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Grams of gold fuel French Guiana's ruthless jungle economy

Apatou - Honda all-terrain vehicles have replaced mules as the beast of burden of choice, but the wildcat mining camps of French Guiana are governed by the same rules and violence that have marked gold rushes since the 19th century.

Ariane 5 satellites in orbit but not in right location

Kourou - Two commercial satellites have been placed in orbit by an Ariane 5 rocket but have yet to reach their correct positions, Arianespace said Thursday, after mission control briefly lost contact with the craft in a rare malfunction.

Ariane 5 satellites in orbit but not in right location

Kourou - Two commercial satellites have been placed in orbit by an Ariane 5 rocket but have yet to reach their correct position, Arianespace said Thursday, after mission control briefly lost contact with the craft.The European space workhorse blasted off at 7.

Arianespace has 'lost contact' with Ariane 5 rocket

Kourou - Arianespace's mission control has "lost contact" with an Ariane 5 rocket carrying two commercial satellites after its lift-off from French Guiana, CEO Stephane Israel announced late Thursday.The European space workhorse blasted off at 7.

Ariane 5 rocket puts European GPS satellites into orbit

Kourou - An Ariane 5 rocket put four GPS satellites into orbit on Tuesday for Europe's Galileo navigation project, Arianespace said.The European space workhorse took off at 1836 GMT and deployed the satellites four hours after launch.

Macron says Spanish PM has his 'full support'

Kourou - French President Emmanuel Macron said Friday Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy had his "full support" in enforcing the law in Catalonia as Madrid readies to take direct control of the rebellious province.

Protests as Macron visits French S.American territory

Cayenne - President Emmanuel Macron faced demonstrations on the first day of his trip to the impoverished French territory of Guiana on Thursday where he arrived saying he was not "Father Christmas" bearing gifts from the state.

French Guiana activists end crippling protest after deal

Cayenne - The movement behind social unrest that left French Guiana paralysed for almost a month has ended the protest after Paris pledged an aid package worth billions of euros.

French Guiana protestors press demands

Cayenne - The movement behind more than three weeks of social unrest in French Guiana said Monday it would press its action until the government signs a draft accord on an emergency package and reopens talks on further funds.

French Guiana faces shutdown call after protests

Cayenne - The movement behind more than two weeks of social unrest in French Guiana has called for a complete shutdown of the overseas territory from Monday, after a police officer was injured.

France OKs funds for French Guiana, demo ends at space centre

Kourou - Protesters withdrew from the rocket-launching space centre in French Guiana on Wednesday as the French government approved a one-billion-euro emergency package to quell a wave of strikes.The sum offered by France is below the 2.5 billion euros ($2.

Demonstrators occupy French space station in Guiana

Kourou - Around 30 protest leaders in French Guiana attempted to occupy a rocket-launching space centre on Tuesday, escalating demonstrations that have crippled the territory in South America for 10 days.

Rockets go up but lights are out: French Guiana's crisis

Kourou - The rocket launchpad in French Guiana sums up everything that angers residents in this distant outpost of France that has been paralysed by strikes.

French Guiana rejects France's $1 bn aid offer

Cayenne - Labour leaders behind massive strikes in French Guiana have rejected a billion dollar aid package offered by the French government, demanding instead $2.5 billion right away.

France offers $1 bn to strike-hit French Guiana

Cayenne - France announced a billion euros ($1.07 billion) aid for strike-hit French Guiana, as representatives of the Guianese told visiting ministers the South American territory should be given "special status".

Strike causes chaos in French Guiana

Cayenne - Life in French Guiana was severely disrupted by a general strike on Monday that closed schools and shops and stoked fears of further instability in one of France's overseas territories.

French Guiana paralysed as tensions mount before strike

Cayenne - French Guiana came to a standstill Sunday on the eve of a major strike which has elbowed its way into France's presidential campaign.

Europe launches fourth Earth monitoring satellite

Cayenne - Europe launched a fourth satellite Tuesday for its Copernicus Earth-monitoring project to track changes in forest cover and air pollution, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced.The 1.

Europe launches next phase of hi-tech Earth satellites

Kourou - The European Space Agency (ESA) has launched the second phase of a 4.3-billion-euro ($4.91-billion) programme to deploy new-generation satellites to monitor environmental damage and aid disaster relief operations, officials said.

Boosting frog populations by creating aquatic nurseries

A new study suggests that mimicking the rainforest water holes left by peccaries can help boost frog populations and to preserve some endangered species.
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