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AirAsia crash due to faulty component, crew response: probe

Jakarta - A faulty component and the crew's inadequate response caused an AirAsia A320 to crash into the Java Sea last year, killing all 162 people on board, an Indonesian report said Tuesday.

Indonesia's Papua battles AIDS epidemic

Wamena - Fifteen-year-old Adina curls up in bed under a sheet, her body ravaged by AIDS, one of many caught up in an epidemic sweeping Indonesia's eastern Papua region.

Indonesian district to ban condoms in convenience stores

Menteng Dua - A staunchly Islamic district in Indonesia plans to ban the sale of condoms in convenience stores in a bid to halt premarital sex, an official said Tuesday, but activists criticised the move as misguided.

Music superstar Agnez Mo talks 'Boy Magnet The Remixes' EP Special

Indonesian music superstar Agnez Mo chatted with Digital Journal about her "Boy Magnet The Remixes" EP, which was just released.

Indonesian newlyweds ate alleged rapist's genitals: police

Menteng Dua - A newlywed Indonesian couple have been arrested over claims they dined on the genitals of the woman's suspected rapist after her husband allegedly murdered him and cut off his private parts, police said Tuesday.

Emissions set to soar as love of steak takes off in Asia

Jakarta - Climate change is the last thing on Maya Puspita Sari's mind as she tucks into a steak and splurges on ice cream, products that were once a luxury but are now a growing staple in the diets of millions of Indonesians.

Tigers, piranhas may join crocodiles as Indonesian prison guards

Jakarta - The recent story about crocodiles being used as guards over drug convicts in Indonesia has a new twist. Those nasty crocodiles may have co-workers alongside them — tigers and piranhas.

Hong Kong drug lord sentenced to death in Indonesia

Jakarta - An Indonesian court late on Friday sentenced a Hong Kong drug lord to death for smuggling 860 kilograms (1,900 pounds) of crystal methamphetamine into Indonesia earlier this year.

Thousands to be sterilised in global 'vasectomy-athon'

Indonesia - Thousands of men around the world are to be sterilised Friday in what organisers dubbed a global "vasectomy-athon", to encourage men to take a bigger role in family planning and combat resistance to the procedure.

Indonesia orangutans attacked by villagers after fleeing fires

Jakarta - An endangered Borneo orangutan and her baby escaped from raging fires in Indonesia that destroyed their forest habitat -- only to be attacked by angry villagers, an animal rights group said Tuesday.

Indonesians take fight against haze into their own hands

Palangkaraya - Desperate civilians at the epicentre of Indonesia's haze crisis are taking the fight into their own hands, using whatever meagre resources they have to confront the fires ravaging their communities as they tire of waiting for the government to take act...

Indonesia upgrades death toll from haze to 19

Jakarta - The death toll from acrid haze blanketing parts of Indonesia has climbed to 19, a minister said on Wednesday, almost double the previous figure as the crisis from widespread forest fires worsens.

Man-caused fires in Indonesia leading to loss of orangutans

One of our greatest environmental disasters is being played out in Indonesia. Fires started by humans with a lack of regard for the environment or for the health of millions of people have devastated thousands of acres and put orangutans at risk.

Sick, hungry orangutans fall victim to Indonesia fires crisis

Palangkaraya - Endangered orangutans are falling victim to a devastating haze crisis that has left them sick, malnourished and severely traumatised as fires rage through Indonesia's forests, reducing their habitat to a charred wasteland.

Indonesia sends three warships to help with haze

Jakarta - Indonesia has deployed three warships, with more on standby, to deliver face masks, tents and medical supplies to thousands of people affected by acrid haze from forest fires, an official said Monday.

Desperation in the epicentre of Southeast Asia's haze crisis

Indonesia - When the smoke from forest fires turned a thick, acrid yellow, casting an apocalyptic glow over Palangkaraya, Kartika Sari decided to grab her child and flee the Indonesian city at the epicentre of the haze crisis smothering Southeast Asia.

Indonesia readies warships for haze evacuation

Jakarta - Indonesia has put warships on standby to evacuate people affected by acrid haze from forest fires which has killed at least 10 and caused respiratory illnesses in half a million, officials said Saturday.

Op-Ed: ASEAN is riding today’s rapids, but smooth sailing is in sight

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), formed in 1967, has represented a major slice of the world’s economic activity since its founding.

SE Asia fires 'produce more greenhouse gas than US'

Jakarta - Indonesian forest and agricultural fires cloaking Southeast Asia in acrid haze are spewing more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each day than all US economic activity, according to an environmental watchdog.

Indonesian fires emitting more greenhouse gas than entire U.S.

Indonesia's palm oil plantation fires have disrupted schools, travel and worst of all, endangered the health of millions of people. This environmental disaster has emitted over 1,000 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere this year.
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