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Drones help identify post-Hurricane Matthew needs in Haiti

Jeremie - On a football field in the Haitian town of Jeremie, children gather to gape at a drone preparing to take off and document damage to the area caused by Hurricane Matthew.

Haiti hurricane victims, in makeshift camps, bemoan aid chaos

Jeremie - Rickety structures made of sheet metal and scrap wood are clustered along the road to the Haitian city of Jeremie, which still hasn't seen any aid nearly three weeks after Hurricane Matthew.

More than 100 inmates escape Haiti prison, one guard dead: official

Port-au-prince - At least 100 inmates, some of them armed, escaped a Haitian prison near the capital Port-au-Prince during a mutiny, killing at least one guard, a source close to the investigation said Sunday.

After the hurricane, cholera hits Haiti's suffering survivors

Jeremie - The rains inundating their ruined homes are no longer the biggest concern of the long-suffering people of Randelle: cholera is tearing through the isolated Haitian mountain village at devastating speed.

5 dead as storm pounds hurricane-stricken Haiti

Les Cayes - Five people were killed and one person was missing as torrential rains sparked flooding in Haiti, as the country still reels from devastating Hurricane Matthew, the Civil Protection Agency said Friday.

Haiti hurricane victims face choice: leave or rebuild

Les Cayes - The beach was like paradise. Then Hurricane Matthew turned it into a cemetery of coconut palm trees, with not a house left intact.

Haiti hurricane victims lose hope of receiving aid

Les Cayes - It's been two weeks since Hurricane Matthew devastated southern Haiti, but large parts of the impoverished country's third-largest city of Les Cayes remain a wasteland and many residents have stopped expecting to receive any help.

UN worried over attacks on aid convoys in hurricane-hit Haiti

Port-au-prince - The United Nations is concerned at the rise in looting and attacks targeting emergency aid deliveries in hurricane-ravaged Haiti, a UN official told AFP on Sunday.Food, medicine and other essential aid has been slow to reach many hard-hit areas.

UN chief urges against aid 'fatigue' in hurricane-hit Haiti

Port-au-prince - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon voiced distress Saturday at the "absolute devastation" caused by a deadly hurricane in Haiti, and disappointment at scant emergency aid reaching the struggling nation.

Delayed Haiti elections to go ahead November 20

Port-au-prince - Haiti, whose long-overdue presidential elections were further delayed when Hurricane Matthew ravaged the island nation killing hundreds and causing massive destruction, will finally vote on November 20, officials said Friday.

Storm-hit Haiti gets first major food aid

Les Cayes - The first major handout of food aid took place along Haiti's storm-wrecked southwest coast on Wednesday -- but supplies were still far short of what was needed by the thousands of starving people.

Haitians rebuild as aid effort gains traction

- New tin roofs gleaming in the Caribbean sun and the sudden appearance of UN and US charity teams driving along now-cleared roads showed that southern Haiti was on Tuesday finally getting some of the aid it desperately needs.

Hurricane-hit Haiti receives two water purification stations

Port-au-prince - Two water purification stations arrived in Haiti Tuesday, after Hurricane Matthew plowed through the Caribbean nation last week, leaving hundreds dead and raising fears of a spike in cholera.

Haiti death toll hits 473 as survivors plead for aid

Port-au-prince - At least 473 people are now known to have died as Hurricane Matthew leveled swaths of southern Haiti last week, officials said Tuesday, as hard-hit communities struggled to rebuild homes and access food and clean water.

Haiti's hurricane death toll rises to 372

Port-au-prince - Haiti's death toll from monster Hurricane Matthew has risen to 372, civil defense officials said Monday, as the impoverished country continues to dig out of massive destruction in the south.

Cholera stalks hurricane-ravaged Haiti

Les Cayes - Nearly a week after being devastated by a hurricane, Haiti is confronted with a growing cholera outbreak threatening to turn its disaster even more deadly.

Haiti mourns hurricane dead as Matthew dwindles

Port-au-prince - Haiti began three days of mourning Sunday for hundreds killed in Hurricane Matthew as relief officials grappled with the unfolding devastation in the Caribbean country's hard-hit south.

Haiti in pain as hurricane toll soars, aid sought

Jeremie - The full scale of the devastation in hurricane-hit rural Haiti became clear Saturday as the death toll surged past 400, three days after Hurricane Matthew leveled huge swaths of the country's south.

Horror in Haiti as hurricane toll soars

Jeremie - The full scale of the devastation in hurricane-hit rural Haiti became clear Friday as the death toll surged over 400, three days after Hurricane Matthew leveled huge swaths of the country's south.

At least 400 dead in hurricane-hit Haiti

Port-au-prince - At least 400 people are now known to have died as Hurricane Matthew leveled huge swaths of Haiti's south, a local senator told AFP Friday.
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