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Man on trial for Miss Honduras murder claims mental illness

Tegucigalpa - A man suspected of the 2014 murder of Miss Honduras and her sister -- his girlfriend at the time -- declined to testify in a Tegucigalpa court on Friday on grounds of mental illness.

Schools on the frontline of Honduras gang turf battles

Tegucigalpa - The clatter of bullets piercing the school's roof sent pupils running for safety. Four of them and their teacher were wounded.

Honduras probes cartel links to public contracts

Tegucigalpa - Honduras on Monday launched a probe into allegations a drug cartel took on public contracts to launder money, made by one of the gang's ex-leaders in testimony to a New York court.

Honduran president wins party primary, eyeing re-election

Tegucigalpa - Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez won his party's primary on Sunday, raising his hopes of winning re-election in November 26 polls despite a constitutional one-term limit.

Honduras vows fight against drug gangs after narco-chief testimony

Tegucigalpa - Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez vowed Thursday to go after drug traffickers, days after a narco-boss imprisoned in the US gave explosive testimony implicating the previous president, Porfirio Lobo.

Honduras to probe alleged drug cartel links with ex-president

Tegucigalpa - Honduras's prosecutors said Wednesday they would investigate alleged links between public figures, including an ex-president, and the Los Cachiros drug cartel.

Indigenous protest in Honduras marks activist's murder

Tegucigalpa - About 600 mostly indigenous Hondurans held a protest in front of the Supreme Court on Wednesday to mark the anniversary of murdered activist Berta Caceres and further her campaign against a hydroelectric company."Long live Berta.

Indigenous leader killed by gunmen in Honduras

Tegucigalpa - An indigenous leader in Honduras was killed Friday by five armed men who burst into his home, fellow activists and officials said.

Five killed in second attack on Honduras family

Tegucigalpa - A family in Honduras' capital was attacked overnight for the second time in as many days by a gang exacting a murderous price on those refusing to meet its extortion demands, relatives and police said Tuesday.

Honduras manages to stall pine-munching bugs' march

Siguatepeque - Over the past three years, Honduras has lost a quarter of its pine forests to a plague of bark-munching beetles.Now though, after a long campaign that saw soldiers wielding chainsaws to contain the bug invasion, a little green is growing back.

US gives $125 mn to Honduras to stem emigration

Tegucigalpa - The United States on Tuesday gave Honduras the first $125 million from a regional scheme aimed at curbing emigration from Central America to its borders, according to officials.

Journalist shot dead in Honduras

Tegucigalpa - A journalist has been shot dead in northern Honduras, hospital officials said, becoming the 69th member of the media killed in the violence-plagued Central American country since 2003.

Mexican sues Honduras for detention after activist's murder

Tegucigalpa - A Mexican who survived a murderous attack on a fellow activist in her Honduran home lodged an international complaint on Monday against Honduras for detaining him in the country for weeks after the killing.

Op-Ed: Barack Obama's criminal legacy on war, torture and Guantánamo

President Barack Obama leaves behind a criminal legacy on war, torture and Guantánamo Bay. This isn't hyperbole, it's legal fact, as what follows will amply demonstrate.

Honduras vows to defend nationals in US

Tegucigalpa - Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez vowed Thursday to ensure Hondurans living in the United States -- many of them illegally -- are protected, following the election of Donald Trump on an anti-immigrant platform.

Honduras president wants to break term limit just once

Tegucigalpa - Honduras's president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, said Wednesday he wants to put aside a constitutional bar on his re-election just once, and would not stand again after elections in a year's time.

Defying term limit, Honduran president to run in 2017

Tegucigalpa - Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez said Sunday he will seek re-election in 2017, reigniting debate on a single-term limit that has deeply divided the country and led to a previous president's ouster.

Honduras stops 500-plus crowd bent on burning down prison

Tegucigalpa - Police in Honduras stopped buses carrying some 500 gang members and relatives headed to a maximum security prison to set it on fire and help inmates escape, police said.

Governments in Central America failing to protect citizens: NGO

Tegucigalpa - Central American governments are failing to stem soaring violent crime, pushing people to flee north in record numbers, Amnesty International said.

Thousands flee Honduras gangs' killings, threats

San Pedro Sula - Nelson fled Honduras for the United States to escape a murderous gang that was trying to force him to sell drugs.Just 23, he was deported back to his homeland, his 46-year-old mother Marina says. He was soon dead.
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