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Mexico seeks extradition of ex-governor

Guatemala City - Mexico has asked Guatemala to extradite a fugitive former governor suspected of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars, officials said.

Guatemala rocked by new riot in juvenile detention center

Guatemala City - Guatemala authorities grappled with new violence in one of its juvenile detention centers on Thursday, a month after a blaze in a children's shelter killed 41 girls and shook the government.

Students mock Trump, local politicians in Guatemala parade

Guatemala City - Thousands of university students paraded through the capital of Guatemala on Friday in a traditional march to criticize and mock political issues, including this year US President Donald Trump.

Customs agents fraud ring busted in Guatemala

Guatemala City - Guatemala busted a ring of at least 15 customs agents, port workers and transport company workers on Friday accused of using falsified documents to avoid paying customs duties.

Guatemala gang attacks police after raid on detention center

Guatemala City - One of Guatemala's most-feared gangs, Barrio 18, has launched a wave of murderous attacks on police across the country following the storming of a detention center overrun by its jailed members, officials said Tuesday.

Police storm Guatemala juvenile center and free guards

San Jos - Guatemalan police stormed a juvenile detention center Monday and freed four guards taken hostage by inmates who killed two others during a riot over what they called harsh treatment.

Gang prisoners kill guards, take hostages in Guatemala

San Jos - Imprisoned young gang members killed two guards and held four others hostage in a riot in a juvenile detention center in Guatemala, police said Monday.

Guatemala asks Interpol to watch out for war crimes suspect

Guatemala City - Guatemala on Saturday asked Interpol to be on the lookout for a lawmaker accused of war crimes dating back to its 1960-1996 civil war.

Guatemala appoints new welfare minister after fire tragedy

Guatemala City - Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales presented a new social welfare minister Wednesday after her predecessor's arrest following a fire in a children's shelter that killed 40 teenage girls.

Guatemala arrests three over fire that killed 40 at shelter

Guatemala City - Guatemalan authorities probing a fire that killed 40 teenage girls at an overcrowded shelter have arrested three sacked officials from the social welfare ministry and charged them with manslaughter, the government said Tuesday.

Guatemala minister resigns over fire that killed 40

Guatemala City - Guatemala's minister for social welfare, Carlos Rodas, offered his resignation Monday after a blaze in a government-run children's shelter killed 40 teenage girls.

Guatemala shelter fire death toll climbs to 39

Guatemala City - The death toll in a horrific fire at a government-run shelter for Guatemalan teens has climbed to 39, officials said.

Guatemala begins burying 36 girls killed in shelter fire

Guatemala City - Guatemala on Friday held the first funeral for 36 teenage girls killed in a horrific fire in a government-run shelter at the center of allegations of sexual abuse and other mistreatment by staff.

Guatemala mourns 35 girls killed in shelter fire

Guatemala City - Guatemala recoiled in anger and shock Thursday at the deaths of 35 teenage girls in a fire at a government-run shelter where staff have been accused of sexual abuse and other mistreatment.

20 teenage girls killed in Guatemala shelter fire

San Jos - The death toll from a fire in a government-run children's shelter in Guatemala rose to 20 late Wednesday after a girl aged around 14 succumbed to burns, the hospital treating her said.

US official backs Guatemala's fight against drugs, corruption

Guatemala City - The United States on Monday lent weight to fighting drug trafficking and corruption in Guatemala with a visit by a State Department official focused on those issues.

Guatemala expels Dutch 'abortion ship'

Guatemala City - Guatemala has expelled a Dutch "abortion ship" carrying activists who had vowed to help women circumvent the country's longstanding prohibition against terminating pregnancies, the army said Sunday.

US seeks extradition of ex-Guatemalan vice president

Guatemala City - The United States embassy said it will seek the extradition of Guatemala's former vice president Roxana Baldetti and ex-interior minister Mauricio Lopez on drug trafficking charges.

Guatemala navy moves on Dutch 'abortion ship' after protests

- Guatemala's navy on Thursday dispatched a vessel to watch over a Dutch "abortion ship" carrying activists vowing to help women circumvent the country's longstanding prohibition on terminating pregnancies.

'No mass roundups' of migrants in US Homeland Security chief says

Guatemala City - The United States is not carrying out mass roundups or deportations under its tough crackdown on undocumented migrants, but it is determined to "gain control" of its southern border, its domestic security chief said Wednesday.
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