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Top News: Health

A.I. assistive and rehab solutions: Interview Special

State-of-the-art technology like artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the way healthcare clinics and professional medical services operate. Bionik CEO Dr. Eric Dusseux provides an overview of recent developments.

Report highlights deepening Venezuela health crisis

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition-dominated Congress said Monday the country's deepening economic crisis has left hospitals lacking even the most basic medicines and surgical materials.

Study shows geographical trends in drug-related deaths in U.S.

Deaths from drug-use disorders in the U.S. have risen dramatically in the past several decades, hitting West Virginia and Kentucky especially hard, even as mortality rates blamed on other causes, from substance abuse or intentional injury have dropped.

New drugs make hepatitis C-positive kidneys safe for transplant

Research has shown that an improved new generation of antiviral drugs should help to expand the number of organs available for donation, and reduce the rejection rate by the human body post-surgery.

Nano-drops improve shortsightedness

Tel Aviv - A new type of medicine, described as a ‘nano-drop’, has been designed as a cure for shortsightedness and nearsightedness. This is an alternative to conventional laser correction techniques and to wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Mini cars drive away children's fears of surgery

Valenciennes - Wearing a big grin, Marame clambers into the small electric sports car and drives off -- to the operating theatre.

UN drugs body approves controls on deadly opioid

Vienna - A UN's anti-drug body added carfentanil, a synthetic substance estimated to be thousands of times more potent than morphine, to its list of controlled substances on Wednesday.

Nigeria struggles to contain dramatic spread of deadly Lassa fever

- Nigeria is battling on two fronts against an unprecedented outbreak of Lassa fever, a cousin of Ebola, that has already killed 110 people this year.

Indian doctors suspended after severed leg used as pillow

New Delhi - Indian authorities have suspended two doctors and launched an investigation after a patient's severed leg was used as a pillow to prop up his head, a hospital official said Sunday.

Madagascar's hidden leprosy battle

Fianarantsoa - Joseph Ralaiharo has lived cut off from society in a remote village in central Madagascar for more than half a century.

Flu virus: Wily 'shapeshifter' always one step ahead

Paris - On a March morning 100 years ago, a soldier in Kansas reported to the infirmary with a fever, muscle aches, and a sore throat.By lunchtime, records state, dozens had joined him, stricken with what would become known as the Spanish Flu.

Ticks have crept into Canada, sowing illness and confusion

`Reported cases of tick-borne Lyme Disease in Canada have increased more than six-fold between 2009 and 2016, yet even today, it is still a struggle for a patient to get diagnosed and treated.

Africa new frontline in anti-tobacco fight: activists

Cape Town - Africa and other developing regions are becoming increasingly significant battlegrounds in the effort to combat the spread of smoking, an anti-smoking campaign group warned on Thursday.

Alone at health clinic, Australian treats self for heart attack

Miami - Alone at a health clinic in a small, remote seaside settlement in Australia, a 44-year-old nurse sensed he was having a heart attack and sprang into action, saving his own life, a report said Wednesday.

Graft, deprivation sharpen Angola's malaria outbreak

Luanda - Heavy rains, filthy conditions, medicine shortages and endemic corruption have combined to make a lethal malarial cocktail for Angola.

Belgium distributes iodine pills in case of nuclear accident

Apo - Belgium began Monday to make iodine pills available free to its 11 million people in case of an accident at its ageing nuclear plants but said there was no "specific risk.

Girding for new battles in the war against Big Tobacco

Paris - Some 3,000 anti-tobacco experts and policy makers convening this week in Cape Town, South Africa confront an industry flush with profits and determined to expand the market for its deadly product.

3D printing advantages for dentistry

3D printing has the potential to give dentists and laboratory technicians the ability to make high-precision restorations cheaper, easier and faster. A new innovation from DWS Systems allows dentists to make prosthetics rapidly.

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Top News: Health

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