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Op-Ed: Prime minister Tsipras says Greece will not seek a third bailout

Athens - Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister, announced that Greece will not seek a third bailout when the extension of the present bailout runs out in four months time.

Tensions with Germany over 'greedy' Greece's debt

Atenas - Renewed tensions emerged Thursday between Greece and Germany as attention turned to Athens's huge debt load two days after the stricken eurozone country secured an extension of its bailout.

Op-Ed: Greece's reform list accepted by Eurogroup but with reservations

Brussels - The Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis sent a letter to Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem just before the deadline of midnight Monday that outlines proposed reforms that Greece was willing to undertake to receive bailout funds.

Tough road for Greece as Merkel hails 'starting point'

Atenas - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble voiced doubts Wednesday on whether indebted Greece can live up to its fiscal promises, underlining the problems facing Athens on both the domestic and EU fronts.

Greece to present delayed reforms list

Atenas - Greece was to hand in a delayed list of proposed reforms Tuesday morning aimed at winning a four-month extension of its massive bailout -- after missing a deadline set by its international lenders.

Greece delays sending vital reforms list

Atenas - Greece's new anti-austerity government late Monday said it would miss a midnight (2300 GMT) deadline to provide a list of reforms to its international lenders aimed at obtaining a four-month extension of its bailout.

Greece races to win bailout extension

Atenas - Greece's new anti-austerity government scrambled Monday to meet a midnight deadline to nail down and despatch to Brussels a list of proposed reforms to secure a four-month extension of its debt bailout lifeline.

Op-Ed: Syriza spins debt deal defeat as a success

Athens - After presenting proposals for a debt deal that reneged upon most of Syriza's campaign promises that were rejected by Germany, the Syriza Greek government claims it won the battle for the debt deal.

Greece rejigs reforms as clock ticks on loan deal

Atenas - Greece raced Sunday to finalise reform proposals that would keep its loan lifeline open under an EU debt deal that saw its anti-austerity ambitions curtailed.

Greece readies reforms to keep bailout alive

Atenas - Greece raced Sunday to finalise reform proposals that would keep its loan lifeline open under an EU debt deal that saw its anti-austerity ambitions curtailed.

Op-Ed: Greece given 4 months, but EU double standards continue

Athens - Greece has been given an extra 4 months to “present reforms” to the EU. The reforms are described as “tackling tax evasion, corruption and dealing with the humanitarian crisis.” What, the one caused by the EU?

Op-Ed: Syriza sellout sends stock markets soaring

Brussels - Even the proposals presented earlier that Germany rejected were a sell out of most of the campaign promises made by Syriza including the demand for writing off some debt and for a new agreement rather than an extension of the existing bailout.

Greece races to finalise reforms after tough bailout deal

Atenas - Greece was under pressure Saturday to finalise reform proposals to keep its loan lifeline open as part of an EU debt deal, with its anti-austerity prime minister warning of "real difficulties" ahead.

Greek proposals for extending loan rejected by Germany

Athens - Moments after the European Commission had called the Greek proposals "positive" Germany rejected them. Greece was requesting a six-month extension of its loan program.

Op-Ed: Syriza can either sell out or exit the euro zone

Athens - The Greek government has until Friday to give its response to a Eurogroup document that is based on the original bailout deal that Greece had vehemently rejected in the first place. Greece must indicate what it is willing to do to extend the deal.

Greece to unveil new loan proposal in Grexit gamble

Atenas - Greece is due to make a formal request for a loan extension from eurozone finance ministers on Thursday, saying it is "optimistic" about a compromise with EU and ECB to avoid a looming "Grexit".

New Greek president Pavlopoulos, pro-European with mixed legacy

Atenas - Prokopis Pavlopoulos, who was elected Greece's new president Wednesday, is a veteran conservative insider whose selection has raised its share of eyebrows among the ruling left.

Veteran conservative Pavlopoulos elected Greek president

Atenas - Greece's parliament on Wednesday elected pro-European conservative Prokopis Pavlopoulos as the country's new president, a move calculated to bolster the hard-left government in its critical EU bailout talks.

Op-Ed: Talks between Greece and euro zone finance ministers collapse

Athens - Euro zone finance ministers presented Greece with a proposal it could hardly accept since it would extend the present bailout and its conditions for another six months.

ISIS vows to take down Rome

In the most recent propaganda video released by the militant group ISIS, the terroristic group vows to conquer Rome. Some say it is a blatant attack on Christians.
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