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U.S. President Obama backs entrepreneurs at global tech summit

Palo Alto - U.S. President Barack Obama told the best and brightest in the technology industry on Friday that the government would partner with private industry to keep the Internet free and open to innovation.

Review: The Proclaimers live in Croydon Special

Croydon - The iconic Scottish duo, comprising of twins Charlie and Craig Reid, performed a solid set at Fairfield Halls, the last major act to play the 54-year-old venue before a two-year refurbishment plan begins in July.

Boris Johnson insists Britain 'still part of Europe'

London - Top Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson sought Monday to build bridges with Europe and with defeated Britons who voted to remain in the EU in last week's historic referendum.

Britain scrambles to contain Brexit turmoil

London - Britain's finance minister on Monday sought to calm markets after the country's shock vote to leave the EU, and insisted it would be not rushed into a break-up despite pressure from EU leaders.

Britain, Europe scramble to contain Brexit crisis

London - British Prime Minister David Cameron will gather his cabinet Monday at the start of a crunch week for Europe's leaders after the country's shock vote to leave the EU, seeking to head off further turmoil.

Pope Francis says gays, and others, deserve apology from church

While Pope Francis stopped short of actually issuing one, on Sunday he said he believes that gay people deserve an apology from the Roman Catholic Church. He was responding to a question posed while on a plane.

Snow algae accelerate glacier melting

Leeds - A new environmental study indicates that red pigmented snow algae are strongly implicated with the melting Arctic glaciers. Data suggests a 13 percent reduction of the albedo during one year was caused by snow algal blooms.

British politics in turmoil as Brexit talks loom

London - Britain's political crisis deepened Sunday amid party infighting in London and new polls showing bolstered support for Scottish independence, even as EU leaders seek a quick divorce after a seismic vote to leave the bloc.

Petition demanding new Brexit referendum at 3 million signatures

A petition calling for a second Brexit referendum continues to circulate in the U.K. and has now topped 3 million signatures. It needs but 100,000 for it to be put upon the docket to be discussed in Parliament but will it mean much of anything?

Sturgeon plans EU future for Scotland after Brexit

London - Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Sunday vowed to protect Scotland against the "devastating" fallout of Brexit and hinted her government may use legal means to try to block Britain's departure from the EU.

Brexit voters' remorse as result of historic referendum sinks in

London - As the markets crashed, sterling hit a 31-year low and Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, it dawned on some of those who voted for Britain to leave the EU that they may have got it wrong.

On inviting all children, including those born with down syndrome

I am not a weeper. Never have been. It's not uncommon for us men to stifle tears and we could argue whether it's due to nature or nurture. But not here, not now. This is about 2 kids, each born with down syndrome, and how they blessed me with tears.

Brexit turmoil hits Labour, boosts Scots nationalists

London - Britain's opposition Labour party plunged into turmoil Sunday and the prospect of Scottish independence drew closer, ahead of a showdown with EU leaders over the country's seismic vote to leave the bloc.

In divided Belfast, Brexit vote sows uncertainty

Belfast - The Brexit vote has sown uncertainty in the still divided communities of Belfast, where memories of the conflict that tore the province apart for three decades are all too raw.

Corbyn urged to quit after Labour voters back Brexit

London - After a strong vote for a Brexit in Labour heartlands, party leader Jeremy Corbyn was fighting for his future Saturday amid accusations that he had lost the referendum by failing to rally working-class voters.

Protesters storm Trump golf course in Scotland

Aberdeen - Protesters bearing Mexican flags invaded a Scottish golf course owned by Donald Trump on Saturday as the presidential hopeful visited the estate, which is hugely controversial locally.

Op-Ed: Are Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather and Bob Arum playing games?

The lead-up to last year's Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight saw it attract more hype on social media than any event in sporting history. It also attracted a bigger purse than sports has known and any pretense there won't be a rematch is simply gamesmanship.

Pro-EU Londoners rebel with 'Lexit' secession call

London - Londoners mobilised on social media Saturday to back a campaign to go from Brexit to 'Lexit', calling for their city to divorce from Britain and "move in with our friends" in the European Union.

Grey Brexit vote angers younger Britons

London - Young people vented their anger on Saturday against more eurosceptic older voters as they came to terms with a momentous referendum to pull Britain out of the EU, with the hashtag #NotInMyName trending on Twitter."I feel angry.

Sturgeon seeks immediate EU talks 'to protect Scotland's place' in bloc

Edinburgh - Scotland wants immediate talks with the European Union on protecting its place in the bloc, after Britain's vote to leave the EU, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Saturday.
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