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Iraqi pilgrims protest corruption during Arbaeen march

Karbala - Thousands of Iraqis chanted anti-corruption slogans during the Shiite Arbaeen pilgrimage to the holy city of Karbala Saturday, responding to firebrand cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's call to keep up anti-government protests.

French FM holds Iraq talks on IS prisoners in Syria

Baghdad - France's top diplomat held talks in Baghdad on Thursday on transferring foreign jihadists from northern Syria for trial in Iraq after a Turkish offensive triggered fears of mass jailbreaks.

Iraq anti-corruption drive stops short of snaring worst culprits

Baghdad - Following a wave of deadly anti-government protests, Baghdad has announced a slew of measures to stem corruption -- but stopped short of targeting the worst offenders.

Deadly protests set stage for Iran, US tug-of-war over Iraq

Baghdad - Iraq's deadliest wave of protests since the 2003 ouster of dictator Saddam Hussein has made the country vulnerable to a battle for influence between its two main competing allies, the United States and Iran, analysts say.

Top Iraq cleric says govt responsible for protest deaths

Karbala - The Iraqi government and security forces are "responsible for the bloodshed" during recent protests, top Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani said on Friday.

After Iraq violence, Shiite hardliners seize advantage

Baghdad - Deadly protests in Iraq have exposed a rift within the country's Shiite political factions benefiting hardliners ready to embrace authoritarianism, experts say.

Iraq begins national mourning for protest dead

Baghdad - Iraq began three days of national mourning Thursday for more than 100 people killed during recent protests, while the government was expected to present a reshuffle to parliament in response to the political crisis.

Op-Ed: Turkey enters Syria as US dithers, risk of new major war

Ankara - Turkey’s decision to move into Syria and fight US-backed Kurdish forces has a lot of ramifications, none of them good for regional peace.

Op-Ed: Protests resume in Sadr City area of Baghdad in Iraq

Baghdad - Protesters have returned to the streets in Sadr City a Shi'ite district in Baghdad as they are unimpressed by Iraqi government of Abdul Mahdi's promise of reforms and his removal of the military from the are after numerous casualties.

Iraq's parliament meets after protests spark political crisis

Baghdad - Iraq's parliament held its first session Tuesday after a week of anti-government protests that left dozens dead and sparked a political crisis the country's president said required a "national dialogue".

Iraq military admits 'excessive force' used in deadly protests

Baghdad - Iraq's military admitted for the first time Monday it used "excessive force" in deadly protests, a move Amnesty International said must lead to accountability for more than 100 killed over the last week.

Iraq military admits 'excessive force' used in deadly protests

Baghdad - Iraq's military admitted on Monday that "excessive force" was used in a district of the capital overnight where a mass protest led to clashes that medics and security forces said left 13 people dead.

Iraqi PM pledges reforms to calm angry protests

Baghdad - The Iraqi government announced a series of reforms early Sunday after an "extraordinary" session overnight in response to sweeping anti-government rallies that have left nearly 100 dead in less than a week.

Iraqi PM pledges reforms to calm angry protests

Baghdad - Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi's cabinet issued a series of reforms early Sunday after an "extraordinary" session overnight in response to sweeping anti-government rallies that have left nearly 100 dead.

Op-Ed: Iraqi government may lose control as protest casualties soar

After five solid days of protests in Iraq the government appears to be losing control of the situation. Police are opening fire on the protesters and spreading curfews are being ignored in general.

UN says 'this must stop' after violence in Iraq protests

Baghdad - The top UN official in Iraq deplored five days of violence during protests that has killed nearly 100 across the country and wounded thousands, saying "this must stop".

Innovative Iraqis dodge net blackout to illuminate protest violence

Baghdad - With secret satellites, pricey messages abroad and clandestine file transfers, young Iraqis are circumventing an internet blackout aimed at stifling several days of bloody protests in the capital and beyond.

Protesters flood Iraq streets anew as death toll nears 100

Baghdad - Renewed protests took place under live fire in Iraq's capital and the country's south Saturday as the government struggled to agree a response to days of rallies that have left nearly 100 dead.

Iraq death toll rises to 44 as chaotic protests spike

Baghdad - Clashes intensified Friday across Iraq as protesters swarmed streets and clashed with police in an uptick in violence that has left 44 dead including six security forces in the past four days.

Iraq forces fire on dozens of protesters in Baghdad: AFP

Baghdad - Iraqi security forces Friday opened fire on dozens of protesters gathering in Baghdad for a fourth day of demonstrations against corruption, unemployment and poor public services, an AFP correspondent reported.
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