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UK opposition chief Corbyn 'sorry' for election wipeout

London - Britain's main opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn apologised Sunday for waging a disastrous campaign that handed Prime Minister Boris Johnson a mandate to take the UK out of the EU next month.

Path to softer Brexit? UK PM's big win gives him leeway

London - The scale of the Conservative victory in Britain's election makes Britain's exit from the European Union all but inevitable but could lead to a softer split, analysts said on Friday.

Pro-European Britons' hopes of stopping Brexit fade

London - Britain's pro-European campaigners lost their bid Friday to persuade the public to undo Brexit, suffering a devastating defeat to the right-wing ruling party.

Boris Johnson: Britain's divisive Brexit champion

London - Boris Johnson persuaded British voters to back Brexit in 2016 and if exit polls are correct now has a chance to deliver, but he stands accused of Trump-style populism that risks further dividing the country.

Britain votes in pivotal 'Brexit election'

London - Britain voted on Thursday in a deeply divisive election that posed a historic choice between an imminent split from the European Union and another referendum that could scrap the entire Brexit process.

Smaller parties could hold keys to power at UK election

London - If British Prime Minister Boris Johnson fails to win an absolute majority in parliament on Thursday, smaller parties may find themselves holding the trump cards in negotiations to form an alliance.Here are the parties who could hold the keys to power.

Op-Ed: The end of the UK? It’s possible, but the misery will go on.

London - Britain has beaten external foes before. It’s when the enemy is within that the nation has problems. It survived World Wars 1 and 2, but can it survive Brexit? The election will give an answer. Whether it’s the final answer is to be seen.

Financial markets embrace brave new world of AI

London - Artificial Intelligence has spread rapidly across markets in recent years as traders constantly strive to gain the upper hand, while regulators have given a guarded welcome to the cutting-edge technology.

Britain heads into charged Brexit election

Leeds - Britain's rival party leaders dashed around the country on Wednesday in a frantic push for votes in the final hours before a highly-charged snap election aimed at breaking the Brexit impasse.

British PM seeks Brexit breakthrough as polls tighten

London - Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed Tuesday to demolish three years of stalemate over Brexit, as Britain's political leaders geared up for a frantic final day of general election campaigning.

Brexit-backing Wales a bellwether in UK vote result

Wrexham - Just a few years ago, there would have been few predictions that the Conservative party could win in a place like Wrexham in northeast Wales, a Labour seat since 1935.

Youth vote an unpredictable factor in UK election

London - Young voters are the most europhile and left-wing in Britain, yet also the least likely to vote, representing an unknown factor in Thursday's battle for Downing Street.

World's 'largest collection' of rare whiskies on sale

London - Lovers of very expensive whisky will get the chance to bid on nearly 4,000 rare bottles acquired by a late US soft drink bottling company executive.

Anti-Semitism stokes fear and election angst in UK's 'bagel belt'

London - Labour party candidate Holly Kal-Weiss sums up the mood of Jewish constituents she's met on the election campaign trail in the "bagel belt" constituencies around north London.

Meet Ali, 25. Boris Johnson's biggest challenger

Uxbridge - Ali Milani didn't speak English when he came to Britain from Iran at the age of five. Twenty years later, he's the biggest individual threat to Boris Johnson at this week's election.

UK's 'Brexit election' campaign enters final straight

London - Britain's election campaign entered its frenetic final straight Monday with Prime Minister Boris Johnson trying to lock in the votes needed to draw a line under years of arguments and paralysis over European Union membership.

Impact of UK polls to be 'felt for decades': PM Johnson

London - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday that the impact of Thursday's general election would be "felt for decades" as campaigning entered the final stages.

Air of menace as Britain's election gets nasty

Braintree - Candidates hoping to be elected to parliament in Britain have faced all manner of threats and abuse in a particularly hostile campaign, with some worried for their safety when out canvassing.

UK election: parties take battle for ideas to social media

London - At a dingy office space in north London, around 60 Labour activists busied themselves recently with the basics of modern campaigning before next week's general election.

UK election rivals face off for final time ahead of poll

London - The two men vying to be British prime minister in next week's election exchanged trademark blows Friday over the familiar faultlines of Brexit and healthcare in the final head-to-head TV debate of the month-old campaign.
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