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Jailed Greek ex-minister's wife escapes from detention

Atenas - The wife of a prominent Greek ex-minister jailed for corruption early on Thursday escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Athens, a police source said.

In Greece, folk music and patriotism soothe wounded national pride

Atenas - With its dignity battered by six years of "humiliation" at the hands of its international creditors, cash-strapped Greece is turning to folk music and patriotism to restore its injured national pride.

Tsipras seeks 'honest compromise' as Greece wrangles with creditors

Atenas - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday said he wanted an "honest compromise" as the cash-strapped country wrangled with eurozone creditors over a new package of reforms needed to unlock vital bailout funds.

Crete's mystery croc killed by cold snap

Heraklion - A man-eating crocodile that became an attraction on the Greek island of Crete last year after its mysterious appearance in a lake has died, probably of cold, an official said Monday.

Greece seeks 'happy ending' as creditors mull loan deal

Atenas - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in remarks published Sunday he hoped key talks with international creditors would yield a "happy ending" in the standoff over the country's crippling debt crisis.

Greece sends draft reform list to its creditors Friday

Brussels - Greece submitted the long-awaited list of 18 reforms to its creditors on Friday. Officials from the Troika of the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund will study the reforms over the weekend.

Op-Ed: Greek's creditors press government for acceptable reforms

Athens - Deposits in Greek banks fell by more than $8.2 billion in February to $154.2 billion. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' government is under extreme pressure to reach an agreement with creditors so that more bailout funds will be released.

Op-Ed: European Commission makes $2.15 billion available to Greece

Athens - Head of the European Commission(EC), Jean-Claude Juncker says that 2 billion euros($2.15 billion) in unused funds will be made available to help Greece avoid a looming cash crunch.

Op-Ed: IMF officials claim Greek government very unhelpful

Athens - Officials from the IMF, the European Central Bank, and the European Commission, complained in a conference-call Tuesday that Greek officials are not adhering to the conditions of the bailout extension deal or cooperating with creditors.

Greece hits out at EU opposition to 'humanitarian' law

Atenas - Greece has responded sharply to apparent pressure from the EU not to pass Wednesday a "humanitarian crisis" law that would provide free electricity and food stamps for the poorest households.

Op-Ed: European Commission nixes Greek anti-poverty law

Athens - The European Commission has vetoed what the government calls a "humanitarian crisis bill." The bill was meant to address poverty among pensioners and homeless families.

Greek PM hastens Russia visit amid cash crunch

Atenas - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras unveiled Tuesday a surprise trip to Russia but also sought talks with European leaders to break a deadlock over reforms that has revived default fears.

Greek finance minister says some election vows can be put off

Atenas - Greece's combative finance minister has indicated that Athens' new radical left government is prepared to put some of its campaign promises on hold while it seeks to build confidence among its creditors.

Athens touts 'positive' outcome of EU bailout talks

Atenas - The Greek government said talks Monday with its eurozone partners in Brussels on extending Athens' financial aid had a "positive" outcome and that technical details would be hammered out in two days."The result of the Eurogroup is positive...

Greek neo-Nazi party trial to begin April 20

Atenas - The trial of 72 people linked to Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party and accused of crimes including murder and participation in a criminal organization will begin April 20, a court source said Monday.

Anarchists storm Greek ruling party HQ

Atenas - Anarchists occupied Greece's ruling party headquarters for nine hours on Sunday in support of hunger strikers protesting against conditions in the country's maximum-security jails.

Op-Ed: Greek creditors keeping pressure on Greek government to reform

Athens - Greece submitted a draft list of reforms to the Eurogroup and "institutions" -formerly known as the Troika- on Friday ahead of a crucial meeting next week that the Greek government hopes will result in the release of more aid.

Greece warns of referendum ahead of debt deal meeting

Atenas - Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis upped the stakes sharply ahead of Monday's crucial Eurogroup meeting in Brussels by raising the prospect of Greece holding new elections or even a referendum on any debt deal.

Greek PM urges Varoufakis to 'talk less, do more'

Atenas - Maverick Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis -- who has become a media phenomenon since Greece's radical government came to power -- has reportedly been warned by his own prime minister to talk less and do more.

Greek government aims to reform immigration policy

Athens - Greece has long been a destination and transit point for migrants from Senegal to Pakistan because of its long coastline with numerous islands as well as its border with Turkey beckoning migrants from Asia.
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