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Guatemala to deploys bio-fences to slow down plastic pollution

Globally, equivalent of one garbage truck full of plastic enters the sea every minute. To play its part Guatemala has pledged to increase waste collection in its rivers by deploying artisanal bio-fences to trap plastic waste.

Hundreds of Honduran migrants cross river into Mexico

- Hundreds of Hondurans crossed a river into Mexico in a fresh wave of migrants heading to the United States on Monday as the United States said it would deploy 5,000 troops on its border with Mexico.

1,000 Honduran migrants break Guatemala police cordon

Guatemala City - More than a thousand Honduran migrants broke through a Guatemalan police cordon on the border with Mexico Sunday as they attempted to join a larger caravan of compatriots heading towards the United States, police and rights groups said.

Honduran migrants defy Trump to continue long march north

Guatemala City - Thousands of Honduran migrants marched north Wednesday in a bold attempt to reach the United States, defying threats from US President Donald Trump to stop aid to countries that let them pass.

Guatemala Fuego eruption is over: officials

Guatemala City - The eruption of Guatemala's Fuego volcano ended Saturday, an official source said, with locals escaping a repeat of June's eruption that killed 190.

Former Guatemalan vice president jailed for corruption

Guatemala City - A court in Guatemala City on Tuesday sentenced former vice president Roxana Baldetti to 15 years in prison for corruption after a trial lasting four months.

Maya women's rights activist murdered in Guatemala

Guatemala City - An ethnic Maya woman who advocated for the rights of indigenous people was gunned down by unknown assailants in western Guatemala, her support network and local media said Saturday.

Ancient altar reveals Mayan 'Game of Thrones' dynasty

Guatemala City - A 1,500 year old Mayan altar discovered in a small archeological site in northern Guatemala is drawing comparisons to popular fantasy drama television series "Game of Thrones" for its descriptions of the Kaanul dynasty's political strategies aimed at b...

Thousands march in Guatemala to back anti-graft office, denounce president

Guatemala City - Thousands of Guatemalan farmers marched peacefully in the capital Wednesday demanding that President Jimmy Morales quit and that a UN-backed anti-corruption office get a new lease on life.

Guatemala bans UN anti-corruption mission head from entering

Guatemala City - Guatemala President Jimmy Morales ordered the head of a United Nations anti-corruption commission be blocked from entering the Central American country just four days after shutting down the mission.

Women's groups drop Guatemala abortion clause over church dissent

Guatemala City - Women's rights activists were forced into a hasty retreat Tuesday in the face of fierce church-led opposition to proposed legislation to loosen strict abortion laws.

Guatemala's Jimmy Morales shuts down UN anti-corruption mission

Guatemala City - Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales on Friday announced he was shutting down a UN mission investigating corruption in his country, accusing it of interfering in its internal affairs.

Ex-Guatemala president, arrested over graft, leaves detention

Guatemala City - Former Guatemalan president Alvaro Colom, arrested in February over corruption allegations, left preventative detention Friday night after his bond was paid, the state penitentiary system said.

Official Guatemala volcano death toll rises to 121

Guatemala City - The death toll from the violent eruption of Guatemala's Fuego volcano on June 3 has risen to 121, after the identification of five cadavers recovered from the devastated zone, a forensics institute said Wednesday.

US deporting 80% more Guatemalans than in 2017

Guatemala City - Deportations of Guatemalans have increased 80 percent this year on the back of US President Donald Trump's controversial "zero tolerance" policy towards unauthorized migrants, Guatemala said on Thursday.

Pence to Central Americans: Stay put

Guatemala City - US Vice President Mike Pence urged Central American leaders Thursday to halt what he called an exodus of people that has triggered a humanitarian crisis at the US border with Mexico.

Guatemalan disaster chief accused in volcano deaths lawsuit

Guatemala City - Guatemalan lawmakers filed a manslaughter suit Wednesday against the head of the country's civil protection agency over its failure to warn people about the eruption of the Fuego volcano, which left at least 112 dead.

Guatemala asks US to help its migrants after volcano eruption

Guatemala City - Guatemala Monday asked the US government to give its migrants Temporary Protected Status after the devastating Fuego volcano eruption.

Guatemala volcano search called off with nearly 200 unaccounted for

Guatemala City - Authorities on Sunday called off a search for the nearly 200 people missing since Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupted earlier this month, devastating the surrounding countryside.

Guatemala rescuers rush to find last volcano survivors

- Scores of civil defense and rescue workers scrambled Monday to try to find any unlikely survivors of the Fuego volcano's deadly eruption more than a week on.
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