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Paedophile agrees to be sent back to Britain from Hong Kong

Hong Kong - A convicted paedophile and former competitive ice skater who used the sport to groom young girls has agreed to return to Britain after he was arrested in Hong Kong on an extradition request.

'Umbrella Soldiers' take seats in Hong Kong elections

Hong Kong - Young supporters of Hong Kong's democracy movement, known as 'Umbrella Soldiers', took seats in the city's first vote since mass street protests -- but pro-Beijing forces dominated the polls in a key test of public sentiment.

Hong Kong votes in first election since democracy protests

Hong Kong - Hong Kong went to the polls Sunday for the first time since huge pro-democracy protests gripped the city, in a key test of public sentiment.

Heart-warming video as 101-year-old B.C. woman plays in snow

The views of a rather simple video posted online Friday are, like the white stuff does in a heavy snowfall, piling up. It's not much on the surface, just a woman playing in snow. What is making it interesting is her age.

'Umbrella soldiers' fight for seats in Hong Kong vote

Hong Kong - Activists from Hong Kong's pro-democracy Umbrella Movement will be vying for seats at key local elections this weekend -- the first real test of public sentiment after mass protests gripped the city last year.

Oops! Man tries carjacking vehicle with 2 undercover RCMP inside

Here's a worse case scenario for a would-be car thief: make the poor decision to haul a driver out of his seat. Pick a car that has two men in it. Both undercover cops. And big.

Hong Kong LGBT protesters say city lags behind in gay rights

Hong Kong - Hong Kong's streets were a sea of rainbow flags on Saturday as protesters marched in the city's annual gay pride parade to call for equality and same-sex marriage.

Bindi Irwin must prove father's death via contract with DWTS

A judge in the L.A. Superior Court has ruled Bindi Irwin will not be paid for appearing on the show Dancing with the Stars until proof is provided of her father's death. Steve Irwin was best known as the Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet.

Calgary invention helps premature babies in first minutes of life

A research team at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary have created a new medical device that may make a great difference in the lives of premature babies. The device allows babies to stay connected to the umbilical cord longer.

Hong Kong student leader Wong faces trial over democracy rally

Hong Kong - Prominent Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong vowed to continue his fight for democracy Friday as a trial date was set over a protest that sparked mass rallies in the city.

WHO study: 3.7 billion people infected with Herpes virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released new study on the Herpes virus and it says more than half of the planet's humans under 50 are infected with it. CTV News in Canada spoke with an expert who said most of them don't even known it.

Safety tips for your children on Halloween

Halloween falls on Saturday night this year, and that leaves us with an entire weekend to celebrate ghosts and goblins. One thing that does not change each year is the need to give some thought to your child's safety at Halloween.

Hong Kong doll site crashes after Schweinsteiger-Nazi lookalike row

Hong Kong - A Hong Kong doll maker's site crashed Friday after Manchester United's German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger threatened legal action over a Nazi figurine that bears a striking resemblance to him.

Black bear cub lives in pear tree, comes down at night

There are a lot of black bears in the Canadian province of British Columbia, but there is likely only one that has taken up permanent residence in a pear tree. It's been there for some time.

A love story with wrinkles and cellulite and a lesson for all

This is both a love story and a story of a lesson learned. It is about a couple still in love after many years and experiences together and about Victoria Haltom, a photographer in San Antonio, Texas.

Hong Kong police, 'beaten' protester, all face charges

Hong Kong - Seven Hong Kong police officers were charged Thursday with assaulting a pro-democracy protester in a beating captured on video -- but the victim was also charged in the heavily criticised case.

Children in Ontario can get a flu vaccination from nasal spray

If you are a kid in the Canadian province of Ontario this flu season you won't have to get stuck with a needle to get inoculated. The province is offering children the option of a nasal spray flu vaccine.

Hong Kong student leader Wong in court bid over vote rules

Hong Kong - Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong launched a court bid Monday demanding the age limit for candidates to stand for election in the city be lowered from 21 to 18.

Steel wheel rims: Buyers look for unique stamp on cars and trucks

There are many reasons why car owners adorn their vehicles with OEM wheel rims and it is a business that has flourished. Like a lot of things in our culture, looks and individuality are the biggest reasons for putting OEM wheel rims on a vehicle.

Hong Kong post boxes to lose royal British insignia

Hong Kong - Plans by the Hong Kong post office to cover up British royal insignia on historic mail boxes have sparked a backlash from conservation campaigners and accusations of a push to erase the city's colonial past.
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