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New report finds climate change will increase world poverty

A newly published report from the World Bank Group finds climate change will dramatically increase the number of the world's impoverished people. Published as an eBook, the news it heralds is bad but it is also, the report says, preventable.

Study: Pre-diabetes on rise and 1 in 3 will develop diabetes

A combined research effort from the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam and Harvard School of Public Health in Boston has made helpful findings in the field of diabetes. It discovered half of adults at age 45 have developed prediabetes.

Heart-warming video as 101-year-old B.C. woman plays in snow

The views of a rather simple video posted online Friday are, like the white stuff does in a heavy snowfall, piling up. It's not much on the surface, just a woman playing in snow. What is making it interesting is her age.

Polar bear population being reduced by climate warming in Arctic

A report released yesterday from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) paints a rather dismal picture for the future of polar bears. The report says their numbers may be dramatically reduced, thanks to global warming.

Apple issues apology to 6 black students kicked out of store

The Apple Corporation issued an apology to the six African-Australian students who were kicked out of one of their retail stores in Melbourne. It appears to be a horrific case of racial profiling.

Study finds giving up Facebook can make you happier

Big Facebook user? Do you check your 'wall' daily? If so, according to a study from the independent think-tank 'The Happiness Institute' you might be happier if you shut your account down and give it up altogether.

Take home opioid antidote kit available in Saskatchewan

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is beginning a program that offers a take-home antidote kit for opioid drug users in the event of overdose. It is free and intended to battle the increasing number of deaths from drugs such as fentanyl.

Calgary invention helps premature babies in first minutes of life

A research team at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary have created a new medical device that may make a great difference in the lives of premature babies. The device allows babies to stay connected to the umbilical cord longer.

WHO study: 3.7 billion people infected with Herpes virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released new study on the Herpes virus and it says more than half of the planet's humans under 50 are infected with it. CTV News in Canada spoke with an expert who said most of them don't even known it.

New information on feathered dinosaurs revealed in Alberta fossil

A research paper on the fossil remains of a rare feathered dinosaur called an ornithomimus was published today, Wednesday, in the paleontology journal 'Cretaceous Research.' The discovery has led to new information about the creature.

Study reveals just 4% of earth's ocean waters protected

Some 200 countries gathered in Japan, in 2010 and came up with a plan to make certain 10 percent of the earth's ocean waters would be fully protected. It is called the United Nations’ Aichi Target and a new study says it is not near being met.

West Coast orca whales: J-pod adds third new calf of 2015

The Southern Resident orca whale population has grown yet again with the birth of the third calf born to J-pod and the sixth orca born since January. The baby appears to be healthy and is likely under a week old.

Photo of iceberg that sank the Titanic sold at UK auction

A photograph believed to be of the very iceberg that sank the RMS Titanic has been sold at an auction in the UK. It sold Saturday for £21,000.

Galápagos Islands: Scientists discover new giant tortoise species

If you have been waiting for a new species of giant tortoise to be discovered then your wait is over. A new species of the massive turtles has indeed been identified on an island in the Galápagos, a species entirely separate from others on the islands.

Black bear cub lives in pear tree, comes down at night

There are a lot of black bears in the Canadian province of British Columbia, but there is likely only one that has taken up permanent residence in a pear tree. It's been there for some time.

A love story with wrinkles and cellulite and a lesson for all

This is both a love story and a story of a lesson learned. It is about a couple still in love after many years and experiences together and about Victoria Haltom, a photographer in San Antonio, Texas.

Giant panda cubs born at the Toronto Zoo, first in Canada: video

For the second time in under one month the Toronto Zoo is the scene of rare births in captivity. In late September four white lion cubs were born while early today, Tuesday, two giant panda cubs were birthed.

Manny Pacquiao in NY for award, to return to ring early in 2016

Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao is in New York where he accepted an award Tuesday night and while there he told media he will be ready to fight again early in 2016. He did not confirm an opponent but talked about fighting a boxer who is also a friend..

Op-Ed: Canadian federal election too polarized as Harper haters go rabid

I am not a Stephen Harper supporter, nor am I a supporter of the Conservative Party. Despite getting somewhat long in the tooth and having experienced many Canadian federal elections I have voted for the Conservatives exactly zero (0) times. Not once.

Sex any time of month boosts female health and fertility: Study

Two newly released studies have found that beyond enjoyment there are benefits to be gained by women who have sex often. It boosts their immune system and — good news for those trying to get pregnant — increases their fertility.
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