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Top News: Health

WHO says Zika response plan only 13 percent funded

Geneva - The World Health Organization's Zika response programme is only 13 percent funded, "severely" compromising efforts to combat the virus that is increasingly becoming a global threat, the UN agency said Monday.But the significant funding gaps in the $17....

Social media helps spot kids with alcohol problems

Analyzing data captured via social media can effectively identify children at risk from alcohol abuse, according to a new research study.

Medical tech helps improve drug delivery

Targeting drugs to the right spot within the human body is critical fro the successful application of a medicine. Many compounds, however, don't accuracy hit the exact spot. New research is attempting to improve the focus of drug delivery.

Bringing the health economy together via dentist and dietician

For people with busy lives, visiting dentists, dieticians, medical doctors and so forth means a difficult balancing act. To help with this, Michigan State University have pioneered a test for obesity to be used by dentists.

Huntington's Disease advocate kicks off dance challenge Special

Canning - May is Juvenile Huntingtons/Huntington's Disease awareness month and as the month winds down HD advocates turn up the heat to create awareness and eventually a cure or treatment for the dreaded disease.

FDA approves first implant to fight opioid drug addiction

A tiny implant that will help opioid addicts fight their cravings has won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The implants will soon be available in that country, likely next month.

Opioid addicts will have new implant treatment by end of June

Opioid abuse and addiction has taken a tremendous toll on Americans and our health care resources, but the FDA's approval of a medication-emitting implant may be one answer to solving the problem.

Catching cancer early via new implant

A "cure" for cancer remains elusive. However, methods to detect cancer early and to administer treatment continue to advance. The latest is a new implant designed to spot cancerous cells before they develop into tumours.

Massive recall of Sippee cups after mold sickens 68 children

Mayborn USA announced over 3.1 million Tommee Tippee Sippee cups have been recalled because of a mold problem in the one-piece valve that prevents the contents from spilling.

Russia activists struggle to raise HIV awareness as epidemic grows

Moscow - Vadim Pokrovsky stunned hundreds of students at a conference in Moscow last week when he reached into his pocket and took out a condom."And you, the young generation, how do you protect yourselves from HIV?

Op-Ed: Sonoma has its first Integrative Health Care Fair Special

Sonoma - Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy in Sonoma was pleased to co-host the very first annual Integrative Health Fair this past May 21. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the afternoon.

Dr. Heimlich, 96, performs the Heimlich maneuver on 87-year-old

Cincinnati - Dr. Henry Heimlich, who first described the Heimlich Maneuver in June of 1974, was said to have used the procedure for the first time on a resident of the nursing home where he stays.

Epilepsy and pain management drug connected with birth defects

A medical study says the drug pregabalin, designed to treat epilepsy as well as neuropathic pain, could be linked to an increased risk of birth defects.

Why a mother’s voice soothes her children

The voice of a child’s mother provides psychological comfort and it lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol, according to new research of school-aged children.

Superbug resistant to 'antibiotic of last resort' has hit U.S.

It was bound to happen, and sure enough, researchers in the U.S. have found a person with an infection caused by a bacterial pathogen resistant to an "antibiotic of last resort."

Scientists find a new treatment to slow down Alzheimer's Disease

A team of German, Swedish and Italian researchers from Örebro University found a new strategy to slow down Alzheimer's Disease (AD) progression. They tried an old drug (clopidogrel) to test out a new therapeutic strategy.

Arizona allows pharmacists to change prescriptions

Phoenix - Arizona has become the first U.S. state to allow pharmacists to change the medicine prescribed on a doctor’s prescription for a similar drug product. The law requires the patient to be informed.

Suicide risk lifted from Pfizer's smoking-cessation pill

Brussels - Europe's drug regulator has lifted a longstanding warning in relation to a anti-smoking medication made by the company Pfizer.

WHO to better respond to emergencies

Geneva - Member states of the World Health Organization have agreed a long-awaited reform of the agency so that it responds more quickly and effectively to emergency situations.
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Top News: Health