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In Haiti, virus crisis leaves cancer patients in limbo

Port-au-prince - In early March, 31-year-old Melchior visited a doctor in his home country of Haiti, complaining of headaches. He underwent an MRI, and got his diagnosis several days later: a tumor in the pituitary gland, at the base of his brain.

Haiti mulls aid to workers hit by coronavirus restrictions

Port-au-prince - Haitian authorities say they are considering providing economic support to people affected by coronavirus restrictions that have shut down schools and factories in the impoverished Caribbean country where three new COVID-19 cases have been reported.

Haiti reports first two coronavirus cases

Port-au-prince - President Jovenel Moise announced Haiti's first two cases of novel coronavirus on Thursday as his government adopted extraordinary measures to contain its spread.

Haiti's vicious cycle of political and humanitarian crises

Port-au-prince - Haiti finally has a new government, but without a parliament capable of giving it legitimacy and without electoral prospects, the country remains paralyzed by a political crisis with potentially devastating social, economic and security consequences.

Haiti's president names new prime minister to tackle crisis

Port-au-prince - Haiti's president Jovenel Moise on Monday named a new prime minister to tackle the country's worsening socio-political and security crisis.

Carnival cancelled, Haiti capital on lockdown after police attack army HQ

Port-au-prince - Haiti's capital was on lockdown Monday after police attacked the army headquarters to demand better working conditions, sparking a gun battle that left two servicemen dead and a dozen wounded.

Carnival in violence-wracked Haiti: good business or bad taste?

Port-au-prince - Haiti is gearing up for its annual Carnival celebration, but the Mardi Gras festivities are controversial in a country struggling with gang violence, kidnappings and political unrest.

Fifteen children killed in Haiti orphanage fire

Kenscoff - Fifteen children were killed when a fire swept through an unlicensed orphanage outside Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, a judge told AFP on Friday, highlighting the severe shortcomings of the island nation's child welfare institutions.

Haiti pushes foster homes to counter problems in orphanages

Port-au-prince - Rose Boncoeur brought two emaciated little girls to live in her modest home in Haiti as part of a reform drive aimed at keeping children out of orphanages."People often asked me if I am crazy," said Boncoeur, whose name means "good heart.

Haiti commemorates deadly 2010 quake in anger and bitterness

Port-au-prince - Haitians on Sunday paid somber tribute to the thousands who died in the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, as grief mixed with bitterness over failed reconstruction efforts and continuing political instability.

Ten years after deadly Haiti quake, survivors feel forgotten

Port-au-prince - Ten years ago, Herlande Mitile was left disabled by the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti. Today, she uses a wheelchair jury-rigged with a piece of string, which means she cannot go far.

French couple shot dead in Haiti while seeking adoption, officials say

Port-au-prince - Two French citizens were shot dead in Port-au-Prince at the weekend shortly after flying into the Haitian capital to adopt a child, diplomatic and other sources told AFP Monday.

With schools shuttered, Haiti children also endure crisis

Port-au-prince - In the middle of the deadly political unrest that has rocked Haiti for more than two months, another crisis is unfolding -- most schools are closed, leaving Haitian children with nothing to do and their parents flailing to cope.

At least 42 killed in Haiti protest violence: UN

Port-au-prince - At least 42 people have been killed and dozens injured during anti-government protests in Haiti since mid-September, the UN's human rights body said Friday, adding it was "deeply concerned" by the crisis.

Two dead as hundreds of police, supporters march in Haiti

Port-au-prince - Two people were killed as several hundred police and their supporters demonstrated in Haiti's capital for better law enforcement salaries on Sunday, police said, while anti-government marchers also took to the streets.

Embattled Haitian president vague about making life better for his people

Port-au-prince - Haitians fed up with poverty call him corrupt and incompetent and want him to resign, but President Jovenel Moise is evasive about yielding and offers only vague ideas for making things better.

Catholics in Haiti demand president step down

Port-au-prince - Thousands of Catholics demanding the resignation of Haiti's president marched through the capital Tuesday, becoming the latest group to join an outcry against him.

Haiti's dicey prison conditions made worse by crisis

Port-au-prince - With protests rocking the streets, some prison authorities in Haiti have confined inmates to cells that lack showers or toilets, in a country where most detainees are stuck awaiting trial for months or even years.

Thousands protest against Haiti's president

Port-au-prince - Thousands of people demonstrated on Sunday in Port-au-Prince, demanding that Haiti's President Jovenel Moise step down."Jovenel is incapable and incompetent, he must pack his bags because Haiti must live," said one of the protesters, Jean Ronald.

Haitian opposition rejects president's appeal for dialogue

Port-au-prince - The Haitian opposition on Wednesday rejected President Jovenel Moise's appeal for dialogue, as the country's main cities remain paralyzed after more than a month of often violent protests.
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