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Guam archbishop welcomes sex abuse guilty verdict against prelate

Hagatna - The new head of the Catholic Church in Guam welcomed Saturday the guilty verdict against his predecessor, Anthony Apuron, who faced multiple sex abuse charges, as Apuron announced plans to appeal the finding.

US island Guam stays relaxed amid North Korea nuclear standoff

Tamuning - When North Korea last year bragged of plans to lob a salvo of ballistic missiles toward Guam, residents of this relaxed American island in the western Pacific didn't seem too worried. Months later, and with tensions still high, they remain sanguine.

Op-Ed: Chinese leaked plans to invade Taiwan in mid 2020s in new book

Sydney - According to a new book called "The Chinese Invasion Threat" by Ian Easton, research fellow of the 2049 Institute, China has drawn up plans to invade Taiwan some time in the mid-2020s. These plans are deemed credible in Washington.

Guam radio stations accidentally trigger emergency alert

Hagatna - Guam residents received a nasty jolt Tuesday after two radio stations accidentally issued emergency warnings to indicate an imminent threat or attack, at a time when the US territory is already on edge over North Korean threats to fire missiles into ne...

Guam officials 'ecstatic' as North Korea holds off attack

Hagatna - Guam officials were "ecstatic" Tuesday as North Korea appeared to back away from its threat to fire four missiles towards the US territory in the western Pacific.

Guam leader backs 'punch in the nose' for Pyongyang

Hagatna - Guam's leader said Monday that "sometimes a bully can only be stopped with a punch in the nose", in a spirited defence of President Donald Trump's rhetoric against North Korea which has the island in its crosshairs.

Guam residents pray for peace as North Korea deadline looms

Hagatna - The Catholic faithful in Guam led prayers for peace Sunday in the shadow of North Korean missile threat, with the western Pacific island's archbishop appealing for "prudence" amid an escalating war of words between the US and Pyongyang.

Kim Jong Un 'crazy as typhoons' but not as scary, say Guam residents

Hagatna - Guam residents say that if given the choice they would rather face the wrath of "crazy" Kim Jong Un than the power of a typhoon, as they count down towards a threatened North Korean missile attack.

Guam tourism sees silver lining in North Korean threats

Hagatna - Tourism-dependent Guam is looking to cash in on its new-found fame as a North Korean missile target, tapping an unlikely promotional opportunity to attract visitors to the idyllic island and prove that all publicity is good publicity.

Guam 'well-equipped' to handle North Korean threat: governor

Hagatna - Guam's governor on Thursday said the US territory was "well-equipped" to handle any North Korean strike thanks to robust infrastructure that had survived earthquakes and typhoons, after Pyongyang released a detailed plan to launch missiles towards the ...

Guam told to 'enjoy paradise', ignore North Korean threat

Hagatna - The Pacific island of Guam remained outwardly calm Wednesday in the face of a threatened North Korean attack, and a senior official in the US territory urged people to "relax and enjoy paradise".

Compensation for Guam WWII atrocity survivors

Hagatna - The US government has launched a compensation scheme for survivors of Japanese atrocities in Guam, 73 years after hostilities ended on the Pacific island.

Guam's Catholic Church in crisis over child sex claims

Hagatna - A Vatican administrator has urged Rome to remove the head of the Catholic Church in Guam over child sex allegations, warning the scandal could bankrupt the church in the deeply religious Pacific territory.

Ruling puts Pacific islanders in gun debate crosshairs

Hagatna - America's heated gun debate has extended to a remote Pacific territory, with a court overturning a ban on handguns in the Northern Marianas after ruling it breached the US Constitution's Second Amendment.

Lizard found in organic salad winds up as class mascot

Princeton - Buy an organic salad, get a free lizard. That's what happened when Sally Mabon unwrapped a bundle of tatsoi greens — she and her kindergartener, Faye, wound up with a three-inch-long green anole lizard tucked inside.

Soudelor targets Japan, China as most powerful storm of 2015

Hagatna - Super Typhoon Soudelor developed into the world's most powerful storm of the year Tuesday as it took aim at Japan, Taiwan and China after trashing the Northern Marianas.

Celebrities speak up about Jade Helm

The Jade Helm military training exercise has caused quite a media frenzy. From conspiracy theorists to the Governor of Texas, everyone is on high alert. Now celebrities have begun to speak up about the mysterious military operation.

Micronesians appeal for help after devastating typhoon

Hagatna - Residents in storm wrecked areas of Micronesia appealed for help Thursday as a clean up began on the worst affected islands after Super Typhoon Maysak swept through the region on its way towards the Philippines.

State of emergency as super typhoon batters Micronesia

Hagatna - Residents of the Micronesian State of Chuuk were struggling to clear the roads of huge pieces of debris and return to damaged homes Wednesday as Super Typhoon Maysak cut a destructive path across the central Pacific leaving at least five dead.

Govt adds 20 species of coral to endangered species list

St. Petersburg - More than a dozen species of corals are the newest addition to the Endangered Species Act, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Announced on Tuesday. The listing of 20 species is the largest Endangered Species Act ruling ever.
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