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India PM's reform push faces crunch test in Bihar vote

Patna - Prime Minister Narendra Modi faces a crucial test on Monday when Bihar, one of India's largest and poorest states, begins voting in polls that could have major consequences for his troubled reform drive.

India protests to Saudi after maid's hand chopped off

New Delhi - India said Friday it had lodged a protest with authorities in Riyadh after a maid from Tamil Nadu allegedly had her hand chopped off by her Saudi employer for complaining about her work conditions.

India's Bellandur Lake is a real environmental 'horror story'

Bangalore - India's Bellandur Lake used to supply water to over 20 villages in the 1970s, but now it would be a stretch to even call it a lake. Other words come to mind, cesspool, toxic brew, or even chemical dump describes it better.

Steel wheel rims: Buyers look for unique stamp on cars and trucks

There are many reasons why car owners adorn their vehicles with OEM wheel rims and it is a business that has flourished. Like a lot of things in our culture, looks and individuality are the biggest reasons for putting OEM wheel rims on a vehicle.

I can be leader even if not Myanmar president: Suu Kyi

New Delhi - Aung San Suu Kyi intends to lead a new Myanmar government if her party wins historic polls despite being barred from the presidency, she says in an interview to be broadcast Wednesday.

India activists back 'pollution tax' to clean Delhi air

New Delhi - Environmentalists called Tuesday for a pollution tax in the Indian capital after a top court ordered the city and national governments to quickly come up with a plan to clean New Delhi's notoriously filthy air.

Baby blues: Study finds expectant Dads also subject to depression

In a study from Canada's Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, researchers found that men, too, can suffer depression prior to becoming a parent. The number of expectant fathers who experience depression are significant.

Coagulant to stop blood loss, save lives, being developed at UBC

A product that could save lives daily all over the world is being developed by researchers at UBC in Vancouver. The remarkable powder is being designed to travel through the flow of blood and stop bleeding at its source.

Man slaughtered after rumours spread that he ate beef

An angry mob lynched a 50-year-old man after rumors spread that his family had been storing and consuming beef. The son of the deceased was also dragged out from their home and beaten up badly.

Indian court sentences five to death for 2006 train blasts

Mumbai - An Indian court sentenced five men to death on Wednesday for a series of bomb blasts that ripped through packed trains in Mumbai in 2006, killing nearly 200 people and injuring many more.

Review: Musicians, dancers bring rich spirit of India to North America Special

Courtenay - Many people witnessing a performance by the Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers on a current North American tour will never visit India. No matter. For a couple of hours, audiences will feel like they’re on the South Asian sub-continent.

Pharma company criticized over pigeons in process area

Mumbai - Pan Drugs Limited of Nandesari, India has been cited by the U.S. FDA for evidence of pigeons in an area of a drug manufacturing facility used to process medications.

Massive sinkhole in Australia swallows cars, entire campsite

A sinkhole in Queensland, Australia has swallowed an entire campsite. The phenomena started in the night and sleeping campers had to wake up quickly and scramble for safety. There were no fatalities.

Polydrug Laboratories banned from importing to U.S.

Mumbai - The company Polydrug Laboratories is no longer able to import medicinal products into the U.S. following a series of concerns about manufacturing standards.

'Witch' killings haunt India's remote villages

New Delhi - As he recovers in a children's shelter in eastern India, 17-year-old Ganita Munda is haunted by the sound of his family's screams as a witch-hunting gang killed them in their home.

India: Women tea workers victorious in Kerala strike

Munnar - A nine-day strike by thousands of tea workers, mostly women, in India's southern Kerala state ended earlier this week after company managers at the plantation where they work agreed to meet their demands.

Op-Ed: Global drug imports from India need better standards

Mumbai - The Indian pharmaceutical sector is beset with compliance problems. This is demonstrated via a series of import bans into the U.S. imposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

American woman says raped in northern India

New Delhi - An American tourist has accused two men of raping her in the popular Himalayan hill station of Dharamsala in northern India, police said Thursday, the latest sex attack on a foreigner.

Volcano in Japan erupts but this time there are no deaths

Japan's small island of Kyushu is not a safe place to be right now. That's because on Monday the island's volcano erupted and sent plumes of smoke and gaseous chemicals into the air and down the side of the mountain.

India police hunt for explosives' owner after deadly blast

New Delhi - Police were hunting Sunday for the owner of an illegal cache of explosives blamed for a massive blast in a crowded restaurant in central India that left more than 80 people dead.
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