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Tax the rich? Post-pandemic recovery idea finds favour in UK

London - In billionaire-friendly Britain, where the global coronavirus outbreak has hit hard, the idea of making the wealthiest pay more tax to help economic recovery is gaining ground.

Global vaccines programme gets $8.8bn shot in the arm

London - Governments around the world on Thursday pledged $8.8 billion for global vaccines alliance Gavi to help immunisation programmes disrupted by coronavirus, prompting calls for global cooperation to ensure a potential COVID-19 vaccine is available to all....

Germany suspects sex predator killed missing British girl Madeleine McCann

London - German prosecutors appealed Thursday for information about a sex offender they suspect killed missing British girl Madeleine McCann, in what her parents called a potentially significant development in solving a mystery that has captured public attentio...

Anger and sadness as Londoners protest George Floyd killing

London - There was solidarity, sadness and anger in London on Wednesday as thousands of mostly young people gathered to protest the death of George Floyd in US police custody.

UK PM condemns George Floyd killing as protesters take to streets

London - Thousands of people took to the streets of London on Wednesday to protest the death of George Floyd in US police custody, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the killing and told President Donald Trump that racist violence had "no place" in socie...

UK's Johnson offers visas for millions in Hong Kong

London - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Tuesday he would offer millions of Hong Kongers visas and a possible route to UK citizenship if China persists with its national security law.

Mixed fortunes for London shops hit by pandemic

London - Behind the colourful shopfronts in England's Lane, a picture-postcard street near north London's Primrose Hill, business owners are experiencing mixed fortunes as a result of the pandemic lockdown.

UK ex-foreign ministers call for G7 Hong Kong monitor group

London - Seven former British foreign ministers Monday called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to push G7 allies to set up an international monitoring group for Hong Kong in response to Beijing's tightening control over the restless city.

'Saudi game of thrones': pressure grows to release jailed prince

London - A $2 million US lobbying effort and petitions from European lawmakers are piling pressure on Saudi Arabia to release a philanthropist prince jailed for two years without charge amid an intensifying royal crackdown.

Debates rage in Britain as some children go back to school

London - Britain partially reopened schools on Monday and allowed the most vulnerable to venture outdoors despite warnings that the world's second worst-hit country is moving too quickly out of its coronavirus lockdown.

UK govt advisors sound warning on easing virus lockdown

London - Senior advisors to Boris Johnson's government on Saturday warned it was too early to lift the lockdown, just two days before the UK further relaxes coronavirus restrictions.

COVID-19 and contact tracing: How safe is your data? Special

Contact tracing apps and the use of people employed to be 'tracers' is seen as an important aspect of the fight against coronavirus. However, what happens to the data and who controls it?

Op-Ed: Coronavirus: Why it's too early to open shops

London - Many governments are now starting to re-open shops or put in place plans to do so. Given poor ventilation and the use of recirculated air, it is probably too early to do so. This article outlines why.

Drive-in UK care home visits for socially distant times

Banbury - The cars snaking past the bunting-adorned entrance of a British care home point to an era when even cherished family visits have to be socially distant because of the coronavirus.

Op-Ed: Pandemic getting worse globally and what it means

Sydney - For all the meaningless drivel about “reopening”, the net infection rate keeps climbing. According to Johns Hopkins, an all-time official high of 117.2K infections were recorded on 28 May.

PM Johnson charts Britain's path out of lockdown

London - UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday some English schools and shops would reopen from next week as he tried to end a scandal over what police said appeared to be a "minor" lockdown breach by his closest adviser.

Sex workers' hands tied under virus lockdowns

London - The bondage chairs and polished metal whipping tools sit gathering dust on a quiet street near London's trendy Shoreditch neighbourhood -- and Madame Caramel is not pleased.

Virus takes toll on mental health of Europe's medics

London - Steve, a paramedic in northeast England, contracted the coronavirus two months ago. Then his wife fell ill. Both recovered but throughout they were concerned about passing it on to their two young sons.

UK health service tests out facial authentication technology Special

The developer of facial authentication technology, iProov, is working with the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) to implement biometrics in order to boost security and reduce cybersecurity incidents.

UK PM Johnson faces growing rebellion over aide's lockdown trip

London - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday faced a mounting internal rebellion, including a ministerial resignation, over a scandal around his top aide Dominic Cummings taking a cross-country trip during the coronavirus lockdown.
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