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This snail is unlucky in love — Tweet #snailLove to help him out

University of Nottingham scientists in the UK have taken on the role of matchmakers for a lonely little garden snail who was born with what appears to be a genetic anomaly. In a one-in-a-million occurrence, his shell spirals to the left.

Scientists discover over 40 preserved shipwrecks in Black Sea

A group of maritime archaeologists studying sea level rises in the Black Sea during the last Ice Age uncovered over 40 shipwrecks this year, declaring their find as a “complete bonus.”

Why the secret of blue begonias can improve energy efficiency

Colchester - The blue sheen on the leaves of some begonias hold the key to improving energy efficiency, at the levels of the nanoscale. Researchers have discovered that chloroplasts have evolved a nanoscale light-trapping structure.

England's 'most haunted village' gears up for Halloween

Pluckley - With Halloween in the air, ghouls are set to emerge from the shadows in the quiet streets of Pluckley, reputedly the most haunted village in England.

Review: Bedlam and Beyond exhibition in London Special

London - Bedlam asylum was the first asylum for people with mental health issues, with its origins in the thirteenth century. The history of the asylum, on show at the Wellcome Collection in London, charts the history of social attitudes.

Justin Bieber leaves stage when English fans won't stop screaming

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber loves his fans and they love him but sometimes love can get a little...loud? That was the case Saturday when the Biebs abadoned his Beliebers at a concert in England.

May denies Britain heading for 'hard Brexit'

London - Prime Minister Theresa May denied Monday that Britain was heading for a "hard Brexit" and insisted her hopes for immigration control were not incompatible with a good trade deal with the EU.

Britsh PM seeks to unite first ministers over Brexit plans

London - British Prime Minister Theresa May will on Monday meet the first ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in London, where she will face calls for each region to vote on the government's Brexit plans.

Karl Rove tells Fox News that Donald Trump has lost election

Republican heavyweight Karl Rove made an appearance on 'Fox News Sunday' and told the show that Donald Trump is done. Rove said Democrat Hillary Clinton now has a clear path to the White House and will win the presidency.

'Jungle' children arrive in UK before migrant camp demolition

London - The first group of children from the French "Jungle" migrant camp with no connection to Britain have arrived in the country, the Home Office said Sunday, ahead of the camp's planned demolition.

Hair straighteners called out as child safety risk

Hair straighteners pose a risk to children in relation to burns and the number of incidences are increasing, according to an investigation by a British charity.

Review: I, Daniel Blake exposes the perils of modern living Special

London - Ken Loach, the acclaimed British film director, has released his Cannes Palme D'Or winning movie, "I, Daniel Blake" this week and it delivers a biting slice of social realism.

Highlands murder tale tipped for Booker Prize win

Edinburgh - A tale of murder and class warfare in the Scottish Highlands by a little-known novelist is one of the favourites to win this year's Booker Prize for literature on Tuesday.

Actor Ricky Gervais says Trump candidacy a joke gone bad

Actor and writer, and 'Golden Globe Awards' host Ricky Gervais commented on Donald Trump this week and his remarks suggest the funnyman finds the Donald a less than credible politician. Gervais doesn't think Trump's candidacy began seriously.

May to lock horns with first ministers on Brexit path

London - Prime Minister Theresa May is to meet with the first ministers from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to plot the path towards Brexit, her office said Sunday.

Review: The Correspondents ride the crest of a wave in London Special

London - The explosive duo, vocalist Mr Bruce and his able sidekick Chucks, who provides the genre-bending beats - everything from jazz and blues to electro swing and drum ’n’ bass - played the Village Underground in Shoreditch on Friday, October 21.

British charities press France ahead of 'Jungle' camp demolition

London - British charities and lawmakers have urged French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to ensure the safety of children in the "Jungle" Calais migrant camp during its demolition set for Monday.

Security raised on London Tube after arrest

London - Security has been stepped up on the London Underground network, police said Saturday, following the arrest of a 19-year-old man after a suspicious item was discovered on a Tube train.

Moonbow, a night-time rainbow, occurs in England

York - Rainbows can occur at night. Never seen one? This is because the so-called 'moonbows' are very rare phenomena. A rare lunar rainbow occurred this week in northern England.

Fossils of new dinosaur have been found in outback of Australia

A species of dinosaur has been found in the outback of Australia, a giant creature that lived almost a hundred million years ago. It's already been given a name, one derived from the couple who discovered it and the land it was found upon.
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