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France gets rap on knuckles over smacking children

Strasbourg - A top rights body said Wednesday that France was in violation of a European treaty because it did not fully ban the smacking of children, reigniting debate over the divisive issue.

French warrants for 3 suspects in 1982 Jewish restaurant attack

Paris - France has issued international arrest warrants for three men suspected of involvement in a deadly attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris in 1982, a judicial source told AFP on Wednesday.

French police report 'dozen' drone sightings over Paris

Paris - Paris police on Wednesday said the public had reported around a dozen drone sightings over sensitive areas of the French capital -- the latest in a baffling series of overflights.

France's Monte-Cristo castle in need of repair

Versailles - Nearly one million euros is needed to restore the Monte-Cristo castle that was once home to famed novelist Alexandre Dumas, author of classics including "The Three Musketeers".

France gets rap on knuckles over smacking children

Strasbourg - A top rights body said Wednesday that France was in violation of a European treaty because it did not fully ban the smacking of children, reigniting debate over the divisive issue.

Hollande plans first ever visit by French president to Cuba

Paris - President Francois Holland will make the first ever visit by a French head of state to Cuba in May in the latest sign of a thaw between the isolated communist nation and Europe and the United States.

Al-Jazeera reporter fined for drone flights over Paris

Paris - A French court Tuesday fined a British journalist 1,000 euros ($1,100) for flying a drone over central Paris and confiscated the machine, as authorities scramble to explain a recent series of mysterious overflights.

Madonna wants 'a drink' with French far-right leader Le Pen

Paris - Madonna wants to "sit down and have a drink" with France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen to hear out the woman she once demonised on stage by showing a picture of her with a swastika on her forehead.

Europe still off mark on sustainability goals: Report

Paris - Europe could miss several key targets for safeguarding its species, water, air and land, said a study Tuesday that warned economic recovery would add to the pressure on natural resources.

Latest Charlie Hebdo takes dig at far-right party's makeover

Paris - The latest issue of Charlie Hebdo -- the satirical weekly which has become the top-selling newspaper in France since its offices were attacked by Islamist gunmen in January -- takes a dig at the country's far-right National Front.

'Priceless' Chinese artefacts stolen from French castle

Paris - Thieves have broken in to the fabled Fontainebleau castle south of Paris and stolen 15 or so "priceless" Chinese artefacts in a lightning raid, French authorities said.

AFP apologises to French industrialist after death reported

Paris - AFP on Saturday issued an apology to French industrialist Martin Bouygues, chairman and CEO of the conglomerate Bouygues, for reporting his death.

Assad or no Assad, West asks, as IS rises and conflict rages

Paris - Faced with a seemingly unending bloody conflict in Syria and the rise of the Islamic State group, is President Bashar al-Assad the lesser of the country's evils and should the West re-engage with him?

After Chelsea fans deny black man on Metro, now green man denied

London - A spoof video has gone viral following the incident in Paris, where a small number of football supporters prevented a black commuter from alighting a Paris Metro train.

Al-Jazeera journalist in Paris court next week for flying drone

Paris - One of three Al-Jazeera journalists arrested for flying a drone in Paris will appear in court next week after pleading guilty, a judicial source said on Thursday.The other two television journalists have been freed.

France reforms seek to tackle Muslim radicalisation

Paris - France set out a package of reforms on Wednesday aimed at better integrating Muslims and preventing radicalisation in the wake of the recent jihadist attacks in Paris.

Mystery as drones spotted in Paris sky

Paris - Investigators in Paris have been left puzzled by a string of drone sightings over Paris, even as three journalists for TV station Al-Jazeera were arrested Wednesday for flying one from a park on the edge of the city.

Former Al-Qaeda double agent says Muslims must fight extremism

Paris - A former jihadist who became an Al-Qaeda double agent says Muslims must do more to tackle extremism in their midst and that stopping lone wolf attacks is near-impossible.

Libya could be next Syria, foreign minister warns

Paris - Libya's Foreign Minister Mohamed Dayri has called for Western military support, saying the growing threat from jihadist groups threatened to turn his country into another Syria."Time is running out," Dayri told AFP in an interview on Tuesday.

Charlie Hebdo returns to newsstands with satire and emotion

Paris - "We're back!". With those words -- and a cartoon depicting the pope, a jihadist and French far-right leader Marine Le Pen as a pack of enraged animals -- Charlie Hebdo marked its return Wednesday.
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