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Ireland to hold early election on February 8

Dublin - Ireland will go to the polls next month in an early general election, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said Tuesday, seeking to capitalise on his part in brokering the Brexit deal.

Parents of girl found in Malaysia jungle say case has 'criminal element'

Dublin - The parents of a Franco-Irish teenager whose body was found in the Malaysian jungle said they believe there was a "criminal element" to her disappearance, which police classified as a missing-person case.

Suspect arrested in Ireland over 1996 French murder case

Dublin - A British man convicted in France of killing a French woman in Ireland nearly 25 years ago has been arrested in Dublin, pending his possible extradition, his lawyer said Monday.

Op-Ed: The end of the UK? It’s possible, but the misery will go on.

London - Britain has beaten external foes before. It’s when the enemy is within that the nation has problems. It survived World Wars 1 and 2, but can it survive Brexit? The election will give an answer. Whether it’s the final answer is to be seen.

Irish government stumbles as post-Brexit election looms

Dublin - As political chaos reigned across the sea in Britain, Ireland's two main parties have been working together to limit the damage of Brexit -- but not for much longer.

Dublin warns UK PM 'no amnesty' for soldiers in N.Ireland

Dublin - The Irish government said on Monday there must be "no amnesty" for British soldiers who committed crimes in Northern Ireland, after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson made historic prosecutions an election campaign issue.

Britain's Brexit tangle complicated by Belfast impasse

Dublin - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's new plans to leave the European Union offer Northern Ireland's devolved government consent over new border arrangements with Ireland.

Op-Ed: Imbecility, thy name is Brexit - Irish deal simply can’t work

Dublin - The UK proposal for an “all-island” regulatory zone in Ireland to get around the closed border problem is looking very much like desperation. Ireland would be the go-to place for EU goods entering the UK.

Irish PM eyes May 2020 general election

Dublin - Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar revealed Thursday that he wants to hold an early general election in May 2020.

Op-Ed: Suspending Parliament — The Last Muddle Through for the UK?

London - Boris Johnson’s highly controversial and very unpopular suspension of Parliament is looking very like The Last Muddle Through for the UK in far too many ways. The hideously mismanaged Brexit mess is making the Blitz look good.

Op-Ed: Taxes, giant multinationals, and problems which can be fixed

Sydney - Governments are revenue junkies. The way they use revenue is often absurd, but how they collect it, or don’t collect it, is a huge problem. Major companies like Amazon, Google, etc. have a workaround for taxes which is creating big tax problems.

Irish airport flights suspended after runway plane fire

Dublin - Flights were suspended at Shannon Airport in western Ireland for several hours on Thursday after fire broke out on the undercarriage of an aircraft on the runway, an airport spokesman said.

Fighting talk: Ireland raises stakes in Brexit showdown

Dublin - With the prospect of a no-deal Brexit becoming ever more likely under Boris Johnson, the remaining EU member state with most to lose -- Ireland -- is hardening its rhetoric.

One in, one out: A tale of two Brexit MEPs

Dublin - When the other new members of the European Parliament take their seats in Strasbourg on Tuesday, Barry Andrews will be sitting at home, unable to attend because of Brexit.

Trump says Ireland's Brexit 'wall' issue will work out

Shannon - US President Donald Trump told Ireland's prime minister that the Brexit issue over "your wall, your border" with the UK would work out well, during talks on Wednesday.

Briton says innocent of Frenchwoman's Ireland murder

Dublin - A British man convicted in his absence in Paris of the 1996 killing of a French woman in Ireland repeated Saturday that he was innocent.

Ireland votes overwhelmingly to relax strict divorce law

Dublin - Ireland voted by an overwhelming majority to relax its constitutional restriction on divorce, results showed Sunday, the latest in a series of reforms to modernise the charter of the once devoutly Catholic nation.

Irish voters seen adding to pro-EU pushback in bloc-wide polls

Dublin - Populist forces stumbled in the face of surprisingly tough resistance from Dutch pro-EU parties, as Irish and Czechs voters cast ballots Friday in European elections.

Ireland votes in European election after Dutch pro-EU surprise

Dublin - Irish voters cast ballots Friday as part of phased EU-wide elections after a campaign dominated by concerns over neighbouring Britain's messy bid to leave the bloc.

Advancing the design of pharma water systems for medicinal safety Special

Dublin - Water may seem like a routine part of the production of medicines but water contaminated with microorganisms is a cause of drug product recalls and can lead to patient harm. The importance of water quality was the theme of a recent conference.
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