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Thousands in Guatemala demand president, deputy resign

Guatemala City - Thousands marched in Guatemala to demand the resignation of President Otto Perez and Vice President Roxana Baldetti as a corruption scandal rocked the government.

Guatemalan Olympic icon accuses DJ of racist taunt

Guatemala City - Historymaking Olympic athlete Erick Barrondo, an indigenous Guatemalan, spoke out against racism Wednesday after a radio DJ posted a picture of him on Twitter alongside comments that he deemed offensive.

'Worst' serial rapist in Honduran history captured in Mexico

Tegucigalpa - A Honduran man serving time for raping more than 40 woman and under-aged girls has been captured in Mexico after escaping from prison in his country.

Op-Ed: Climate change in Central America — Wildlife struggles to survive

Climate change in Central America is affecting wildlife in profound ways, but few places have been as seriously affected as Guatemala's Laguna Del Tigre National Park which suffered a devastating wildfire as the result of an El Niño in 1998.

Guatemala's ex-president Portillo home from U.S. jail

Guatemala City - Guatemala's ex-president Alfonso Portillo returned home after serving time in a U.S. prison for money laundering in a graft scandal involving Taiwan.

Guatemala 'fire volcano' eruption subsides

Guatemala City - Guatemala's Fuego volcano calmed down Sunday after an eruption blanketed nearby towns in ash, the nation's volcano monitor reported.Guatemala City's La Aurora airport remained closed due to ash that had fallen on the runway.

Guatemalan ex-police chief handed 90 years over embassy raid

Guatemala City - A court in Guatemala sentenced a former police chief to 90 years for an assault on the Spanish embassy in 1980 when a group of protesting Indians, peasants and university students were holed up inside.

Guatemala ex-dictator forced to appear at genocide trial

Guatemala City - Guatemala's ex-dictator Efrain Rios Montt was hauled to court on a stretcher Monday to attend his retrial on genocide charges before proceedings were halted by a motion to change judges.

Ailing Guatemalan ex-dictator requests retrial absence

Guatemala City - Lawyers for Guatemalan ex-dictator Efrain Rios Montt said Friday he is too sick to attend court next week, when he faces a retrial for genocide over the killings of indigenous people in the 1980s.

Blue Hole of Belize may explain demise of Mayan civilization

The mystery of the demise of the 3,000 year old Mayan civilization has baffled historians and archaeologists for decades. However, new research at the Blue Hole of Belize lends weight to the idea that catastrophic drought brought the empire to its knees.

While world focuses on Ebola, Chagas disease surges ahead

Bronx - While much of the world's attention has been focused on Ebola, another disease with equally devastating implications is surging. The CDC estimates that some 300,000 people throughout the U.S. may have Chagas disease, and many cases may remain undiagnosed.

Guatemala prison chief arrested in corruption probe

Guatemala City - The head of Guatemala's prison system was arrested on bribery and money-laundering charges linked to a notorious jail-based criminal syndicate, prosecutors said.

Guatemala Mayans: from victims of discrimination to perpetrators?

Guatemala City - Fearful of losing their culture and land, ethnic Maya people in Guatemala -- who have faced centuries of discrimination themselves -- drove out a group of 230 ultra-Orthodox Jews, experts say.

Jewish community 'forced out' of Guatemalan village

Guatemala City - A community of 230 Orthodox Jews from several countries Thursday began leaving the Guatemalan Indian village where they have lived for six years after claims and counterclaims of discrimination and threats.

LatAm losing fear of legalizing drugs: Ecuador president

Guatemala City - Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa said Tuesday that Latin America is "losing fear" of legalizing drugs after decades of fighting traffickers with ample US prodding but limited success.

Shark finning in Costa Rica decimates world's sharks Special

Puntarenas - In Costa Rica, pirates are alive and well, but instead of searching for gold, they are finding ways around legal loopholes and killing thousands of sharks. They are doing this so that people in China can impress guests with a bowl of shark fin soup.

Guatemalans bury victims of 1982 civil war massacre

- Weeping and singing Christian hymns, Guatemala's indigenous Ixil Mayans buried Wednesday the remains of 31 civilians killed by the army during the country's bloody civil war three decades ago.

Body of Guatemala teen sent home after failed attempt to enter U.S.

Guatemala City - The body of a 15-year-old who died while trying to migrate illegally into the United States was repatriated to Guatemala Friday, amid a raging U.S. debate over how to stem a flood of similar cases.

Guatemalan ex-guerrilla convicted of indigenous massacre

- A Guatemalan court handed down the country's first conviction of a leftist guerrilla leader for the killings of indigenous farmers during the 1960-1996 civil war.

Guatemalan man tries to smuggle cocaine in freshly baked cookies

Newark - Mauricio Isidro Rivera Hernandez wasn't bringing back his grandmother's home baked cookies to share with friends. These freshly baked cookies contain a secret ingredient - 118 pellets of cocaine - and are worth $50,000.
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