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Hindu temple volunteer hacked to death in Bangladesh

New Delhi - A Hindu temple worker was hacked to death in western Bangladesh Friday, police said, the latest in a series of attacks on religious minorities by suspected Islamists.

Petition demanding new Brexit referendum at 3 million, growing

A petition calling for a second Brexit referendum continues to circulate in the U.K. and has now topped 3 million signatures. It needs but 100,000 for it to be put upon the docket to be discussed in Parliament but will it mean much of anything?

German police kill gunman but hostages survive, motive unknown

A gunman is dead but no one inside the German movie complex in which he fired his weapon Thursday was killed. There are reports of two dozen or more injuries but those injuries are related to police-fired tear gas, officials said.

India’s space rocket carrying 20 satellites blasts off

New Delhi - India’s space industry has risen a notch higher with the successful launch of a rocket carrying 20 satellites from at least five countries, an achievement the Indian president said exhibited the country’s increasing space capabilities.

Lightning kills at least 93 as monsoon sweeps India

New Delhi - At least 93 people have been struck by lightning and killed in India over the past two days, disaster management officials said Wednesday, as annual monsoon rains swept the country.

Millions stretch and bend for International Yoga Day

Chandigarh - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called yoga a "people's mass movement" as he took to the mat Tuesday along with millions of others worldwide to celebrate the ancient practice.

India's Tamil Nadu state orders 500 liquor shops to close

New Delhi - Five hundred liquor shops were ordered closed from Sunday in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu after its newly re-elected government pledged to ban alcohol to curb violence and other problems.

The Times in U.K. supports decriminalizing illegal drugs

The U.K's Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) recently published a paper advocating the decriminalization of all illegal drugs in Britain and the society has an influential backer. The Times newspaper agrees and has published a piece saying as much.

Indian court jails 11 for life over Gujarat massacre

Ahmedabad - An Indian court jailed 11 Hindus for life on Friday over the massacre of dozens of Muslims in Gujarat state 14 years ago, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was chief minister.

Frozen in time: India's last taxidermist keeps on stuffing

Mumbai - When Santosh Gaikwad, India's last-known practising taxidermist, first started stuffing animals 13 years ago he would keep dead birds in his family's freezer at home, much to his wife's consternation.

India snares 'man-eating lion' after human tissue found

Ahmedabad - Forestry officials in western India may have identified a man-eating lion suspected of a spate of attacks, they said Wednesday, after finding traces of human hair and tissue in the animal's faeces.

Nude restaurant in London opens as naked dining takes (it) off

The food is mostly raw and likewise the patrons eat while in the raw at the Bunyadi, London's newest restaurant. You may think it's enough to put you off your appetite but there's a waiting list to dine nude - of over 46,000.

India's colonial-era weather forecasting is going high-tech

Delhi - The India Meteorological Department (IMD), also known as the Met Department, is going high-tech in its forecasting of the seasonal monsoon rains the country's farmers are so dependent on for their livelihoods.

India to have 810m smartphone users by 2021 as sales increase

India is the fastest growing smartphone market in the world, according to a recent report from Ericsson. The country will contain 810 million smartphone users by 2021 and a total of 1.37 billion phone subscriptions, a four-fold increase from 2015.

Social media is not helping in illegal organ trafficking in India

Delhi - With the recent arrests of five people, including the personal secretaries of one neurologist at the Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India, police unearthed an elaborate kidney trading racket.

Five guilty of Danish tourist gang-rape in Delhi

New Delhi - A court convicted five men Monday of the gang-rape of a Danish tourist in New Delhi in 2014, a crime which put India's record on sexual violence back in the spotlight.

Unwed Indian women targeted in 'black-market baby scam'

Gwalior - In an intensive care unit, a nurse soothes a crying baby rescued in a raid on a private Indian hospital that police suspect was selling abandoned newborns on the black market.

Top Indian hospital says duped in kidney sale racket

New Delhi - One of India's top hospitals unwittingly removed the kidneys of organ-trafficking victims believing they were donating them to relatives, a hospital spokesman said Saturday, after police arrested five over the racket.

Mystery Indian cult 'had its own government, army': Police

New Delhi - A mysterious cult at the centre of deadly clashes in India was running its own pseudo-government, army, court and a prison where torture was the norm, a senior police officer told AFP Saturday.

24 dead in clashes as sect evicted in India

New Delhi - Clashes between Indian police and followers of a revolutionary sect have left at least 24 people dead after an operation to evict thousands of people from parkland erupted into violence, officials said Friday.
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