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Top News: Health

Smartphones can be successfully used to track health

A review of smartphones and health apps indicates how parents can improve health outcomes for children. This is through a mix of appropriate apps and text messages.

Blood test can forecast heart attacks

Boston - A new blood test has the potential to predict some types of heart attack. It has been developed at by Prevencio Inc. and evaluated at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Nine US deaths linked to breast implant-associated cancer

Washington - Nine women are believed to have died in the United States from a rare cancer linked to breast implants, US health officials said Tuesday, with more than 350 cases of the disease recorded nationwide.

Treaty slows global tobacco use by 2.5%: WHO

Paris - Tobacco use fell by 2.5 percent worldwide a decade after the first global health treaty went into effect, World Health Organization researchers said Wednesday.

City living makes asthma worse for poor children

A new U.S. focused study has found that living in inner cities can worsen asthma for children in who live in economically deprived households. Other disparities relating to ethnicity, as well as social class, have been highlighted.

Most U.S. teens who abuse opioids started with a prescription

According to a new study on opioid use among adolescents, most teenagers who end up abusing opioids first received the drugs through a prescription from a doctor.

Healthiest people in the world are the Tsimane

Medical scientists have identified the healthiest people in the world, or at least the people with best heart health. These are the Tsimane from the forests of Bolivia.

Blueberries appear to boost brain function

The hunt for new ‘super-foods’ continues (assuming that there really are super-foods rather than sensible diets). Attention has now turned to the humble blueberry and its apparent ability to boost brain function.

Typical urine level in swimming pools revealed

Toronto - Many professional swimmers say they do it, but what about the rest of us? A new survey reveals the typical levels of urine in swimming pools, arising from swimmers going to lavatorial excesses.

Medieval painting may have earliest depiction of 'fiery Serpent'

Bari - Italian researchers examining a medieval painting may have found the earliest depiction of the "fiery serpent," or dracunculiasis, a horrible parasitic infection in which a worm up to 3-feet long creeps out of the skin.

UN urges China to act as bird flu deaths spike

Rome - The UN's food agency on Friday urged China to step up efforts to contain and eliminate a strain of bird flu which has killed scores of people this year.

State of Iowa sues maker of 'drinkable sunscreen' alleging fraud

Denver - Iowa's Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against an Evergreen, Colorado company that is selling what it claims is "drinkable Sunscreen."

Some common pain relievers increase the risk of cardiac arrest

Copenhagen - A new study published this month by cardiologists in Denmark has found that some pain relief medications are linked to an increase in episodes of cardiac arrest.

Anti-anxiety hormone linked to postpartum depression

From a study involving women who had been diagnosed with mood disorders, medical scientists have found that levels of the hormone allopregnanolone are associated with an increased chance of postpartum depression.

Irritable bowel syndrome medication has safety concerns

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has flagged a warning about a medication for irritable bowel syndrome due to a risk of causing pancreatitis in patients without a gallbladder.

Expert travel advice for entering Zika areas

Parts of the southern U.S. (as well as Central and South America) have mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus. With Zika there are a mix of myths and facts to be taken account of. To help readers decipher these, we’ve heard from a top medical professional.

Mozambique cholera outbreak infects over 1,200

Maputo - Mozambique is battling a cholera outbreak that has infected 1,222 people and killed two, the country's health ministry said Tuesday, warning that it has been unable to slow its spread.

Op-Ed: 'Insurance for everybody' — Trump's biggest, deadliest lie yet

San Francisco - In a presidency largely defined by lies, one pants-on-fire whopper now stands out as Donald Trump's biggest — and deadliest — yet.

24M fewer Americans insured under GOP Obamacare replacement: CBO

Washington - Despite President Donald Trump's pledge of "insurance for everybody," 24 million fewer Americans will have health coverage under the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated on Monday.
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Top News: Health

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