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Xi extends 'panda diplomacy' to Finland

Helsinki - China's President Xi Jinping, on the way to his eagerly awaited first encounter with Donald Trump, met his Finnish counterpart in Helsinki Wednesday, extending Beijing's famed "panda diplomacy" to Finland.

Finnish police officer cleared over Putin entry in criminal database

Helsinki - A Finnish police officer on Tuesday was cleared of charges of negligence over the appearance of Russian President Vladimir Putin's name on a database of criminal suspects.

Finnish MPs to re-consider approved same-sex marriage law

Helsinki - Finland's parliament is on Friday expected to vote for a second time on same-sex marriage, just two weeks before a 2014 law enshrining it was due to take effect.

UN seeks nearly $5 bn for Syria refugees

Helsinki - UN agencies and aid groups appealed on Tuesday for $4.63 billion (4.31 billion euros) in 2017 to help Syrians who have fled their country's war and sought refuge in neighbouring countries.The appeal is on top of the $3.

Food made from mealworms could address world hunger

Is the answer to global hunger and issues of food scarcity consuming insects? If so, can insects be turned into food, through processing, that is recognizable today? One food research group think so.

New approach to antidepressant via drug discovery

Helsinki - A new molecule has proved promising in laboratory test in relation to antidepressant therapy. This relates to a better understanding as to how the brain regulates depression and anxiety.

Finland testing universal basic income for select unemployed

Helsinki - Finland has become the first nation to pay some of its unemployed citizens an unconditional monthly universal basic income (UBI), a benefit that continues even after they find work.

Frequent use of saunas prevent dementia in men

A new research, from Finland, suggests that regular sauna bathing by men can lower the risk of developing dementia. This is the outcome of a twenty-year study.

Finland jails drugs squad chief for smuggling hash

Helsinki - A Finnish court sentenced Thursday the former chief detective of the Helsinki police drug squad to ten years in prison for taking part in a drug smuggling ring.

Finland tries twins over IS massacre in Iraq

Helsinki - Iraqi twin brothers went on trial Tuesday in Finland over their alleged role in a 2014 massacre of up to 1,700 unarmed recruits by the Islamic State group in Iraq.

Dogs to be fitted with wolf protection vests in Finnish town

Nurmes - A small town in the east of Finland, Nurmes, is to have its dogs equipped with special vests that residents hope will protect them from wolf attacks.

British 'Santa safari' worker stabbed to death in Lapland

Helsinki - A 26-year-old British woman has been stabbed to death in Lapland where she was employed by a "Santa safari" tour firm in the run-up to Christmas, Finnish police said on Monday.

Finland gunman likely had 'mental disorder'

Helsinki - Finnish police said Monday that the man arrested for the murder of a local politician and two journalists at the weekend was suffering from a mental disorder.

Lone gunman kills three women in Finnish town

Helsinki - A lone gunman shot dead three women, a local official and two journalists, in an attack in a small town in Finland, a country with one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world.

Nokia brand ready for smartphone comeback in 2017

Helsinki - Nokia, once the world's top mobile phone maker, will make a comeback on the smartphone market in the first half of 2017, the company and its licensee said Thursday.

Accused of gagging media, Finnish PM admits to angry emails

Helsinki - Finland's prime minister admitted Wednesday sending angry emails to a reporter as media claimed he tried to block coverage of an alleged conflict of interest.

Finland cancels plan to close troubled nickel mine

Helsinki - Finland's government decided Friday to grant new public funding for its troubled Talvivaara mine, cancelling a previous plan to permanently close what was once the European Union's biggest nickel mine.

Flying squirrel numbers rise in Helsinki

A new study reports that Helsinki has witnessed a boom in the population of Siberian flying squirrels, with numbers expanding greatly over the past two years.

Syrian 'Toy Smuggler' faces fraud accusations in Finland

Helsinki - Finnish police said Friday they would probe fraud accusations against Rami Adham, a Finnish-Syrian dubbed the "Toy Smuggler" for his campaign to collect funds for orphans in Aleppo.

15,000 march in Helsinki anti-racism protest

Helsinki - Around 15,000 people marched in central Helsinki Saturday to protest against rising racism and violent right-wing extremism, police said, following the recent death of a man allegedly attacked by a neo-Nazi leader.
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