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Iraq protesters form 'mini-state' in Baghdad's Tahrir Square

Baghdad - With border guards, clean-up crews and hospitals, Iraqi protesters have created a mini-state in Baghdad's Tahrir Square, offering the kinds of services they say their government has failed to provide.

Iraqi families fear worst after protesters abducted

Baghdad - "Last seen: Friday, 9:18pm." About an hour after gunmen began attacking a protest encampment in Iraq's capital at the weekend, Mustafa -- who had slept there for weeks -- went offline.

As Iraqis protest against state, tribes make a comeback

Baghdad - Iraqi protesters have clashed with police and torched government offices, a premier has resigned and precious blood spilt. As modern institutions collapse, a centuries-old force is making a comeback: Iraq's tribes.

Iraqis rally against government as Baghdad summons Western envoys

Baghdad - Iraqis turned out Monday to mourn a prominent activist gunned down the previous evening, the latest violent episode in anti-government demonstrations in which more than 450 people have died.

Drone hits Iraq cleric's home as tensions rise after Baghdad attack

Baghdad - An armed drone targeted the home of Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr on Saturday, hours after his supporters deployed in Baghdad in response to an attack that left 17 protesters dead.

Iraq protesters turn out in defiance after Baghdad attack

Baghdad - Iraqi protesters defiantly turned out on Saturday across the country's south and in the capital, where a dozen people were killed in an overnight attack by unidentified gunmen.

Top Iraq cleric says no role in talks on new PM as protests persist

Baghdad - Iraq's top Shiite cleric said Friday he was not taking part in talks on the country's new premier, as his supporters joined apprehensive youths still protesting in the capital despite widening intimidation campaigns.

Iraq revolution will be dramatised, written, read, and painted

Baghdad - The pops of gunfire rang out across the protest camp in Iraq's capital. Blood-stained bodies writhed on the pavement, and smoke from burning tyres smarted the captive audience's eyes.

Still in streets, Iraqis say problem is poverty

Diwaniyah - Chants demanding complete regime change have echoed across Iraq for weeks, but what first brought demonstrators onto the street was the profound poverty of one of the world's most oil-rich countries.

Iraq parties, allies debate new PM as violence hits shrine cities

Baghdad - Iraqi politicians and their regional allies gathered in Baghdad on Tuesday to discuss a way out of two months of protests that brought down the government, as violence hit southern cities.

Talks in Iraq capital as violence hits shrine cities

Najaf - Iraq's politicians gathered in Baghdad on Tuesday to discuss a way out of two months of protests that brought down the previous government, as violence hit two Shiite shrine cities.

Iraq parties in talks over new PM amid unrelenting protests

Baghdad - Iraq's rival parties were negotiating the contours of a new government on Monday, after the previous cabinet was brought down by a two-month protest movement insisting on even more deep-rooted change.

Iraq's embattled PM bows out as protesters mourn dead

Baghdad - The government of Iraq's Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi ended Sunday after two months of violent unrest that has left more than 420 people dead and thousands mourning them in nationwide marches.

Iraqis keep up anti-regime demos despite PM's vow to quit

Nasiriyah - Iraqis kept up anti-government protests in Baghdad and the south on Saturday, dissatisfied with the premier's vow to quit and insisting on the overhaul of a system they say is corrupt and under the sway of foreign powers.

Iraq cleric urges cabinet change as protesters regroup after crackdown

Karbala - Iraq's top Shiite cleric on Friday urged parliament to replace the cabinet, after dozens of protesters were killed in one of the bloodiest days of anti-government rallies gripping the country.

Iraqis shatter taboos in rage at Iran, but bloodshed may follow

Baghdad - By torching Tehran's consulates and slapping their muddy shoes against photographs of top Iranian officials, Iraqi protesters have shattered a taboo on public criticism of their influential eastern neighbour.

Iraq crackdown kills nearly 40 after Iran mission torched

Nasiriyah - Iraq's protest-hit cities saw one of their bloodiest days yet on Thursday as a government crackdown killed nearly 40 demonstrators following the dramatic torching of an Iranian consulate.

Iraqi protesters torch Iran consulate amid deadly protests

Najaf - Iraqi protesters torched the Iranian consulate in the holy city of Najaf on Wednesday in a dramatic escalation of anti-government demonstrations that have left more than 350 people dead.

Iraq's deadly unrest closes roads, schools across south

Karbala - Iraqi anti-government protesters blocked roads in the country's south with burning tyres on Wednesday, as schools and public offices stayed shut a day after deadly clashes with security forces.

Iraqi Kurds agree in principle on oil shares with Baghdad

According to officials said to be familiar with the situation a delegation from the Kurdish autonomous region met with Iraqi officials in the capital Baghdad. There was an agreement in principle on oil revenue sharing involving Oil and Finance Ministers.
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