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Three Shiites lead field for Iraq election

Baghdad - An incumbent prime minister, his ousted predecessor and a paramilitary chief instrumental in defeating the Islamic State group are the three favourites vying for Iraq's premiership.

More than 300 sentenced to death in Iraq for IS links

Baghdad - Iraqi courts have sentenced to death a total of more than 300 people, including dozens of foreigners, for belonging to the Islamic State group, judicial sources said Wednesday.

Years after hanging, Saddam mystery lives on

Manawi - In his native village of Al-Awjah, the mausoleum of Iraq's executed dictator Saddam Hussein has been reduced to broken concrete and tangled barbed wire, showing no trace of his remains.

US flags burned as Iraqis protest Syria strikes

Baghdad - Thousands of Iraqis took to the streets in several cities on Sunday to protest against US-led strikes on Syria, following a call by influential Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr.

One killed in car bomb targeting Iraq election candidate

Baghdad - A car bomb attack targeted an election candidate in Iraq's contested Kirkuk city on Sunday, killing one person and wounding 11, a security official said.

16 dead in attack at Iraq funeral of anti-IS fighters

Kuwait - At least 16 people died in a bomb attack Thursday during funerals in a northern Iraqi village for fighters killed by the Islamic State group, the village's mayor said.

Baghdad's infrastructure in ruins 15 years after Saddam fell

Baghdad - After the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 there were hopes its millennium-old capital Baghdad could rise again from the ashes, but construction sites have remained idle as if time stood still.

Iraqi army tackles its demons 15 years after Saddam fall

Baghdad - As Iraqi forces battled the Islamic State group, former general Abdel Karim Khalaf came to a sad realisation -- they were fighting against some of his former army comrades.

15 years after Saddam's fall, Iraqi hopes fade

Baghdad - Fifteen years ago, Abu Ali was thrilled to see American soldiers enter Baghdad. "The tyrant is finished," he remembers saying, imagining a bright future for Iraq without Saddam Hussein.

Iraq scouts make comeback in ex-jihadist bastion Mosul

Mosul - Scouts are making a symbolic comeback in Mosul after a three-year absence from the city that used to serve as the Islamic State jihadist group's capital in Iraq.

Iraq condemns 6 Turkish women to death for IS membership: judiciary

Baghdad - A Baghdad court on Monday sentenced six Turkish women to death and a seventh to life in prison for membership of the Islamic State jihadist group, a judicial source said.

Feline pampered: Basra moggies set paw in Iraq's first cat hotel

Basra - Cats in Iraq's southern city of Basra are purring with delight as the country's first feline hotel opens for guests.In a part of the country where many struggle to make ends meet, a prime venue for cat naps may seem like a luxury.

Iraqi enthusiasts search for relics of royal past

Baghdad - At the heart of a Baghdad flea market, nostalgia for Iraq's royal past is on full display as collectors and investors gather to buy relics from a bygone era.

Thirty years on, Kurds remember 5,000 gassed at Halabja

Halabja - Thousands of Iraqi Kurds clad in black and many tearful marked on Friday the 30th anniversary of the Halabja gas massacre that killed some 5,000 people.

When Saddam gassed 5,000 Kurds at Halabja

Halabja - On March 16, 1988, as many as 5,000 Iraqi Kurds, mostly women and children, were killed when deadly gas was released on the northern town of Halabja by Saddam Hussein's forces.

Thirty years on, gas attack still poisons Iraq's Halabja

Halabja - As a teenager Kamal Jalal saw two of his sisters killed when Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's forces launched a gas attack on the Kurdish town of Halabja.

Baghdad ends air blockade of Iraqi Kurdistan

Baghdad - Iraqi authorities said Tuesday they were lifting a nearly six-month air blockade imposed on Iraqi Kurdistan in response to its holding of an independence referendum.

Iraq's Sadr and communist sickle join forces for election

Baghdad - Supporters of a black-turbaned Shiite cleric are seeing red in the runup to Iraq's May elections thanks to an unprecedented alliance with the once-powerful communist party.

Friar trains Iraqis to preserve 'treasures' rescued from IS

Baghdad - As jihadists swept across Iraq three years ago, he rescued a treasure trove of ancient religious manuscripts from near-certain destruction. Father Najeeb Michaeel is now training fellow Iraqis to preserve their heritage.

Iraqi women 'reclaim their rights' with Mosul marathon

Mosul - Nearly 300 women ran through the streets of Iraq's Mosul on Thursday, in a demonstration of their freedoms eight months after the city was retaken from the Islamic State group.
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