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Hungary's Orban wants free rein on death penalty

Budapest - Hungarian Prime Minster Viktor Orban raised again on Friday the thorny topic of the death penalty in the European Union, saying member states should be able to decide on the issue themselves.

Hungary says 'does not plan' to introduce death penalty

Budapest - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban "does not plan to introduce the death penalty," his chief of staff Janos Lazar said Thursday, after strong EU criticism of Orban's call for debate on its reintroduction.

Hungary to seek public's views on immigration

Budapest - Hungary's government said Friday it will seek the public's views on immigration, including on whether asylum-seekers should be made to work, as Prime Minister Viktor Orban called existing EU rules "stupid".

Alzheimer's breakthrough drug may 'dramatically change' treatment

Researchers in the U.K. will soon begin testing a drug that they say may be the breakthrough for Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia that the world awaits. The drug, Liraglutide, is already on the market as a treatment for diabetes.

One detained after gyrocopter lands at the U.S. Capitol

The U.S. capitol remains of high alert after a small gyrocopter lands outside the west end of the Capitol building. The pilot has been detained at this time.

Hungarian PM's row with old ally spurs media upheaval

Budapest - A row involving Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his ex-college roommate, right-wing business tycoon Lajos Simicska, is tearing up the country's media landscape as the rivals fight for control.

Hungarian Jews march in memory of Holocaust amid far-right alarm

Budapest - Thousands of people on Sunday joined Hungary's annual "March of Life" commemorating the Holocaust, as World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder denounced the country's surging far-right Jobbik party as "extremist".

Hungary's Jobbik seeks to shun racist image ahead of poll

Hungary - Once considered a far-right fringe party, Hungary's Jobbik is seeking to clean up its racist image and move towards the centre in an effort to challenge Prime Minister Viktor Orban's ruling Fidesz.

Hungarians rally on national day for and against PM Orban

Budapest - Thousands of Hungarians took to the streets Sunday in separate national day demonstrations to both protest against, and voice support for, Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Protein linked to Alzheimer's discovered in brains as young as 20

In a study released today, researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois found traces of the protein amyloid in patients as young as 20. The abnormal protein is a cause of Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia.

Hungarian politician warns of relativising Communist crimes

Budapest - A senior Hungarian politician has criticised the West for relativising the crimes committed by Communist regimes during Hungary’s Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Communism.

Hungary PM needs style change after poll setback: analysts

Budapest - Hungary's strongman Prime Minister Viktor Orban needs to strike a less confrontational stance after his ruling party Fidesz lost its parliamentary super-majority in a key by-election, analysts said."There is a need for a correction.

Hungary to launch memorial year for Gulag victims

Hungarian Minister for Human Resources, Zoltán Balog, has announced the start of a year of remembrance for the victims of the Soviet mass deportations to the Gulag in 1944 and 1945.

Maverick Hungarian PM Orban suffers by-election blow

Budapest - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban lost his two-thirds majority in parliament in a key by-election on Sunday that could trigger a further slide in the maverick premier's popularity.

Putin visits his EU friend, Hungary's Orban, amid Ukraine tension

Budapest - Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a controversial visit to Budapest on Tuesday, showing the world he still has a friend in Europe in Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban despite East-West tension over Ukraine.

Putin urges Kiev not to stop Ukraine soldiers from laying down arms

Budapest - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday urged Kiev to allow Ukrainian soldiers who are encircled by pro-Russian rebels in the town of Debaltseve to lay down their weapons.

Two thousand Hungarians protest in Budapest on eve of Putin visit

Budapest - Hundreds of Hungarians took to the streets of Budapest on Monday to protest against Vladimir Putin, a day ahead of the Russian leader's visit to Budapest.

Merkel presses Orban's Hungary over NGOs, media

Budapest - German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed concern Monday at the treatment in Hungary of civil society groups and the media as she paid her first visit to Budapest under Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Hungarians rally against Orban ahead of Merkel visit

Budapest - Thousands of Hungarians took to the streets of Budapest Sunday seeking support from Chancellor Angela Merkel against their Prime Minister Viktor Orban a day ahead of the German leader's visit to the ex-communist nation.

Hungary under pressure to pick sides in Russia-EU standoff

Budapest - Hungary's maverick Prime Minister Viktor Orban has spent the past year straddling the divide between Russia and his European Union counterparts on the crisis in Ukraine.But he may soon be forced to pick sides.
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