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Journalist shot dead in Honduras

Tegucigalpa - A journalist has been shot dead in northern Honduras, hospital officials said, becoming the 69th member of the media killed in the violence-plagued Central American country since 2003.

Mexican sues Honduras for detention after activist's murder

Tegucigalpa - A Mexican who survived a murderous attack on a fellow activist in her Honduran home lodged an international complaint on Monday against Honduras for detaining him in the country for weeks after the killing.

Op-Ed: Barack Obama's criminal legacy on war, torture and Guantánamo

President Barack Obama leaves behind a criminal legacy on war, torture and Guantánamo Bay. This isn't hyperbole, it's legal fact, as what follows will amply demonstrate.

Honduras vows to defend nationals in US

Tegucigalpa - Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez vowed Thursday to ensure Hondurans living in the United States -- many of them illegally -- are protected, following the election of Donald Trump on an anti-immigrant platform.

Honduras president wants to break term limit just once

Tegucigalpa - Honduras's president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, said Wednesday he wants to put aside a constitutional bar on his re-election just once, and would not stand again after elections in a year's time.

Defying term limit, Honduran president to run in 2017

Tegucigalpa - Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez said Sunday he will seek re-election in 2017, reigniting debate on a single-term limit that has deeply divided the country and led to a previous president's ouster.

Honduras stops 500-plus crowd bent on burning down prison

Tegucigalpa - Police in Honduras stopped buses carrying some 500 gang members and relatives headed to a maximum security prison to set it on fire and help inmates escape, police said.

Governments in Central America failing to protect citizens: NGO

Tegucigalpa - Central American governments are failing to stem soaring violent crime, pushing people to flee north in record numbers, Amnesty International said.

Thousands flee Honduras gangs' killings, threats

San Pedro Sula - Nelson fled Honduras for the United States to escape a murderous gang that was trying to force him to sell drugs.Just 23, he was deported back to his homeland, his 46-year-old mother Marina says. He was soon dead.

Path cleared for Honduras president to seek re-election

Tegucigalpa - Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez has been cleared a path to run for re-election next year -- despite similar constitutional tinkering ending in the forced ouster of a predecessor in 2009.

Migrants' 'American dream' turns to nightmare in Honduras

- For many Latin Americans, the "American dream" refers to making the risky trip north to a new, safe and hopefully prosperous life in the United States.

Zika suspected in 6 deaths in Honduras

Tegucigalpa - Six people have died and 10 babies have been born with defects in Honduras in cases feared to have been caused by Zika, the health minister said Tuesday.

New microcephaly cases in Honduras raise alarm bells

Choluteca - Six Honduran women have delivered babies with the birth defect microcephaly in just three days, raising fresh concerns about the spread of the Zika virus, doctors said on Saturday.

Honduras denies murdered activist was on army 'hit list'

Tegucigalpa - Honduran authorities on Wednesday denied a British newspaper report alleging their military had issued orders to kill a high-profile environmental activist who was murdered at her home in March.

Mayor suspected of massacre arrested in Honduras

Tegucigalpa - A mayor in Honduras suspected of involvement in a massacre of five people was arrested on Tuesday and is being held in the capital pending an investigation, police said.

Central America, Mexico, U.S. hold talks on migration

Tegucigalpa - The United States, Mexico and Central American nations began talks on Tuesday in Honduras' capital on a shared action plan to tackle a wave of migration, much of it from Cuba and African countries.

Shock as Honduras national park cleared to halt bugs

- A massive bug infestation and cut-down of pine trees in a national park in Honduras has stunned residents and sparked a warning from experts that a localized spike in temperatures will ensue.

Four arrested over activist's murder in Honduras

Tegucigalpa - Four people have been arrested in Honduras over the murder of a high-profile indigenous activist earlier this year, officials said.

Honduras police killed 152 over past two years: watchdog

Tegucigalpa - Honduran police killed 152 people over the past two years in various operations with no probes carried out into their use of lethal force, a violence watchdog told AFP Monday.

Honduras foreign minister resigns over police murder scandal

Tegucigalpa - Honduran Foreign Minister Arturo Corrales resigned on Friday after being mired in a scandal in which a cabal of corrupt top police officers reportedly ordered hits on anti-crime officials.
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