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Celebrities speak up about Jade Helm

The Jade Helm military training exercise has caused quite a media frenzy. From conspiracy theorists to the Governor of Texas, everyone is on high alert. Now celebrities have begun to speak up about the mysterious military operation.

College student caught on video putting Windex in roommates food

A student at the University of South Carolina is facing criminal charges after she was allegedly caught on a hidden camera secretly poisoning her roommate's food.

Ben E. King passes away at the age of 76

Music legend, Ben E. King has passed away at age 76. He is most known for the song "Stand By Me." His music has captivated listeners for generations.

Finnish PM tenders resignation after election loss

Helsinki - Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb tendered his government's resignation on Tuesday after its election defeat earlier this month, the president's office said.

Finnish military fires on suspected submarine in Baltic

Helsinki - Finland said Tuesday its navy had fired warning shots at a possible submarine off the coast of Helsinki in the early hours of the morning.

Op-Ed: Is Jade Helm a training operation to impose U.S. martial law?

In video footage recently released, American military is seen training to escort civilians to FEMA camps and initiate martial law. Is there more to the Jade Helm training operation than authorities are saying?

Finland's eurosceptic party wants part in new govt

Helsinki - Finland's right-wing eurosceptic Finns Party said Tuesday that it was determined to be part of the new government for the first time, regardless of the make up of the coalition.

Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, wakes from coma

A lawyer representing Bobby Brown releases a statement confirming that the singer's daughter has in fact opened her eyes after months in a medically induced coma. Brown was married to the late Whitney Houston from which Bobbi Kristina is their only child.

170-year-old champagne found from shipwreck, and tasted

Fancy trying a glass of 170 year-old champagne? You now can for around $100,000 a bottle. The bottles were recovered from a shipwreck and a few have been put up for auction.

New Jurassic World trailer reveals new dinosaur villain

The newest full length trailer has been released for the upcoming sequel to the Jurassic Park series. The franchise unveils a monster of a dinosaur named Indominus rex.

Finland's prime minister-elect says ready to negotiate with all parties

Helsinki - Finland's prime minister-elect Juha Sipila said Monday he was open for negotiations with all political parties including the right-wing eurosceptic Finns Party which is seeking to enter government for the first time. "I can't see any problem.

Opposition Centre wins Finnish vote, eurosceptic party second: final results

Helsinki - Finland's opposition Centre Party won Sunday's general election, ousting Prime Minister Alexander Stubb's left-right coalition after a campaign dominated by the country's economic woes, final results showed.

Opposition Centre wins Finnish election, ousts PM Stubb

Helsinki - Finland's opposition Centre Party won Sunday's general election, ousting Prime Minister Alexander Stubb's left-right coalition after a campaign dominated by the country's economic woes.

Finnish opposition Centre seen winning election

Helsinki - Finland's opposition Centre Party came out on top in Sunday's general election, far ahead of the parties in Prime Minister Alexander Stubb's left-right coalition, partial results showed.

Finns vote, expected to oust government

Helsinki - Finns voted on Sunday in an election expected to usher the opposition Centre Party into government amid voter discontent over conservative Prime Minister Alexander Stubb's failure to pull Finland out of a three-year economic slump.

Finland goes to the polls, change of government expected

Helsinki - Finns began voting on Sunday in legislative elections expected to oust the left-right government after a campaign that has focused heavily on how to lift Finland out of a three-year economic slump.

Eurosceptic Timo Soini has sights set on government

Helsinki - Timo Soini, the head of the right-wing eurosceptic Finns Party, hopes his common-man charisma will finally bring him to the halls of power in Finland's general election on Sunday.

IT millionaire Siplia hopes to take business savvy to PM's office

Helsinki - Juha Sipila, widely expected to become Finland's next prime minister after Sunday's general election, is a softspoken 53-year-old IT entrepreneur who has risen rapidly through party ranks.

Finnish PM Stubb, a star whose lustre has faded

Helsinki - Prime Minister Alexander Stubb has long been one of Finland's most popular and dynamic politicians but voters are expected to punish him in Sunday's election for failing to revive a slumping economy.

Resurgent Russia worries Finns, but NATO not an option

Helsinki - After 25 years of tranquil post Cold War relations, Finns are once again worried about the threat posed by their resurgent eastern neighbour Russia, though they remain firmly opposed to joining NATO.
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