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Interview: Criss Angel talks new A&E television show Trick'D Up' Special

Superstar magician Criss Angel chatted with me about his new A&E television show "Trick'D Up'," which premieres on Oct. 12.

Interview: Actor Johnny Greenlaw discusses new film 'Mommy's Box' Special

Actor, director and writer Johnny Greenlaw chatted with Digital Journal about his forthcoming film, "Mommy's Box," which releases in theaters and digital on Sept. 30 from Indie Rights.

Phantom of the Opera 'curse' hits as fire menaces Paris debut

Paris - The curse of the "The Phantom of the Opera" appears to have struck again with a fire at a Paris theatre on Sunday which is threatening to derail the musical's debut in France next month.

Review: Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart‎ give star turns in No Man's Land Special

London - No Man's Land featuring Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart is currently running on the London stage. The production brings to life one of the most brilliantly entertaining plays by Nobel Prize laureate Harold Pinter.

Hillary Clinton is funny on 'Between Two Ferns' with Galifianakis

Hillary Clinton showed she has oodles of chutzpah Thursday when she sat down for an interview on a comedy show with actor and comedian, Zach Galifianakis. Clinton was funny and, in case Donald Trump asks, looked really healthy.

Festival brings (some) world cinema to Pyongyang

Pyongyang - Sex and graphic violence were largely a no-no, although a glimpse of naked Russian buttocks made the cut, while a Bollywood offering was well received and Hollywood was locked out completely.

Review: It’s time to relive some old memories with this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include childhood favourites celebrating special anniversaries; a film that sheds light on another aspect of the Civil War; a spin-off of a popular TV series; and a misplaced silent film from a master filmmaker.

Review: Everyone’s fighting to survive in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a Marvel war that exceeds expectations; a comedy that stays true to its absurd roots; a horror film from a skilled director; and the impressive celebratory release of a sci-fi classic.

Review: TIFF 2016: ‘The Exception’ should be the rule in historical drama Special

‘The Exception’ is an incredibly engaging adaptation starring Christopher Plummer in a fictional account of the German Kaiser’s exile and re-acquaintance with the reigning powers during WWII.

Review: TIFF 2016: ‘The Women’s Balcony’ has a great sense of humour Special

‘The Women’s Balcony’ is a humorous, feminist narrative about finding the right path to happiness and the subjectivity of righteousness.

Interview: Noam Ash discusses latest project 'My Gay Roommate' Special

Actor Noam Ash chatted with Digital Journal about his new acting project "My Gay Roommate," which was created by Ash and Austin Bening.

Review: TIFF 2016: ‘Raw’ is an intense depiction of growing up Special

The cannibalism in ‘Raw’ provides a commendably visceral representation of a reticent teenage girl’s experiences as a college freshman.

Review: TIFF 2016: ‘The Belko Experiment’ is designed to ensure success Special

‘The Belko Experiment’ is an engaging thriller that takes audience into the centre of a trap designed to turn formerly amicable co-workers against each other in a ruthless fight for survival.

Review: ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ still able to balance relatable & absurd Special

‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ brings everyone’s favourite imperfect woman back to the big screen, but this time Bridget’s problems are a little more concrete than spending her birthday alone.

Review: 'Sweet Dreams' memoir is a treasure-trove of rock music accounts Special

While the legends of Rock and Roll certainly have had their turn at telling their story, it's interesting to learn about the contemporaries that followed after them.

Frustrated fans of 'No Man's Sky' finally get a response

Following the release of the highly anticipated space-exploration game "No Man's Sky," there was a bit of a backlash amongst its most excited customers.

Lisa Lampanelli to play the NYCB Theater at Westbury this October

Westbury - On October 22, the "Queen of Mean," Lisa Lampanelli will be returning to the NYCB Theatre at Westbury for her comedy show.

Review: TIFF 2016: ‘Catfight’ wrestles its way to the comedic top Special

‘Catfight’ is a hilarious movie about two women who literally and repeatedly try to beat each other to death following a chance post-college reunion. It had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

War veteran’s poems published by Algoma professor

Toronto - A collection of poems penned by a U.S. war veteran have been selected and published by a professor of literature. The poems provide a vivid and moving account of conflict.
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