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Drug trial of Metformin to begin, may increase lifespan to 120

The idea of living in a healthy body as long as 120 years has to be appealing to virtually everyone. But it's impossible, no? No, actually, it may not be, scientists say, and a drug has been approved for trial that could be a longevity breakthrough.

High-strength marijuana is increasing cases of psychosis: study

A newly-released study from London has found high-potency marijuana is of great danger to the brain. Skunk cannabis is the name of the high potency marijuana studied — there are many others — and the results reveal it may be leading to psychosis.

India Coca-Cola plant blamed for water scarcity, asked to leave

New Delhi - Eighteen village councils in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India are demanding the local Coca-Cola plant be prohibited from extracting groundwater, claiming overuse has led to a scarcity of water in the area.

U.S. national remanded in India for 'molesting' minor boy

Kolkata - An Indian court on Saturday remanded an American citizen in custody for 14 days over allegations he molested a teenaged boy in his hotel room, police said.

Photo essay: Mumbai from a balcony

Mumbai - A street photographer at heart, I chastise myself when I don't get out enough in Mumbai to photograph its people and places. But with a new building going up within shouting distance of my balcony, I'm rediscovering India — from 10 stories high.

Attackers storm Indian army camp in Kashmir

Srinagar - Armed militants stormed an army camp in Indian-administered Kashmir Wednesday near the heavily militarised border that divides the disputed territory with Pakistan, police said.

India seeks 'climate justice' for poor nations at Paris talks

New Delhi - India will urge rich nations to deliver "climate justice" for developing countries at a major environmental conference in Paris later this month, the environment minister has said in an interview with AFP.

Study: Pre-diabetes on rise and 1 in 3 will develop diabetes

A combined research effort from the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam and Harvard School of Public Health in Boston has made helpful findings in the field of diabetes. It discovered half of adults at age 45 have developed prediabetes.

Indian doctor arrested over baby decapitated at birth

New Delhi - Police have arrested a doctor and nurse in northern India over allegations they decapitated an infant by being too forceful during delivery, officials said Wednesday.

India deploys troops in south as floods kill dozens

Chennai - India has deployed the army and air force to rescue flood-hit residents in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, where at least 71 people have died in around a week of torrential rains.

Choking air, melting glaciers: How global warming is changing India

New Delhi - Its Himalayan glaciers are melting fast, its agricultural heartland is drying up and its capital is choking on the world's filthiest air.

India's Hindu cow mobs rule as religious debate rages

- As a truck screeches to a halt on an Indian highway in the middle of the night, devout young Hindus armed with sticks scramble inside, searching for cows they consider sacred.

India's Modi heads to Britain seeking investment

New Delhi - Narendra Modi will begin his first visit to Britain as Indian prime minister on Thursday, seeking to boost investment in his booming country and win the backing of a large and influential diaspora community.

Modi to push on with reforms despite crushing poll loss

New Delhi - India's finance minister vowed Monday to push ahead with much-needed reforms after his party's drubbing at a key weekend state poll hiked fears of a slowdown in the government's promised agenda.

India’s second largest drugmaker receives warning letter

Mumbai - The second-largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in India — Dr Reddy’s Laboratories — has received a warning letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As a result, the company has seen its share price slide.

Modi concedes defeat in key India state election

Patna - Narendra Modi conceded defeat on Sunday in a key election in Bihar, one of India's poorest and largest states, in a major blow for the prime minister who fronted a no-holds barred campaign.

Protester killed in Indian Kashmir after Modi visit

Srinagar - A protester was killed during clashes with government forces Saturday in Indian-administered Kashmir hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the disputed region, police said.

GMO Bt cotton falsely blamed for whitefly attack on India's crop

The ineffectiveness of genetically modified cotton against attacks by whitefly in India's cotton-belt states of Punjab and Haryana, has caused a rural crisis, causing protests and at least a dozen suicides.

Indian court jails Uber driver for life for rape

New Delhi - An Indian court on Tuesday sentenced an Uber driver to life in prison for raping a young woman passenger in New Delhi, a case that inflamed fears over sexual violence in the capital.

Calgary invention helps premature babies in first minutes of life

A research team at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary have created a new medical device that may make a great difference in the lives of premature babies. The device allows babies to stay connected to the umbilical cord longer.
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