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Deadly clashes in Guinea ahead of presidential vote

Conakry - Clashes between supporters of Guinea's ruling party and opposition activists left at least one dead and more than 80 wounded, a charity said, as tension mounts ahead of next week's presidential election.

Op-Ed: How our fellow animals can become mentally ill just like us

The lioness paces back and forth in her tiny cage. Her face appears passive, but her constant pacing suggests frustration, perhaps because her feet never touch grass, and she never sees anything but people staring at her.

Ebola: Three questions about the killer virus

Conakry - The highly contagious Ebola virus, which has killed almost 11,300 people in west Africa since December 2013 and has fuelled global alarm, is among the most dangerous ever identified. - Where did it come from?

Canadian company stops Ebola drug trial for lack of results

Trials have ceased of what was thought to be a promising drug to treat West Africans infected with the Ebola virus. Canadian company, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, announced that its TKM-Ebola drug trials in Sierra Leone have been stopped.

Chimpanzees are fans of alcoholic plant sap in wild. Who knew?

Chimpanzees have shown us over time that they have an understanding of language and exhibit a sense of fairness, but now researchers have discovered that our closest primate kin also like to have a good, stiff drink every now and again.

Ebola spreads suspicion and rumours in Guinea

Conakry - The only possible place to encounter Ebola in Conakry is the main treatment unit, yet elsewhere in Guinea the virus is thriving in a febrile atmosphere of deep mistrust and swirling conspiracy theory.

Ebola may be on the decline, but it isn't over yet

Kamsar - While the worst Ebola epidemic in history seems to be winding down, there are still hot spots that need watching. But the fear that Ebola may have already spread into Guinea-Bissau has health officials scrambling to be ready for an impending outbreak.

Families transporting Ebola corpses in taxis and buses in Guinea

Conakry - On Friday, health authorities in Guinea reported 27 new cases of Ebola in the West African country. The country's latest Ebola figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) are the highest in more than a month.

Massive Ebola outbreak nearly under control due to global efforts

With Liberia now Ebola-transmission free, the effort to fight the disease and bring the current outbreak under control appears to have turned a corner. Still, the global community must remain vigilant as the disease continues to spread elsewhere.

Guinea's government, opposition in all-out war

Conakry - With the Guinean government accused of electoral dark arts and the opposition of spoiling for a coup, the west African country's political factions are embroiled in a standoff that may require international arbitration.

Protester killed as Guinea police and opposition clash

Conakry - Security forces in Guinea killed a protester and wounded four others, witnesses said, as opposition supporters clashed with police at anti-government rallies in its largest towns and cities.

One dead, several injured in Guinea anti-government protests

Conakry - One protester was killed and several others shot and wounded Monday as Guinean police battled to control violent demonstrations in the capital Conakry against the regime of President Alpha Conde.

Ebola situation in Guinea remains serious

President of Guinea Alpha Conde has declared a 45-day "health emergency". This applies to five regions in the west and south-west of the country, and the reason is Ebola.

Guinea govt urges dialogue after opposition protest call

Conakry - The government of Ebola-hit Guinea urged a dialogue after the three main opposition leaders called for renewed protests against President Alpha Conde over upcoming elections.

Ebola point of origin traced to bats

Conakry - The Ebola epidemic in West Africa may have been triggered by bats in Guinea, according to a new research paper. However, other scientists question this theory due to a lack of evidence.

EU aid shipment arrives in Ebola-hit West Africa

Conakry - An EU aid shipment including vehicles and medical equipment for the three west African nations hardest hit by the Ebola epidemic has arrived in Guinea, officials said Sunday.

British-led scientists trial 15-minute Ebola test in Guinea

Conakry - British scientists announced trials on a 15-minute Ebola test in Guinea as French President Francois Hollande became the first Western leader to visit a country devastated by the epidemic.

British-led scientists trial 15-minute Ebola test in Guinea

Conakry - British scientists announced trials on a 15-minute Ebola test in Guinea as French President Francois Hollande arrived in Conakry on Friday, becoming the first Western leader to visit one of the countries devastated by the epidemic.

Suspected Ebola blood vials stolen in Guinea robbery

A highway robbery in Guinea may have netted bandits more than they bargained for. The armed bandits stopped a minibus transporting nine passengers, taking a sealed container with blood vials from suspected Ebola patients.

Ebola: patient zero identified

Biologists have pinpointed the source of the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Patient zero was probably a 2-year-old boy who died in southern Guinea.
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