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France mounts Iraq strikes as jihadists advance in Syria

Baghdad - France mounted its first air strike to beat back the Islamic State group in Iraq, even as jihadists across the border in Syria seized dozens of Kurdish villages in a lightning offensive.

French Air Force locate, destroy ISIS weapons depot

Paris - While conducting its first airstrikes of Islamic State targets in Iraq, the French government has announced it has hit and destroyed a weapons logistics depot belonging to the terrorist organization.

France begins strikes in Iraq as anti-jihadist drive widens

Baghdad - France carried out its first air strike against the Islamic State group in Iraq Friday, boosting US-led efforts to unite the world against the growing threat posed by the jihadists.

US strikes jihadist training camp as France to join air war

Baghdad - US warplanes hit an Islamic State group training camp in Iraq Thursday in their first strike not directly supporting Iraqi or Kurdish forces as France announced it will join the air war.

Op-Ed: Australia busts up ISIS beheading plot

Sydney - Australian police say they broke up a plot by ISIS terrorists to randomly execute a victim. More than 800 police raided houses and vehicles in Sydney and Brisbane.

Iraq Jihadists face growing pressure, but no US troops

Baghdad - Elite Iraqi troops backed by US jets battled jihadists near Baghdad Wednesday as President Barack Obama insisted US ground troops would not be deployed to battle the Islamic State group.

Op-Ed: The anatomy of perpetual deception in a post-9/11 world

After all we've been through since 9/11 — after fighting a prefabricated enemy created by Washington — Americans still haven't learned a thing. Another illegal war predicated on deception will only make things worse.

Op-Ed: The Islamic State — Obama follows W’s lead

New York - There is a residual anti-”Christian West" dimension to the “Muslim” narrative in many parts of the world, including among a great many Muslims enjoying the “freedoms” and social benefits guaranteed residents in Western “democratic” lands.

US strikes Islamic State jihadists near Baghdad for first time

Baghdad - The United States has bombed militants near Baghdad in support of Iraqi forces, striking close to the capital for the first time in its expanded campaign against Islamic State jihadists.

Arab League countries to provide airstrike against ISIS

Cairo - Following a meeting between Arab League Secretary-General Nabil al-Araby and US Secretary of State John Kerry, US State Department officials confirmed several Arab nations have agreed to conduct airstrikes against ISIS forces in Iraq.

Op-Ed: U.S. skepticism on defeating ISIS raises risk of Iraq War 2.0

With the beheading of a third Westerner by ISIS the U.S. and Britain face intensifying calls to action...but an NBC News poll has found that almost 70 percent of Americans doubt that the U.S. will be able to destroy ISIS. What can be done?

Boots on the ground: 40 German soldiers headed to Iraq

Berlin - German officials have announced plans to send 40 soldiers to Iraqi Kurdistan to train Kurdish forces fighting against ISIS.

Kurdish female fighters face jihadists in Iraq's north

- Tekoshin stands on a mountain in north Iraq with a rifle slung over her shoulder and a grenade tucked into her belt, facing jihadists in "a struggle to liberate women".

Kerry drums up support for U.S. 'war' on IS jihadists

Arbil - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry heads to Cairo on Saturday, amid a growing campaign to build a broad international coalition for a "war" against Islamic State extremists in Syria and Iraq.

Administration searches desperately for Middle East 'boots'

Baghdad - With midterm elections bearing down, the top Democrat is trying to convince a war-weary nation it needs to go back to war - not just in Iraq, but in Syria, where nearly 200,000 have died.

French leader pledges to step up military involvement to Iraq

Baghdad - French President Francois Hollande told Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi Friday his country was willing to step up its military support against jihadists.

Op-Ed: On 9/11, America creating more potential 9/11s

Each year on the anniversary of the worst (received) terrorist attack in our nation's history, Americans fear a new 9/11. But as is too often the case, America is once again acting in a manner that's likely to foment more, not less, anti-American terror.

Op-Ed: Why the U.S. should not rule out boots on the ground against ISIS

President Obama has vowed to neutralize ISIS as a dangerous organization, but has also vowed not to use U.S. ground troops to do the job. This "war on the cheap" method is exactly what landed us in trouble in Iraq in 2003.

Op-Ed: Many Islamic State weapons made in the U.S.

Baghdad - Many weapons used by the Islamic State were seized as they captured bases in Iraq from Iraqi forces. However, the group also has US weapons that appear to have been given originally to moderate Syrian rebels linked to the Free Syrian Army.

Kerry holds Iraq talks on U.S. strategy against jihadists

Baghdad - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry held talks with Iraq's new leaders Wednesday on their role in a long-awaited strategy against Islamic State jihadists to be unveiled by President Barack Obama.
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