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Concert hall at centre of Paris attacks to reopen late 2016

Paris - The Bataclan concert hall in Paris, where 90 people were killed in the November jihadist attacks in the French capital, will undergo renovation and reopen its doors before the end of the year, the venue's owners announced Wednesday.

French dancer fined for selfie with snoozing far-right Le Pen

Paris - French dancer Brahim Zaibat, a former lover of Madonna, was fined one euro by a Paris court Wednesday for sneaking a selfie with far-right patriarch Jean-Marie Le Pen as he snoozed on an airplane.

French ex-budget minister's tax fraud trial delayed

Paris - The tax fraud trial of France's disgraced former budget minister Jerome Cahuzac was adjourned Wednesday to September 5 after his defence challenged the constitutionality of the case.

French MPs approve post-attacks constitution changes

Paris - French lawmakers voted Wednesday in favour of measures to change the constitution following the November 13 jihadist attacks on Paris, but doubts remain as to whether the package will be fully adopted.

Outgoing French foreign minister raps U.S. Syria role

Paris - Outgoing French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Wednesday criticised the US role in Syria, saying he did not see "a very strong commitment" from Washington."There are ambiguities...

Spanish potholers trapped in southwest France are alive: Police

Toulouse - Seven Spanish potholers trapped in a cave in southwestern France have been found unhurt and rescuers are preparing to bring them to the surface, police said Wednesday."Contact has been made.

Veteran French politician Fabius quits government

Paris - France's veteran Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius bowed out of government Wednesday after a three-decade career which saw an early string of scandals but ended with him overseeing a complex climate deal.

Paris magic still enchants tourists despite terror attacks

Paris - Some visitors may be steering clear of the world's top tourist destination after terror attacks in the French capital, but for lovers, shoppers and gourmands who dare to go, Paris will always be Paris.

13 million pupils in OECD nations 'failing at 15': Report

Paris - Around 13 million pupils in OECD countries have failed to attain a sufficient level of proficiency in either reading, maths or science by the time they reach 15, according to a new study released by the think-tank on Wednesday.

World tourism map redrawn since attacks, epidemics, migrants

Paris - The world's tourism map is being redrawn at lightning speed as holidaymakers switch preferences prompted by terror attacks, epidemics and migrant crises.

French MPs vote on post-attacks constitution changes

Paris - French lawmakers will vote on Wednesday on a controversial package of measures to change the constitution in the wake of the terror attacks on Paris in November.

France, Germany press Brussels on terror funding crackdown

Paris - France and Germany pressed the European Union on Tuesday to speed up plans designed to crack down on the funding of terrorist groups.

French Senate votes to extend post-attacks state of emergency

Paris - The French Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a three-month extension of a state of emergency imposed after the November jihadist attacks that claimed 130 lives in Paris.

Miraculous quake survivors

Paris - Rescue workers are racing against time to locate survivors in the debris of a Taiwanese apartment complex, hoping for the kind of miracle that has happened in the past.

France bids ‘Adieu’ to û and û and î!

Paris - Last week, after 25 years' deliberation, the Académie Française decreed that the French accent, the circumflex — the little "hat" in words like bête, fête and tempête — had had its day, at least in so far as providing headgear for certain vowels.

French lower house votes to enshrine state of emergency in constitution

Paris - The lower house of the French parliament voted Monday in favour of enshrining in the constitution the process of declaring a state of national emergency, one of a series of controversial amendments the government proposed after November's Paris attacks...

Man arrested in France over school bomb hoaxes

Paris - French police arrested an 18-year-old man on Monday in connection with an investigation into telephoned hoax bomb threats that forced schools in Paris to be evacuated in January, sources said.

French ex-budget minister goes on trial for tax fraud

Paris - France's former budget minister Jerome Cahuzac, who stashed millions abroad while cracking down on tax cheats at home, went on trial Monday for tax fraud.

Europe creates Zika drug 'task force'

Paris - Europe's medicines watchdog said Monday it had assembled an expert team to aid the development of drugs and vaccines against the Zika virus, feared to cause brain damage in unborn babies.

French woman left in coma as northwest Europe battered by high winds

Paris - High winds buffeted northwestern Europe on Monday, leaving one woman in France in a coma after she was hit by an advertising billboard.
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