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Gambia government ravaged by COVID-19

Banjul - Three ministers in Gambia's government have tested positive for the coronavirus, officials said, days after the West African nation's president went into self-isolation.

Gambia launches crackdown on protest movement

Banjul - The Gambian government on Sunday launched a crackdown on a weeks-old movement demanding the departure of President Adama Barrow, following violent demonstrations in which medical officials say three protesters were killed.

Outrage in Gambia over release of ex-president's assassins

Banjul - Relatives of people murdered by death squads in The Gambia expressed outrage on Monday over the release of three former hitmen, who said they committed dozens of assassinations ordered by ex-president Yahya Jammeh.

Gambian soldier names ex-president in reporter's 2004 murder

Banjul - A Gambian army officer on Monday accused ex-president Yahya Jammeh of ordering the 2004 murder of journalist Deyda Hydara and admitted he was involved in the killing.

Prince Charles urges The Gambia to work with UK to promote democracy

Banjul - The Prince of Wales on Thursday called on The Gambia to work with Britain to promote democracy nearly two years after the small West African nation emerged from decades of authoritarian rule.

Prince Charles, Camilla start African tour in Gambia

Banjul - Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla landed Wednesday in The Gambia for the first leg of a week-long African tour aimed at strengthening ties with Commonwealth nations.

Gambia set to probe pain of past in Truth Commission

Banjul - The tiny West African state of The Gambia will journey into its grim past on Monday as it begins a probe into atrocities committed under former dictator Yahya Jammeh.

Gambian govt condemns ex-president's 'shocking' return pledge

Banjul - Banjul on Thursday condemned former president Yahya Jammeh's pledge to come back to the West African country in a leaked phone call that went viral on social media.

AIDS patients sue Gambia's ex-president Jammeh over fake cures

Banjul - Three people living with AIDS in Gambia are suing former president Yahya Jammeh, alleging he detained and abused them as guinea pigs to test his supposed cure, one of their lawyers said.

Soldiers held without trial threaten 'new Gambia' reputation

Banjul - When strongman Yahya Jammeh left The Gambia for exile after 22 years, new foreign minister Ousainou Darboe pledged the tiny nation would become the "human rights capital of Africa".

Gambia spies plead not guilty to murder of Jammeh opponent

Banjul - Nine Gambian former state security agents accused of the 2016 murder of an opponent of ousted president Yahya Jammeh pleaded not guilty Thursday as their trial resumed after an interruption of more than six months.

Gambians organise to stop young migrants risking it all

Banjul - After being stripped, beaten, robbed, enslaved and finally deported back to The Gambia, Karamo Keita is clear: no young Gambian should go through what he did in Libya.

Adama Barrow: how do you solve a problem like The Gambia?

Banjul - Six months ago, businessman and political novice Adama Barrow took power in Africa's smallest mainland country after delivering a stunning defeat against ex-leader Yahya Jammeh, who had ruled brutally for 22 years.

Gambia tackles sleazy image to diversify tourism

Serrekunda - For decades, The Gambia has built a reputation as a haven for tourists willing to pay for sun, sand, sea... and sex.

Gambia's 'broken' justice system struggles with victims' ire

Banjul - Gambians want swift justice for the crimes of fallen dictator Yahya Jammeh's regime but the new government faces an uphill battle to jail the most prolific abusers.

Gambians head to polls for first post-Jammeh vote

Banjul - Gambians head to the polls on Thursday for the first time since the departure of longtime leader Yahya Jammeh, with multiple parties poised to enter parliament after 22 years of effective one-party rule.

Dancing in the dark with Jammeh's diehard supporters

Bakau - They came to dance in green t-shirts adorned with Yahya Jammeh's grinning face and to sing the old songs of adulation as though he never went away.

The Gambia prepares for first post-Jammeh poll

Banjul - The Gambia holds its first election Thursday since the downfall of longtime leader Yahya Jammeh, with expectations high that new lawmakers will overhaul a national assembly once derided as a mere rubberstamp.

Gambia coalition near collapse over legislative election

Banjul - Gambian coalition parties which united last year to deliver the first new president in 22 years are unlikely to run together for legislative elections next month, a senior government source told AFP.

Gambian police launch probe into journalist's beating

Banjul - Gambian police have launched an investigation into a violent public assault of a reporter by supporters of President Adama Barrow, a police source told AFP Wednesday.
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