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Two ex-soldiers tried in Guatemala for sex slavery, murder

Guatemala City - Two retired soldiers were in court Monday facing charges of murder, forced disappearance, and forcing 11 indigenous women into sexual slavery during Guatemala's 1960-1996 civil war.

Ex-Guatemalan army officers face civil war sex slavery charges

Two former Guatemalan army officers who served under the US-backed military dictatorship that committed genocide against Mayan peasants during a 36-year civil war will be tried for crimes against humanity, including rape and sexual enslavement.

Renewed hope for U.S.-bound Cubans stuck in Central America

Guatemala City - Central American states and Mexico on Wednesday agreed to maintain a flight-and-bus corridor for thousands of Cubans marooned in Costa Rica to make it to the United States.

New Guatemala leader calls for 'justice' against war-era officers

Guatemala City - Guatemala's new president, Jimmy Morales, said Friday he wants "justice, not revenge" meted out to ex-army personnel accused of atrocities during his country's 1960-1996 civil war.

Comedian takes office as Guatemala's new president

Guatemala City - Jimmy Morales, a former TV comic elected Guatemala's new president on a wave of public revulsion against widespread graft, took office in a ceremony attended by leaders from the Americas.

Comedian Morales takes power in rough Guatemala

Guatemala City - Television comedian Jimmy Morales takes office as the new president Thursday in Guatemala, a country whose pressing problems offer little to laugh about: poverty, corruption and deadly violence.

Guatemala prison gang battle leaves six dead

Guatemala City - A battle between rival gangs in an overcrowded prison near Guatemala's capital left six inmates dead and another six wounded, officials said Tuesday.

Guatemala retrial of ex-dictator Rios Montt suspended

Guatemala City - A retrial in Guatemala of a former dictator accused of genocide, Efrain Rios Montt, that was supposed to start Monday has been suspended following defense challenges, lawyers for both sides said.

Guatemalan ex-dictator set for genocide retrial

Guatemala City - A Guatemala court will begin a special closed-door retrial Monday of former dictator Efrain Rios Montt on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity committed during his 1982-1983 rule.

U.S. raids on illegal migrants alarm Central American nations

Guatemala City - Central American nations Wednesday received some of the first groups of their citizens deported under tough new raids in the United States against illegal immigrants carried out by President Barack Obama's administration.

Guatemala arrests 17 ex-military over civil war abuses

Guatemala City - The Guatemalan security forces Wednesday arrested 17 retired military personnel accused of massacres and other human rights abuses during the Central American country's 1960-1996 civil war, prosecutors said.

Virus linked to newborn brain shrinkage rampages beyond Brazil

Until this year, Brazil had few cases of microcephaly, a debilitating and ultimately deadly disorder in which newborns are born with abnormally small brains. Then the country recorded almost 3,000 cases after reporting less than 200 cases in 2014.

U.S. roundup, deportation of Central American families begins

Norcross - Federal immigration authorities launched a controversial crackdown targeting Central American families who entered the United States illegally, raiding and arresting undocumented asylum seekers despite the deadly dangers they face in their homelands.

Guatemala warily monitors erupting volcano

Guatemala City - Guatemalan authorities Monday warily monitored the eruption of a volcano near its capital that spewed columns of ash up to seven kilometers (four miles) high.

C.America states agree breakthrough on stranded Cuban migrants

Guatemala City - Central American countries agreed a breakthrough in the case of thousands of US-bound Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica, after weeks of often acrimonious regional diplomacy.

Guatemala disputes stranded Cubans need humanitarian access

Guatemala City - Guatemala on Wednesday rejected an argument by Costa Rica that thousands of stranded US-bound Cuban migrants should be allowed to travel through Central America on humanitarian grounds.

Guatemala prosecutors formally accuse ex-president of graft

Guatemala City - Guatemalan prosecutors on Wednesday formally accused former president Otto Perez of corruption and called for him to go on trial for links to officials who allegedly took bribes in exchange for lifting import taxes for businessmen.

Guatemala demands Mexico pledge over blocked Cuban migrants

Guatemala City - Guatemala on Wednesday said it needed a pledge from Mexico that it would allow in thousands of Cuban migrants headed to the US before it can let them transit its territory from Costa Rica or Panama.

Guatemalans 'burn the devil' in annual holiday tradition

Antigua Guatemala - Guatemalan Catholics gathered across the country as part of a centuries-old tradition to "burn the devil", lighting bonfires in the street to mark the beginning of the holiday season.

Seventeen killed in Guatemala prison fight: official

Escuintla - Seventeen people have been killed in fighting inside a maximum security prison in Guatemala, officials said Monday as hundreds of police moved to take control of the facility.
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