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Amnesty International: Palestinians committed war crimes in Gaza

The prominent international human rights group Amnesty International has accused Palestinians of committing war crimes during last year's war in Gaza.

Palestinian rockets killed more Gazans in 2014 war: Amnesty

Jerusalem - Amnesty International said Thursday Palestinian rocket fire during the 2014 summer war in Gaza had killed more civilians in the Gaza Strip than in Israel.Such deadly attacks on civilians on both sides constituted "a war crime," it said.

UN says Palestinian death toll highest since 1967

Jerusalem - The long-running conflict with Israel claimed the lives of more Palestinian civilians in 2014 than any year since 1967, the United Nations said Thursday, in a damning report on the humanitarian situation.

Netanyahu pledges peace, eyes better U.S. ties

Jerusalem - Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu extended a "hand of peace" to the Palestinians Wednesday as he was formally tasked with forming a government after his surprise reelection following a divisive campaign.

Majority winner Netanyahu apologises to Arab Israelis

Jerusalem - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who won majority support Monday from newly-elected MPs to form Israel's next government, apologised for saying Arabs were voting in "droves" in comments that drew US condemnation.

Israel's Netanyahu wins clear majority to form next govt

Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to be tasked with forming the next coalition government this week after winning on Monday a clear majority of support from newly elected MPs.

Israel president opens talks over appointing next PM

Jerusalem - Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Sunday began consultations with representatives of parties elected to parliament last week to hear who they would recommend as prime minister.

Cesspit in Jerusalem shows how disease spread over 500 years ago

Jerusalem - The excavation of a medieval cesspit in the Christian Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem is providing a window into how infectious diseases spread from Europe to the Middle East during the 15th century.

Netanyahu's Palestinian backtrack fails to mollify US: Analysts

Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has begun to tone down anti-Palestinian rhetoric in order to mend ties with a furious White House but analysts say he will have to do more.

Mayweather - Pacquiao: Fan vote chooses $1 million belt to winner

Besides all that money Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will each collect for their superfight in Las Vega on May 2, the winner will also get a classy and very expensive belt. Champs get belts in the fight game but this belt is something else.

Triumphant Netanyahu comes under U.S. pressure

Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, fresh from a sweeping election victory Wednesday, quickly came under pressure from Washington to step back from hardline campaign promises over the conflict with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu sweeps to surprise Israeli election win

Jerusalem - Benjamin Netanyahu swept to a stunning election victory on Wednesday, securing a third straight term for an Israeli leader who has deepened tensions with the Palestinians and infuriated key ally Washington.

Israel's Herzog concedes defeat, congratulates Netanyahu

Jerusalem - Centre-left challenger Isaac Herzog conceded defeat on Wednesday in Israel's general election and said he had congratulated rightwing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his win.

Israelis vote in tight race as Netanyahu fights for survival

Jerusalem - Israelis voted Tuesday in a close-fought election pitting the centre left against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is fighting for his political survival after six years in power.

Largest known mask of Pan discovered in Israel

Haifa - Researchers from the University of Haifa have made an extraordinary discovery at Hippos-Sussita National Park in Israel. It is an "only one of its kind" giant bronze mask of the god Pan, the god of shepherds, music and pleasure.

Netanyahu says no Palestinian state if reelected

Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday there would be no Palestinian state if he were reelected, in a last-ditch effort to woo rightwing voters on the eve of a general election.

Netanyahu vows wave of E.Jerusalem buildings if elected

Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Monday that if reelected he will build thousands of settler homes in Arab east Jerusalem to prevent future concessions to the Palestinians.

Israel PM makes last shot for rightwing vote at rally

Telavi - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a last-ditch effort Sunday to garner support at a mass rightwing rally in Tel Aviv where he pledged he would never make territorial concessions.

Israeli vote in balance as campaigning draws to close

Jerusalem - Three days ahead of Israel's general election, there was growing uncertainty Saturday over who will win the premiership, with polls showing incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu trailing his centre-left rivals.

Why do we like smelling each other?

Tel Aviv - Researchers have questioned why people tend to sniff their fingers after shaking hands with someone of the same sex. The scientists suggest that the traditional greeting may transmit chemosensory signals.
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