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Virus hunters delve into Gabon forest in search for next threat

Makokou - The scene looks like something out of a science fiction movie, or maybe some dystopian TV series.Six men in yellow biohazard suits clamber in suffocating heat towards a cave in the heart of the Gabonese jungle.

Polio vaccine in the crossfire of misinformation

Libreville - As scientists around the world rush to find a vaccine to stem the spread of Covid-19, another deadly disease, polio, has become the latest target of misinformation campaigns online.

Virus stigma weighs heavily in sub-Saharan Africa

Libreville - Landlords evict people from their homes, nurses are abandoned by their husbands and people are spurned just on suspicion of coming into contact with a COVID-19 patient.

Gabon juggles competing demands in fight to protect nature

Libreville - The lush green canopy stretches over the Akanda National Park -- one of the many forest jewels that Gabon is fighting to conserve.But those living in poverty in the shadow of the park are ambiguous.

Gabon's sole train a lifeline for its people and economy

Franceville - The sky turns from indigo to ebony as the tropical night falls, and the train patiently thrusts through the jungle towards its destination, still hundreds of kilometres (miles) away.

Gabon court refuses to hear petition for tests of Bongo's health

Libreville - Gabon's Court of Appeal on Monday refused to hear a petition for President Ali Bongo Ondima to undergo medical tests to assess his fitness to govern after suffering a stroke almost a year ago.

Gabon's Bongo attends independence parade in rare public appearance

Libreville - Gabon's President Ali Bongo on Saturday made a rare public appearance to attend the country's independence day celebrations, nearly 10 months after suffering a stroke that fuelled speculation about his ability to rule.

Gabon's timber industry reeling after corruption scandal

Libreville - Tropical timber is piling up at Gabon's main port as the country's logging industry reels from a corruption scandal that brought down the vice president and ushered in a veteran environmentalist to oversee its forestry.

Two AFP journalists beaten, detained in C. Africa

Libreville - Security forces in Central African Republic beat and detained two journalists working for French news wire Agence France-Presse (AFP) covering a banned opposition protest in the capital Bangui, the reporters said Sunday.

C. African city casts worried eye at the rise of the warlord

Libreville - Even by the turbulent standards of the Central African Republic, the sight was remarkable: a regional warlord stood next to VIPs at ceremonies in a city where his name is widely feared.

Six die in ship sinking between Sao Tome and Principe

Libreville - Six people died Thursday when a passenger ship with more than 60 people on board sank as it was on its regular route between the islands of Sao Tome and Principe, off west Africa, officials said.

Ailing Gabon president has no 'body double': spokesman

Libreville - Ali Bongo of Gabon does not have a body double, his spokesman said Thursday, brushing aside rumours that a lookalike has been standing in for the 60-year-old president since he suffered a stroke in October.

Gabonese President Bongo makes post-stroke appearance

Libreville - President Ali Bongo, whose stroke last October plunged Gabon into uncertainty, held a string of meetings on Monday ahead of the first gathering of the cabinet, according to the government.

Main terms of peace accord in Central African Republic

Libreville - A peace agreement between the government of Central African Republic and 14 armed groups which control most of the country has taken effect after the final signatories inked the document.

C. Africa reaches peace deal with rebels: government

Libreville - The Central African Republic government and 14 armed groups struck a deal Saturday to end years of fighting that has killed thousands, the parties and a mediator said.

First face-to-face meeting in C. Africa peace talks

Libreville - Central African Republic's government and militias who control most of the country held on Friday their first face-to-face talks since the country's crisis erupted in 2012, as fresh violence claimed 13 lives.

After months abroad, Gabon's Bongo returns home

Libreville - Gabon's President Ali Bongo was back in Libreville on Tuesday after months abroad recovering from a stroke, ending an absence that saw an attempted coup by renegade soldiers.

After months abroad, Gabon's Bongo swears in new government

Libreville - Gabon's Ali Bongo was back in Libreville on Tuesday after months abroad recovering from a stroke, ending an absence that has spurred political turbulence.

Gabon's ailing President expected home from Morocco

Libreville - President Ali Bongo was expected back in Gabon on Tuesday after a medical absence of more than two months during which security forces foiled an attempted coup amid rumours he had died.

Gabon rebel chief caught, two killed in failed coup: presidency

Libreville - The chief military rebel who led a failed coup in Gabon on Monday has been arrested and two of his commandos killed after they stormed a public radio station, the presidency said.
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