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Orban admits Hungarian 'shameful' Holocaust role

Budapest - Many Hungarians chose "bad instead of good" in helping deport Jews to Nazi death camps, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Monday in his first acknowledgement of his country's complicity in the Holocaust.

New hi-tech piano demonstrated in Hungary

Budapest - A new so-called “Wonder Piano” has been unveiled by its inventor in Budapest, Hungary and is claimed to be the next step in piano design, using carbon composite technology instead of wood for its soundboard.

Hungarian Jews mark 70 years since Budapest ghetto liberation

Budapest - Hungarian Jews and Soviet army veterans gathered Sunday to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation by the Red Army of the Budapest ghetto in World War II.

Hungarian protesters hit out at Orban's 'move towards Russia'

Budapest - Thousands of Hungarians protested Friday at what they see as the country's move towards Russia in the latest demonstration against the government of controversial Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Hungary to resume gas supply to Ukraine

Budapest - Hungary is to resume supplies of natural gas to Ukraine following the suspension of deliveries in September as demand in the country is not as high as was expected.

Italy: Circus owner dyed chow puppies to look like pandas

Brescia - A travelling circus in Italy has been sent to the dog-house after Italian state officials found the circus owner to be passing off two chow puppies as pandas, with their coats dyed to look the part.

Hungary's Orban faces tough 2015 after opinion polls nosedive

Budapest - With three election victories in less than a year under his belt, along with a rosy economic outlook, a weak opposition and a comfortable parliamentary majority, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban looked invincible just a few months ago.

Women struggle to be heard in 'macho' Hungary

Budapest - They were few in number given the cold and too chilly to wear the skimpy outfits and fishnet tights typical of "SlutWalk" demonstrations. But there was no doubt the marchers in "macho" Hungary were boiling with rage.

Hungary teachers protest against cuts, reforms

Budapest - Thousands of Hungarian teachers demonstrated in Budapest on Saturday against Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government, demanding a stop to funding cuts and dialogue over controversial education reforms.

Hungarian protesters hold anti-PM Orban 'indignation' rallies

Budapest - Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in Budapest on Monday in a show of "indignation" over the policies of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, with riot police moving in to stop an attempted storming of parliament.

Hungary PM dismisses U.S. corruption claims

Budapest - Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban dismissed Friday corruption claims cited by Washington as the reason for U.S. entry bans on six senior Hungarian officials that have soured already frayed bilateral ties.

Anti-Orban activists mobilise in Hungary

Budapest - When Balazs Gulyas set up a Facebook page about a new Internet tax he had no idea he would soon be organising one of Hungary's biggest demos in years.

Op-Ed: Assaults on Hungarian journalists hushed up – why?

Budapest - In the widespread coverage given to demonstrations against an unpopular tax in Hungary, one thing is missing; the assaults by demonstrators on at least three TV crews covering the demonstrations.

Internet tax stopped by mass protests in Hungary

In what are the largest anti-government demonstrations in years about ten thousand people streamed across bridges over the Danube in Budapest to protest against a proposed tax on the Internet.

Anger mounts in Hungary over Internet tax

Budapest - A proposed Hungarian tax on Internet usage has sparked new accusations of an anti-democratic crackdown in the EU member as tens of thousands are expected to march against the measure Sunday.

Hungarians march to celebrate 'Roma Pride'

Budapest - Hundreds of Hungarians took part in a "Roma Pride" march in Budapest on Sunday to celebrate the country's largest ethnic minority, a community scarred by widespread prejudice.Around 500 people walked through the city centre chanting "Opre Roma!

A tale of two forums on the future of Europe Special

Athens - Two drastically different forums focused on young people took place in the last two weeks, showing the deep divide over the role the new generation should have in bringing about change in Europe.

Missing Mozart sonata discovered by accident

Budapest - A Hungarian scholar has accidentally come across an original score by Mozart which had been thought lost since the maestro wrote it in the 18th Century.

Combating ash borers through sex appeal

Budapest - Biologists have discovered a way to kill invasive emerald ash borers using female decoys. The beetles harm ash trees, and infestations are usually difficult to detect until the symptoms become severe.

U.S. brother and sister jailed for having sex together in tractor

A brother and sister in Savannah, Georgia have been charged with incest, aggravated sodomy and prowling. Police there say the two admitted to having sex with one another in a tractor trailer parked in a Effingham County church parking lot.
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