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Hong Kong 'bomb' suspects denied bail

Hong Kong - Four suspects charged over an alleged bomb plot in Hong Kong were denied bail Wednesday in a case which has been met with scepticism by pro-democracy campaigners.

Why is a woman hanging sex toys on power lines all over Portland?

It is uncertain why she's doing it, it's even uncertain if it is her doing it, but what is certain is someone is hanging sex toys on power lines - dozens - all over Portland. They're being seen by all ages and a young woman has claimed responsibility.

New cancer research uses 2 viruses to find and kill cancer cells

A novel method of fighting cancer being studied in Canada may be the big breakthrough the world has been waiting for. It is early but by using two viruses researchers may be able to target and kill off cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

Hong Kong braces as tropical storm approaches

Hong Kong - Two typhoons and a tropical storm were swirling around the coasts of China and Japan Thursday with Hong Kong preparing to batten down for strong winds and rain.

Op-Ed: My friend Walter, alcohol and drug addiction and good people lost

I worked at a drug and alcohol treatment center on a small island near Vancouver not long ago. It was not the best but nor was it the worst. There were compassionate counselors but the administration caused more confusion than was helpful.

Hong Kong stocks plunge on China rout, Greece fears

Hong Kong - Hong Kong equities plunged almost six percent Wednesday to a seven-month low as contagion from a rout in China spread into regional markets while traders are also buffeted by fears for Greece's future in the eurozone.

Democracy camp seeks new direction at Hong Kong protest march

Hong Kong - Tens of thousands joined a pro-democracy march Wednesday on the anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China, in what organisers described as an opportunity to work out the movement's next step as momentum wanes.

Prank video as terrified Paris Hilton told plane is crashing

It's not certain where an Egyptian TV show thought the humor was but they went ahead with a prank on Paris Hilton, convincing her the small plane she was in was about to crash. They even had an actor in on it thrown off the plane as it neared water.

Hong Kong student leader Wong in 'chilling' assault

Hong Kong - Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong, the teenage face of the city's pro-democracy protests, was assaulted in the street with his girlfriend in an attack he said Monday sent a "chill to my heart".

Alzheimer's: Low memory test scores may be early sign of dementia

A new study has found low scores on memory and thinking tests may be a signal a person will develop Alzheimer's Disease. Researchers found that a signal that Alzheimer's is there may be detected up to 18 years before a diagnosis of the illness.

Last remnants of Hong Kong pro-democracy camp cleared

Hong Kong - The last remnants of the tent city that once blocked a major highway through Hong Kong during mass pro-democracy protests was cleared away by city authorities Wednesday.

Faith, freedom and firebombs: Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai

Hong Kong - As one of Hong Kong's most outspoken democracy advocates, media tycoon Jimmy Lai has been on the receiving end of everything from rotten animal entrails to Molotov cocktails in the past 12 months.

Young Hong Kongers seek new path in democracy battle

Hong Kong - With the defeat this week of the Beijing-backed political reform plan they slammed as "fake democracy", Hong Kong's young protesters are questioning how to take their fight forward as the gulf between them and mainland China widens.

Hong Kong lawmakers reject 'fake democracy' package

Hong Kong - Hong Kong lawmakers on Thursday rejected a Beijing-backed electoral reform package derided as "fake democracy" during mass protests last year, leaving the city in deadlock over how its leader should be chosen.

Hong Kong lawmakers head towards key reform vote

Hong Kong - Hong Kong lawmakers made impassioned speeches as they went into day two of a marathon debate on Thursday ahead of a key vote that pits democracy campaigners against the government.

10,000 dogs, and cats, cruelly killed at dog meat fest in China

British comedian Ricky Gervais is among those appalled by the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, and he's asking for the public's support in ending it. Each year the fest kills some 10,000 dogs and almost as many cats by barbaric manners, before eating them.

Op-Ed: The govt. made me do it: Reporter defends anti-Snowden story

One of the authors of a controversial story published in the Sunday Times is in damage control mode and appeared on CNN Sunday to defend the story, which alleges that Russian and Chinese officials have obtained encrypted files leaked by Edward Snowden.

Political showdown in Hong Kong ahead of key reform vote

Hong Kong - Hong Kong entered a political showdown Wednesday as lawmakers debated a divisive reform package ahead of a key vote, with tensions high over an alleged explosives plot that police said was linked to a "radical" group.

Political showdown in Hong Kong ahead of key reform vote

Hong Kong - Hong Kong lawmakers laid bare the city's entrenched political divide Wednesday as they locked horns over a reform package ahead of a key vote that pits democracy campaigners against the government.

China warns against 'radical forces' in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - China warned Tuesday against "radical forces" in Hong Kong after police arrested 10 people on suspicion of making explosives ahead of a vote on a controversial political reform package.
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