killed a year ago

Baghdad - Thousands of Iraqi mourners chanted "revenge" and "no to America" on Sunday, one year after a US drone strike killed Iran's revered commander Qasem Soleimani and his Iraqi lieutenant Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

One year after US killed Iran general, Iraq tensions boil

Baghdad - One year after US forces assassinated Iran's most storied commander, tensions are boiling between Iraq's Washington-backed premier and pro-Tehran forces that accuse him of complicity in the Baghdad drone strike.

Op-Ed: Al-Sadr fears Iraq will be battleground for Iran US conflicts

Moqtada al-Sadr, the influential Iraqi Shi'ite cleric has warned both the US and Iran not to involve Iraq in any of their conflicts. Sadr claimed that the Iraq had been "greatly affected" through being an arena for proxy fights.

Cards from across Iraq bring Christmas cheer to Christians

Al Hamdaniyah - It wasn't Santa on a sleigh, but it was close: just before dusk on Christmas Eve, a busload of volunteers pulled into the Iraqi Christian town of Qaraqosh to deliver holiday happiness.

Baghdad's wristwatch repairman is a timeless treasure

Baghdad - Youssef Abdelkarim's storefront on one of Baghdad's most historic streets is a time capsule -- literally. Thousands of wristwatches fill the tiny shop, where three generations have repaired Iraq's oldest timepieces.

Rockets hit near US embassy in Iraq as tensions flare

Baghdad - A volley of rockets exploded near the US embassy in Baghdad Sunday, as tensions mount ahead of the anniversary of the US killing top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani on Iraqi soil.

Baghdad booze bombings: Islamic vice squads or turf war?

Baghdad - Escalating attacks on the Iraqi capital's few liquor stores have terrified shop-owners who fear hardline Islamists are flexing their muscle against alcohol consumption.

In Iraq's Mosul, wholesale market revives trade legacy

Mosul - Mountains of kitchen supplies, back-to-back butchers: the historic wholesale market in Iraq's Mosul is battling the odds -- from extremists to epidemic -- to revive the city's reputation as a trading hub.

In Iraq, virus revives traumas of IS survivors

- For half a decade, Zedan suffered recurring nightmares about jihadists overrunning his hometown in northern Iraq. The 21-year-old Yazidi was just starting to recover when Covid-19 revived his trauma.

Nightmare over but Iraqi Christians still dream of leaving

Baghdad - The bells of St. Joseph's Chaldean Cathedral echo across Baghdad, signalling the start of Mass for the dwindling congregation that has stayed in the scarred Iraqi capital against all odds.

As more US troops leave Iraq, pro-Iran factions take their shot

Baghdad - Eyeing Washington's withdrawal of 500 more troops from Iraq, pro-Iran factions have boldly resumed attacks on the US embassy there despite suspicions outgoing President Donald Trump could strike back.

Holy smoke: Waterpipes keep bubbling in Iraqi shrine city

Karbala - Iraq's Karbala is known as a religious pilgrimage site, visited by millions of worshippers, but shisha-smokers revere it for a different reason: its signature wooden waterpipes.

Iraq shuts last 'safe haven' camps for vulnerable families

Baghdad - Shredded tarp flutters from the metal frames of what were once thousands of tent homes. After five years hosting displaced Iraqis, the vast camp was emptied in under 48 hours.

'In our hearts': radio keeps Syria refugees in Iraq close to home

- Speaking into a microphone in her modest studio, Sherin Mohammad goes live with the news. But this is no typical radio station: Gardenya FM is run by, and for, Syrian refugees.

Iraq's pro-Iran factions see smoother sailing with Biden at helm

Baghdad - Iraq's pro-Tehran factions have welcomed Joe Biden's election as US president, alarming officials and activists in Baghdad who fear a US-Iran deescalation could empower hardliners in their own country.

Iraqis rally to revive year-old revolt against the system

Baghdad - Thousands of Iraqis took to the streets Sunday on the first anniversary of a revolt against a political system failing to deliver basic services and against the growing influence of pro-Iran militias.

Veterans of Iraqi turmoil view protesters with sympathy, concern

Baghdad - A year after Iraqi youths launched mass anti-government protests, elder veterans of past "revolutions" have praise for the idealistic activists but also words of caution born from tough experience.

Iraq's 'stadium of horrors' in ruins, but the game goes on

Mosul - Mohamed Fathi, coach of Mosul's football club in northern Iraq, hardly recognises the ruined soccer stadium once used by Islamic State group fighters to fire rockets and lob mortars from.Piles of rubble lie alongside a pitch of bumpy sand.

As oil prices dive, Iraqi Kurds seek to diversify economy

- Iraq's Kurdish region has for decades lived off its oil wealth, but plummeting energy prices amid the pandemic and financial mismanagement are forcing locals to return to long abandoned farms.

Op-Ed: US Afghanistan pullout- Asking for trouble

Washington - The baffling ability of the United States to politically lose wars which it has won militarily apparently continues. The troop pullout from Afghanistan is looking like a serious mistake.
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