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Former Pacquiao sparring partner Jorge Linares outpoints Crolla

WBC lightweight champion Jorge Linares followed his plan not to rush things out when he comes face-to-face with WBA lightweight titlist Anthony Crolla on Saturday at the Manchester Arena in UK and by doing so he beat Crolla via a unanimous decision.

Pippa Middleton's photographs hacked

London - The iCloud account of the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, has apparently been hacked after photographs of her were offered to a newspaper.

Corbyn re-elected as UK Labour leader after bitter fight

Liverpool - Left-winger Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected British Labour leader on Saturday, seeing off a challenge from MPs but leaving the main opposition party split as critics said it was even further from power than before.

Momentum: Pro-Corbyn group upsetting UK's Labour party

Liverpool - Dismissed as a shadowy group of Marxist infiltrators or hailed as a grassroots movement energising left-wing politics, the campaign organisation Momentum, which backs Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, is unsettling British politics.

Socialist Corbyn heads to victory over divided UK Labour

Liverpool - Leftist Jeremy Corbyn is set to be re-elected head of Britain's opposition Labour party on Saturday, emerging victorious from a power struggle with his MPs that has threatened to tear the historic movement apart.

Jeremy Corbyn: divisive UK Labour leader set to fight off rival

London - Opposed by most of his own MPs but lionised by grassroots activists, socialist Jeremy Corbyn is tipped to fight off a leadership challenge while pitching Britain's Labour Party into an increasingly uncertain future.

Chinese baby is born with 15 fingers, 16 toes — but no thumbs

It's a condition that is rare but there is surgery to solve the problem of having extra digits. A baby in China has a lot of extra digits, 11 of them in fact, and yet neither of the infant's palms has a thumb.

Jorge Linares gears up for 12-round fight with Anthony Crolla

WBC lightweight champion Jorge Linares won't be rushing things out when he comes face-to-face with WBA lightweight titlist Anthony Crolla this Saturday at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Op-Ed: Donald Trump says he's still a birther but focusing on campaign

Remember that song by The Clash about indecision: 'Should I stay or should I go'? That seems to be the issue for Donald Trump when it comes to that whacky birther movement. Stay or go? In or out? Well, it seems the Donald remains all in.

UK plans to trigger EU exit process early 2017: Johnson

London - Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Thursday that Britain plans to trigger Article 50, the formal process for leaving the European Union, early next year.

Supermodel Kate Moss launching own modeling business

Months after leaving the agency that helped nurture her career for almost 30 years, legendary British supermodel Kate Moss is embarking on her own talent company.

Socialist Corbyn set to win but UK Labour could split

London - Leftist Jeremy Corbyn is set to be re-elected head of Britain's opposition Labour Party on Saturday despite a power struggle with his own MPs that threatens to tear apart the historic movement.

Latest poll has Clinton back up on Trump nationally by 7 points

The polls in the U.S. presidential race have fluctuated this month but the latest, released today, Wednesday, September 21, has Hillary Clinton back up nationally by a healthy margin. She's also retaken the lead in Florida.

Ballots close in UK Labour leadership race

London - Polling closes on Wednesday in the contest to lead Britain's Labour, with Jeremy Corbyn tipped to defeat the challenge from Welsh MP Owen Smith amid deep divisions in the centre-left opposition party.

New York bombing suspect in custody, 2 police hurt in gun fight

New York - An immigrant man wanted in connection to a series of bomb explosions over the weekend in New Jersey and New York was taken into custody Monday after a gun-battle with police. The man and two officers were injured.

Handcuffed Indiana suspect manages to steal police car and escape

You can't keep a good man down, or in this case you can't keep a handcuffed robbery suspect in the back seat of your police car unattended. Why? Well, .he just might find a way to steal the cruiser and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Canelo Alavarez scores ninth round TKO win over Liam Smith

Mexican boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez opted to unleash a body shot to become the first boxer to knockout unbeaten WBO light middleweight champion Liam Smith Saturday night at the AT&T Arena in Arlington, Texas.

Desperate writer runs in burning house, saves unpublished novels

Writing a novel is a labor of love that takes a huge commitment so anyone who's ever tried knows why Gideon Hodge did what he did. Hodge's house caught fire and was ablaze, but after rushing to the scene he did the unthinkable — he ran inside.

Trump attacks press again: Threatens to sue NY Times, name-calls

It happens that politicians do not like the coverage they get but they do not often call respected publications scum or disgusting. And they don't often sue or threaten to sue them. But Donald Trump often does and he's at it again.

In effort to fight public 'pee-ers' new coating sprays urine back

People urinating on public buildings - let's be honest, it's almost always men — are leaving behind more than their urine. That's unpleasant enough but there's also the issue of smell. Well, there may be something to be done about it.
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