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The impact crater that destroyed many species discovered

Port Stanley - According to researchers from New York University, a basin in the Falkland Islands shows traits of a large impact crater. This could be the largest ever recorded on the planet and the one responsible for wiping out most of the life on Earth.

Black bears have close call with tourists blocking bridge

Montana Parks and Wildlife posted a video reminding tourists that although they may want to, no one should ever get too close to a bear.

Final 2 bodies from Costa Concordia tragedy found by divers

The final two bodies of the 32 who died in the Costa Concordia tragedy, a female Italian passenger and a male from India who was a waiter on the ship, have been found. The wreckage was refloated earlier this week and the find was expected.

New Zealand volcano erupts and shoots steam 1.24 miles into air

New Zealand is not a big country, and so it is that the volcano eruption that occurred off its coast Monday was of the smaller variety. Though it did manage to spit 2km. (1.24 miles) of steam into the air, it did little else. Or nothing else.

Rejected: Pope Francis to intervene in Falkland dispute

Britain and Falkland Islanders rejected the idea of Pope Francis intervening in the long-running dispute with Argentina over the islands, which Buenos Aires claims are Argentine territory. "Go and kiss this land which is ours," the pope said to veterans.

Mixed responses to Margaret Thatcher's death

Following the news of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's death, there has been an outpouring of both support and criticism highlighting the Iron Lady's controversial legacy.

Argentina's President discusses Falklands status with Pope

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has asked the new pope to intervene in the UK/Argentine dispute over the status of the Falklands.

Falkland Islands (Malvinas) referendum results

Stanley - Falkland Islanders have decided overwhelmingly to remain British it has been revealed, after the referendum on their political status.

Marketing War: England Academy vs Argentina’s Falklands Claims

Danish brewing company Carlsberg has come up with a great and funny commercial ad (as usual, shall we say!) to show its support to the England national team at the Euro 2012 Tournament.

Op-Ed: The ugly truth about the Falklands War

The Falklands War is remembered today as the last great triumph of a once mighty Britain. The reality is somewhat different, and for once, the extreme left have got it right.

Britain reviews plans for second war in the Falklands

Stanley - Britain's military are drawing up plans for a second Falklands war following the decision by some South American countries to isolate the Falklands by banning ships from the island docking in their ports.

British soldiers shot in the Falkland Islands

Three British soldiers have been shot and seriously wounded in an incident in the Falkland Islands the Ministry of Defence has announced

UK: No discussion on sovereignty Falklands

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Friday that sovereignty over the Falkland Islands will not be a topic for discussion when he meets the Argentine President Cristina Fernandez.

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