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Johnson's Brexit plan would crumble: rival for UK PM

London - Boris Johnson's Brexit strategy would collapse under scrutiny, one of his rivals to become Britain's prime minister said ahead of the first televised debate Sunday -- which the front-runner is skipping.

Seeking the ultimate wellbeing? You need two hours of nature

Stressed? Finding modern life too much? The solution, according to new research, is two hours a week spent outdoors close to nature, as the key dose of for good mental health.

British-Iranian begins fresh hunger strike in Tehran jail

London - A British-Iranian mother being held in a Tehran prison on sedition charges has begun another hunger strike in protest at her detention, her husband said Saturday.

Boris Johnson rejects 'white flag' of Brexit delays

London - UK leadership race frontrunner Boris Johnson insisted Friday he would never raise the "white flag" of surrender and plead for a further delay of Brexit if no EU deal was ready by October 31.

Britain bans 'harmful' gender stereotypes from ads

London - Ads featuring "harmful gender stereotypes" which are likely to cause offence will be banned in Britain from Friday under new rules that could have a major impact on the industry.

Assange faces February US extradition hearing

London - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's full extradition hearing to face espionage charges in the United States will begin in February, an English judge ruled on Friday.

British government invests $193 million in quantum computing

London - The quest for “quantum supremacy”, to develop 'true' quantum computers that can do anything far faster than an ordinary computer and more, is playing out on the global stage. The U.K. government, keen to be part of this, has pledged a considerable sum

Is GPS ruining our brains?

London - Do our brains work differently when we are using GPS? The answer is yes, according to a new study. The research was conducted in virtual reality, where some visitors navigated using a GPS device and others who navigated using a map.

Boris Johnson wins first round of UK leadership vote

London - Boris Johnson overwhelmingly won the first round of voting Thursday in the race to replace outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May, with the field of candidates narrowed to seven from 10.

UK minister signs US bid to extradite Assange

London - Britain's interior minister said Thursday he had certified the US request to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on espionage grounds in a procedural move that opens the way for a court battle.

Candidates face first cull in battle to be British PM

London - The 10 candidates running to replace Britain's outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May face the first round of voting on Thursday -- when at least one will get the chop.

Cocoa prices soar as ICoast, Ghana threaten supply cut

London - Cocoa prices rose sharply on Wednesday after key producers Ivory Coast and Ghana threatened to stop selling their production to buyers unwilling to meet a minimum price.

Johnson plays down no-deal Brexit as bids for UK leadership

London - Boris Johnson said Wednesday he would only take Britain out of the EU without a deal as a "last resort", launching his campaign to be prime minister with a promise to unify a country deeply divided over Brexit.

Radiohead defies hackers, releases trove of stolen music

London - Alternative rock legends Radiohead on Tuesday released an 18-hour trove of private recordings from their 1997 album "OK Computer" after getting hacked by someone seeking a ransom of $150,000 for the music.

US charges against Assange to be unveiled on Friday

London - The United States will detail all the charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange when it seeks his extradition in a London court on Friday, the editor of the whistleblowers' website said on Tuesday.

Huawei denies being bound by Chinese spy laws

London - Huawei's cyber security chief told the UK parliament Monday that the Chinese telecoms giant has been advised it was under no obligation to spy for Beijing if so asked by the Communist state.

Beating Boris: Race to replace UK's May kicks off

London - The contest to replace Theresa May as Britain's next leader heated up on Monday, with candidates lining up to define themselves against the "bluff and bluster" of frontrunner Boris Johnson.

Britain's Tory party set for rollercoaster leadership battle

London - The election of a new British Conservative Party leader is a contest traditionally marked by twists, turns and political backstabbing.

UK foreign minister says EU willing to renegotiate Brexit deal

London - British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, a contender to replace Theresa May as prime minister, said Sunday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had indicated the EU would be willing to renegotiate the Brexit divorce deal.

Time to ban facial recognition technology, says Liberty

Civil liberties campaign group Liberty has described facial recognition technology as "arsenic in the water of democracy" and has called on law enforcement agencies to stop using controversial imaging platforms.
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