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Guinea-Bissau polls close in vote to end long leadership deadlock

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau voted Sunday in legislative elections it is hoped will end a protracted leadership deadlock in a country renowned for drug trafficking and instability.

Guinea-Bissau votes in hope of ending long leadership deadlock

Bissau - Voters in Guinea-Bissau went to the polls Sunday to elect a new parliament in the hope of ending a protracted leadership deadlock in a country that has become renowned for drug trafficking and instability.

Guinea-Bissau president names new PM in bid to end crisis

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau's President Jose Mario Vaz named a new prime minister late Tuesday, appointing Augusto Antonio Artur Da Silva by decree after the previous PM resigned in a bid to end a political crisis.

Guinea-Bissau PM resigns in bid to end political crisis

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau's Prime Minister Umaro Sissoco Embalo has submitted his resignation to the president, in a bid to end a two-year political crisis in the poor west African nation.

Guinea-Bissau parents coax truant teachers back to school

Cacheu - The school year is ending in the west African nation of Guinea-Bissau, but some pupils will hardly notice the difference.

Guinea Bissau president's critic beaten up, his group says

Bissau - The leader of a Guinea Bissau civil society group critical of President Jose Mario Vaz, was violently attacked in his own home Friday by unidentified assailants, his group told AFP.

Guinea-Bissau islands feel the bite of antivenom crisis

Bolama - The vivid red wound at the base of Gina's ankle has remained open for three months and refuses to heal, leaving the Guinea-Bissau islander in constant pain.

Umaro Sissoco Embalo named PM of troubled Guinea-Bissau: decree

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau President Jose Mario Vaz on Friday named Umaro Sissoco Embalo as prime minister of the troubled west African state, replacing Baciro Dja whose government he dissolved earlier in the week.

President of Guinea-Bissau names new PM, triggering protests

Bissau - Two weeks after sacking his entire government, the president of Guinea-Bissau named Baciro Dja as the west African country's new prime minister, in a move that triggered immediate protests from the ruling party.

Guinea-Bissau forms new government after stalemate

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau has formed a new government, according to a presidential decree issued early Tuesday, ending a two-month political stalemate in the coup-plagued west African nation.

Guinea-Bissau's new PM sworn in despite ruling party disapproval

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau's new Prime Minister Baciro Dja was sworn in despite angry protests from the ruling party, deepening a political crisis a week after the government was sacked.

Sacked PM renominated in new twist to Guinea Bissau row

Bissau - The ruling party in Guinea Bissau has renominated Domingos Simoes Pereira as prime minister, three days after he was sacked by President Jose Mario Vaz, a leader of the PAIGC party told AFP Saturday.

Guinea-Bissau president dissolves govt after row with PM

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau's President Jose Mario Vaz has dismissed the government following a row with the prime minister in the troubled country, a presidential decree said on Thursday.

Gambian president 'returns home' after failed coup

Bissau - Gambian President Yahya Jammeh returned home overnight after a failed coup by disaffected soldiers while he was abroad, a military source said Wednesday, voicing fears of a possible purge.

G.Bissau gets new government

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau's Prime Minister Domingos Simoes Pereira presented his new government Friday, less than two weeks after the president vowed to fight poverty and bring stability to the impoverished West African nation.

Guinea-Bissau votes for new leader

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau began electing a new president on Sunday in a key test for a fragile state plagued by powerful cocaine cartels and upended in a military coup two years ago.

Guinea-Bissau presidential vote goes to run-off

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau's presidential election will go to a second round between the main party's candidate and the army-backed hopeful, the election commission said Wednesday, after no one secured a majority in the crunch poll.

Guinea-Bissau votes in watershed elections

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau held watershed elections on Sunday for a president and parliament aimed at ushering in a new era of stability in a country plagued by drugs and upended by a military coup.

'Cocaine hub' Guinea-Bissau votes for new leaders to bring reform

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau goes to the polls on Sunday in search of a new president and parliament who can return stability to a country plagued by drugs and upended in a military coup two years ago.

A child trafficking network in Guinea-Bissau dismantled

On Friday, November 15, a caravan of child traffickers en route to Gambia was intercepted by police in the small West African country of Guinea-Bissau.
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