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UN says near-term end to Haiti peacekeeping mission is 'likely'

Port-au-prince - The United Nations is likely to withdraw its peacekeeping troops from Haiti, a top UN official said Thursday, scaling back the 12-year mission blamed for a 2010 cholera epidemic.

Haiti premier resigns, allowing Moise to form government

Port-au-prince - Haitian Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles resigned Thursday, opening the door for the country's new president, Jovenel Moise, to form a new government.

EU delegates meet with new Haiti president, boost aid

Port-au-prince - A European Union delegation in Haiti for Tuesday's inauguration of President Jovenel Moise announced it was increasing EU aid to the poverty-stricken island to boost growth and help it recover from devastating storm damage.

Jovenel Moise sworn in as Haiti's new president

Port-au-prince - Jovenel Moise was sworn in Tuesday as Haiti's 58th president, ending a protracted electoral crisis that had created a power vacuum in the impoverished, disaster-prone Caribbean nation.

Party of Haiti president-elect wins majority of parliament

Port-au-prince - The party of President-elect Jovenel Moise won a majority in both houses of Haiti's parliament according to results announced Friday, just days before he takes the oath of office.

Low turnout in Haiti's local elections

Port-au-prince - Haitians turned out in low numbers for local elections on Sunday, exhibiting little enthusiasm for the final step in an agonizing electoral marathon that is finally coming to a close.

Haiti's electoral marathon finally to come to an end

Port-au-prince - An agonizing electoral marathon that began in Haiti in 2015 with a presidential vote that was later annulled comes to a close with local elections on Sunday.

Haiti president-elect denies alleged money laundering

Port-au-prince - Haiti's President-elect Jovenel Moise on Wednesday dismissed accusations that he had laundered money as an "invention," after spending hours answering questions from an investigating judge.

Former Haiti coup leader, wanted in US, arrested

Port-au-prince - Onetime Haiti coup leader Guy Philippe, who has long been wanted by US authorities on drug trafficking charges but was recently elected to the country's senate, was arrested, police said.

Jovenel Moise: banana businessman now Haiti president

Port-au-prince - Jovenel Moise, a Haitian banana exporter who has never held political office, has survived the country's long-running electoral nightmare to become its next president.

Losers in Haitian election cry foul

Port-au-prince - The losers in Haiti's presidential election insisted Wednesday they will not recognise political neophyte Jovenel Moise as the winner, calling the officially declared result a political coup.

Haiti's president-elect faces daunting challenges

Port-au-prince - Jovenel Moise, the winner of Haiti's presidential elections, now faces the daunting challenge of leading a desperately poor and politically-divided Caribbean nation.

Jovenel Moise confirmed as Haiti's new president: official

Port-au-prince - Jovenel Moise won Haiti's presidential elections with 55.6 percent of the first round vote held on November 20, according to official results.

Jovenel Moise confirmed as Haiti's new president: official

Port-au-prince - Jovenel Moise won Haiti's presidential elections with 55.6 percent of the first round vote held on November 20, according to official results released Tuesday.

Fighting Haiti's cholera outbreak requires more funds: UN

Port-au-prince - The cholera outbreak that hit Haiti after Hurricane Matthew slammed the island has been contained but persists due to lack of funding, according to the United Nations.

Haiti's political uncertainty stunts economic growth

Port-au-prince - Haiti's economy expanded by only 1.4 percent this year, according to official figures released Wednesday, as the impoverished country's electoral crisis is discouraging investment, with prospects for 2017 even more dismal.

Haiti orders review of presidential vote results

Port-au-prince - Haiti's three main opposition parties won a victory in their challenge to last month's presidential election after the country's electoral court ordered a review of the preliminary results Monday night.

Haiti presidential candidates challenge vote results

Port-au-prince - Three Haitian presidential candidates have formally contested the election's preliminary results, their parties said Friday, after the vote count gave the ruling party's Jovenel Moise an outright victory in last month's first-round.

New Haiti leader claims victory and calls for order

Port-au-prince - Jovenel Moise, the provisional winner of Haiti's presidential election with 55 percent of the vote in the first round, has claimed victory, calling on demonstrators to stand down and restore order in the capital.

Demonstrators against Haiti vote outcome clash with police

Port-au-prince - Haitian police stopped hundreds of demonstrators challenging the presidential election's outcome on Wednesday, blocking them, clashing with stone-throwers and lobbing tear gas to disperse the crowds.
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