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Op-Ed: Manny Pacquiao 'too young' to be President, but may be one day

Boxing fans in North America, and the rest of the world for that matter, are not fully aware of how much Manny Pacquiao means to his country. The Pac-Man is a hero there, and not just for his prowess in the ring, which naturally does his country proud.

Texas vet shoots cat in head with arrow, posts photo, gets fired

A veterinarian in Texas has been fired after posting a disturbing photo of herself holding a dead cat with an arrow through its head. She boasted about shooting the cat and joked she was the 'Vet of the Year' for killing it.

Floyd Mayweather gym opens to media during training for Pacquiao

The doors to the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas were open Tuesday for a media look-see just 18 days before Floyd Mayweather's long-anticipated bout with Manny Pacquiao. The fight goes on May 2 and reporters got a glimpse of how Mayweather prepares.

Op-Ed: Difficult math problem goes viral as world tries to solve puzzle

This one's kinda crazy and it might take up more time trying to solve it — if you can — than you'd like to give up. It's a math problem, one that began simply as a test question for junior and senior students in Singapore.

Canada sending 200 troops to Ukraine to support Ukrainian army

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced on Tuesday morning that his country is sending 200 of its soldiers to Ukraine. The non-combat troops will be on a two-year mission to train Ukraine army personnel.

Study: Tylenol blunts not just pain but happy and sad emotions

A newly released study from the Ohio State University claims to have found a side-effect of the popular over-the-counter pain medication Tylenol. The study found that acetaminophen, Tylenol's main ingredient, blunts human emotions.

Global Warming: Arctic permafrost releasing more carbon, methane

A new study shows thawing permafrost in the Arctic, thawing due to global warming, is releasing greenhouse gases in the form of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. The only good news is that the process is a gradual one.

Firefighters take 6 hours to move massive 700 pound man from home

A 700-pound New York man needed to go to the hospital on Friday and it took New York City firefighters six hours to move him from his sixth-floor apartment into an ambulance. They had to draw up a plan using ropes and pulleys to get him out.

Study: Species of Tyrannosaurus may have been a cannibal

A species of Tyrannosaurus dinosaur may have been prone to eating its own kind. That bit of gruesome information comes from a new study published Thursday, April 9 in a science journal called PeerJ.

Man goes on stabbing rampage in Vancouver, shot dead by police

A man armed with a large knife went on a stabbing rampage in Vancouver Thursday afternoon, stabbing at least three persons before being shot dead by police. A woman is in critical condition in hospital.

Study says Canada's glaciers are melting rapidly

Glaciers in Canada's north are a distinctive part of the country's image and will be there forever, right? Maybe wrong. Scientists from B.C. have published research in a journal suggests most glaciers may be melted by the end of the 21st century.

Pacquiao loathes Mayweather, Roach says fight is 'good vs. evil'

Manny Pacquiao's superstar trainer Freddie Roach didn't pull any punches this week in a talk about his guy's upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather. He referred to the bout as a fight of "good vs. evil" and brought up Mayweather's stormy past.

ARC pen helps people with Parkinson's Disease improve handwriting

It's a sad fact that motor skills are dramatically impaired for those suffering from Parkinson's Disease. One area that declines is handwriting, which becomes smaller and less clear. That reality may change, however, thanks to a new style of pen.

World's oldest living person dies 5 days after getting title

For the second time in a week the world's oldest living person has died. Gertrude Weaver only had the title a scant five days before her death but reportedly enjoyed the hoopla that came with being the oldest known human, even if it didn't last long.

South Africa has first official nudist beach on African continent

It may be surprising to some to learn that the African continent did not have a single sanctioned nudist beach until now. But those are the bare facts, with the first one revealing itself on South Africa`s South Coast Saturday.

Alberta man beaten into coma after coming to aid of a young boy

A man in Grand Prairie, Alberta was beaten unconscious and is in hospital after having his head stomped after coming to the aid of a young boy. John St. Jean was also left with a badly broken nose and broken facial bones.

Hope in Alzheimer's fight as discarded cancer drug shows promise

A drug developed to battle some cancerous tumors and discarded due to poor results might have a new life treating Alzheimer's Disease. Researchers discovered saracatinib restores memory to mice with Alzheimer's.

Russian fishing trawler sinks in Pacific, 54 dead, 15 are missing

A Russian trawler sank in the Pacific Ocean late Wednesday, with 54 confirmed dead and more than a dozen missing. Russia's Emergency Ministry said a giant rescue operation is underway that includes as many as 800 persons and rescue equipment.

French magazine 'convinced' video of end to Flight 9525 is real

The editor of a French news magazine said he is "convinced" a cellphone video purported to be of the final moments of Germanwings Flight 9525 the paper was shown is the real thing. He said their source was solid and the chaos it showed is real.

Tiger Woods plays 18 holes at Augusta, still unsure about Masters

Tiger Woods played a full 18 holes at Augusta on Tuesday but remains uncertain if he'll play the season's first major there, the Masters. After two poor outings at the top of the season, Woods took an indefinite leave from the tour in mid-February.
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