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Obama official: Israel will 'pay price' for 'spat in face'

Washington - A 'spat' between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu escalated on Friday, as a White House official blasted the leader of one of America's closest allies — and vowed retaliation for his perceived disrespect.

During Israel bus attack 13-year-old 'threw my bag at terrorist'

The attack on a Tel Aviv bus Wednesday that saw a dozen persons stabbed could have been worse. When the attacker tried to get at more in the back the wounded driver slammed on the brakes, knocking the man off-balance and enabling others to get off.

Israel 'failed to minimise civilian toll in Gaza war'

Jerusalem - Israeli conduct during last summer's war in the Gaza Strip increased the number of civilian casualties, an independent report has said, by failing to differentiate between military targets and civilian populations.

Nine or more people stabbed on Tel Aviv bus in 'terrorist' attack

A man was shot, wounded and taken into custody in Tel Aviv, Israel after as many as nine or more people were stabbed on a city bus, including the driver. The incident happened Wednesday on the Maariv bridge.

Palestinian knife attack wounds 12 on Tel Aviv bus

Telavi - A knife-wielding Palestinian attacked passengers on a morning rush-hour bus in Tel Aviv Wednesday, wounding 12 people, before being shot by a passing prison officer in the latest lone-wolf attack.

Israel Arabs declare nationwide strike after Bedouin deaths

Jerusalem - Leaders of Israel's 1.7 million Arabs declared a general strike throughout the country on Tuesday in protest at the recent deaths of two Bedouin men in confrontations with police.

Op-Ed: Israel attacks and kills two Hezbollah leaders in Syria

Damascus - Several fighters from the Lebanese Shia militia Hezbollah were killed in an attack by an Israeli helicopter in the Syrian province of Quneitra. Different casualty figures are given but a Hezbollah statement said that six fighters had been killed.

Canada's Baird denounces ICC war crimes probe of Israel

Jerusalem - Canada's top diplomat denounced Sunday the International Criminal Court for opening a preliminary probe into possible war crimes by Israel, which counts on his country as one of its staunchest allies.

RCMP near Vancouver get reports of a man hiking naked in woods

RCMP near Vancouver have had reports of a man hiking in a wooded area while naked and say they would like to find him. The man hasn't done anything to anyone, though being naked in public is an offence under the country's criminal code.

American know-how: Seattle dog rides bus to the dog park — alone

Doggone it but this a cute story — a dog that rides the bus to play at her local dog park by herself. She gets on at a stop that's near her home, gets off a few stops along, plays in the park and then gets a bus home.

Israel buries Jews slain in Paris attack

Jerusalem - Israel held an emotional funeral Tuesday for four Jews killed by an Islamist gunman in Paris, with thousands turning out to mourn the victims of an attack that shook the Jewish community.

Israel set to hold funerals for Jews slain in Paris attack

Jerusalem - Crowds of mourners are set to attend the funeral in Jerusalem Tuesday of four Jews killed in an Islamist attack on a Paris kosher supermarket, after their bodies were flown to Israel.

Mideast conflict enters new phase with Palestinian ICC bid

Jerusalem - The Palestinians have moved into uncharted territory by bidding to join the International Criminal Court, analysts say, with the decades-old conflict with Israel now set to play out on the world stage.

Palestinian gets life in jail for murder of three Israeli teens

Jerusalem - An Israeli military court on Tuesday handed three life sentences to a Palestinian militant convicted of organising the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers.

Israel eyes tougher moves after Palestinian tax freeze

Jerusalem - Israel was weighing its options Sunday for further punishing the Palestinians after freezing millions in tax revenues as a first response to their bid to join the International Criminal Court.

Israel 'won't let its soldiers be dragged to the ICC': PM

Jerusalem - Israel will not permit its soldiers to be hauled in front of the International Criminal Court on potential war crimes charges, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.

Op-Ed: Israel withholds taxes collected for Palestine

Jerusalem - Israel has frozen Palestinian tax funds, withholding transfer of $127 million, in a move that is in retaliation for Palestine's decision to join the International Criminal Court.

Israel freezing tax payment to Palestinians over ICC bid

Jerusalem - Israel is delaying the transfer of taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinians in retaliation for their application to join the International Criminal Court (ICC), an official confirmed Saturday.

Alzheimer's Disease study: Early detection coming, maybe cure

Yet another new discovery in the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease has been made, one to help with early detection. It joins other recent advancements that collectively promise to improve the lives of victims.

Jewish settler colonists stone U.S. officials in occupied W. Bank

Ramallah - American security guards drew their weapons on Israeli settlers after they threw stones at a convoy of visiting US diplomats investigating damage to Palestinian crops by far-right Jewish colonists in the illegally-occupied West Bank.
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