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Amid security worries, gun sales thrive in Iraq's Mosul

Mosul - Hunting rifles, pistols and towers of ammunition magazines: new gun shops are popping up in Iraq's Mosul, where residents are keen to own personal firearms in the unpredictable aftermath of jihadist rule.

Top regional officials in Iraq for symbolic summit

Baghdad - Top officials from Iraq's six neighbours gathered in its capital Saturday for a symbolic summit showcasing Baghdad's aspirations as a regional mediator, but which otherwise produced no tangible outcome.

Iraq parliament to host regional rivals in Baghdad

Baghdad - Iraq will host senior officials from neighbouring countries including regional arch-rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran on Saturday, as it carves out a role as a mediator in the deeply divided region.

In Iraq, tribal traditions rob women, girls of rights

Amarah - Two weeks into Mariam's forced marriage to her cousin according to Iraqi tribal custom, she desperately doused herself in fuel, flicked on a lighter and attempted suicide by self-immolation.

Iraq moves to ban online game PUBG for 'inciting violence'

Baghdad - Iraq's parliament on Wednesday voted unanimously to ban the popular but brutal online game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for "inciting violence" in the war-torn country.

Iraqi troops destroy holdout IS media centre in north

Baghdad - Iraq's elite counter-terrorism force targeted Islamic State group holdouts Thursday in the northern region of Hamreen, including a media centre, more than a year after the country declared IS vanquished.

Historic water levels at Iraq reservoirs and dams: officials

Kuwait - Water levels in Iraq's reservoirs and dams have reached historic heights, officials have told AFP, with thousands of families facing possible displacement by more flooding.

Iraq offers to try foreign IS suspects, for a price

Baghdad - Iraq has offered to put on trial hundreds of accused foreign jihadists in Baghdad in exchange for millions of dollars, potentially solving a legal conundrum for Western governments but sparking rights concerns.

Iraq says tried to stop US blacklist of Iran Revolutionary Guard

Baghdad - Baghdad tried to stop Washington from blacklisting Iran's Revolutionary Guards as a "terrorist organisation," Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi said Tuesday, warning that the decision could further destabilise the region.

Owners of Mosul ferry arrested after deadly disaster: Iraq judiciary

Baghdad - The owners of a ferry that capsized in Mosul killing 100 people have been arrested along with engineers who had allegedly certified the vessel, Iraq's judiciary said Sunday.

Ferry disaster shines spotlight on corruption in Iraq

Baghdad - A governor on the run, officials summoned to court and candidates accused of bribing councillors: the Mosul ferry disaster has brought renewed attention to the scourge of corruption in Iraq.

Iraq parliament sacks governor over deadly ferry capsize

Baghdad - Iraq's parliament on Sunday sacked the governor of a northern province where 100 people died in a ferry disaster that sparked a wave of grief and anger.

Harsh rules, violent punishments under IS rule

Baghdad - For the millions forced to endure the Islamic State group's brutal rule, life in the "caliphate" was a living hell where girls were enslaved, music was banned and homosexuality was punishable by death.

Jihadists emerge from tunnels to surrender after 'caliphate' falls

Sinjar - Dozens of Islamic State group jihadists emerged from tunnels to surrender to US-backed forces in eastern Syria on Sunday, a day after their "caliphate" was declared defeated.

Post-IS Iraq treads fine line as it seeks regional role

Baghdad - Five years after the Islamic State group swept across Iraq, Baghdad is bidding to reclaim its role as a regional player while walking a tightrope between rival backers the US and Iran.

Syria force takes IS bastion, 'caliphate' wiped out

Sulaymaniyah - Kurdish-led forces pronounced the death of the Islamic State group's nearly five-year-old "caliphate" Saturday after flushing out diehard jihadists from their very last bastion in eastern Syria.

As 'caliphate' ends where is its leader Baghdadi?

Baghdad - The world's most wanted man who has so far eluded capture, Islamic State group chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has seen his "caliphate" crumble and its last shred of territory in Syria evaporate on Saturday.

Anger, grief sweep Iraq's Mosul as ferry disaster toll hits 100

Mosul - The capsizing of a Tigris River ferry packed with families celebrating Kurdish New Year in Mosul left at least 100 people dead, mostly women and children, the Iraqi interior ministry said on Friday, as grief and anger swept the city.

US-backed Syrian forces fight last IS jihadists

Sulaymaniyah - Kurdish-led forces on Friday battled a small group of Islamic State jihadists refusing to surrender and still defending the last few acres of their moribund "caliphate" in eastern Syria.

Almost 100 dead as Iraq ferry sinks on spring holiday trip

Mosul - Almost 100 people, mostly women and children, died Thursday as a ferry packed with families celebrating Kurdish New Year sank in a swollen river in the former jihadist stronghold of Mosul, in Iraq's worst accident in years.
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