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Is social media use affecting sleep patterns?

Cardiff - Obsession with social media is taking its toll, especially among young people. A new report has found one in five young people are making do with less sleep due to social media use; and this sleep deprivation is having an impact.

Assange says would go to US only if rights guaranteed: WikiLeaks

London - WikiLeaks said Wednesday its founder Julian Assange could travel to the US to face investigation after one of the site's main sources was given clemency -- but only if his rights were "guaranteed".

Empty threats? Britain's Brexit negotiating chips

London - British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday outlined her Brexit blueprint, stressing the need for good relations with the European Union but also warning that the bloc would suffer if no deal were reached.

'Halloween Crack' threatens to cut off British Antarctic station

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has made the decision to shut down its Halley VI Research Station on The Brunt Ice Shelf for the winter after a new crack in the ice appeared not far from the remote outpost.

Tightest material knot ever is achieved

Manchester - Materials scientists have made the most tightly knotted physical structure ever. This feat could lead to a new generation of advanced materials being manufactured.

Main points from May's keynote Brexit speech

London - British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday laid out her Brexit priorities and negotiating aims for the first time during a keynote speech in London.Here are the key points.

Brexit: What we know

London - Britain is set to become the first European Union member to leave the bloc following a referendum last year in which a majority voted for Brexit.

Britain to leave EU's single market, says May

London - Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday said Britain will leave the EU's single market in order to restrict immigration in a clean break from the bloc, but lawmakers can vote on the final deal.

Deadlocked Northern Ireland set for snap elections

Belfast - Northern Ireland will hold snap elections on March 2 in a bid to resolve its worst political crisis in years after the power-sharing executive collapsed on Monday.

Key points from Trump interview

London - US President-elect Donald Trump has given a joint interview to The Times and Bild newspapers, discussing a range of topics that will hit his inbox following Friday's inauguration.

Pound drops after Brexit backing from Trump

London - Prime Minister Theresa May won endorsement from US President-elect Donald Trump over her Brexit course but sterling plunged on Monday on fears that Britain could be on a collision course with its EU allies.

Controversial Stonehenge tunnel given OK by U.K. government

Plan to build a 1.8-mile tunnel near Stonehenge and widen nearby highway A303 has been given the green light by the British government. Construction is estimated to cost £2 billion ($2.4 billion).

Global warming harms insect reproduction

Sheffield - Several studies have shown how climate change is affecting insect populations, results in death. A new study takes a different approach and shows how global warming is affecting the ability of some insects to reproduce.

British PM targeting clean divorce in Brexit speech

London - British Prime Minister Theresa May will target a clean divorce from the EU when she sets out her Brexit plans in a major speech this week, newspapers reported Sunday.

Frozen fish and meat recalled in U.K.

Several frozen fish and meat products are being recalled from sores around the U.K. The foods are reportedly "unsafe" for human consumption.

Winter crisis shows UK health service at 'tipping point'

London - Britain's NHS public health service has been the country's pride since 1948, but is currently gripped by a "humanitarian crisis" due to "third world" conditions that are piling pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May.

Prawn shopping bags made to help the environment

Nottingham - Shopping bags are major contributors to waste. Although there have been moves to reduce plastic bags, many types of bags end up in landfill. To create biodegradable shopping bags, a type based on shrimp shells have been developed.

The quiet revolution: Fed up British middle classes backing Brexit

Milton Keynes - It's got money, jobs and it voted Brexit: the town of Milton Keynes near London represents a slice of middle-class voters fed up with a political elite ignoring their concerns.

Winter storm batters Europe

London - A powerful winter storm battered Europe on Friday, leaving 330,000 homes without power in France, prompting the evacuation of thousands of seaside dwellers in Britain and disrupting travel.

Seaside residents evacuated as UK faces severe flood warnings

London - Seaside residents in southern England were ordered to evacuate Friday as Britain faced severe flood warnings, after snow caused flights to be cancelled.
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