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Top News: Health

Cracking down on recreation water infection

Bethesda - The weather’s getting hotter and many people like to play and swim in public pools. Sometimes these communal areas can be sites of contamination and infection. The CDC has offered new advice.

Can a mushroom slow down weight gain?

A mushroom common to Chinese medicine appears to slow down weight gain, according to a new scientific study based on animal trials.

Sexually transmitted diseases rising in Britain

London - Annual figures relating to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have been released for 2014 for the U.K. The figures make for interesting reading in relation to sexual health trends.

South Korea cautiously reports no new MERS cases or deaths

Seoul - South Korea reported no new cases of MERS or deaths from the virus for the first time in nine days Monday, but officials warned there was no indication yet that the outbreak had been brought under control.

Public confused by sunscreen labels

London - The public are confused by the labeling of sunscreen products, according to a new reports. One reason is that the main label relates to protection from UVB light only.

Exercising as a kid may promote good fitness habits in adulthood

Encouraging children to exercise may instill fitness habits in adulthood, researchers concluded based on a series experiments with mice.

'Mad cow' disease detected in Ireland

Dublin - A single case of "mad cow disease" has been identified in the Republic of Ireland, from a dairy located in County Louth.

STD-detecting condoms aren’t coming to a store near you

One of the biggest news stories of the past few days has been focused around the idea that a color-changing condom could actually detect sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

One woman's determination to defeat a rare disease Special

Tallahassee - There are no highly publicized marathons, or ribbons you can wear. The public is ignorant to the existence of the disease. Because of that; one woman is determined to find a cure, so no one else can suffer like she has.

Drinking lots of beer exposes toxin risk

Valencia - Food scientists have analysed the extent of fungal toxins in various beers. The Spanish researchers have discovered surprisingly high levels of mycotoxins in certain brews.

Skinny jeans cut blood supply to woman's legs, hospitalizes her

Adelaide - A woman collapsed and was forced to crawl from an Adelaide park after her skinny jeans cut off the circulation in her legs.

Pertussis — New findings lead to new approaches in treatment

Basel - Since 2010, the incidence of Pertussis, or Whooping Cough, around the world has seen a dramatic increase. Researchers at the Biozentrum, University of Basel, have been investigating the protein membrane of the bacterium that causes Pertussis.

Maggi noodles banned in around the world

Mumbai - An temporary ban, enacted by many countries, has placed a block on imports of Maggi noodles from India. This is because some batches of the food product contains high levels of lead, at a level considered dangerous to health.

Ukrainian wants to deliver psychological support to war-torn home Special

Even before the current bloody conflict in Ukraine erupted last year, the nation's largely Soviet-era mental health infrastructure was in shambles.

Infection rates running high in Spanish hospitals

Madrid - People at, or having recently left, hospitals in Spain have a 6 to 8 percent chance of contracting an infection, according to a new report. The issue is a further example of the rise in antimicrobial resistant bacteria.

Record haul of counterfeit drugs worldwide

Health authorities around the globe have been taking part in Operation Pangea, designed to clampdown on fake and counterfeit medicines.

First documentary for Relapsing Polychondritis released

The Relapsing Polychondritis Awareness and Support Foundation has released its first documentary, "RP The Ride of My Life," following one woman's journey to live life with purpose while suffering from Relapsing Polychondritis.

A fasting diet may slowdown the effects of ageing

A new research paper suggests that a diet that mimics the effects of fasting could slow down the effects of ageing. The data collected so far is based on animal models.

Canadian company stops Ebola drug trial for lack of results

Trials have ceased of what was thought to be a promising drug to treat West Africans infected with the Ebola virus. Canadian company, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, announced that its TKM-Ebola drug trials in Sierra Leone have been stopped.
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Top News: Health
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