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Frequent intercourse, any time of month, boosts female fertility

Two newly released studies have found that beyond enjoyment there are benefits to be gained by women who have sex often. It boosts their immune system and — good news for those trying to get pregnant — increases their fertility.

Steel wheel rims: Buyers look for unique stamp on cars and trucks

There are many reasons why car owners adorn their vehicles with OEM wheel rims and it is a business that has flourished. Like a lot of things in our culture, looks and individuality are the biggest reasons for putting OEM wheel rims on a vehicle.

Review: The Kinks – 'Sunny Afternoon, The Very Best Of'

One of Britain's most popular acts, an influence on countless others that followed and known for a series of 'firsts,' are to release a brand new compilation album on October 16. Digital Journal put it in and pressed play.

Carnivorous pitcher plant uses raindrops to eat ants

One species of pitcher plant has a sneaky secret. Falling raindrops provide it with enough power to fling insects to their doom, biologists have discovered. The raindrops trigger rapid vibrations in the lid of the plant's jug-shaped leaves.

Rejected in EU, asylum seekers can face years of deadlock

London - Faced with a massive influx of people fleeing troubled countries, Europe's already stretched asylum system is under increasing pressure, and tens of thousands of people are faced with legal deadlock.

Asylum seeker rues years of limbo in UK system

London - Pakistani activist Liaquat Ali Hazara had his application for asylum in Britain turned down two years ago. He has been stuck in limbo since, afraid of being killed by the Taliban if he is sent back.

Op-Ed: Oxford — Your brain connectivity makes you happy and successful?

Oxford - It seems if you make positive life choices, you have “greater brain connectivity,” and are more intelligent. A new Oxford study using MRIs and detailed personal surveys has created a sort of existential debater’s paradise.

Interview: Mike Pender of The Searchers tells us about his book Special

Liverpool - Digital Journal speaks to the former leader of one of Merseybeat's greatest acts, early contemporaries of The Beatles and revered for timeless classics like "Sweets for My Sweet," "Sugar and Spice" and "Needles and Pins."

Six special gin tried and tasted Special

Saint Albans - Drinks tasting events provide a good way to sample different products, especially those produced by smaller distilleries or breweries. One spirit that is standing out at the moment is gin. Digital Journal visited a tasting event in St. Albans.

Baby blues: Study finds expectant Dads also subject to depression

In a study from Canada's Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, researchers found that men, too, can suffer depression prior to becoming a parent. The number of expectant fathers who experience depression are significant.

UK spies can hack smartphones: Snowden

London - British spies can hack into phones remotely with a simple text message and make audio recordings or take photos without owners knowing, former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden said on Monday.

Fossil find: New species of ancient rodent-like large mammal

In the badlands of northwestern Mexico scientists have discovered the fossil remains of a previously unknown creature that lived many millions of years ago. The name is hard to pronounce but the creature easy to define: spunky.

Scientists stunned — 'Sofa shark' found off coast of Scotland

Scientists with Marine Scotland were on a deep sea survey last week off the Scottish coast when they pulled in a rare shark previously found only one time before in the region.

Three in four fish in River Thames contain plastic

London - Around three-quarters of the fish in the River Thames have plastic fibers in their gut. This is based on a new survey, highlighting the extent of plastic pollution.

Coagulant to stop blood loss, save lives, being developed at UBC

A product that could save lives daily all over the world is being developed by researchers at UBC in Vancouver. The remarkable powder is being designed to travel through the flow of blood and stop bleeding at its source.

UK Conservatives flex their muscles but rifts remain

London - Britain's Conservative Party, which holds its annual conference from Sunday, seems stronger than ever after an unexpected electoral triumph but old divisions on Europe are re-surfacing and a battle to succeed David Cameron is looming.

Op-Ed: Disappointing science plan for U.K. announced

London - A report from the U.K. Government Chief Scientific Adviser outlines the scope of the Government Office for Science for the next five years. The report discusses government policy and funding of external agencies.

Drone market to hit $10 billion by 2024: Experts

London - The market for military drones is expected to almost double by 2024 to beyond $10 billion (8.9 billion euros), according to a report published Friday by specialist defence publication IHS Jane's Intelligence Review.

Diana Krall is spectacular in London Special

London - Diana Krall, touring the world as part of her Wallflower concerts, stopped off in London for a couple of nights to play at the Royal Albert Hall. Digital Journal was wowed at the performance.

Review: Ola Onabule wows at the Royal Albert Hall Special

London - Ola Onabule, the British-Nigerian, soul, jazz, singer-songwriter, gave an inspired and cool performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London this week.
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