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Haiti warns of security threat in migration crisis

Port-au-prince - A flood of people leaving the Dominican Republic for Haiti could grow into a humanitarian disaster and regional security threat, Port-au-Prince warned Tuesday.

Haiti artisans embrace ethical fashion

Port-au-prince - Diameter, width, thickness -- nothing is left to chance as Brazilian jewelry designer Ana Suassuna trains Haitian artisans how to shape cow horns into fashionable bracelets.

Review: Indie Artist Karen Stever shares new Blackguard video and vision Special

Independent Artist Karen Stever releases her third video "Blackguard" from the Idiot Savant collection. Stever shares her ever growing creative vision with the Digital Journal.

Haiti confronts avalanche of presidential candidates

Port-au-prince - A three-year political crisis that delayed local and parliamentary elections has done nothing to dampen Haiti's enthusiasm for democracy, judging by the avalanche of hopefuls now running for president.

Haiti first lady barred from running for Senate

Port-au-prince - Haitian First Lady Sophia Martelly can't run for the Senate due to questions over her nationality, authorities said Wednesday.New York-born Martelly had provided election authorities with documents showing she had renounced her American citizenship.

Five years after quake, Haiti hospital clings to hope

Port-au-prince - In the five years since Port-au-Prince was devastated by an earthquake, staff at Haiti's largest hospital have had to resort to examining patients in shipping containers.

Celebrities speak up about Jade Helm

The Jade Helm military training exercise has caused quite a media frenzy. From conspiracy theorists to the Governor of Texas, everyone is on high alert. Now celebrities have begun to speak up about the mysterious military operation.

Elections loom: Haiti's year of living dangerously

Port-au-prince - After three years of delayed polls and simmering political unrest, Haiti's rusty electoral machinery is finally grinding into gear.

21 dead, dozen missing in Haiti shipwreck: official

Port-au-prince - Twenty-one migrants died and around a dozen more were missing after their boat sank off the north coast of Haiti, a senior official said Thursday.

After years of delays, Haiti at last sets election dates

Port-au-prince - The Haitian government said Sunday it would hold elections later this year, a significant step that follows years of uncertainty about the fragile Caribbean nation's democratic process.

Video: Dozens electrocuted in Haiti Carnival

Port-au-prince - A carnival in Haiti’s capital hit a low-hanging power line setting off a stampede that claimed at least 20 lives and injured dozens.

Haiti Carnival revellers electrocuted to death

Port-au-prince - More than 10 people riding on a float in a Carnival parade died Tuesday of electrocution from a high-voltage cable, the government said.

Police, protesters clash in Haiti over gas prices

Port-au-prince - Protesters clashed with police in Haiti on Monday amid a transport strike demanding lower gas prices in the impoverish Caribbean nation.

Haiti police fire rubber bullets at gas price demo

Port-au-prince - Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at hundreds of demonstrators in violent clashes Thursday in the Haitian capital, leaving six student protesters wounded.

Haiti protesters clash with police over oil prices

Port-au-prince - Protesters clashed with each other and police in the Haitian capital Monday amid demonstrations against high oil prices that saw three people wounded by gunfire.

Haiti urges UN to keep troops in country

Port-au-prince - The Haitian government urged the United Nations Security Council against cutting its troop presence ahead of crucial elections.

Security Council delegation visits Haiti

Port-au-prince - United Nations Security Council members arrived in Haiti for a three-day visit to urge the government to hold long-delayed elections in order to stem a mounting political crisis.

Haiti unveils cabinet to fill political vacuum

Port-au-prince - Haiti's leaders unveiled the line-up Monday of a unity government supposed to bridge a dangerous political void and put the fragile Caribbean nation back on the road to elected government.

Haiti leader installs new PM, pledges consensus government

Port-au-prince - Haiti's President Michel Martelly on Friday swore in Evans Paul as the nation's new prime minister, and pledged to form a consensus government within 48 hours to solve a worsening political crisis.

Op-Ed: Stiverne-Wilder fight a boost to heavyweight boxing

On January 17, heavyweight boxing legend Muhammad Ali will celebrate his 73rd birthday and on the same day the sport is giving him a birthday present with a match that could bring back luster to heavyweight boxing that he once dominated and popularized.
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