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Top News: Health

Rio organizers promise to include viral testing of dirty waters

Rio De Janeiro - Olympic organizers promised on Tuesday to start testing Rio de Janeiro's polluted waters for viruses, leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games. Over 1.400 top athletes from around the world are expected to compete.

'Fat is not the enemy' says dietitian

While recommendations for a low in saturated fat diet remain, nutrition experts warn that many are replacing fat with salt and sugar.

Cracking down on fungal meningitis

The brain disease meningitis is caused by different microorganisms. One of the most difficult forms to detect and treat is fungal meningitis. Researchers have a new approach to treat the disease.

Looking for the ultimate hangover cure? You'll be disappointed

Utrecht - The morning after feeling is one many of us contend with. Lots of people have their favorite hangover cures, and one of the most popular is drinking lots of water. Sadly, this turns out to be an urban myth.

Lasers used to detect brain tumors

London - Brain surgeons in Britain have used lasers to detect a tumor during a surgical procedure. This was the first use of the procedure in Europe.

Bayer forges ahead with heart failure drug after positive results

Basking in its success with stroke prevention pill Xarelto and eye treatment Eylea, Bayer AG is anxious to show it has another winner in its heart drug, Finerenone. The German company is moving its heart failure drug into final-stage testing this year.

Effect of antidepressants on fertility revealed

One consequence of the wider use of antidepressants in society is the effect on being able to conceive a child. The fertility effect has been revealed in new research.

Water events at Rio Olympics are becoming dangerous to athletes

Berlin - German Olympic athlete Erik Heil has undergone surgery in a Berlin hospital after contracting a serious skin infection he claims was caused by the terrible pollution in Brazil's Guanabara Bay.

Doctors urge caution with plastic wrap and food containers

Recent studies on the hormone-disrupting effects of chemicals found in plastic food containers and wraps have revived discussion about their safety.

Once again, science tell us butter is better for you than margarine

It's a perennial debate: which is better for you - butter or margarine? And it's been running since the laboratory invented spread appeared to challenge butter for supremacy across a slice of toast.

Op-Ed: Paleo diet should not be carb free

Every few months brings along a new fad diet and one that seems to running is the so called "Paleo diet", which is based on a diet that cavemen may have consumed.

Spain detects first case of mosquito-borne chikungunya virus

Madrid - Spain has detected its first domestic case of the painful mosquito-borne viral disease chikungunya in a 60-year-old man in the eastern province of Valencia, officials said Tuesday.

Time to clamp down on 'soft touch' doctors?

London - Should doctors who indiscriminately administer antibiotics to appease patients where there is no clinical need to do so be fined? This is the call of a leading health expert.

WHO to study use of sanctions as part of global epidemic response

Ginebra - The World Health Organization said Tuesday it will study the idea of using sanctions to punish countries that do not comply with global health regulations, following widespread failures in the response to the Ebola outbreak.

What will the health of the U.K. population be like by 2040?

Making predictions can be fraught with difficulty; however, working out the main diseases and health threats helps governments to plan ahead. An interesting exercise has been undertaken in the U.K.

Five surprising health myths and half-truths explained

Here are five health-related myths and half-truths, which people still wonder about today — which have been tested in scientific studies.

Ring diagnosing sexually-transmitted infections. Does it work?

A startup made a prototype of a thumb ring that can diagnose syphilis and potentially other sexually-transmitted infections with results in minutes. Some of the science may not match up with the ambitious claims.

MIT, Harvard team uncover master switch that controls fat cells

A team of MIT and Harvard researchers found a genetic pathway that controls metabolism by prompting fat cells to store or burn fat, which may lead to the prevention or cure of obesity.

Diabetes drug effective for heart attacks and stroke

An established diabetes drug produced by pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly has been shown to be effective against cardiovascular diseases.
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Top News: Health
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