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Nepal quake affects almost one million children: UNICEF

New Delhi - Almost one million children urgently need help after an earthquake claimed more than 3,200 lives in Nepal, the UN children's agency said, as relief workers raced to help the most vulnerable.

Fearful foreigners desperate to leave Nepal quake zone

New Delhi - After spending the night huddled in a car with his family at the airport fearing for their safety, Michael Mackey is among thousands of tourists who flocked to Nepal for spring holidays and are now desperate to leave the quake-hit nation.

World Naked Bike Ride grows as riders bare down on convention

The World Naked Bike ride just keeps getting more cheeky. The world-wide event, held at different times of the year depending on a city's weather zone - naturally, warmth is welcome - has added more cites this year, with the promise of more on the way.

Death toll tops 1,400 from massive Nepal earthquake

Kathmandu - More than 1,000 people were killed Saturday when a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck near Kathmandu, Nepal's largest city.

Woolly Bully: Scientists can now de-extinct the woolly mammoth

The entire genome of the extinct woolly mammoth has now been sequenced and for the first time science has a blueprint, a step-by-step guide or manual, on how to assemble one. There are no plans to do so — yet.

Indian farmer commits suicide at protest in capital

New Delhi - A farmer hanged himself in front of hundreds of protesters gathered in the centre of the Indian capital on Wednesday to rally against the government's contentious reform of land purchasing laws.

Forest killings put India's 'fake encounters' in spotlight

Tirupati - Kanagarani last saw her husband when he left their village on a mountainside in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu to look for work.

Op-Ed: Difficult math problem goes viral as world tries to solve puzzle

This one's kinda crazy and it might take up more time trying to solve it — if you can — than you'd like to give up. It's a math problem, one that began simply as a test question for junior and senior students in Singapore.

Canada sending 200 troops to Ukraine to support Ukrainian army

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced on Tuesday morning that his country is sending 200 of its soldiers to Ukraine. The non-combat troops will be on a two-year mission to train Ukraine army personnel.

Study: Tylenol blunts not just pain but happy and sad emotions

A newly released study from the Ohio State University claims to have found a side-effect of the popular over-the-counter pain medication Tylenol. The study found that acetaminophen, Tylenol's main ingredient, blunts human emotions.

Op-Ed: Gaza family rescues lion cubs after zoo is destroyed

Palestine - When Israeli air strikes devastated Gaza in 2014, the Rafah Zoo, located in the southern Gaza Strip, was also a casualty of war, struggling to recover from physical damage and the resulting economic freefall.

Study: Species of Tyrannosaurus may have been a cannibal

A species of Tyrannosaurus dinosaur may have been prone to eating its own kind. That bit of gruesome information comes from a new study published Thursday, April 9 in a science journal called PeerJ.

Study says Canada's glaciers are melting rapidly

Glaciers in Canada's north are a distinctive part of the country's image and will be there forever, right? Maybe wrong. Scientists from B.C. have published research in a journal suggests most glaciers may be melted by the end of the 21st century.

FAA upgrades India's aviation safety rating

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has upgraded Indian aviation's safety category to Category 1, a year after it was cut to Category 2.

Court convicts ex-Satyam chief of fraud in 'India's Enron' case

Hyderabad - An Indian court on Thursday convicted the former chief of outsourcing giant Satyam and his aides over a $2.25 billion accounting fraud scandal dubbed "India's Enron", the prosecutor said.

Net neutraility status threatened in India Special

After the U.S., it's time for Indian citizens to fight for net neutrality status. This time netizens of the world’s second-largest telecom users nation are gearing up to prevent attempts by cellular operators to end India’s net neutrality.

Indian police to use pepper-spraying drones on unruly protesters

Lucknow - Police in a northern Indian city said Tuesday they have a new weapon for controlling unruly protesters in the world's largest democracy: pepper-spraying drones.

Indian police say 20 shot dead in clash with sandalwood smugglers

Hyderabad - At least 20 people were killed when police opened fire Tuesday on loggers who attacked them with axes and stones in an area of southern India known for sandalwood smuggling.Deputy Inspector General M.

India's high air pollution levels blamed on 'changing lifestyles'

A higher level of industrialization has led to greater economic development in India, and with the new found weath has come an unwanted side-effect. Air pollution is so bad that in 2014, India was ranked 174 out of 178 countries for air quality.

India measures air quality in world's most polluted capital

New Delhi - India's prime minister suggested Monday the country's "age-old traditions" could be used to ease its choking smog, as he launched a new air quality index for the world's most polluted capital.
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