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Israeli jazz taking giant steps as talent returns home

Telavi - When saxophonist Eli Degibri left Israel at the age of 18 to study jazz at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, he knew he'd come back home one day.

Thousands of Jews throng Jerusalem 'priestly blessing'

Jerusalem - Thousands of Jewish worshippers attended a prayer ceremony at Jerusalem's Western Wall on Monday as Israel marked the week-long Passover festival amid increased surveillance over tensions with Palestinians.

Women's blessing at Jerusalem's Western Wall curtailed

Jerusalem - A bid by a Jewish women's group to challenge tradition at Jerusalem's Western Wall with a blessing usually conducted by men was curtailed Sunday after a decision by Israel's attorney general.

Israeli fighters scramble to intercept undeclared airliner

Jerusalem - Israel scrambled fighter planes Saturday to intercept an unidentified passenger aircraft entering its airspace and escorted it to land at Tel Aviv, the Israeli military told AFP.

Israel soldier who shot Palestinian allowed home for Passover

Ramla - An Israeli soldier charged with manslaughter after shooting a prone and wounded Palestinian assailant in the head was released from custody Friday for the Jewish Passover festival, the army said.

Israel blocks off Gaza Strip and West Bank for Passover

Jerusalem - Israel has announced the closure of all points of entry between the occupied West Bank, the Gaza strip, and Israeli territory on Friday and Saturday for the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Op-Ed: Voice of America or Voice of Castro without any balance?

U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America (VOA) has just helped Fidel Castro promote his communist legacy in a report without one word of balance.

Israel arrests settlers who attacked Palestinians: Police

Jerusalem - Israel has arrested six Jewish settlers who allegedly carried out attacks against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, police said on Wednesday.

Battle over calls to boycott Israel goes global

Jerusalem - When word spread that the Ahava cosmetics firm would move its factory from the occupied West Bank, it set off alarm bells among Israelis for reasons nothing to do with its products.

Ultra-Orthodox Jew convicted over Jerusalem Gay Pride stabbings

Jerusalem - An Israeli court on Tuesday convicted an ultra-Orthodox man of murder and six counts of attempted murder over stabbings at a Jerusalem Gay Pride parade last year that killed a 16-year-old girl.

Ringleader in 2014 burning alive of Palestinian teen ruled sane

Jerusalem - An Israeli court ruled Tuesday that a Jewish man found to be the ringleader of the beating and burning alive of a Palestinian teenager in 2014 was sane and responsible for his actions.

Bomb rips through Jerusalem bus, 21 wounded

Jerusalem - A bomb blast ripped through a bus in Jerusalem on Monday and sparked a fire, wounding at least 21 people, Israeli police said, in an apparent escalation in a wave of violence.

Jerusalem bus blast wounds 'at least 16'

Jerusalem - A fire ripped through a bus in Jerusalem on Monday, Israeli police said, with medics reporting an explosion and at least 16 people wounded.

Israeli soldier who shot wounded Palestinian charged with manslaughter

Jaffa - An Israeli soldier caught on video shooting a wounded Palestinian assailant in the head was charged with manslaughter on Monday in a case that has sparked widespread controversy.

Israel finds tunnel from Gaza into Israeli territory

Jerusalem - Israel's military said Monday it had located and destroyed a tunnel extending from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, in the first such discovery since a devastating 2014 conflict.

Netanyahu vows Golan Heights will remain Israel's 'forever'

Jerusalem - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Sunday that the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights would "forever" remain in his country's hands as his cabinet held its first meeting in the territory.

Israel approves plans for more than 200 new W.Bank settler homes

Jerusalem - Israel has approved plans for more than 200 new settler homes in the occupied West Bank, adding to a sharp increase in settlement projects so far this year, Israeli campaigners said Thursday.

Israel approves plans for more than 200 new W.Bank settler homes

Jerusalem - Israel has approved plans for more than 200 new settler homes in the occupied West Bank, adding to a sharp increase in settlement projects so far this year, an Israeli NGO said Thursday.

The Bible may be even older than previously thought, say scholars

Tel Aviv - Mathematicians and archaeologists with Tel Aviv University in Israel say they have found evidence that suggests that a number of key biblical texts may have been composed earlier than what some scholars have thought.

Israel notes 'significant' drop in Palestinian attacks

Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted on Sunday a "significant decline" in Palestinian attacks on Israelis, after six months of near-daily violence that has cost more than 200 lives.
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