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Floods leaves 41 dead in western India

Ahmedabad - Flash flooding triggered by torrential rains has killed 41 people in India's western Gujarat state, as the annual monsoon season hits the country, a disaster management official said Thursday.

Indian police arrest bootlegger over toxic liquor deaths

New Delhi - Indian police have arrested a bootlegger accused of supplying the toxic liquor that killed 100 people from a slum in the financial capital Mumbai, a senior officer has said.

Op-Ed: India/Pakistan heat waves killing thousands, pattern emerging

Sydney - Two major heat waves with consecutive days over 44C have been responsible for thousands of deaths on the subcontinent. These deaths form part of an obvious global pattern, but until now, the science of heat waves has been short on theory.

India files charges in nun rape case

Kolkata - Indian prosecutors said Tuesday they have formally charged eight men over the rape of an elderly Catholic nun that shocked the country earlier this year.

India recruits a German Shepherd army to protect wild tigers

Bhopal - The newest soldiers in India's fight against wildlife poachers walk on four legs and bark their commands. These new soldiers, German Shepherds actually, are known as wildlife sniffer dogs, and they were officially inducted into their new jobs on June 20.

Starbucks start-up falters in India

Mumbai - Tata Starbucks, a subsidiary of the U.S. coffee company, has not had the best of starts. Several products have been taken off the menu due to the product not meeting the specifications required by Indian authorities.

Maggi noodles banned in around the world

Mumbai - An temporary ban, enacted by many countries, has placed a block on imports of Maggi noodles from India. This is because some batches of the food product contains high levels of lead, at a level considered dangerous to health.

Tibetans pray for Dalai Lama at 80th birthday celebration

Dharamsala - The Dalai Lama marked his official 80th birthday on Sunday, with prayers and celebrations at his hometown in exile but little to show for decades of lobbying seeking greater Tibetan autonomy.

Death toll from Mumbai liquor poisoning rises to 90

Mumbai - The death toll from India's latest incident of mass alcohol poisoning following the consumption of toxic homemade liquor rose to 90 on Saturday, Mumbai police said.

Curfew in Indian Kashmir as killings heighten tensions

Srinagar - Indian Kashmir was largely under curfew on Friday with top separatist leaders detained to halt a planned protest march over a series of recent killings in the restive territory.

Toxic liquor kills 41 in India's Mumbai

Mumbai - Forty-one people have died in Mumbai and 12 others are fighting for their lives after drinking toxic home-made liquor, police said Friday, in the latest incident of alcohol poisoning in India.

Indian Kashmir shuts down over killings

Srinagar - Shops and schools shut down in parts of Indian Kashmir on Wednesday to protest against a string of apparently targeted killings that has triggered fear in the restive region.

Video Conferencing taking off, making workplace meetings easier

As video conferencing becomes known as a valuable way to bring people together in a work environment, the technology is getting around. It's no longer simply for corporations as increasingly smaller businesses and not-for-profits are realizing its worth.

'Banking for everyone' in India stumbling for want of deposits

New Delhi - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plan to end "financial untouchability" and bring banking to all the country's households has come up against a financial stumbling block. Of the millions of accounts opened, over 53 percent have never been used.

Islamic State flags hoisted in the Indian state of Jammu Kashmir

Jammu - Pro-Pakistani separatist groups brandished Islamic State flags in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The incident raised alarm within Indian security and the political establishment.

Nestle challenges noodles ban in Indian court

Mumbai - Nestle said Thursday it is challenging a ban imposed by India on its hugely popular Maggi instant noodles brand after tests showed they contained excessive levels of lead.

India arrests a pigeon and charges it with spying

Pathankot - A pigeon has been arrested by authorities in India on suspicion of being a spy from Pakistan. There are no plans at present to release the bird.

India's Modi seeks expanded irrigation as drought threatens

With monsoons expected to bring less rainfall than usual this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India is seeking a quick fix to the problem, wanting to expand irrigation systems that would improve water usage.

Greenpeace says India barred activist from entry

New Delhi - Greenpeace said on Monday an Australian staff member had been barred from entering India despite holding a valid visa, in what it said was the latest crackdown against the group.

Cute Prince George and Princess Charlotte photo going viral

The Royal Family have released the first photos of the new royal siblings, Prince George and his new baby sister, Princess Charlotte, together. There are three photos up on the Kensington Palace twitter feed, each showing a pair as cute as buttons.
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