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European bird populations in precipitous decline

Exeter - Over the last 30 years, bird populations Europe-wide have fallen drastically with the sharpest falls seen among the most common bird species.

Neanderthal art in Gibraltar unveils the iconic 'hashtag'

Gibraltar - Anyone who thinks the hashtag character is recent didn't know the Neanderthals. Recent discoveries in the British territory of Gibraltar have uncovered stone carvings resembling either "tic-tac-toe" or the proverbial hashtag character itself.

EU urges Gibraltar, Spain to probe cigarette smuggling

Gibraltar - The EU's anti-fraud office on Monday urged Gibraltar and Spain to launch legal action after it found signs that organised crime was behind a rise in cigarette smuggling in southern Spain.

Gibraltar voted '6th crappiest town in the UK' in guide book

Gibraltar - While strictly speaking a "British Overseas Territory" and not a British town, Gibraltar has been voted the 6th crappiest town in Britain in the third edition of the controversial UK guidebook "Crap Towns Returns."

Gibraltar complains of four Spanish jet planes entering airspace

Gibraltar - In the latest incident in the tensions between Gibraltar and Spain, four Spanish jet planes buzzed the tiny British-held territory on Wednesday, entering the airspace apparently without permission.

Britain in tizzy over Spanish shot fired in waters off Gibraltar

Gibraltar - Britain is upset over the "completely unacceptable" firing of a weapon by a Spanish patrol officer in the waters off Gibraltar on Sunday, in what was called an "illegal incursion by a Guardia Civil vessel."

Margaret Thatcher feared Spanish attack on Gibraltar

Gibraltar - Cabinet papers, released last Friday to the National Archives, show that the Spanish media's support for Argentina's invasion of the Falkland Islands made Thatcher nervous that Spain would invade Gibraltar.

British MP accuses Spain of ‘act of war’ over naval ships

London - A British MP, Bob Stewart, has accused Spain of "an act of war," after Spanish naval ships repeatedly entered the territorial waters of Gibraltar.

Photo essay: Gibraltar — Little England on the tip of Spain Special

Gibraltar - Long an object of dispute between Spain and Great Britain, the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar is a little enigma, tucked away at the very tip of Spain. It's a place where Spanish and English are intertwined.

Earl and Countess of Wessex in controversial Gibraltar visit

The Rock of Gibraltar has long been a source of dispute between Great Britain and Spain. The visit by the Earl and Countess of Wessex, as part of the British Queen's Diamond Jubilee has served to inflame those tensions.

Far-right Golden Dawn MP Michalis Arvanitis attacked

Patras - An angry group of around 30 people attacked Michalis Arvanitis, local MP for Patras and member of the far-right Golden Dawn party, as he left a television studio.

Op-Ed: Estepona — A calm place on the Costa del Sol, Spain Special

Estepona - While the teeming hordes flock to Fuengirola, Marbella and Torremolinos in the summer months, Spanish tourists prefer a much quieter place.

The British Freedom Party (BFP) continues to expand

The British Freedom Party has announced expansion plans with a new group formed in Kent and plans to develop the BFP’s presence in Spain and Gibraltar.

Ceuta, the border-fence of Europe Special

Ceuta - What are 54 Indians doing on the woody hill between the Mount Hacho and Mount Jebel Musa, the African side of the Strait of Gibraltar?

Scott Bickel: From Neglect And Squalor To Author

From the squalor of inner city Cleveland, a young child of drug addicts finds his way into suburbia and success. This is the story of Scott Anthony Bickel.

Surprise Winner Of Miss World Final: ‘I Have No Words’

Kaiane Aldorino, Miss Gibraltar, has been crowned Miss World 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa. When she was told, the young woman exclaimed: “I have no words, I am really happy!”

Pigeons Perform as Art Critics

Pigeons flock on Trafalgar Square, around the park blocks near the downtown area of Portland, Oregon and in a host of other places. But they have more talents than just eating crumbs from curious folk. Some can be art critics.

Libya spending $11billion on new Russian weaponry

The South African government is denying access to the Russian navy's nuclear-powered heavy missile cruiser, Pyotr Velikiy. This mean machine was meant to spend 3 days in Cape Town enroute to Libya, where Russia just sold $2-b in weaponry... (video)

Domestic Violence Increase in 2008 Fueled by Recession, Culture

Domestic abuse is highlighted in the U.S. -- and in most places in the world -- as a man abusing a woman. But Chinese media focus on a cultural difference: when a woman beats a man.

Cave Man No Longer Want Mammoth Steak....Give Me Oyster

Often portrayed as an opportunistic meat eater, void of many intelligent traits, the Neandertal may no longer prefer meat only. A new find in the Mediterranean could prove that they had a higher level of intelligence, at least in their choice of cuisine.

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