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Review: Closing films at Human Rights Watch Fest about improving life Special

The last three days of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival features stories about challenging the status quo to improve people’s lives.

McDowell Mountain Music Festival unites community, charities Special

Phoenix - The McDowell Music Festival, a charity event designed to engage the community, kicked off in downtown Phoenix March 27 through March 29.

Review: 'Maria The Virgin Witch' wraps up for the winter season

"Maria The Virgin Witch" finishes its series run on a very pleasant note after 12 episodes that force you to carefully examine organized religion.

Review: 'World Break' EP 12 wraps up series after killing Ancient Dragon

"World Break: Aria of a Curse for a Holy Swordsman" finally wraps up for its first season after 12 intense and action-packed episodes.

Review: ‘It Follows’ is horror at its best Special

‘It Follows’ is a breakthrough horror movie that revives less ostentatious aspects of the genre to deliver the best film in the category this year.

Asian martial arts star Jackie Chan to film 'Kung Fu Yoga'

Asian cinema icon Jackie Chan, who has regaled fans with his astounding kung fu skills over two decades, is set to blend the martial art with yoga, in a new movie titled "Kung Fu Yoga."

Review: 'Aldnoah.Zero 2' finishes up after 12 intense episodes

The finale episode of "Aldnoah.Zero 2" gives necessary closure, but it was the ending that I expected to happen. The ending does leave questions and opens the possibility for a third season.

Review: First glimpse of the new James Bond movie

London - The trailer for the new James Bond movie, called "Spectre", has been released. in one day the trailer has clocked up almost 800,000 YouTube views.

Review: 'Durarara!! x 2 Sho' nicely wraps up after 12 unique episodes

"Durarara!! x 2 Sho" ends on a happy and somewhat twisted note as Mikado allows darkness to enter his heart, which sets up for the July broadcast of "Durarara!! x 2 Ten."

Review: 'Gourmet Girl Graffiti' EP 12 deliciously closes the series

"Gourmet Girl Graffiti" comes to a close for the winner season with the 12th and final episode, which reminds us that food is better when there are people to share it with.

'Home' takes down 'Get Hard'

'Home' took down the comedy duo of Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell at the box office. They made it looks easy, too. "Get Hard" is R-rated and in less theaters, but the animated flick overachieved.

Deepika Padukone's My Choice My Right video goes viral

Mumbai - A short video titled, "My Choice” featuring an Indian actress, voicing equality for women in all spheres— social, political, economic and sexual— has turned viral on social media.

Review: ‘Late Night Double Feature’ loves its monstrous characters Special

This year’s Canadian Film Fest gets dark and bloody grindhouse-style with the horror anthology, ‘Late Night Double Feature.’

Review: 'Log Horizon 2' EP 25 puts the second season to a close

"Log Horizon 2" ends the series after 25 episodes, where Shiroe takes on a bold new quest at Kanami's request after emerging victorious against the Genius of Summoning.

Review: 'The Rolling Girls' EP 12 ends series, leaves an open plothole

"The Rolling Girls" ends with the recently released 12th and final episode, but leaves open a huge plot hole regarding the Bests and their powers.

Review: 'Isuca' EP 10 brings the series to a questionable close

"Isuca" finishes up the series with the test and final episode, which streamed yesterday, but opens up the possibility of a second season.

Review: 'Fairy Tail 2' EP 51 is full of "men"

The latest episode of "Fairy Tail 2," which is a filler episode, is Hiro Mashima's way of playfully poking fun and parodying the zombie apocalypse.

Review: 'GARO — The Animation' EP 24 joyfully wraps up the 1st series

Leon Luis has finally defeated Mendoza in the final episode of "GARO: The Animation," where he has avenged the death of his parents.

Review: 'Death Parade' peacefully wraps up after 12 emotional episodes

After 12 emotionally intense episodes, the "Death Parade" series has wrapped for the year. It leaves hope for the possibility of a second season.
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