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Irish watchdog launches inquiry into Facebook data leak

Dublin - Ireland's data regulator has launched an official inquiry into Facebook after details on 533 million users were leaked on a hacking website, a spokesman said Wednesday.

Irish, Dutch halt AstraZeneca jabs as Italy gets set for curbs

Dublin - Ireland and the Netherlands on Sunday became the latest countries to suspend their rollouts of AstraZeneca jabs over concerns about post-jab blood clots despite the firm insisting there was no risk, as most Italians were bracing for a new round of rest...

Locked-down pub becomes Ireland's first wildlife hospital

Navan - A pub that closed its doors during lockdown is now serving a menagerie of very different clientele after transforming into Ireland's first wildlife hospital.

'Mother and baby' scandal rings in debate over Irish TV prayer

Dublin - The one-minute of Catholic prayer that precedes the main news on Irish state television is an everyday reminder of the traditional place of the church in the country.But last week "The Angelus" struck a discordant note.

Irish govt apologises for 'mother and baby homes' scandal

Dublin - Irish prime minister Micheal Martin on Wednesday formally apologised for the treatment of unmarried women and their babies in state and church-run homes, where thousands of children died over decades.

How Ireland became 'most infectious' coronavirus country

Dublin - In the midst of a third wave of coronavirus infections, Ireland now holds the unhappy title of the nation with the highest transmission rate in the world.

9,000 died in Irish homes for 'illegitimate' infants: report

Dublin - Some 9,000 children died in Ireland's "mother and baby homes", where unmarried mothers were routinely separated from their infant offspring, according to an official report published Tuesday.

Op-Ed: Getting starry-eyed about a 'post-COVID world' is just wrong

Sydney - People are talking about a "post-COVID world", but for many people, “post-COVID” means a rough ride. Reports have been emerging for quite a while about complications, and the news is grim enough.

Ireland seeks post-Brexit plain sailing with direct shipping to EU

Dublin - Ireland has ramped up direct shipping routes to mainland Europe since the end of the Brexit transition period, seeking new passages to the EU bypassing freight jams feared at UK borders.

Chipping forecast: Ireland fears Brexit blight on spud supply

Dublin - In Dublin's oldest chip shop, a pile of British potatoes plunges into a scalding vat of amber oil and under its roiling surface, everyday alchemy creates a cherished deep-fried treat.

Increase in black widow population presents bacterial risk

Scientists have identified that common house spiders can transmit bacteria that can infect people. In addition, with Noble False Widow spiders carrying strains of bacteria resistant common antibiotic treatments.

All bark no byte? Unease over Irish performance as EU's lead data watchdog

Dublin - Two years after the EU launched its landmark GDPR data rights charter, there are signs Ireland is faltering in its outsized role as regulator of many of the most powerful digital giants.

Irish locals show their colours in Biden's ancestral home

Ballina - Thousands of miles east of the White House in Ireland, a pop-art portrait of US presidential candidate Joe Biden towers over his ancestral hometown of Ballina, County Mayo.

Dublin 'eerie' as Ireland plunges into second lockdown

Dublin - A "cloud of sadness" descended on the streets of central Dublin Thursday as Ireland became the first EU nation to return to a full coronavirus lockdown.

Ireland locks down for second wave, Germany smashes record daily high

Dublin - Ireland became the first European country to enter a second national lockdown and Germany's daily cases leapt to a record high as the second wave of coronavirus spread gloom across the continent on Thursday.

Ireland is first EU country to re-enter lockdown

Dublin - Ireland will be the first EU country to return to coronavirus lockdown, prime minister Micheal Martin said Monday, issuing a nationwide "stay at home" order but insisting schools will stay open.

Europe tightens virus curbs as global cases top 40 million

Dublin - A number of European countries took urgent new measures on Monday to combat a second wave of coronavirus infections, as the World Health Organization blamed the surge in worldwide cases -- now more than 40 million -- on countries' failure to quarantine...

Irish locals show their colours in Biden's ancestral home

Ballina - Thousands of miles east of the White House in Ireland, a pop-art portrait of US presidential candidate Joe Biden towers over his ancestral hometown of Ballina, County Mayo.

Leviathan task: saving the whales in Dublin's 'dead zoo'

Dublin - A huddle of specialised staff at Dublin's "dead zoo" perform a high-wire puzzle, delicately disassembling two whale skeletons that have dangled airborne for over a century.

Op-Ed: Goodbye Britain — UK to be a failed state, or non-existent?

Berlin - You can only use the word “deranged” so many times. The UK leaving the world’s biggest trading bloc was always imbecilic. Add the bungled COVID problems. Now, the UK is happily explaining how it will break international law.
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