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Indian budget makes yoga and its promotion a charitable activity

New Delhi - The Indian government, in its latest financial budget for the year 2015-16, has granted special status to yoga, making its promotion a charitable activity.

India bans broadcast of film showing gang-rapist

New Delhi - India has banned the broadcast of a controversial documentary in which one of the men who gang-raped and murdered a student is shown blaming the victim -- a move the film's maker called "arbitrary censorship".

Indian state bans beef, introduces jail time for possession

Mumbai - India's western state of Maharashtra has introduced a ban on beef so strict that even possession could land you in jail for five years, media reports and the chief minister said Tuesday.

Op-Ed: The new arms race — Hypersonic missiles and the doomsday racket

Sydney - …And now the good news. It’s not just economists and corporations trying to destroy humanity. Those lazy military industrial complexes have found a nice money spinner — Hypersonic weapons. Yeah, dance in the streets, the doomsday racket is back!

India gang-rape victim 'partly to blame', says attacker

New Delhi - A film-maker behind a new documentary about a fatal gang-rape in India that caused global outrage told Tuesday how one of the men sentenced to death for the killing had shown no remorse during a "chilling" interview.

India passes overseas citizen bill 100 years after Gandhi return

The Indian parliament passed a bill to grant overseas citizenship to individuals of Indian origin residing abroad, a hundred years after Mahatma Gandhi, a key spearhead in India's freedom struggle against the British, returned to India.

Canadian judge tells woman to remove hijab or leave courtroom

The CBC in Canada has obtained a recording of a judge in a Quebec courtroom telling a Muslim woman to remove her hijab if she wants her case heard. The woman was appealing to the court to get her impounded car back.

Resistant malaria moves closer to India border

Parasites resistant to the antimalarial drug artemisinin are spreading through mosquitoes. A new study shows that mosquitoes carrying these parasites are in Myanmar and are heading to the India border.

India's tiger census success story may be inaccurate, study says

New Delhi - The accuracy of India's recent tiger census that suggested tiger numbers have increased is now being called into question by a new study. The Indian government had celebrated the rise in tiger numbers from 1706 in 2011 to 2,226 in 2014.

Dramatic footage as sinkhole swallows up South Korean couple

A truly awful, experience for a couple in South Korea this week — there's no other way of putting it but to say the Earth swallowed them up, collapsing and taking them away. But they survived.

French defence minister in India to salvage Rafale deal

New Delhi - France's defence minister on Tuesday held talks with his Indian counterpart in a fresh attempt to seal a troubled deal to sell 126 Rafale fighter jets.

Swine flu spreading at alarming rate across India

Since mid-December, the swine flu outbreak in India, the second most populous country in the world, has infected 13,688 people, and caused 812 deaths. Health officials are reassuring the public that there is no shortage of drugs to combat the flu.

UN climate chief to miss session after sex harassment case

New Delhi - The United Nations' top climate change official will not chair a key meeting in Kenya next week as Indian police investigate a sexual harassment complaint against him, officials said Sunday.

France in new bid to nail fighter jet deal with India

New Delhi - France's defence minister will visit New Delhi this week in a fresh bid to nail a troubled deal to sell 126 Rafale fighter jets which has been snagged for three years and now faces new questions about its cost.

Dude, pass the chips: Study finds why you get marijuana munchies

For people who've smoked marijuana there is no need for a study to confirm the munchies exist. For them it's a case of been there, done that. But a new study went further - it found out why pot users get the munchies. And the results were a surprise.

Yoga teacher performs for 40 hours non-stop, sets world record

Hong Kong - A 29-year-old yoga teacher performed yoga non-stop over 40 hours in his Hong Kong studio to set a new Guinness World Record.

India celebrates Mahashivratri, the 'Great Night of Shiva'

Indians and HIndus around the world celebrated the Mahashivratri festival, in honor of the Hindu divinity, Shiva, on February 17.

Modi vows to end India status as top defence importer

Bangalore - Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowed Wednesday to end India's status as the world's number one defence importer, saying he wanted 70 percent of hardware to be manufactured domestically by the turn of the decade.

Op-Ed: Religious intolerance grips Indian psyche

New Delhi - The rise of right wing BJP at the center coincided with the rise of religious intolerance in India. PM Modi finally broke his nine-month long silence on religious intolerance. Will there be action on the ground?

Leading German scholar awarded in India Special

German scholar Dr. Annette Schmiedchen was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award in the country, last month. The award recognizes Dr. Schmiedchen’s work in the fields of Indology and Sanskrit studies.
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