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French line up abroad to vote in presidential cliffhanger

London - From London to Berlin, Washington to Tel Aviv, French voters lined up at polling stations abroad at the weekend to cast ballots for one of the closest presidential elections in years back home.Around 1.

Labour's Corbyn promises more public holidays in vote pledge

London - Britain's opposition Labour party promised Sunday to introduce four new public holidays if it wins the June snap election, marking the patron saints days of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Hospitals in the U.K. to limit sales of sugary drinks

London - The major retailers who operate stores in Britain's biggest hospitals have agreed to 'scale back' (but not to stop completely) the sale of sugary drinks.

Op-Ed: Climate change leads the London 'March for Science' agenda Special

London - Hundreds of thousands of scientists have taken to the streets to 'march for science' to combat fake news and the counterfactual political culture espoused by Donald Trump and other leading politicians. Digital Journal was at the London event.

The Sun apologises to Barkley over column

London - Everton star Ross Barkley received an apology from The Sun tabloid newspaper on Saturday over a column that made "unfavourable comparisons" to a gorilla.

Want to live longer? Then cycle to work

Glasgow - Want to live longer? Reduce your risk of cancer? Lowe the chance of heart disease? The answer is to cycle to work, according to a new health study.

Britain's first coal free day since the Victorian era

London - The U.K. experienced its first day of power generation during which time no coal was used. This is the first day that coal played no part since the early days of the Industrial Revolution.

Mayweather targets historic 50-0 win record against McGregor

Floyd Mayweather is getting closer to his dream of becoming the first pro boxer in history of the sport to win 50 fights in a row and to surpass the record set by legendary boxer Rocky Marciano at 49-0 on his last fight against Archie Moore in 1955.

Salamanders in Europe set to be wiped out by fungus

Scientists have called for urgent action to be taken to protect wild salamanders in Europe from a deadly fungal infection.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth celebrates 91st birthday

London - The sound of a gun salute tore through central London on Friday to celebrate the 91st birthday of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, with the world's longest-reigning monarch taking a step back from royal duties to allow the younger generation to step forwa...

One million Gin and Tonics for World Malaria Day

London - The company Fever Tree has announced it will be raising money for "Malaria No More", which is part of World Malaria Day, by donating 20 pence from its tonic water sales to the cause.

Europhiles see chance of revival in Brexit election

London - Voters could give europhile politicians a boost in Britain's upcoming election but the effect will be limited and the prospect of a grand alliance to soften Brexit is improbable, analysts said.

Britain set for snap election in Brexit shadow

London - British lawmakers on Wednesday overwhelmingly backed Prime Minister Theresa May's call for a snap election, paving the way for a June vote she hopes will give her a "mandate to complete Brexit".

UK parliament votes on snap election in Brexit's shadow

London - Britain's parliament votes Wednesday on holding a snap election in June, as Prime Minister Theresa May seeks to make strong gains against the opposition before gruelling Brexit negotiations.

Britain's snap election spells trouble for Labour: experts

London - Britain's snap election is likely to be judgement day for embattled opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, but offers little prospect of resolving the deep-seated tensions tearing the party apart, experts said.

Prince William, Lady Gaga team up against mental health 'taboo'

London - Britain's second in line to the throne, Prince William, and American superstar Lady Gaga have teamed up to encourage people to speak more openly about mental health issues in a video released Tuesday.

Britain arrests Indian tycoon Mallya for extradition

London - Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya has been arrested in London following an extradition request from India where he is accused of fraud, British police said on Tuesday.

Op-Ed: Surprise British General Election announced

London - The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Theresa May has announced plans to call snap general election on June 8, 2017.

Theresa May: Britain's 'no-nonsense' leader

London - British Prime Minister Theresa May, who on Tuesday called for a snap election, has forged a reputation as a no-nonsense pragmatist seeking to lead the country through one of the most tumultuous periods of its history.

May calls for June 8 election before Brexit talks

London - British Prime Minister Theresa May called Tuesday for a snap election on June 8, in a shock move as she seeks to bolster her position before tough talks on leaving the EU.
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