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Croatia quashes controversial WWII cardinal verdict

Zagreb - A Croatian court on Friday quashed a communist era verdict convicting a controversial World War II-era cardinal for collaborating with the Nazis, infuriating neighbouring Serbia.

Croatia to hold snap elections in September

Zagreb - Croatia's president on Saturday called a snap parliamentary election for September 11, a vote held after the fragile right-wing government fell last month over a conflict of interest affair.

Final Yugoslav president 'knew I would be last'

Zagreb - Even its last president did not have faith.Twenty-five years after the bitter collapse of Yugoslavia, the final leader of the communist federation believes the country was doomed following the death of its father figure Josep Broz Tito in 1980.

Croatia set for mid-September election after parliamentary vote

Zagreb - Croatian deputies voted to dissolve parliament on Monday, paving the way for an early election by mid-September, after Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic lost a vote of confidence last week.

Croatia's rightwing government falls

Zagreb - Croatia's government fell Thursday after Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic lost a confidence vote in parliament, in a serious blow to the country's nationalist rulers after only five months in power.

Croatia's powerful deputy PM Karamarko resigns

Zagreb - Croatia's ruling HDZ party head Tomislav Karamarko resigned as deputy prime minister on Wednesday, leaving the rightwing coalition government teetering on the brink of collapse.

Croatian PM faces no confidence vote this week

Zagreb - Croatia is to hold a no confidence vote this week against Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, threatening snap elections, the main party in the country's fragile ruling coalition announced Monday.

Croatia's government teeters on collapse

Zagreb - Croatia's ruling coalition was on the brink of collapse Friday after the head of the government's dominant party said it no longer had trust in Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic.

Thousands of Croatians march against abortion

Zagreb - Several thousand Croatians, including prime minister's wife, on Saturday joined an anti-abortion march in the capital, raising concerns among rights groups over a possible abortion ban by the conservative rulers.

Fears of intolerance grow under Croatia's conservatives

Zagreb - "Nostalgia" for a pro-Nazi past, spurning of ethnic minorities and pressure on the press: Croatian activists say an alarming climate of intolerance is taking hold under a new conservative government.

Croatia showcases lovebird storks to draw visitors

Zagreb - Croatia is trying to attract more visitors to its stunning Adriatic coast by showcasing the enduring love story of a male stork which has been flying thousands of miles every year to join his handicapped mate.

Croatia leads outrage over Serb leader Seselj's acquittal

Zagreb - Croatia and Bosnia on Thursday slammed the acquittal of far-right Serb leader Vojislav Seselj on war crimes charges in a ruling that threatened to damage already fragile relations in the Balkans.

Man in wheelchair robs Croatian bank: Report

Zagreb - A Croatian man in a wheelchair robbed a bank after passers-by helped him to enter the premises, local media reported Friday."I have a bomb!

European police chiefs announce joint refugee register

Zagreb - The police chiefs of five countries on the migrant route through southeast Europe announced an agreement Thursday for a joint refugee registration point at the Greek-Macedonian border.

Oreskovic: Pharma exec and political novice becomes Croatian PM

Zagreb - A pharmaceutical executive and political novice, Tihomir Oreskovic has become Croatia's premier after spending just a few years in the country and speaking only rusty Croatian, prompting some to question his credentials for the post.

Croatia MPs vote in new cabinet amid economic, migrant crises

Zagreb - Croatia's parliament late Friday approved a new centre-right government led by a political novice, who warned "difficult decisions" lie ahead as the EU's newest member struggles with meagre economic growth and an influx of refugees.

Croatia taps pharma exec lead government, heal economy

Zagreb - Croatia's president tasked Wednesday a pharmaceutical executive to form a new government and end the political standoff that has plagued the Balkan EU nation since inconclusive elections last month.

Croatian conservatives secure majority to form government

Zagreb - Croatia's main opposition conservatives and a small party that emerged as a kingmaker in last month's election have secured the parliamentary majority needed to form a government, President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said Tuesday.

Croatia turns to Christmas tourism for economic cheer

Zagreb - With an ice sculpture festival, brass band fanfares and a huge skating rink, Croatia's capital is pulling in growing numbers of winter tourists in the hope of cheering its struggling economy.

Slovenia's fence on Croatia border threatening wildlife: WWF

Zagreb - A razor-wire fence rolled out by Slovenia on Croatia's border to block the path of migrants is seriously threating wildlife in the area, conservation group WWF warned Friday.
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