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Top News: Health

Colombia sees Guillain-Barre syndrome spike amid Zika cases

Estanzuela - More than 22,600 cases of the Zika virus have been confirmed in Colombia, which is seeing a sharp increase in a rare neurological disorder linked to the disease, authorities said Saturday.

Zika virus update: Puerto Rico declares state of emergency

Governor Alejandro García Padilla signed an executive order Friday declaring a public health emergency in Puerto Rico due to the Zika virus. At least 22 people in the U.S. territory have been reported to be infected with the mosquito-borne virus.

Brazil's anti-Zika war goes house to house

S - Sao Paulo resident Juliana Matuoka always thought her stunning tropical flowers were something to appreciate from afar. Now, however, they are enemy territory."Here, I got one!

Time to stop using BMI as a health measure?

The body mass index (or BMI) is a long established method for assessing whether someone is of the correct weight (and therefore healthy) or underweight or overweight (and thus unhealthy). But is BMI accurate and meaningful as regards health?

First Zika-linked deaths reported in Colombia

Estanzuela - The mosquito-borne Zika virus sweeping through Latin America has claimed three lives in Colombia, as the United Nations urged increased access to abortion because of fears of severe birth defects.

Disabled Czechs get new lease on sex life

Prague - Tomas Pik has lost nothing of his lust for life despite the crippling disease that confined him to a wheelchair five years ago as the nerves in his limbs withered.

Colombia blames 3 deaths on Zika, nerve disorder

Estanzuela - Colombia said Friday that three people had died after contracting the Zika virus and developing a rare nerve disorder called Guillain-Barre, the first time health officials have directly blamed the mosquito-borne disease for causing deaths.

Zika nations should allow access to contraception, abortion: UN

Ginebra - The United Nations on Friday urged countries hit by the dangerous Zika virus to let women have access to contraception and abortion.

US urges condom use or abstinence to avoid Zika virus

Miami - US health authorities on Friday urged people to use condoms or refrain from sex if they live in or have traveled to areas where the Zika virus is circulating.

CDC warning to women: Don't drink if you're not on birth control

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a press release earlier this week that warned women of child-bearing age about the dangers of drinking alcohol when they may be pregnant, unless they were on birth control.

Choice of deodorant or antiperspirant affects underarm microbes

We know that wearing a deodorant or antiperspirant will have a positive affect on our social lives, but did you know it also effects the type and quantity of microbes that live on our armpits?

Chance of Ebola reemerging — 48 contacts missing in Sierra Leone

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Thursday that about four dozen people linked to the latest Ebola case are missing, and at least 18 of those people are considered to be at high risk for having the virus.

WHO sounds Zika blood warning as Europe sees first pregnancy case

Ginebra - The World Health Organization on Thursday advised countries against accepting blood donations from people who have travelled to regions affected by the Zika virus, as Spain announced Europe's first known case of the disease in a pregnant woman.

Spain reports first known European case of Zika-infected pregnant woman

Madrid - Spain said Thursday that a pregnant woman who had returned from Colombia had been diagnosed with the Zika virus, in the first such known European case.

Head lice: Not so super Special

Try telling someone shared hats and scarves do not often spread head lice and before you are able to say one more word you will be silenced. Old, deeply-ingrained myths die hard.

S.America holds crisis meeting as Zika 'nightmare' spreads

Montevideo - South American health ministers held an emergency meeting on slowing the spread of the Zika virus, dubbed a "nightmare" by hard-hit Brazil, where it is blamed for brain damage in babies.

Clinical trial tragedy in France: An update

Rennes - The unexpected reactions, and fatality, associated with a clinical trial that went wrong in France shocked many people. Now a little time has passed, an investigation by French authorities has revealed a pattern.

YouTube music videos may get teens hooked to booze, cigarettes

A study examining Youtube music videos from Britain's top 40 chart has questioned whether the high prevalence of alcohol and tobacco consumption in the videos might be a strategy by companies to target teenage audiences.

Zika: profile of an enigmatic virus

Paris - The world's latest health scare is Zika: a tropical, mosquito-borne virus that holds little danger for most people, but could completely derail the lives of some.
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Top News: Health
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